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  • Jealousy Is Actually Good For Your Relationship

    By GalTime Relationship Expert Jennifer Oikle, Ph.D.

    5 Questions to Explore When the Green-Eyed Monster Rears Its Ugly Head

    Few women are strangers to the uncomfortable pangs of jealousy. You know, that sinking feeling of insecurity mixed with a twinge of anger. Maybe it comes up when your boyfriend flirts with a cutie at a party. Perhaps it makes an appearance when your husband comes home from work and he's talking, a bit too enthusiastically, about a charming new colleague.
    It's easy to beat yourself up for those feelings. After all, no one wants to be "the jealous type." But what if I told you that jealousy can actually be good for your relationship?
    Here's why.
    Biologically speaking, emotions are useful tools- they are signals to pay attention to something potentially harmful in your environment, so you can do something to protect yourself.
    When viewed this way, jealousy is a friend to your relationship, a little warning flag that says something you

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  • Add Some Shine to Your Lips and Lids

    By GalTime Makeup Artist Andrea Ducharme

    Labor Day has come and gone, and the carefree summer face is officially behind us. The good news is that all of those fabulous fall clothes look even better when paired with a polished makeup look. Last month I gave you the 3 must-have makeup items for Fall 2011. Now, here are some tips that will help you go from the office to a night on the town in no time:

    • Apply your favorite red lipstick, and simply add a bit of clear gloss to the center of your lips. Gucci paired this look with lots of mascara and it looks both sharp and feminine, not to mention the perfect partner for your go-to LBD (little black dress). My favorite will always be MAC Clear Lipglass ($14.50). It really lasts, and is as glossy as you can get!
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    • Change the texture of your daytime eyeshadow by tapping a bit of a shimmery cream shadow to your eyelids. This will achieve that "almost wet" look that was splashed
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  • Is Being Called "Grandma" Too Old-Fashioned?

    By Tara Weng,

    I know that no one likes getting old, much less feeling older. For some women being designated a "nana," "grandma," or, in my family, a "nanny" can feel like a death sentence, like someone is literally sucking your youth right from you. While I can empathize and certainly am not there yet, it seems like the birth of your first grandchild should be a happy thing, something you're proud of, not a mere name changer. In fact, in some cases women are reinventing the title altogether using cutesy nicknames for their grandmotherly status. Does this work and does it really matter? "Many baby boomers erroneously believe that by finding a hip, young-sounding, original name for their new station in life, somehow it will magically mean that they are hip, young and original. No matter what you call grandparents, they are still grandparents. Instead of mentally playing a game with the name, cute as it may be, it won't stop the inevitability of aging," says psychologist Dr.

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  • Hearing Loss in YOUNG People. Listen Up !

    By Mary Schwager,

    Millions of people under the age of 40 report they have some level of hearing loss. Yup, young people! In fact about 1.5 million are under the age of 18. As Fall swings into full gear with concerts, music festivals and sauntering around with your iPod in your ears-listen up! A recent survey found people don't understand how easy it is to damage their hearing.

    42% were unaware that just 5 minutes of exposure a day to listening to music on an iPod at full volume can put them at risk of permanent hearing loss. And Songbird Hearing's findings also found that 64% have worried about their hearing. In fact, stats say 35 million Americans suffer from some form of hearing loss.

    Galtime chatted with Chris DiCostanzo, President and CEO of Songbird Hearing about its findings and hip ways you can protect your hearing.

    GalTime: It's pretty darn interesting that people who are 45 may need a hearing aid--what do you attribute that to?
    Chris: Each

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  • 10 Worst Things a Parent Can Say

    By GalTime Teen Expert Barbara Greenberg, Ph.D.

    Sometimes words leave our mouths and we'd like to shove them right back in. Unfortunately, we don't have a rewind button. Once the words leave our lips, we've already made an impression on our kids.

    Consider the following popular parent lines:

    1. "Because I'm the adult." That's a problem because it explains nothing other than your age.
    2. "I support you no matter what." Really? Even if they hurt other kids and destroy your home?
    3. "You are too young to understand." Why not try to explain it to them in a way that they can understand?

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    4. "Because I said so." This is a very dismissive remark and provides no helpful information.
    5. "Your sister was able to do that at your age." Way to make your child hate his sister. Use that line only if you want to encourage sibling rivalry.

