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  • Teens and Plastic Surgery: Is it Ever OK?

    By GalTime Teen Expert, Barbara Greenberg, Ph.D.

    Ali Lohan, Lindsay Lohan's 17-year-old younger sister, is currently displaying a very different facial appearance. Both her mother and publicist deny that she has gone under the knife despite the startlingly changed appearance.

    Plastic surgeons, who have not worked with her, suggest that she may have had rhinoplasty, a chin implant, and perhaps even cheek implants to give her face a leaner and more chiseled look. (See before and after pictures here)

    Her mother even went on TV to attempt to dispel these rumors and attributed the changes to growth and weight loss. Ali's representative, Steve Honig, said that her chiseled look is "typical of what happens to kids in their mid-late teens." Really, Steve? Not in my neck of the woods and I see quite a lot of teens on a daily basis who have not been equally blessed.

    My gut leads me to presume that Ali's new look is not entirely natural and to a discussion about teen plastic surgery.

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  • Virginity is Not Hot

    By SMF Marcus Osborne for

    It's been a while since I really ticked someone off. I mean, I've been on a serious streak of low-keyness. This is a clear indication that I'm going soft. Not that I'm intentionally trying to incite a digital riot over here, but I do try to challenge conventional wisdom and get men and women open and honestly communicating. Soooooo….

    ..let's talk virgins!

    A couple of buddies and I were having this conversation about relationships with a few girlfriends of ours. The discussion eventually turned to how old we all were when we lost our virginity. Which led to more chatter from the ladies about how guys would prefer their wives or girlfriends to be virgins. Apparently there's a belief that guys get turned on thinking they're "the first."

    They do???

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    Who started that nonsense? I have yet to actually meet a grown man who wants Polly Purebread as his lover. I'm not saying he wants her "love

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  • Should We Change "Serving Sizes" on Packaging?

    By Kerri Winick,

    When stay-at-home dad Steve Mulligan sets his family's table, he looks to the nutrition facts panel for help. Carbohydrates, calories, and sugars all play into his diet decisions. But those numbers are based on one thing: serving size.

    "We don't normally use the serving size as a guideline just because it tends to be kind of confusing. Two-point-five this. Three-point-five that," says Steve.

    A growing number of health experts and advocacy groups agree with Steve, and are calling for the Food and Drug Administration to revise serving size regulations, which are based in part on eating behavior surveys from the 1970s and 80s.

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    "People are eating much larger portions than they used to, so these numbers don't really reflect what people are typically consuming in one sitting," says Galtime Registered Dietician Elisa Zied.

    Zied says this leads many people to believe they're consuming fewer calories, fat and

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  • The Real Bridemaids' Etiquette Guide

    By Michelle Yarn,
    While it was hilarious to watch on the big screen, no bride wants to deal with the drama of a horrible bridesmaid! So, in honor of the release of the hit comedy, Bridemaids, we offer a little advice to keep YOU from being like one of the nut cases in the movie. Here are a few things every bridesmaid should do (even if the bride would never ask you to do it!)

    • Pretend you're interested.

      Ok, so it's just another party to you. But to the bride, it's the biggest day of her life! Be prepared for her to send you constant emails with photos of ceremony locations, dress styles, flower arrangements and favors. Be ready for her to ask you a million questions and solicit tons of opinions... only to go with her original idea in the first place. Even if you couldn't care less whether she uses linen or silk for her tablecloths, PRETEND that you do! She's asking your opinion because she values your relationship. Call her every now and then to see how the

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    • A Concealer That Actually Does Away With Dark Circles

      By GalTime Beauty Editor, Kerri Winick
      Don't get me wrong. I love being a mom. But those under eye circles I can't seem to kick? Not so much. When it's time to cover them up, I feel like a painter. The back of my hand looks like an artist's palette that's covered in schmears of makeup. So when I was sent a sample of Miracle Skin Transormer (MST) Treat & Conceal, I was one happy camper. This product promises to diminish dark circles, improve skin's texture, and minimize fine lines/puffiness around your peepers.

      Related: Do's and Don't of Drugstore Shopping

      The first thing I noticed when I squeezed out this multi-tasker is that it seemed thick. Honestly, it made me a bit nervous. I like products that look and feel natural. Would this look like spackle on my face?I'm happy to report that it practically melted into my skin. It had a silky consistency, and I'd even go as far as to say that it felt hydrating!

