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  • Jennifer Love Hewitt Making Out With Bachelorette Runner-Up

    By GalTime Entertainment Diva Andrea Krivelow

    Jennifer Love Hewitt split from her beau Alex Bah in May, and now she has her eye on another man!

    The actress reportedly has a soft spot for former Bachelorettecontestant Ben Flajnik, as the two were spotted "making out" in San Francisco on Saturday night.

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    A witness at the Lion's Pub said:

    "Ben from The Bachelorette is making out with Jennifer Love Hewitt."

    Another insider added:

    "Oh yeah, Ben and Jennifer Love Hewitt appeared to be dating. All in all, Ben seemed to be perfectly content as the second-place loser on The Bachelorette."

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    Her love for Ben has never been a secret, either. After he was rejected by Ashley Hebert on their hit reality TV competition, Jennifer tweeted:

    "Omg! Ben f except my final rose !!! I love that ring. Neil lane u rock!! Happy for Ashley ... Gotta book a flight to Sonoma

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  • Apps That Actually Help You Save Money

    By GalTime Associate Producer Kendall Bitonte

    New 4G phone: $200

    Service Contract: $30-$100/month

    New Case: $10-$300

    A Smart Phone is an investment. You have the world at your fingertips but at no small price. However, there are plenty of ways to actually use your smart phone to monitor your budget.

    Our resident Nerd Chick,, Andrea Eldridge, has plenty of experience with how to make innovations work for you!

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    Here are three of their favorite apps that work with your budget to keep you on budget.

    1. Keep Your Bank Statement in Your Pocket:

    According to the Eldrige this website (and its accompanying app) is just as secure as your bank account since they both use the same encryption and can sync your credit, debit, loan, and saving account information together to help you create a budget. According to Eldrige, the app is super helpful because of its convenience, "The best part: once you've set up your

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  • Can Separate Vacations Be GOOD For Your Relationship?

    By GalTime Relationship Queen, Jane Greer, Ph.D.
    Question: Dear Dr Greer, is it bad if me and my husband take separate vacations?

    Answer: It's ok to take separate vacations as long as it isn't something you are doing in anger or resentment. Lots of times couples just have different preferences and pleasures when it comes to fun and relaxing.

    One person's ideal vacation is lying on the beach all day , reading a book and just soaking up the sun. Their partner, on the other hand, loves traveling to new places, checking out all the different foods and sightseeing. Paradise for one is a prison sentence to the other.

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    If you like to go to new places but your partner loves to go to the same island each trip, you love to play tennis in a warm sunny climate and he loves to ski in the cold, you like to sleep in and get up whenever you feel like it and he likes to wake up with the sunrise and get a jump on a day of activity.... it may be time

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  • Re-engage Your Kid's Brain for the School Year


    The summer is winding down and school supplies are already taking over Target and Staples stores. But other than getting all the fun gear the kids need for school - parents also have to get their children's brains in the right frame of mind - so to speak.

    Bethlam Forsa of Houghton Mifflin Harcourt (a Boston-based publishing/education company) offers some simple tips for parents to re-engage kids' brains for the school year - no extra budget required. Both parents and kids will have too much fun to realize there's learning involved.

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    Follow your favorite sports team
    - Help kids track wins and losses, and favorite player statistics. Make a family chart with individual predictions on scores and game outcomes. An end of season analysis can show who had highest percentage of winning predictions. (LEARN: math, analytical skills, critical thinking, probability)

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  • Making Midis Look Modern

    By Ann Schwede,

    Love them or hate them, "midis" (otherwise known as mid-length skirts -- this one's from Express!) have been making an appearance on the runways. Depending on how you interpret the trend, midis can feel like a fashion downer, or a unique opportunity to revamp your look.

    Let's face it. Mini skirts chirp, "I'm fun and flirty." Maxi skirts whisper, "I'm chic and sophisticated." But mid-length skirts tend to make deadpan statements like, "The doctor will see you now" and "Your library books are due back in two weeks." How fun is that?

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    For starters, use midis to spark conversation! Try this fashion tidbit on for size: In the 1920s, economist George Taylor coined the "hemline theory," which proposed that hemlines rise and fall with the economy. In prosperous times, we women wore shorter skirts to show off our pricy silk stockings. In tougher times, our hemlines dropped because our legs were bare.


