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  • Younger Kids Eager to Wear More Makeup

    By Tara Weng,

    If you're noticing that younger girls are starting to look more mature (or more colorful), you're not losing your mind--according to new research. The research, furnished by Mintel reveals that 61% of girls aged 9-11 would like to wear more makeup than their parents allow. Makeup manufacturers, not surprisingly, are happy to oblige.

    Plenty of Products For Tweens/Teens

    "Between reality stars like the Kardashians and bestselling books like Twilight and Hunger Games, character merchandising plays a large role in how manufacturers are marketing makeup and accessories to the tween and teen crowd and parents might struggle to keep their children from wanting a part of it," notes Kat Fay, senior beauty analyst at Mintel.

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    "In order to attract this group and get support from parents, products must be subtle in appearance and emphasize that ingredients are safe for young skin, while

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  • What to Do when Your Nanny Quits

    By Barbara Greenberg, PhD for
    What do you do when your nanny says, What do you do when your nanny says,

    Let's face it. There is one person in your life who you count on more than anyone-more than your mother and maybe even more than your husband or your best friend. This person is,of course, your NANNY. She has a tremendous amount of power in your life. Not only does she watch your precious children but she has the unique ability to set your life into a tailspin in a heartbeat. One day your kids love her; your life is on automatic pilot and the next day she tells you that she has been unhappy and she is leaving in two weeks. Anyone out there been in this situation? It's a moment that can send you into a panic, a panic attack, a rage, or even a momentary meltdown.

    Here's what is most likely running through your mind:

    1. My kids love her. How will I explain this to them?

    2. How much time will it take me to find a replacement?

    3. Oh S T; And after I bent over backwards to please her so much.

    4. I thought things were going

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  • "Together Time"-- How Much is Too Much?

    By GalTime Love Expert Jane Greer, PhD
    Kirsten Dunst is in a new relationship and must ask herself: How much 'together time'?Kirsten Dunst is in a new relationship and must ask herself: How much 'together time'?

    Kirsten Dunst and Garret Hedlund reportedly spent a lot of time together at the Sundance Film Festival. But when they get back to a more regular schedule, the co-stars of the upcoming movie "On the Road" might be faced with that question all new couples must deal with: How do we mesh our worlds without giving up what is important to us individually and possibly losing ourselves in the process?

    In other words, how much time should we spend together?

    It is a tricky question, and the answer might not be the same for each partner.

    If one person wants to be together but the other is pulled toward something else - a scheduled appointment, a night out with friends, a quiet evening at home - the first might feel rejected and the other might then feel guilty. You might be able to avoid that if you are clear from the beginning about your boundaries.

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    Show your excitement

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  • Top 20 Most Romantic Cities


    Did your city make the list?Did your city make the list?You can go to to buy just about anything in the world-- but today the online giant is telling you where you can find something else: love.

    The mega-retailer just released their list of the 20 Most Romantic Cities in the U.S., based on sales of romance novels, relationship books, romantic comedies, Barry White music (!) and sexual wellness products.

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    Amazon's 20 Most Romantic Cities

    1. Alexandria, VA

    2. Knoxville, TN

    3. Orlando, FL

    4. Miami, FL

    5. Ann Arbor, MI

    6. Columbia, SC

    7. Cincinnati, OH

    8. Murfreesboro, TN

    9. Gainesville, FL

    10. Tallahassee, FL

    11. Vancouver, WA

    12. Round Rock, TX

    13. Pittsburgh, PA

    14. Salt Lake City, UT

    15. Arlington, VA

    16. Las Vegas, NV

    17. Clarksville, TN

    18. St. Louis, MO

    19. Dayton, OH

    20. Frisco, TX

    Is your favorite city on the list? What's your pick for the most romantic

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  • A Different Kind of Valentine's Day--Celebration of Love and Life

    By GalTime Teen Expert Jennifer A. Powell-Lunder, Psy.D.

    Celebrating love and life...Celebrating love and life...Valentine's Day has always been one of my favorite holidays. As a kid I remember well the excitement of receiving all those Valentine cards from my fellow friends and classmates. It was so much fun to sort through each card, picking out the ones I liked the best, and reading the one's from my best friends.

    February 11, 2009 I was scheduled for a bilateral mastectomy, the final step in my fight with breast cancer. I had already been through the chemotherapy and I was grateful that it would all be over soon. My children were five and eight at the time.

    In preparation I pre-wrote their school Valentines and left them with my husband. I was determined to not to let my surgery affect their ability to participate in a holiday about which I had fond memories of my own. They had been through enough already.

