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  • 5 Tips for Turning Passion into Profit

    By Nellie Akalp for

    You can do it! Turn your passion into a PROFIT. You can do it! Turn your passion into a PROFIT. Is your New Year's resolution to start a business? Is your dream to be your own boss? Do you have a passion you'd love to turn into profit?

    If so, do you know your next step? After all, a resolution isn't much without implementation. And deciding to start a business is one of the biggest resolutions out there.

    After working with countless entrepreneurs over the years, there are some essential lessons I've learned from some of the most successful small business leaders out there. Here are 5 tips for turning passion into profit:

    1. It's not just about you

    You've heard the saying, "Do what you love and the money will follow." That's not exactly the case. Yes, passion is important. But in order to turn your passion into a profitable business, you've got to fill a need that others are looking for. Think about this for a moment. The market isn't necessarily concerned if you are fulfilling a lifelong dream. Customers spend money on products and

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  • What Looking for Love and Giving Birth Have in Common

    By GalTime Dating Expert Bobbi Palmer

    What does looking for love and giving birth have in common?What does looking for love and giving birth have in common?

    There are so many women I care deeply about - both friends and clients - who are holding themselves back from bringing love into their lives. Are you one of them? Are you saying "I want a fabulous man in my life" and "I know I'm a catch," yet not doing much to actually reach your self-described all-important goal? Are you doing the same routine each day, expecting things to be different? Are you staying closed in your head and your heart, unwilling to learn to better understand and love men... and yourself? If that's you, I can bet you haven't found him because of "Fear of Fill-in-the-blank." We all have different fears, but it comes down to the same thing: a big wall between us and what we want in life. And for you, it is to love and be loved.

    Let's face it, girls; the clock is ticking. I'm here to encourage you to get laser-focused on this goal and go for it. And the best way I know how to help you do this is to help alleviate your

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  • Eat Your Way to Sexy in 6 Steps

    By Malia Karlinsky, GalTime Love/Sex Editor

    Eat your way to sexy!Eat your way to sexy!"The relationship between what you eat and your sex life is like the fuel you put into a car," says nutritionist Elizabeth Somer. "Pump the nutritional equivalent of sawdust into your body and you are more likely to feel like a jalopy than a race car. Put high-octane foods into that system, rev it up with a bit of exercise and you will pump up your thrill quotient and reconnect with the Maserati within."

    Somer, a registered dietitian, has studied the link between food an mood for decades. Now she's sharing what she's learned in her new book, "Eat Your Way to Sexy: Reignite Your Passion, Look Ten Years Younger and Feel Happier Than Ever."

    GT: What is the relationship between what you eat and your sex life?
    Elizabeth Somer: Inside that sexy self, there is a whole lot of circuitry and circulation going on. For you to feel really sultry, powerful, alive requires a fine-tuned brain that sends messages quickly and freely, a healthy

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  • Teaching Your Kids the Value of "Netiquette"

    By Tara Weng,

    Etiquette... for the net?!Etiquette... for the net?!Now is the time when everything seems to be mobile. Millions of new products are pumped out weekly and our kids (younger than ever) are gaining nearly unlimited access to the online world.

    With that comes a responsiblity for parents to teach their kids the proper social etiquette tools in relation to the net--also known as "netiquette" (short for social networking etiquette).

    Co-founder and CEO of the social networking site for kids, Everloop, Hilary DeCesare, offers the following Netiquette tips:

    • Start your message with the right greeting. "Yo" might be cool with your BFF, but not with your math teacher.

    • Choose your words carefully. Readers cannot see the smile on your face or see your body language, so stuff you type can lead to misunderstandings.

      Related: Doctors Warn Parents About 'Facebook Depression'

    • NEVER USE ALL CAPS IN YOUR MESSAGE. It looks like you're yelling.

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  • Are You Sure You Want to Do That?

    By Stephenie Zamora ,

    Hmm, do I REALLY want to?..Hmm, do I REALLY want to?..Recently, I was invited to a social get together that sounded like a lot of fun, so I RSVP'd yes. But as the night approached, I was feeling less and less excited about attending. For one, it had been a busy week and I was tired, but I also felt a TON of resistance to going.

    So I didn't.

    But as I sat at home enjoying my relaxing evening, the thought popped into my head, "What's wrong with you? You should have gone. It would have been fun. You need to be more social." My MIND believed that there was something wrong with sitting at home on Friday night.

    But the more that I thought about it, the more I realized that I was doing EXACTLY what I wanted.

    Related: Someday is NOW

    Have you ever experienced this?

    Being invited to something that SOUNDS like a great time, like something you'd want to do, with people you'd probably like to know. But there's that initial pause where you're not sure… and as this thing begins to get closer,

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  • Green Cleaning Solutions You Can Make

    By Pure Natural Diva Tania Reuben for

    Cheap AND safe for the environment! Cheap AND safe for the environment! It's been a long, cold winter. Are you getting ready to tackle your winter dust bunnies?
    In just a few minutes, you can mix up your own cleaning solutions with ingredients you likely have in your pantry already.