      Related: Review: Lip Fusion XL Lip Contouring Pencil

      I used a concealer

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    • Can Lack of Sleep Ruin Your Marriage?

      By Marianne Beach,
      Newsflash: A new study finds that lack of sleep can make women grumpy. And we end up taking it out on our husbands.

      I can't say, as a new mother to a three-month-old, that these findings are all that shocking. Between late stage pregnancy, birth and night feedings, I can't remember the last time I got a full night's sleep. And yes, in the AM, I'm not exactly the sweetest wife to ever wakeup with. (Sorry dear!)

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      Turns out, I'm not alone. And you don't have to be a new mom to suffer the effects. A new study from the American Academy of Sleep Medicine finds that women who had difficulty falling asleep at night reported more negative--and fewer positive--interactions with their husbands the next day.

      Well, of course! We're freaking tired!

      Related: Why You Should 'Do It' Even When You're Not In the Mood

      But here's the weird part. They also looked at the husbands' sleep patterns as well. Get this, they

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    • 10 Things You're Embarrassed to Tell Your Teen

      By GalTime Teen Expert Jennifer Powell-Lunder, Psy.D.

      1.) You don't understand the homework either.

      2.) Although you only keep healthy foods in the house, you have your own secret stash of gummy bears.

      3.) You ate the last doughnut.

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      4.) You actually like Justin Bieber

      5.) You think one of his teachers is hot.

      6.) You think one of his friends is hot.

      7.) You regularly check out the Facebook pages of his friends (especially his girlfriend).

      8.) You looked up his new girlfriend on Facebook so you could see what she looks like.

      9.) You went through her cell phone when she left it on the kitchen table.

      10.) You read her diary, which she keeps under her mattress.

      What are you embarrassed to admit to your kids? Do tell!

      More from

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    • 6 Amazing Health Benefits of Sex

      By Carissa Wright,

      As humans, we are one of the few species that engages in intercourse for pleasure rather than simply for reproduction purposes (besides dolphins, which is kinda creepy). While it may seem overindulgent, it turns out that engaging in sexual activity is oh so good for your health!

      That's right, there are actually health benefits associated with sex. This was a mystery that we just had to uncover, so we spoke with Dr. Carole Liberman.

      Sex = Exercise

      Intercourse burns a good amount of calories. It's a lot more fun than jogging on a treadmill or lifting weights. One half hour of sexual intercourse burns approximately 100 to 200 calories.

      Sex Keeps You Looking Younger!

      Dr. David Weeks (Royal Edinburgh Hospital) studied 3,500 people to determine what factors help defy aging. He found that couples in committed relationships with an active sex life appear younger.
      It's Good for Your Heart! Studies show sex can help lower your blood pressure. It mayRead More »from 6 Amazing Health Benefits of Sex
    • How to Talk Like a Mechanic (and Save!)

      By GalTime Consumer Watchdog Mary Schwager

      Here's how one of my last conversations with my car's mechanic went:

      Mary: "Yeah, the thingy in the front, it makes a noise like blam, blam, crank, blam."

      Mechanic: "Um, is it on the passenger side or driver's side?"

      Mary: "Hmmm, it's in the front."

      Mechanic: "Do you think it's something coming from a crank shaft or front tie-rod differential?"

      Mary: "Hmmmm, yeah, it's in the front of the car."

      Mechanic: "Does the sound occur all the time, when you make a turn or when you rotate the tires a full 90 degrees?"

      Mary: "Yeah, it's just in the front of the car and if I turn up the radio enough, I can't hear it, so I'm not sure."

      Mechanic: "Sigh, you better just bring your car in…"

      Is this how you talk to your mechanic? It could actually cost you more if you're as clueless as I am when it comes to cars. After all these years, luckily my mechanic knows I'm a Consumer Watchdog and doesn't mess with me. He even

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    • Keeping Your Kids Healthy This School Year (video)

      By Rachel K,

      It's time to think about keepin' the little ones sniffle free now that school is underway. Here are some tips to keep the kids in tip-top shape through fall.

      More from

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