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  • Foods to Reduce Diabetes Risk and Whittle Your Waist

    By Erin Palinski RD, CDE, LDN, CPT for

    Foods that Reduce Diabetes Risk Foods that Reduce Diabetes Risk November is American Diabetes Month, which brings our attention to Type 2 diabetes -- a devastating disease that is rising exponentially. Even children are now being diagnosed with what was thought to be only an "adult disease".

    For those of us who want to prevent diabetes, how can we eat in a way cut the risk and also whittle our middle? What if there were just a few easy superfoods that we can incorporate each day to not only drastically reduce our risk of diabetes, but shrink our waistline in the process? The good news is these foods do exist- and they even taste great!

    In my newly released book, Belly Fat Diet for Dummies, I focus on specific foods, seasonings, and spices that have been shown in recent research to target the most dangerous of all fats -- belly fat. The great news is that many of these superfoods not only burn up stubborn belly fat, they can actually help decrease insulin-resistance and lower blood sugar,

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  • Your Go-To Boot Guide: 7 Styles to Slip On

    By Jessica Conway,

    Go-To Boot Guide Go-To Boot Guide There's nothing like a new pair of boots to put a little spring in your step….or some fall flair in your outfit!

    From country styles to rock n' roll to everything in between, PEOPLE StyleWatch Assistant Fashion Editor, Cassady Nordeen, shows GalTime which boots are made for walkin'!

    Tough Boots: This is the edgy girl's boot, but it's not studded anymore - it's sleek, sexy, and chic! With details like zippers and buckles, or even a sharp stiletto heel, you can really take rockstar to a whole new level this season.

    Frye Frye

    Frye Harness Boot, $238

    Western Boots: Western boots are all over the runway this season. The newest version is slightly updated. It might have a pointed toe or a higher heel, but it's still a cowboy boot! Look for fringe, embroidery, color, and Southwestern prints.

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    Big Buddha Big Buddha

    Big Buddha Wendy Boot, $69.00

    Oxblood: This deep, maroon-ish red is the "it" color this fall. If
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  • How Much Did You Spend on Halloween Costumes This Year?

    By Sr Editor Jessica Ashley

    How much did you spend on costumes this year?How much did you spend on costumes this year?In the eight years I've been outfitting my son as a Star Wars character, furry animal or superhero, this is the first Halloween I've had to put a cap on spending for the costume.

    Crazy enough, the cap was placed on the wig he decided was THE MOST IMPORTANT PART of the costume. I'd already spent $40 on the bodysuit strangess/hilarity, which is not far off from the $30 Batman suit with sculpted muscles from a few years ago, the $35 Clone Trooper after that and the $27 construction worker in late toddlerhood. It is slightly less than the $60 Jack Sparrow spree of last Halloween -- damn you, makers of pre-fab costumes with enticing, awesome accessories not included.

    With the wig, my kid's second-grade costume tallied $56. If he wants any other accessories, he's going to have to dig them out of the thousand-dollar costume box in his closet.

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    That's how my brother and I put together

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  • Top 5 Tech Tools to Organize Your Life

    By GalTime Nerd Chick Andrea Eldridge

    Must-have tech tools to stay organized! Must-have tech tools to stay organized! As I drag myself away from whiling away another hour clicking through Pinterest and dreaming of crafts and projects I am surely never going to actually do, I have to chuckle a bit at the strange dichotomy that is technology.

    It can be a huge black hole for those of us easily distracted by all things shiny, and yet it offers an amazing array of tools to stay organized, connected and efficient.

    From online calendars to menu planners to interactive to-dos and reminders, here are some of the best tools and resources to help keep you organized and on track. Whenever you can drag yourself away from that game you're playing on Facebook, that is.

    Oh, and even better: they're all free.

    The Incredible Synching Online Calendar - Google Calendar

    An online calendar with electronic reminders is an amazing tool. The last time I forgot a dentist appointment, only to be told it would be five months before I could get back on the

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  • The Kind of Bullying We Don't Talk About

    By GalTime Teen Parenting Expert, Barbara Greenberg, PhD

    Bullying in the Classroom Bullying in the Classroom As October comes to a close and we wrap up honoring National Bullying Prevention Month, we need to remember that it is clearly a topic that needs to be addressed all year long. Today, I want to talk about a kind of bullying that we don't discuss enough -- the acts that happen when other kids and even adults are around.

    Bullying, the worst form of social violence, has been going on for years in hallways, at the lunch table, at recess, on the bus to and from school, currently on the Internet, and of course, in the classroom.

    I feel that we haven't given enough attention to the bullying that takes place in the classroom. When our teens or even our tweens tell us that they don't like a specific subject ,it may not be due to the nature of the material, the subject itself, or the teacher. It could be due to the social politics of the classroom which can include subtle and some not-so subtle forms of bullying.