    6. " I don't know where you came from." You don't? Then, who does?

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  • Best FREE Services on the Internet

    By GalTime's TechKNOW Gal, Jennifer Jolly

    You know that old saying that nothing in life is free? In today's wired world, that's simply not true. Now, more than ever, you can turn to technology to score all kinds of fabulous freebies, from learning a new language to protecting your family photos,and even finding money you didn't know you had!


    My daughter is only in the fifth grade and I'm already having a hard time helping her with her French and math homework. French, because I only took two years in high school and if I could remember back that far, she's already way past my ability. And math… well… they just teach it differently now. (That's my story and I'm sticking to it.) Thankfully, the Khan Academy, can come to the rescue. This online learning hub has 2,100 videos covering a wide range of topics at every level, from fifth grade fractions to 10 th grade geometry, and a whole lot of other Read More »from Best FREE Services on the Internet
  • What Are the Rules for Dating While Separated?

    By Straight Male Friend Marcus Osborne for

    Believe what you hear, divorce is hard. Actually, that's an understatement. Divorce is devastating. Other than perhaps the death of a family member, the severing of what was expected to be a lifelong union is about as emotionally crippling as any life as experience an individual will ever survive.

    I speak from experience.

    Multiply that agony by ten if there are children involved. Even when the divorce is pretty amicable, as mine was over a decade ago, the massive weight of the realization that the world you had built with your soon-to-be-ex and the end of your journey with a person who at some point was the closest person in the world to you, is downright smothering. It's an awful, soul-crushing rollercoaster and each and every time some time sarcastically remarks how "easy it is for people to get divorced" or how so-and-so "just left their marriage" my head feels like it's about to explode.

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  • Top 5 Bodywear Blunders

    By The Lingerie Addict for

    I love lingerie (after all, I am The Lingerie Addict), but even I get a little overwhelmed at how a few ounces of fabric can go wrong in so many ways. From visible pantylines to visible nipples, there's always something that needs correcting, adjusting, or just plain covering up when it comes to your undergarments. Fortunately, you're not alone, and the most common lingerie mishaps have easy fixes. Here are five of the ones I encounter most frequently and how to solve them.

    Visible Panty Lines: We'll start off with a classic-the VPL. Visible panty lines are as tragic as they are avoidable. The most common culprit is a pair of too-tight knickers. When the elastic cuts into your bottom, it makes everything a bit more…obvious than it should be. Ironically enough, too-large panties can also create visible panty lines, as the loose fabric bunches and ripples instead of laying flat against the skin.

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  • 7 Simple Ways To Help Your Kids Succeed in School

    By GalTime Parenting Proichele Borba, Ed.D.

    Academic success impacts our children for the rest of their lives: it influences their self-esteem, college selections, job attainment, financial success, and even their choice of spouses.

    It's no wonder we go great lengths to give our kids an academic edge. But the good news is that parents can give their kids the edge they need without the help of elite preschools, expensive tutors, or pricey evaluations.

    Here are seven surprisingly simple solutions that every parent should have in their toolbox that are proven to boost children's school success (and we often overlook).

    sleepinggirlsleepinggirl1. Make sure your kids are getting enough zzz's A lack of sleep can have a serious impact on children's abilities to learn and perform at school. In fact, in one recent study, Tel Aviv University researchers found that missing just one hour of sleep can be enough to reduce a child's cognitive abilities by almost two years the next day. For example, a sixth

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  • How Much Should You Trust Your Gut in Business?

    By GalTime Consumer Watchdog, Mary Schwager

    "You should trust your gut!"You've heard your mother say it. You've heard your girlfriends say it. You've heard police say it if you see a creepy guy walking near you on the street. Now an expert in business and psychiatry from Harvard University is saying it! Srini Pillay, M.D. is the author of "The Role of Intuition in Business: Why and How Much Should You Really 'Trust Your Gut'?" He says the same advice absolutely applies at work! He shared a few of his insights with me recently.

    Galtime's Consumer Watchdog Mary: First of all, when you say "trust your gut" and talk about intuition what do you mean, how would you define that? Is that the little voice in your head? (You hear those too, right?)

    Srini Pillay, M.D. : Intuition is an intelligence that bypasses the conscious brain. It is data that is processed as a result of subliminal stimuli entering the brain. The "brain conclusions" then become a message that impacts your body. If

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