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  • Investigating Mobile Payment Apps

    By GalTime's Consumer Watchdog Mary Schwager

    Mobile Payment AppsMobile Payment AppsThey're new. They're hip. They're fast! Mobile payment apps are simple to use. They work by just waving your phone at the cash register and you can pay for your latte, your lunch and even merchandise in seconds.

    There's no signing a credit card charge slip, or getting asked for identification. While that's quick and convenient, it has security expert Hemanshu Nigam worried. "None of that is required, so that's a huge security risk."

    FTC Reviewing Consumer Pro's and Con's

    That's just one reason the Federal Trade Commission is about to take a closer look at this growing high tech way to pay, especially what happens if someone steals your phone. Attorney Patricia Poss who heads the FTC's "Bureau of Consumer Protection's Mobile Technology Unit" is leading the charge. "One of the things we are going to look at is the authentication issue, which is how does the retailer know that's the right consumer who has that phone?"

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  • Will One Lost Hour of Sleep Increase Your Risk for Heart Attack?

    By Tara Weng,

    Is 'Daylight Savings Time' bad for our health!?Is 'Daylight Savings Time' bad for our health!?

    While most of us will be a little bit groggier after that lost hour of sleep over the weekend, one expert suggests that for some us that lost hour could prove deadly.

    "The Monday and Tuesday after moving the clocks ahead ... is associated with a 10 percent increase in the risk of having a heart attack," Martin Young, an associate professor in the cardiovascular disease division at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, said in a university news release. "The opposite is true when falling back in October. This risk decreases by about 10 percent."

    Young notes that the heart-attack risk isn't higher on the Sunday morning after clocks move ahead one hour because most people don't have to make an abrupt change in their daily schedule. The risk peaks on Monday, he says, because that's when most people return to work.

    Young presented several theories to support his sleep deprivation--heart attack correlation. Among those include the body's circadian

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  • 4 Signs You're Using Sex as a Weapon

    By Romance Recovery's Johanna Lyman for

    Are you using sex as a weapon?Are you using sex as a weapon?In 1986, Pat Benetar released her hit song, Sex As A Weapon. For some reason, it's been running through my brain for the past few days. It's probably because I'm working on the section of my new book, The Soulmate Myth, that addresses sexual dysfunction in long term relationships. One of the most common dysfunctions is when one partner uses sex as a weapon. You might think this is the woman's domain, but it's not necessarily so. In many relationships (an estimated one third) there is a "desire gap," where one person has a higher sex drive than their partner. Unfortunately for the person with the higher sex drive, the one who wants sex the least controls the relationship.

    There are many reasonable reasons for a low sex drive. Biologically, hormones fluctuate and medications alter libido. Emotionally, depression and stress will lower libido. Life can get in the way, between high pressure jobs and multiple children, even if the

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  • How to Find a Sports Bra that Fits

    By GalTime's Bra Gal Jene Luciani Sports BraSports Bra

    With spring fast approaching, and New Year's resolutions to get in shape in full effect, I've been getting A LOT of questions about sports bras! Here are some tips from The Bra Book to finding the perfect sports support:

    • Make sure the elastic band on the bottom fits snugly around your rib cage (but not so snugly that you can't breathe).
    • When trying the sports bra on, jump up and down a few times in the dressing room. You may look a little crazy, but you'll accurately determine if the bra gives you the necessary support needed for physical activity! Obviously, the less "bounce," the better. The sports bra, more than any other bra, is all about range of motion and comfort level.
    • Look for wider shoulder straps for increased support.
    • Note that those with built-in "shock absorbers" are designed to minimize bounce and impact.

    Related: Can Sleeping in My Bra Prevent Sagging?

    The fabric you choose also has an impact

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  • He Says, She Says: Fears During Pregnancy

    By Authors Shannon Duffy and John Zakour for

    Communication and Pregnancy Communication and Pregnancy Fear n. - a distressing emotion aroused by impending danger, evil, pain, etc., whether the threat is real or imagined; the feeling or condition of being afraid.

    That about sums up the state of mind that impending parenthood causes. Rationalizing between what is logical versus what is imagined can happen at any given point of time during pregnancy, not just for the mom, but for the dad, too. Some moms may obsess about the baby growing inside them being born with webbed feet and a beak instead of a nose (hey, don't laugh!), while dad's may obsess about the care of a newborn. How do I burp a baby? What if I drop him? What if I lose my job and can't afford to care for her anymore?

    She says: I don't think it's possible to go through a pregnancy without the fear of something associated with a new baby coming into the world. The key is to not let fear consume you. You will fear something. You may fear many some things.

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  • 5 Must-Have Hair Gems (All Under $10!)

    By Sasha BeautyBlogger for

    These hair gems are a must! These hair gems are a must! Just about every gal I know spends as much money on her hair products as she does on her makeup and skincare goods.