    You'll save a lot of money, reduce your toxin exposure and be kinder to the environment.


    This recipe will make 4 - 28 oz bottles.

    13 1/4 cups of Water (1 hot)
    1/4 Cup of Dr. Bronner's Castile Liquid Soap - I like Citrus for the All Purpose Cleaner.
    1/4 Cup of Borax
    1/4 Cup of Vinegar
    Mix the hot water with the borax until it dissolves. Add the remaining water, vinegar & Castile Soap. Use a funnel to pour the solution into the four bottles.

    Related: 7 Green Cleaning and Lifestyle Tips to Reduce Flu Risk

    This recipe will make 2 - 28 oz bottles.

    6 cups of Water
    1/3 cup + 1 tsp of Alcohol denatured or regular
    1 Tbs of Castile

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  • Where Does Your Food Come From? There's an App for That

    By Danielle Miller,

    What exactly is going into our bodies?What exactly is going into our bodies?It's an all too familiar scenario. You're perusing the aisles of the grocery store, checking off items on your list, when you find yourself in the produce section. A montage of healthy and tasty meal ideas fill your head. You could try out that great new salad idea your friend emailed you, or that hearty soup you sampled at the holiday office party. But the closer you get to the vegetable display, the more uncertain you become.

    Are these veggies fresh? Are they organic? Are they safe? The label on the lettuce says 'Ready to Eat' but is it really? Where was this lettuce grown? What measures were taken to ensure it is safe to feed your family? Is there a healthier choice on a shelf nearby that you just haven't noticed (and, if so, would you even be able to recognize it)?

    Before you throw your hands up, out of frustration, and head for the frozen food aisle - why not check your smartphone? It is possible to do a background check on your fruits

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  • Kids and Stomach Aches: The Result of Bullying?

    By GalTime 's Parenting Expert, Barbara Greenberg, PhD.
    What is causing your child's stomach ache? Could bullying be to blame?What is causing your child's stomach ache? Could bullying be to blame?
    Many of us have accused our kids of faking stomach aches to get out of going to school. Well, if we take the results of a new study seriously--we may realize that their aches and pains may in fact be caused by stressful friendships and social interactions.

    A new study published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the USA, and done at UCLA, found that negative social interaction was linked to increased inflammation. And they are not yet talking about emotional inflammation but instead about physical inflammation that can lead to all kinds of physical symptoms. Although this study focused on the reactions of young adults, there is no reason to believe that this wouldn't be the case with the younger generation.
    Related: Detecting Stress in Kids

    We, as adults, know that stomach aches, chest pains, and even colds and headaches can follow a string of stressful social interactions. So,

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  • Demi Moore Sent to Hospital, Treated for Anorexia, Substance Abuse

    By Andrea Krivelow, Entertainment Editor

    Demi Moore reportedly being treated for anorexia.Demi Moore reportedly being treated for anorexia.

    Demi Moore suffered a seizure on Monday night before being transported to a local hospital for medical attention.

    A source reveals:

    "She collapsed after having an epileptic seizure."

    Following her release, the 49-year-old entered a treatment center, where she is seeking help for various issues. According to the source:

    "Demi is in getting treated for anorexia, as well as other issues that caused her seizure. She has not taken care of her health at all lately and has lost a ton of weight."

    Demi is said to be struggling with substance abuse, as well.

    Times have been rough for the actress, who announced her separation from husband Ashton Kutcher in 2011 after reports of his infidelity surfaced.

    She has yet to file divorce papers...

    More from
    Demi Moore Talks Love and Life
    Adults Aren't Getting the Vaccinations They Need
    What Celeb Relationships Can Teach Us

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  • Schools: A Breeding Ground for Bullies?

    By GalTime Teen Parenting Expert, Barbara Greenberg, PhD

    Is school a breeding ground for bullies?Is school a breeding ground for bullies?Ask any child of any age where they are most likely to get bullied and the answer is almost always the school bus. Think about it: It's the perfect venue for that form of torture. Kids of varying ages are virtually unsupervised except for a bus driver who is trying to focus on driving the kids home safely. The role of the bus driver is to deliver our kids to and from school safely not to mediate conflicts and create harmony.

    I've worked with hundreds of adolescents and they list the following as the most likely places where bullying occurs:

    • On the school bus
    • In the hallways of school while walking to a different classroom
    • During recess
    • In the lunch-room

    Related: Teaching Kids How to Protect Themselves from Bullies

    And what do these four places have in common? They are all places where there are large amounts of kids who are also largely unsupervised. Yes, I am aware that there are teachers or

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