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  • I Had an Eating Disorder - How to Tell If Your Child Has One, Too

    By Lauren A.,

    Do you know if your child is dealing with a silent battle?Do you know if your child is dealing with a silent battle?I read a report that more than half-a-million U.S. teens have had an eating disorder. But I'm not going to rattle off all the scary statistics, instead I can offer personal insight.

    The first time I ever thought about my weight is when I was seven years old. I was watching the Disney Channel. I don't remember the name of the movie, but it was about a teenage ballerina who starts purging to lose weight. I know it was supposed to raise awareness against eating disorders, but I only took away the concept that I could be fat.

    I didn't immediately start watching my weight, but I saw myself differently. I had to be skinnier than all the other girls. I started looking at nutritional labels in the grocery store for the number of calories. One time a middle-aged women noticed, and complimented me for learning such good-eating habits at an early age.
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    If you are a mother, I am sure you are

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  • Age-Defying Makeup Tricks

    By GalTime's Makeup Expert Andrea Ducharme

    Look 'age-less' with these beauty tips!Look 'age-less' with these beauty tips!Every woman over the age of 30 has that dreaded makeup moment.

    You know which one I'm talking about...when you realize the makeup you wore in your 20s is no longer your friend!

    It happened to me in my mid-30s when I saw a photo of myself looking tired and washed out.

    Thankfully, I am a makeup artist, so I had the patience and time for trial and error. To save you minutes and money, here a few age defying makeup tricks that the pros swear by:

    1. A moisturizing primer and eye cream can be the ultimate makeup dream team! Primer helps makeup last longer, keeps it from settling into fine lines, and contains light diffusers that even out skin tone. A hydrating eye cream or gel that also tackles puffiness will make the skin around the eyes look smoother before concealer is applied. (Try:L'Oreal Magic Lumi Light Infusing Primer, $12.95, Peter Thomas Roth Anti-Aging Cellular Eye Repair Gel, $42)

    Magic Lumi PrimerMagic Lumi PrimerPeter Thomas RothPeter Thomas Roth

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  • Does Expectation Lead to Disappointment?

    By Nan O'Brien for

    Are expectations too high?..Are expectations too high?..Expectation leads to disappointment: When I first heard that spiritual concept, I railed against it. You need to dream! You need to have goals! Vision! You need to EXPECT good things!

    But that is not what this saying means at all. Of course you need to be excited about your life and look forward to good things! But expectation comes when you CREATE a certainty in the future outcome, and RELY on it happening the way that YOU think that it should.

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    If the outcome is different, then you are let down, disappointed, upset. The disappointment comes from the difference between what you thought things were going to be and what they are (or sometimes, who you thought a person was going to be in your life, and he or she is not).

    The key to not being disappointed is not to be attached to the outcome. Take things one step at a time and trust that if you focus on each step of the journey, the

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  • 5 Coupon Myths: Debunked!

    By Discount Dame Terri Storelli for

    Do you believe these couponing myths?Do you believe these couponing myths?Couponing is a great way to save big on everything... from body wash to biscuits. With all of the media attention on coupon use, you may be left wondering-- what's real and what's hype? Here are a few of the most common couponing misconceptions.

    Myth 1: You only save a dollar here or there, it's not worth it
    Most people who are new to the world of couponing will get a coupon and run to the store to use it. This is a mistake that costs them more than they save. You can save more. Manufacturers know when they put coupons out, and so do stores-- and they adjust prices accordingly. The trick is to wait until the item goes on sale and then use your coupon. This means more money in your wallet. There are sites all over the internet that will provide you with a list of current sales and what coupons to use along with the sale to get the best prices. My personal favorite is but I may be biased (since that's my

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  • The 5 Biggest First Date "Deal Breakers"

    By Sarah Foulkes,

    Bad DateBad DateYou've had plans to meet a "new guy" for a week, you're all dolled up and ready for your first date-- and you can't wait! He picks you up and you go out for a bite... but there's something about him that stops the romance before it starts... let's call it a deal breaker.

    Although she's been married for 23 years now, Gigi Lewis from Houston, Texas will never forget her deal breaker date. "The deal breaker was that after enjoying a lovely dinner, the guy pulled out a coupon to pay for the meal. This was a first date. I have nothing against coupons, but it was unimpressive," said Lewis.