    Hair is important business, and picking out worthy products can be tough. You know the drill, ladies: You see an ad, or hear about a new hair product, get sucked in, and after trying it once, move this mediocre product to the back of the hair cabinet (because you can't bring yourself to toss it since you paid good money for it).

    Yep, buying unworthy hair products ranks up there with dentist appointments and getting the flu. Well, here are 5 hair gems that will remain at the front of your hair cabinet:

    Nexxus ProMend Split End Binding Treatment Crème $9.43: This split-end crème is, in a word, amazing and worthy (O.K., two words). This ProMend treatment provides daily repair for split ends and problem areas, literally "binding" the split ends back together. Its keratin-infused ingredients will smooth your hair and give

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  • Why I Love "The Real Housewives"

    By SMF Marcus Osborne for

    Get the popcorn ready, 'HousewivesGet the popcorn ready, 'HousewivesI'm a reality show junkie. "American Idol," "Intervention," "Millionaire Matchmaker," "Dancing With The Stars," "Hoarders," "Cops," "48 Hours, ″ "Survivor," "HBO's Hard Knocks," "Keeping Up With The Kardashians…" (Actually I watch ALL the Kardashian shows) love 'em! And oh yeah, I could name ten more with ease.

    For most folks, simply admitting that you throw away hours of your life on these programs is grounds for an IQ check. The intellectual elites think of TV as junk food for the brain. If you buy that analogy, then think of reality television as a 5-pound stick of butter melting over a bag of Ding Dongs or sprinkling a pound of sugar on a Big Mac.

    But there's one show - actually, one show franchise that makes even yours truly think that maybe this isn't the best use of my free time. I'm talking about the deplorable, shameful, awful yet delicious, "Real Housewives" franchise on the BRAVO television network. The locations change -

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  • Shrink Wrap: Uma Thurman... How a Baby Changes a Relationship

    By GalTime Relationship Expert Jane Greer, Ph.D.

    Uma ThurmanUma ThurmanCan the anticipation of a baby bring people together? That's a good question, and it looks like Uma Thurman is working toward answering it right now. She announced this week that she is expecting a baby with her on-again boyfriend multimillionaire financier Arpad "Arki" Busson.

    Thurman and Busson have been dating since 2007, with a split in 2009, after which they reconciled. The Kill Bill and Pulp Fiction actress, 41, has two children from her marriage to actor Ethan Hawke. Busson has two children from his former relationship with Elle Macpherson.

    The expectant couple once planned to be married, which ended with their time apart in 2009. Since they got back together, they reportedly dated while living on separate continents - Thurman in New York and Busson in London.

    It is widely known that Thurman suffered enormous emotional strain and gut-wrenching betrayal when her marriage to Hawke ended. When someone goes through

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  • While Bullying Benefits No One... Healthwise

    By GalTime Teen Expert Jennifer A. Powell-Lunder, Psy.D.

    Why Bulllying Benefits No OneWhy Bulllying Benefits No OneIt is no surprise that victims of bullying can suffer serious effects, medcially and psychologically. Study after study confirms the toll that such exposure can have on even the youngest kids. Self-esteem suffers, and feelings of isolation and vulnerability can evolve into thoughts of suicide or self-harm. As parents and professionals we have begun to take a stand and the result has been effective. Currently the majority of states have already passed anti-bullying legislation. Schools around the country have instituted anti-bullying awareness programs into their curriculums.

    What maybe somewhat startling to some however, is that the act of bullying can negatively impact the bully as well. A recent study conducted by researchers at the University of Warwick in England revealed that bullies are at increased risk for self-injurious behaviors and suicidal thinking, even if they are not targets of bullying themselves.


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  • Scoop, V, Crew. Which Neckline is Right for You?

    By Jessica Conway,

    C&C California long sleeve v-neck rectangle tee, $64.90C&C California long sleeve v-neck rectangle tee, $64.90Who knew that switching up your neckline could enhance your best features? Or that considering body type and shape could guide you to the most flattering style?

    Marissa Rubin, Senior Market Editor of PEOPLE StyleWatch, gives GalTime the "scoop" on which neckline is right for you!

    Scoopneck: Scoopnecks can be deep, rounded u-necks, or squared off into boatneck styles. These necklines add definition, fullness, and volume to the top, which is great for pear-shaped body types.

    Broader, wider necks help balance a smaller top half with a larger bottom, and can also camouflage broad shoulders. These styles also emphasize your curves!

    Related: Crazy About Collars this Season!

    Basic Coral TeeBasic Coral TeeBright TeeBright Tee

    (Left: Forever 21 Oversized Slub Top, $12.80, Right: Gap Flared Half-Sleeve Top, $22.95)

    Cowlneck: A cowlneck has a turtleneck-style opening that adds interest with the addition of fold-over fabric. Like the scoopneck, this style is also great for adding

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