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  • Top Reasons Your Guy is Slippin' in the Sack

    By Marianne Beach,

    Sex. You're doing it wrong. At least that's what some women are dying to tell their partners. Even the most experienced of men may make a mistake or two in the bedroom from time to time and some end up fumbling more times than their favorite football team.


    We asked relationship expert Stacey Nelkin, founder of

    First up - not taking cues (whether verbal or physical) from their women.

    "Most women complain that men don't listen and it translates into the bedroom as well," says Nelkin. "Perhaps it stems from the male ego, which tells them, 'I know it already' or 'I know it better than she does."

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    Next on her list? "Not warming up the engine properly before putting the foot on the accelerator," says Nelkin.

    In other words - foreplay, foreplay, foreplay! "Insufficient foreplay can undermine the entire act of sex," she

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  • Friend-Hoarding: Does Your Teen REALLY Have 5,000 Friends?

    By GalTime Teen Expert Jennifer Powell-Lunder, Psy.D.

    I Don't Think I Know That Many People! I am on the train headed to work when I over hear the following exchange between the two teen's sitting in front of me:

    Teen 1: So I went there with her...

    Teen 2: Wait, I thought she was just a friend, not a friend friend.

    Teen 1: No, she's a friend friend.

    Teen 2: But I thought you said she's from Florida.

    Teen 1: She is; she's a camp friend.

    Teen 2: Ohhhhhh.

    Friends, friend friend, somewhat confusing , huh? Social media has literally re-defined many common words. I mean when did the word friend become a verb anyway? As parents of teens. this new use of verbiage can become confusing at least, and often down right alarming! I mean here you are charged with monitoring your teens; a big part of job is to know who his friends are, but 5000, probably not possible.

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    Of course I am talking about the number of

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  • Why We Dread First Dates

    By SMF's Marcus Osborne for

    When it comes to dating, there is one thing on which men and women typically agree -- first dates suck. I hate to be crass about it, but that's about as raw and honest as I can be. Understand that there's a gargantuan distinction to be drawn between the person with whom you're planning on spending that first awkward, uncomfortable hour or two and the actual date itself.

    As a guy, I'm pretty excited about the fact that I've avoided having my romantic overtures rejected. Once she's agreed to go out, you would think that the trickiest part of this dance is done.

    You would think.

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    That's actually the easiest aspect of the modern mating ritual. It's after the agreement to go out is made that everything starts to run through our heads: Do I pay? Does she pay? Do we go dutch? What should I wear? Keep it casual or make it a little more business-casual? Where do we go?

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  • Best Apps to Organize 'Back to School'

    By Tech Mom Jennifer Jolly for

    Have you ever had that anxiety dream where you:

    a.) show up for class and there's a test you didn't study for?

    b.) can't find your class or can't remember your locker combination?

    c.) show up to class naked?

    Well… now there's an app for that. Okay, not the naked part, but everything else. While we ancient chalk-and-plastic-protractor crowd have to live with that back-to-school angst burned in our subconcious forever, kids these days, have amazing technology right at their fingertips. Here are the very best apps to get this school year off to the right start.


    Evernote: Free/$3.99 For Premium (All Smartphones)This updated and upgraded all-in-one note taking app syncs up anything you need to jot down via text, pictures and voice recordings. It puts it all neat and tidy to a place where you can get to it easily on the Evernote application or the Evernote website. Your notes are easily to search and

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  • Flat? Frizzy? Find Hair Products That Work!

    By Beauty Editor Kerri Winick

    My hair and I? Most of the time, we're in a fight. It's thin, blonde, and reaches frizz-ball status more often than I'd like to admit. A winning shampoo-conditioner combo would surely help tame my mane, but with the sea of products out there, I feel like I'm drowning! Factor in constant blow drying, heat tools, and highlights, and finding the right products can be a "hairy" situation. Here's some help:

    • Take a look in the mirror. How would you describe your hair? Do you have blonde highlights? A mess of gorgeous ringlets? Dry or split strands? L'Oreal Professionnel Celebrity Colorist Jennifer J says a quick glance can help determine what your hair is thirsty for.

