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  • Need an Energy Boost? 3 Ways to Reclaim Your Oomph

    By Kim Foster, MD for

    A frantic workday sends you to the brink of collapse…but it's not just that. A stack of ironing drains your energy, but still, it's not just that (because let's be honest, can anyone finish the ironing without fading?). The thing is, last weekend you were too exhausted to meet your girlfriends for brunch. And yesterday you actually skipped a shoe sale in favor of a nap.

    Now, if those aren't signs something's got to change, I don't know what is.

    If you've been feeling sluggish lately, you're not alone. Fatigue is very common among modern, busy women. So many errands, so little time. And that time becomes even shorter if you simply can't get off the couch.

    If you need a little more oomph, what can you do?

    Help is here. Read on for three tips to punch up your vitality.

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    Skipping breakfast is a sin that's easily committed. But your body needs fuel (especially in the

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  • Are You a High Maintenance Mama?

    By GalTime Teen Expert Barbara Greenberg, Ph.D.

    First, let me say that the kids always come first. Nonetheless, I am what one would refer to as a high-maintenance mama.

    Yes, I take excellent care of my skin. I get monthly facials. And yes, I taught my daughter about skin care while I was in the process of maintaining my own. I taught her not only about facial skin care, but also about using sunscreen regularly. To this day, she reminds me about applying sunscreen to the areas especially vulnerable to sun damage.

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    Second, I get my hair colored and highlighted regularly. No, I am not an earthy girl who believes in letting it gray naturally. And yes, I taught my teenager about the importance of using good hair care products and using good conditioner.

    Third, I exercise regularly and make it a priority. When I called my daughter at college, I asked her not only about her grades and emotional well-being, but

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  • 3 Back to School Tips for Stepmoms

    By The Garter Brides for

    The first days of school can be a nerve-wracking experience for any mom, but as a stepmom it holds an entirely different set of issues. The stepmother role is one that takes nurturing, care and understanding. Just as it took time for your stepchild to accept and love you for who you are, this will be another phase of your relationship where you'll learn more about each other. This can be a fun new experience for the both of you, so let's make the most of the new school year! Understanding the needs of your stepchild(ren) as well as an understanding of the boundaries between you and their parents is essential. No two relationships are the same but as experts on blended family life, we have a few tips for getting through the first days of school with your step-kids!

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    #1: If you and your partner both already have kids, let the older children tutor their new, younger siblings. It will make homework go by faster

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  • Gettin' Sexy Without Going All the Way


    Most of the time we have no problem getting it on with our significant other. But once in a while there may be something preventing you from doing the deed. Maybe you're hugely pregnant or post-partum. Maybe you're injured. Perhaps Aunt Flo's in town or there's just no birth control on hand. It can be tempting to just roll over and go to sleep, but according to sex expert, Jaiya, author of Red Hot Touchand founder of New World Sex Education--staying sexually close, even when you can't go all the way--is important.

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    "A week can become a month, a month becomes a year, a year becomes a happens. Staying close sexually helps you build a deeper bond. When you stop touching you stop getting the hormone Oxytocin which helps you bond and feel happier," she explains. "We have to expand our definition of sexual activity. There is so much that you can do to stay connected."

    In fact, even if you can have sex,

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  • How Perfect Is TOO Perfect?

    By Ann K. Dolin, M.Ed for

    Does your child erase and redo homework over and over again until it's just right? Is anything less than 100% not good enough? Welcome to the world of perfectionism, where unrealistic expectations are daily and unrelenting. Perfectionists engage in frequent hypercritical self-talk, bringing themselves down and creating a whole lot of stress within the family. With these children, the goal is to change their mindset. Begin by using the following techniques:

    REWARD EFFICIENCY, NOT GRADES - Studies show that the majority of perfectionist children have parents that are demanding and overly critical. Although this certainly isn't the case with every child, it's important for parents to pay attention to how they act and react when it comes to grades. Let's say your daughter brings home a 90% on a writing project." Instead of saying, "This is good, but you could have had a 100% if you had a stronger thesis statement." Consider "Way to go!