    Fast forward to the present. These days, Lewis actually teaches romance as part of her etiquette business, and she's including that tip in her workshops-- do not use coupons on a first date.

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    Instances like this are what make men wonder why they didn't get a call back, and women think they wasted a Friday night. The

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  • Why Teens Sleep so Late

    By GalTime Teen Expert Jennifer A. Powell-Lunder, Psy.D.

    Is your teen getting enough Zzz's?Is your teen getting enough Zzz's?"He wants to sleep the weekend away," she complains. "And, in the morning on school days, it takes forever for him to get out of bed. But, of course he has no problem staying up all night texting or Skyping with his friends."

    Yes, it may me exasperating at times, but the reality is the change in sleep pattern is actually developmental. According to experts, teens require more sleep than the rest of us. On average they need around 9 hours of sleep nightly in comparison to the adult requirement of 7 to 8. Okay, so why is it that they stay up so late then? Well, believe it or not, that too is developmental.

    During the teen years, an adolescent's internal clock re-adjusts. While they require more sleep, they are also less likely to feel tired until later. For many teens, research reflects this may not be until 11:00PM or later. Interestingly enough, the later your teens stay up, the less tired they become.

    It is as if

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  • Animal Testing and Cosmetic Claims: Could You Be Misled?

    By GalTime's Consumer Watchdog Mary Schwager

    How is your makeup being tested?How is your makeup being tested?Cosmetics quiz: When you see makeup, lotions and other personal care products that say "cruelty free" and "not tested on animals" what do you think that means? The answer may surprise you!

    The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has no specific legal definition for these terms, the agency even admits the surprising result right on its website: "The unrestricted use of these phrases by cosmetic companies is possible."

    Vicki Katrinak from the Coalition for Consumer Information on Cosmetics says if buying products from companies that don't test on animals is important to you-- you could actually be misled by claims you see on labels! "The Food and Drug Administration says they will not and do not regulate those terms. Therefore companies have free will to say whatever they want, make their own 'no animal' testing claims and have no data to back it up."

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    How does it happen?

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  • Red Carpet Moves for an Award-Winning Body

    By Fitness Expert Nikki Glor for

    It's award show season and all of us can be red-carpet ready with these 5 moves to tone and strengthen all the areas that will be in the spotlight.

    More from GalTime:

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  • The 3 Habits Guys Find Most Annoying

    By JL Watkins,
    What habits do guys find most annoying?What habits do guys find most annoying?

    I've gotten myself into quite a situation here. How do I write an article about "things women do that annoy their partners" without getting in trouble with my wife? Well, I'll tell you how: I'm going to play it safe.

    This is one of those topics that you'll occasionally see written on websites or in magazines, intended to be used as a rallying cry for other guys. "This is why women are so annoying!"

    But since I'm writing this for the opposite gender, I'm going to throw out a few of the more honest, and general examples, and give you an idea of why it might irritate the man in your life.


    throw pillowsthrow pillows

    Ladies, you can call it nesting or decorating, or whatever you want, but there's a point where we just stop caring. At first, it's exciting to be picking out fabrics and paint colors as a couple, but eventually you man will reach his limit.

    For me, it was when the number of extraneous throw pillows in our apartment

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  • Blazer Madness: Spring's Freshest Picks

    By Jessica Conway,
    Emma StoneEmma Stone

    Daytime, nighttime, work time, or play time, the blazer is truly a girl's best friend! Celebrity stylist Salvador Camarena has the scoop on which styles will transform you into a fashion trailBLAZER.

    We've included some stunning runway examples, as well as similar (and more affordable!) alternatives:

    The Boyfriend Blazer: Lengthy hemlines and a boxy shape define this wardrobe staple. This style works well with anything - from a fitted LBD to skinny jeans and a t-shirt!

    Camerena suggests the boyfriend blazer for women who want to add to their chest, or emphasize their legs.

    Relaxed fits, like the Stella McCartney and H&M jackets below, hit below the waist and add volume to your hips. (Left: Stella McCartney Golden Syrup Dry Slub Suiting Michelle Jacket, $1595, Right: H&M Blazer, $59.95)

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    The Fitted Blazer:
    If you want to show off a curvier

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