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  • 5 Most Controversial Parenting Stories of 2011

    By Teen Expert Jennifer A Powell-Lunder, Psy.D for

    The parenting stories that got us talking in 2011The parenting stories that got us talking in 2011

    2011 was a year of kindness and controversy, victory and vehemence. As many Americans struggled to make ends meet, we witnessed many fine (and some not so fine) examples of parents at their best and worst. Here is a brief list of the top five most talked about parenting controversies.

    1. By far the most controversial story of the year was the Casey Anthony verdict. Acquitted of her daughter's disappearance and subsequent death, the conclusion of the trial left us with far more questions than answers. First and foremost we wondered: what happened to the little girl, and did her mother get away with murder? Regarding her parents, we were left asking: how far will a parent go to protect their own child, would they lie to safeguard her from prison, even about the death of their own grandchild? At least for now, we are left drawing our own conclusions. Remember JonBenet Ramsey? Boy did we all get that one wrong!


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  • The Top 5 Health Stories that Got Us Talking in 2011

    By Tara Weng,
    The top 5 health stories that had us talking in 2011.The top 5 health stories that had us talking in 2011.

    The spectrum of health and science is always evolving and may leave us scratching our heads. This year was no exception. I'm outlining five of the top health stories in 2011 that got us thinking and reacting. If nothing else, these stories indicate that medical science, along with everything else, sometimes has to be taken with a grain of salt and can be really based on the individual.

    • Pregnant woman runs marathon, gives birth hours later:
      Runner Amber Miller crossed the finish line at the Chicago Marathon in October-and then proceeded to go into labor! After she gave birth to a healthy baby hours later, a collective thought loomed on everyone's mind: "Is that safe?" Though experts have long endorsed exercise during pregnancy was this taking things a bit too far? Well at least one expert says no. Massachusetts General Hospital's medical director of labor and delivery, Dr. Laura Riley, says she supports Miller's efforts. "In

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  • Keep Your Home Safe and Secure While You Travel

    By GalTime's Home Improvement Expert Tina Gleisner

    Keep Your Home Safe and Secure While You TravelKeep Your Home Safe and Secure While You TravelWhen you're traveling, you'll enjoy yourself more knowing everything at home is in order. This home safety checklist makes it easy to review and check off the things you want to do before leaving your home vacant for a few days to several weeks.

    The checklist will make it easy to walk through the house one last time. The items on the checklist are meant to help you:

    • Make sure your home is locked and secure.
    • Avoid smelly, moldy things when you return from your trip.
    • Save energy and the possibility of unnecessary home repairs from mishaps that could happen when you're not home.

    Related: Using Technology to Keep Your Home Safe


    • Have your mail held and reschedule any deliveries that would tell someone you're not home, i.e. daily newspaper.
    • Notify security alarm company of your travel plans and how to reach you while you're gone.
    • Prepare an itinerary with contact
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  • When Your Spouse is a Spendaholic

    By Marianne Beach,

    Do You Have a Spendaholic Spouse?Do You Have a Spendaholic Spouse?I used to love the bestselling chick lit series "Shopaholic" in which an exuberant English girl has a myriad of adventures in life and love all surrounding her out-of-control spending habits. She was cute and endearing, if not completely financially responsible. And even when she did eventually find her dream man (one who was surprisingly good natured about her "problem") she continued to spend all their money in the most adorable ways possible.

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    But in real life, having a spouse that overspends is neither cute nor adorable and could leave the both of you in the poor house--especially in this economy. We spoke with Reeta Wolfsohn, CMSW, and founder of the Center for Financial Social Work about how to recognize--and help--your spouse with overspending.

    First, how do you know they have a problem? After all, many overspenders try to hide their habit, meaning a spouse could end up out of the

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  • Coupons and Sales for COLLEGE TUITION

    By GalTime's Consumer Watchdog Mary Schwager

    Coupons and Sales for College TuitionCoupons and Sales for College TuitionWorried about the high price of college? Get this: We found some schools are having tuition sales! Others are offering special deals and even Groupons -- all to attract budget conscious students to campus. When Ramona Stephen saw this Groupon -- yess a Groupon -- that National Louis University was offering for a three-credit "Intro to Teaching Class", she jumped. It normally costs $2,200 but was being offered at just $950! "It was the right opportunity at the right time at the right price."

    National Louis University in Chicago is the first school in the country to ever offer a Groupon for tuition and it worked! University President Dr. Nivine Megahed says 17 students signed up. "We decided to look at this concept because we knew that our students today are very sharp consumers."