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  • Fall's Fab Five: Top Trends for 2011

    By GalTime Shopping Expert Amy Salinger

    Fall 2011 is just around the corner, and that can only mean one thing: It is time to reinvent yourself and make way for the best trends of the season! Here are five of my favorites:

    1.) The Female Tuxedo: This is a trend that loves to make a comeback. It is sexy, sophisticated, and makes any woman an instant power player (with a little vixen flare!). As with any tailored piece, fit is key. Purchase a cheaply made jacket or pair of pants and you will look exactly that…cheap. This doesn't mean you need to empty your entire piggy bank. Pick either the jacket or the pants to save a few dollars, or opt for a "middle of the road" price on an entire suit. Think of it as an investment. A great, tailored tuxedo will never go out of style and you can wear each piece over and over, many different ways. The female tuxedo is high on the "cost per wear" meter!

    ASOS Tuxedo Jumpsuit With Cut Out Back, $112.05

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  • Moms Dish: The Truth About Back to School Guilt

    By GalTime Parenting Expert Jennifer Powell-Lunder, Psy.D.

    No need to feel guilty

    "The truth is, I couldn't get him out of the house quick enough! All I kept thinking about was that fresh pot of coffee and the peace and quiet I had missed."

    She looked down and then back at me. I could not mistake the look of guilt on her face.

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    "I know, I know, I must sound like the worst mom in the world. The truth is I love when they go back to school, I finally feel like I get my life back!"

    I assured her I understood. But, this got me thinking. Although I am not a work at home or stay at home mom, how did I feel about back to school? Well, I have enjoyed the laid back feel of the summer but the stress of making sure my kids have stuff to do can times be overwhelming! Back to school for us means back to routines; back to structure and predictability, good old friends of mine. Of course there are some down sides too. The demands

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  • Hottest Fall Movies

    By Entertainment Reporter Sara Edwards for

    With the end of summer comes a new batch of films. Entertainment reporter Sara Edwards tells us her picks to look for at theatres.

    9/2: The Debt

    The espionage thriller boasts a stellar cast. The story centers around retired Mossad secret agents Rachel and Stephan played by Helen Mirren and Tom Wilkenson. They discover they need to settle unfinished business started 30 years earlier while on a secret mission for Israel. They were sent to track down a Nazi war criminal, using Rachel as "the lure" to draw him into a trap. Jessica Chastain plays the young Mirren who struggles with her duty when romantic feelings surface. The film bounces back and forth between two time periods with John Madden, who directed "Shakespeare in Love", at the helm, this promises to be a winner.

    9/9: Contagion

    Another terrific cast is assembled, this time for a thriller about a highly communicable virus that wipes out millions

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  • When Should You Break Up With Your Hair Stylist?

    By GalTimer Michelle Strickland

    I did it. I cheated. I never wanted it to happen, but she just wasn't "cutting" it anymore. I've been going to the same hair stylist for a while. She's done many different things to my hair, even styled it for my wedding. However, lately, she hasn't really had the "umph" anymore that I fell in love with and that made me want to call her my stylist.

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    The last couple of times I was been pretty disappointed with my results. So, I went to someone different. Actually, it was my old stylist. I felt weird going to her for a couple different reasons:

    1. I haven't seen her in a while and I know she knows I've gone elsewhere.

    2. I never really said a formal "goodbye" to my current stylist. Was that wrong of me to just leave things unsaid? Disappointment unknown? Or should I have told her that things are just not working out and let her know why? Maybe she was having a bad day? A bad day for my last 2 visits, a 3

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  • How Do You Stop Someone From Making a Huge Mistake?

    By Dr Paul Hokemeyer, Marriage and Family Therapist, for

    Question: How do you help someone, a good friend, from making a BIG mistake? She's with the wrong guy. He's toxic, but she won't listen to you no matter what. Should I just be there to pick up the pieces?

    Answer: Dear Compassionate One,

    Sounds like you're an amazing friend- to others. I wonder, however, how good a friend you are to yourself. When we find ourselves overly concerned with other people's lives and the choices they make we can also find ourselves neglecting our own well being. Being compassionate and concerned is one thing. Being concerned with fixing someone else is another.

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    Although it sounds like you have a good perspective on the situation, I think it's important to raise the issue of co-dependency here and let you decide where you fall on the co-dependent spectrum. In short, a co-dependent person is one who becomes so obsessed with fixing and Read More »from How Do You Stop Someone From Making a Huge Mistake?


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