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    • If you have thin or fine hair, volumizing or root lifting treatments will provide a much-needed boost. L'Oreal Professionnel's Ron King Salon says they'll infuse your mane with just the right amount of body,

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  • Are Women Only Into Good Looking Men?

    By Danielle Devorah Pashko for

    When it comes to looks, women are typically more forgiving than men. I tend to believe that the first thing that attracts a man to a woman is her looks. On the other hand, a woman wants a man who comes off as intelligent, powerful, and strong. That does not necessarily equate to "good looking". I remember dating a guy several years ago who was a very well known male model. On a scale of 1-10 this guy was an 11, for sure! He was tall, had a chiseled facial structure, strong arms. I remember taking him to parties with me and even my male friends said, "Wow, he's a good looking dude". But, he was, well, dumb as a rock. After a couple dates and many ridiculous conversations with him, I dumped him. I no longer saw how gorgeous he was and just imagined him as an immature 15-year-old boy. Years later, he actually married a very famous actress and ironically she's very smart. I guess she didn't need someone on her level and enjoyed the arm

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  • Helping Your Kids Feel Important Once Baby Arrives

    By Rebekah Hunter Scott, Author Motherhood is Easy, for

    My son Finley was born nine days ago. Before his birth, I tried to prepare my two older children, ages 4 and 2, for his impending arrival. I pressed their chubby hands to my belly whenever I felt Finley move. I showed them ultrasound pictures and enlisted their help in guessing gender, hair color, and favorite shows on Nick Jr. They seemed to get it, to understand that we were about to welcome a tiny, permanent member into our family. They watched my belly grow (only occasionally commenting that I was getting fat), they came to the doctor's appointments, and when strangers asked them if they were ready to be a big brother or sister, they eagerly nodded, bright-eyed and chuckle-headed, having no idea what was really in store.

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    Now that their baby brother is home, my son and daughter are in a sort of adjustment phase. And by adjustment phase, I mean a phase that leaves

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  • Top 5 places to eat in the world

    By Stephanie Betzler, GalTime Associate Producer


    As any experienced cultural explorer will say, the best traveling is done by truly immersing oneself in the local customs and lifestyle. As common cultural denominators throughout the world, food and drink have long been one of the simplest yet most effective ways to understand and appreciate alternate means of living. Because such great learning experiences may be cultivated around the dinner table, we have, with the help of's Anne Banas, assembled a list of the best food and wine destinations throughout the world.

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    First on our list is New Orleans, LA. This location may come as a surprise to some, as the mention of this city generally conjures up images of Mardi Gras festivities rather than exceptionally fine dining. However, says Anne, with its truly unique regional fare that combines "French, Creole, and Cajun cuisines" and a host of fabulously old

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  • Texting: New Way for Kids to Be Rude

    James Lehman, MSW of Empowering Parents for
    My 14-year-old daughter is a texting addict! She will even sit and text when our family is at a restaurant. It drives me nuts. If I tell her to stop, she just does it under the table. It's like this little secret that we can't be in on, plus it's just plain rude. It's as if half of her is here with us, but her brain is somewhere off with her friends. The thing that really annoys me is that she doesn't take part in family activities any more-it's like she has to have a special invitation to participate. What should we do?"

    Teens and pre-teens have the mindset that their friends are the only ones who understand them. Many kids feel much more whole as a person when they're with their peers. So basically, like the parent describes above, they will probably text as much as they can. Think of it from their perspective: it's fun, it's immediate gratification-which kids love-so it's also self-reinforcing. That means that when they text,

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  • Do You Have Unconditional Trust In Your Marriage?

    By GalTime Romance Expert Johanna Lyman

    Recently, I wrote about the three layers of trust in relationships. Since then I've been noticing how and when I trust people and situations, as well as how and whether others trust me in our interactions. What I've noticed is that my own ability to trust runs deep, and that my deep trust is contagious. It's not universally contagious, but it has the potential to be. This deep trust carries with it a strong sense of peace and well-being, as if all is right with the world, even when appearances seem to deny it.

    At dinner with a friend recently, we were discussing trust and settled on the term "unconditional trust." Dictionary definitions of trust link it with confidence, faith and belief. Those four words can be interchangable in many cases, and they all boil down to being free of doubt.

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    Looking through the lens of a romantic relationship, how can a person be free of doubt? There are

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