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  • How to Brew Up Halloween Skincare Treats

    By David Pollock for

    Halloween Skincare Treats Halloween Skincare Treats During October, it's easy to get lost in childhood memories of Halloween. The costumes! The candy! The scary movies!

    But when was the last time you really celebrated the holiday?

    Here's an idea - have a "Mummy" Halloween party! After the kids hit the hay, ask your friends to come on over with their favorite scary movie, candy, or drink.

    Before grabbing the popcorn and cuddling on the couch, spend some time in the kitchen brewing up Halloween skincare treats. The recipes below will transform dry skin…preventing you from feeling like a monster this season!

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    Jack-O-Lantern Pumpkin Sugar Face Scrub

    Did you know that you probably have one of the best natural skin healers and moisturizers sitting on your front porch? Pumpkin! It's chock full of good-for-your-skin vitamins.

    Using a small bowl, have each person mix 1 cup of raw sugar and 1 teaspoon of cinnamon. Add ¼ cup of

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  • Do You Need to Take Your Bucket List Up a Notch?

    By Karen S. Exkorn for

    Do you need to take your bucket list up a notch?Do you need to take your bucket list up a notch?We all have different sides to us, right? But do we always embrace them?

    The truth is, I almost wrote Fifty Two Shades of Blue-ish (a parody of the book you know well) under a pseudonym. Why? Because I was afraid. Close and caring friends and colleagues echoed my fears. "Are you sure you want to write this book under your own name?" they'd ask. Their concerns matched my own--that people might not take me as seriously in the business world and the autism community if they knew that I'd written a humorous erotic book. After all, I was known as a "serious autism author," and "serious corporate consultant." How could I add "silly, sexy parody writer" to the mix?

    But then, something shifted. In a moment of self-reflection, I created a Bucket List. Only, unlike that typical list that people hope to accomplish before they die, my list was something that I wanted to accomplish NOW (or at least soon). So I renamed my list. I called it The

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  • Kardashians Face Legal Trouble Over Makeup Line

    By GalTime's Entertainment Diva Andrea Krivelow

    Photo by David Gabber/PR PhotosPhoto by David Gabber/PR PhotosKim, Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian are set to launch a new makeup line next month.

    Khroma Beauty will be sold at places like CVS, Sears, and Ulta...but the roll out doesn't seem to be going so smoothly for the popular trio.

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    Michael Rey, co-owner of Chroma Makeup in Beverly Hills, claims it took 12 years to build his brand. Now, he's saying the Kardashians line "cheapens" his products and "creates confusion" in the marketplace. He worries that his high-end customers will start to think his products aren't so nice after all.

    Michael has hired a legal team and hopes that Kim, Khloe and Kourtney will change the name of their cosmetics line. If not, he plans on taking legal action.

    More from

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  • How to Make a Quick Exit on a Bad Date

    By Eleanore Wells for

    It looks like you need to make a quick exit...It looks like you need to make a quick exit...

    I've been on more than a few bad dates in my lifetime, but I haven't had a seriously bad date in a long time. That's because I've learned what to do. And what not to do. Here are a few tips on how to cut your "oh no!" dates down to a minimum. (Of course, I'm assuming that the badness in the bad date is not your fault.)

    The Only Tip You Really

    Make the first date a short date. Meet for coffee and dessert. Or a drink. The first date should last an hour. You can tolerate anything for an hour, right? If you like each other, you can always schedule another one for another day.

    If you ignore this tip and find yourself out on a good-date-gone-bad, first consider how bad it really is, on a scale of 1-10. What you should do next depends on how you rate this date.

    Uh-Oh....Uh-Oh....1 = I'm bored



    4 = Something's not right, though I'm not sure what



    7 = What a jerk



    10 = This guy is psycho

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  • Have a Bad Reaction to a Cosmetic? the FDA Wants to Hear from You

    By GalTime Consumer Watchdog Mary Schwager

    The FDA wants to hear from you...The FDA wants to hear from you...Have you ever bought a new face lotion and ended up covered in hives, or tried a new mascara and your eyes swelled shut just before your big date? Uncle Sam wants to hear about it! Yup, the Food and Drug Administration wants to know about your rashes, blotches, or any other adverse reaction that occurred after you used cosmetics. In fact, the FDA is relying on consumers to report this kind of stuff because most products don't require government approval before they're sold in stores.

    Sound weird? Cosmetics aren't only products you buy in the makeup aisle. The federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act defines "cosmetics" as products that are intended to be applied to the body "for cleansing, beautifying, promoting attractiveness, or altering the appearance." Note that the legal definition actually includes:

    • face and body cleansers
    • deodorants
    • moisturizers and other skin lotions and creams
    • baby lotions and oils
    • hair care products,
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