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  • How Working Moms Positively Impact Their Kids

    By KyAnn Lewis, Sr. Editor,

    Most working moms agree that we work to meet the needs of our families. We might do it for financial security, health benefits and for other reasons. But even those of us who love our jobs sometimes struggle to find the balance between work and life and, yes, we sometimes feel guilty about the time we spend away from our children. Working mothers, listen up! Your career could actually be good for your kids.

    (Disclaimer: I'm not suggesting that being a stay-at-home mom is detrimental to your children. There are many positives to that arrangement. Stay-at-home moms, I appreciate you, too, and I know that you impact your children in many positive ways, but for this article I'm going to focus on mothers who work outside the home.)


    For starters, we're teaching our kids responsibility. In our family we talk about work in a positive way and our daughter thinks having a job is really cool. She often asks if she can come to

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  • Is 'That Time of the Month' Always Off-Limits?

    By Straight Male Friend Marcus Osborne for

    Your Straight Male Friends take pride in pushing the envelope of conventional male/female conversation. Indeed, it's the very reason we exist: To drag the most clandestine debates and discussions out of the darkness and shining upon them the light of "keepingitrealness."

    We're about to discuss a topic that I can, with absolute certitude, declare has rarely - if ever- been publicly addressed. It seems to be almost taboo to even hint at it in mixed company.

    In the interest of fairness, this absolutely is NOT conversation content for children. Even many adults catch a case of the "stutters" if the subject is broached.

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    "Uhhh……sometimes…I sort of…uhhh.."

    Yeah. We know. Hard to spit the words out.

    So if you're over the age of 17, and you're a fearless conversationalist, let's get to it:

    We're talking about sex.

    Oh I can hear you already, "But Marcus, you sexy

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  • Oh No. Did I Just Send That Message?

    By: Barbara Greenberg, PhD, Teen Parenting Expert

    Yes, we all know about the problems associated with cyber-bullying. I remember 7th grade when I took a different route home after school to avoid Nancy C. who followed me home throughout that dreadful year.

    Apparently, she just didn't like me and my green hat. I suppose that if we had the Internet then she would have sent me messages via Internet and ruined 7th grade that way. She would have been a fan of cyber-bullying and I would have been her hapless target.

    Well, I believe that we have a problem that is not quite as destructive as cyber-bullying, but nonetheless deserves discussion. I am referring to other errors that occur by using technology to communicate even though they are significantly less destructive.

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    My favorite personal example is when I intended to send a text message to my teenage daughter to say, " I love you." You

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  • Dining Out On a Diet... Yes You Can!

    By Carissa Wright, GalTime Associate Producer

    Honestly, sometimes restaurant food seems like the most convenient choice after a long day at the beach, a crazy day at work, hours of traveling, or picking your kids up late from summer camp. In fact, a recent study found that Americans now get about 35% of their calories from restaurant fare.

    But restaurant menus are often loaded with diet-busting..and nutrition zapping... options.

    Registered Dietitian Sharon Richter shared some of her tips for maintaining positive eating habits, even when you feel caught up in the rush of summer, starting with the major things to avoid.

    The Big "NO"s

    • Fried foods
    • Eating the bread in the basket (yes, it's delicious and oh so tempting, but you've got to draw the line!)
    • Huge portions
    • Tons of creamy sauces and cheese (sorry, alfredo's gotta go)

    It sounds like a lot, but in reality, you can practice healthier eating habits while you're dining out by making very simple changes

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  • 6 Ways to Help Your Teen Weather Your Divorce

    By Paul Hokemeyer, PhD, JD for

    Question: Please help me to help my teenager through my divorce. I don't know what to do! Dear Ms. Captain of the Ship, Navigating the divorce boat through the emotional life of a family is tricky business. And like any successful journey, it requires a map to guide you through the turbulent waters that surround it.
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    These waters are especially turbulent when teenagers are involved. The teenage years are marked by hormonal surges, a hunger for independence, a search for individual identity and a need to both reject and embrace parental love. For these reasons, your divorce map should incorporate the following considerations:

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    1) Your teenager is your child, not your friend: Do not share the intimate details of your divorce with your child. 2) Your teenager needs to feel loved: Even though your divorce will drain you emotionally, make sure you

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