    College Admissions Strategist Stephen Roy Goodman says there are all kinds of twists to the education deals out there. "The incentives are quite

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  • How to Handle the Gift They Promised Not to Give You

    By Maralee McKee, the Manners Mentor for

    You Shouldn't Have!You Shouldn't Have!You and your friend decided you weren't going to exchange gifts this year. You're fine with this because money's tight and besides - your relationship with the person is gift enough for you.

    Then, she surprises you by ignoring your mutual deal. There she stands with a big smile on her face holding a beautifully wrapped gift... for you.

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    Your friend means the world to you, but honestly right now you're feeling a little tricked...even betrayed. You kept your promise. After all, aren't promises meant for keeping? It didn't occur to you that your friend would nudge on hers.

    Possible options for how to respond zoom through your mind at the speed Santa's sleigh flies through the night. Accept the gift graciously? Accept the gift, but show that you're a bit miffed? Don't accept the gift? Accept the gift, and then run out and buy her one?

    Here's how to handle the

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  • 5 Frugal Ways to Save in the New Year

    By Discount Dame Terri Storelli for

    5 Frugal Ways to Save in the New Year5 Frugal Ways to Save in the New YearThis new year is upon us and that means a fresh new start for managing your finances. By making a few simple resolutions you can save yourself precious time and money in 2012.

    1. Resolve to get healthy, but skip the gym membership

    All across the country, gyms are anxiously awaiting January 2nd and the influx of new members-- people willing to shell out a big chunk of change in hopes of shedding pounds. When life gets busy and we stop going there to take advantage that Zumba class we signed up for... the gym still has your money.

    So this year, resolve to get healthy, just do it for free. Try organizing a group walk on your lunch hour with co-workers, a stroller group with other moms to a local park, or grab a copy of Just Dance and get the girls together to bust a move in your living room (laughing burns calories to you know).

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    2. Resolve to track your spending

    Most of

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  • New Year's Eve Roasted Rack of Lamb

    Impress your guests as you ring in 2012 with this pomegranate-glazed Rack of Lamb from The Ritz-Carlton, Marina del Rey.
    Rack of lamb is the perfect New Year's Eve dishRack of lamb is the perfect New Year's Eve dish


    • 4 half rack of lamb, about 1lb each

    • 1 recipe chutney

    • 4tbs butter

    • Salt and pepper to season

    • 1qt carrot juice

    • 8oz barley, cooked

    • 1tsp ground cumin

    • ½ tsp ground coriander

    • Juice of ½ a lemon

    • 2tbs honey

    • 1 recipe pomegranate glaze

    • baby carrots

    5 DIY New Year's Party Ideas


    1. With a thin, sharp knife, cut into the middle of the lamb loin going as deep as you can. Turn the lamb and cut into the center from the other end, to make the 2 ends meet as 1 long slit. Insert a long handled wooden spoon into the slit and push it through the hole on the other side. With the

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  • Nabbing a Sitter on New Year's Eve

    Getting a Sitter on New Year's EveGetting a Sitter on New Year's EveWhen Gina Linss and her husband Alex were invited to a New Year's Eve party last year, they were pretty excited. "It was going to be a really fun party, like the kind we used to go to before having kids," says Linss. But then the couple realized they had a problem that they never encountered in those pre-kids days: No sitter. "All of our babysitters had plans of their own," says Linss. "Even my mother-in-law wanted to go out with her friends."

    It's a common problem on this festive night. New Year's Eve is one of the hardest nights to find a sitter, and those who do usually command a premium for working. But having a hum-drum evening at home isn't the answer, says Carol J. Bruess, co-author of What Happy Parents Do . "New Years Eve is a great excuse to have a special time with your spouse," she says. "With a little extra effort and some creativity, your New Year's can be as fun-filled as it was before you had kids." Not sure what to do? Just follow these expert ideas:

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  • The E.R. On High Alert Over the Holidays

    By Tara Weng,
    ERs are on high alert over the holidays.ERs are on high alert over the holidays.

    While the emergency room in most hospitals is usually an active place, according to recent research the holiday season only adds to the drama.

    A study published in the journalCirculation found that heart-related deaths increase by 5 percent during the holiday season. The research also revealed that fatal heart attacks peak on Christmas, the day after Christmas, and New Year's Day.

    Dr. Steven Polevoi, medical director of the University of California, San Francisco's (UCSF) Emergency Department says people tend to delay care during the holidays and often ignore the tell-tale signs of major medical event. "They may have symptoms of cardiovascular disease such as abdominal or chest discomfort which they interpret as indigestion or overeating, but in fact it could be cardiac ischemia," he explains.

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    Dr. Polevoi says the holidays are a pivitol time of year for us to "listen to our

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