    The surgery went well except for the day following I could barely speak let alone lift my head up. I ended up needing

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  • Three Simple Valentine's Crafts to Do with Your Kids

    By Signe Whitson for

    Valentine's Day CraftsValentine's Day CraftsLove is in the air and your child is feeling creative this Valentine's Day. These simple craft projects are easy and fun ways for your little one to express his admiration to teachers, friends, grandparents and…you!

    Butterfly Hearts

    Using store-bought heart-shaped doilies or hand-cut construction paper hearts, have your child glue the bottom ends of two hearts together, to create "butterfly" wings. Use markers to draw in a face and antennae or glue on fuzzy pom poms and antennae for a more bug-like creation. Help your child write love note on the wings like, "you make my heart flutter,"and create a butterfly garden for loved ones.

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    Heart Print Cards

    I'm a sucker for anything that has my daughters' hands or fingerprints. I love these kinds of moment-in-time remembrances. Last week, on one of our many snow days, I set both of my daughters up with washable paint and construction

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  • Is Aging the New Medical Condition to Fear?

    By Sasha BeautyBlogger for

    Aging is a medical condition!?Aging is a medical condition!?In light of the recent anti-aging breakthroughs (namely scientists working tirelessly towards halting the aging process and a pill to prevent gray hair), it begs the question: is "aging" the new medical condition to fear? Perhaps an over-the-top question, but most women I know (and plenty of men) talk about aging as if it's a major illness. Honestly, the way some of my girlfriends talk about wrinkles you'd think they had a degenerative disease of some sort.

    These days, people are flocking to plastic surgeons like moths to a flame - all in hopes they'll stop the proverbial clock. In fact, in 2010, 9.5 million people had cosmetic surgery. That's up 9% from 2009, with breast augmentation and liposuction topping the list of procedures. Our fixation with youth is rampant, as the thought of age (such an ugly word) has become a stigma. It's left me questioning my thoughts and character on the matter and, despite my best efforts, my virtues don't

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  • Ellen DeGeneres is Evil?

    By Jackie Morgan MacDougall,
    What' Up With Making Ellen DeGeneres Evil? Really??? We're Just Sayin'....What' Up With Making Ellen DeGeneres Evil? Really??? We're Just Sayin'....

    Being a mom is the hardest job in the world. It's an endless battle, requiring blood, sweat, tears and full time hours each and every day, just to protect our children from the likes of scary, evil people like Ellen DeGeneres. (Can you hear my sarcasm?)

    That's right, comedienne, film and TV star, Ellen DeGeneres.

    Ellen is tearing down civilization as we know it and it seems there's not a damn thing we can do about it. I know what you're going to say. "Ellen has won awards for her charitable efforts, how can she be so evil?"


    Sure, you might argue, "She was named a Special Envoy by Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton for her work with Global Aids Awareness, she supports over 30 charities and started Small Change Campaign to benefit Feeding America."

    Yeah, yeah, yeah.

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    And you'll probably add, "Ellen spearheaded some incredible support for the victims of Hurricane Katrina

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  • How to Host the Perfect Family Valentine's Day Party

    By Associate Producer Christina Schmohl,

    It's a Valentine's Day family affair!It's a Valentine's Day family affair!Looking for a few, simple tips to host the perfect Valentine's Day party that will satisfy not only your significant other, but also your whole family? Here are some great, expert ideas to get your creativity firing and your love flowing on an occasion that everyone can and should enjoy.

    Make home-made cards!

    Jon Lal, Coupon and Savings Expert, recommends making and exchanging home-made paper Valentine's as a fun-filled way to involve the entire family. To save money, Lal suggests either using the supplies you already have available in the house- which may include colored construction paper, markers, Valentine's Day candies, buttons or ribbons- or checking the weekly ads section of his website to find stores currently hosting sales on the materials you are looking for. Lal advises considering the children's ages and area where you are crafting before purchasing products and beginning the project.

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  • 5 Steps to Fulfilling Your Man's Fantasies for V-Day

    By Kelly Rouba,

    Give him everything and more this Valentine's Day.Give him everything and more this Valentine's Day.Valentine's Day is fast approaching and chances are you're still searching for that perfect gift. While it should be no surprise that all your man really wants is YOU, why not show him just how much he still turns you on by fulfilling some of his innermost fantasies?

    "This Valentine's Day, give your man the ultimate gift of pleasure by treating him to sexy surprises that he may be afraid to ask for," says Dr. Ava Cadell, relationship expert and founder of "If you're not sure where to start, remember there is one thing you can give any man that is sure to please him: Variety! So ditch the traditional dinner and a movie this year and make your Valentine's night one to remember by fulfilling his untold fantasies."

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    Love Coach and Sexpert Nikki Leigh often encourages women to consider fulfilling their man's innermost fantasies and offers this advice for

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