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  • Make Your Manicure Last

    By Jessica Conway, Associate Producer

    Extra fun in the sun and sand wreaking havoc on your manicure? It's happened to all of us! Time to breathe a sigh of relief. Celebrity manicurist Jin Soon Choi shows us how to make that lacquer last!

    How do you protect a manicure from the sun? Applying a non-yellowing top coat is the best way to stop nail polish from fading while you're outside. Choi suggests both Essie Non-Yellowing Top Coat ($8) and Creative Nail Design Air Dry Fast Set Top Coat ($6).

    What about keeping your hands healthy? Is is important to apply SPF to your digits? Even on hands, sunblock is very important. Be sure to apply a hand cream with SPF before you go outside, especially during the hot summer months. Even though you don't have to moisturize as much as you do in the winter, treat your hands as you would treat your face.

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    Are cuticles affected by the summer elements? The summertime is actually better for

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  • Back-to-School Clothes on a Budget

    By Kendall Bitonte, GalTime Associate Producer
    My mom always made the first day of a school a pretty big deal when my brother and I were growing up. We would have a special pancake breakfast ( to give our brains extra energy), get a special note in our lunch boxes wishing us good luck with our teachers and would, of course, always take a photograph on the front stoop before catching the bus. If I dug around in old photo boxes I could still find those photos, chronicling every grade through high school of my brother and I showing off our new duds and grins.

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    In order to make each of those photos a success, however, there were hours of shopping and deliberation trying to find good deals and deciding which items would give my wardrobe the most "bang" for my mom's "buck".

    Audrey McClelland is a back to school shopping pro and GalTime financial expert who has tips to make your Back-to-School Shopping trips both easy on your wallet and cheesy

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  • Gadgets to Spice Up Your Grilling

    By GalTime Tech Mom, Jennifer Jolly

    iPad, iPod or iPhone, some of the hottest tech tools on the market today, can also be your biggest allys this time of the year. From digital cookbooks and grilling demos to an actual gadget called iGrill that lets you cook perfect burgers from across the backyard, here are a few simple high-tech tools to get your summer cook-outs off to a sizzling start. Oh, and don't forget to keep your gadget safe from spills, drips, dips and drops - tips for that, too!


    Cookbooks have come a long way since the old ear-marked, yellowing, cake spattered days of your mom's kitchen. Today's digital cookbooks are physically beautiful with gorgeous full-page spreads and they allow today's modern cook to get engaged with a recipe with enhanced audio and video. Here a few top picks:
    BOBBY'S BOLD FLAVORS by Bobby Flay - Food Network superstar, restaurateur extraordinaire, and grilling expert, Bobby Flay offers 25 free full

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  • 5 Signs He's Not Over His Ex

    By GalTime Dating Diva Jennifer Oikle, PhD.

    Nothing is worse than meeting a cool new guy, but getting the sinking feeling that he might not be over his ex. And sadly, your gut instinct might be correct because lots of newly single people jump back into the dating scene before they are really ready, trying to fill a gaping hole in the heart.

    If you want to be more than his re-bound girl, it pays to notice if he's really ready for another chance at love. The number one factor that produces readiness? Emotional availability. His heart, mind, and body need to be free to be given to you, which means he's no longer offering those parts of himself to her.

    So how do you tell if he's emotionally available? Check out these top 5 signs that he's still hooked on his ex.


    Love isn't a switch that you turn off and on. If he was in love with her, it will take time to release the mental, emotional, and physical bonds of love.

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  • Teacher-Student Relationships? No More “Hot For Teacher”

    Things are certainly getting confusing in the world of teenagers, teachers, and the use of the Internet. And what has a lot of us buzzing this week is The Amy Hestir Protection Act put into place in Missouri in July.

    Here are the lines that are causing the stir:

    No teacher shall establish, maintain, or use a work-related Internet site unless such site is available to school administrators and the child's legal custodian, physical custodian, or legal guardian.

    No teacher shall establish, maintain, or use a nonwork-related Internet site which allows exclusive access with a current or former student.

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    Responses are pouring in from across the country. They range from "Why should my child have limited access to her teacher?" to "Thank goodness we can watch what some of the teachers are writing to our kids. My daughter's English teacher must have been barely 25 himself."

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  • Tooth Fairy Leaving Less Under The Pillow

    GalTime Sr Editor KyAnn Lewis

    It seems even the tooth fairy is feeling the pinch of these tight economic times. The tooth fairy is now leaving about 40 cents less than last year. That means the going rate for a tooth is now $2.60.

    Even though the tooth fairy isn't leaving as much under the pillow, she is still visiting most kids. 90% of U.S. kids under the age of 12 have been visited by the sprite.

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    How much kids get per tooth depends on where they live:

    East: The Tooth Fairy now leaves just $2.10, a 38% cut from the $3.40 she left last year.

    South: The Tooth Fairy is dispensing $2.60 this year versus $3.30 in 2010. That's a 21% reduction.

    : Kids here receive an average of $2.80, a modest 3% decrease from last year's $2.90.

    : The national belt-tightening trend stops here. West coast kids are actually making more for each lost tooth. Children are pocketing $2.80, up 4% from last year's $2.70.


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  • The Best Lunch Boxes for Kids [video]

    By: GalTime Sr Editor KyAnn Lewis

    What do Justin Bieber, Hello Kitty and Star Wars have in common? According to Yahoo!, they're all topping the list of popular lunch boxes for the upcoming school year.

    When it comes to purchasing a lunch box, the investment isn't huge, but the expectations are high, especially on the part of parents. Mike Dobbs is the Vice-President of Public Relations for the online lunch box superstore, He says, "Parents are interested in multi-function and multi-tasking. They want to know if a lunch box is going to be easy to clean, and if it has additional features like extra pockets or interior compartments." Jessica Jabcon, Marketing Manager for Thermos tells me, "Parents look for quality insulation and construction as well as room for plenty of fresh, healthy options."

    No surprise, the kids have different priorities, "For kids it's all about the coolest design or character to help them show off their personal style in the lunch

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  • 6 Ways to Enjoy Traveling With Kids

    By TravelingMom's Cindy Richards for

    Oh, for those carefree B.C. (Before Children) days of travel. You shoved a change of underwear, an extra pair of socks and your toothbrush into a backpack and you were ready for a tour of Europe.

    But now there's a baby in your life. It doesn't mean you can no longer travel. It just means you're taking family vacations now. And traveling with a baby means you'll be traveling heavy. Who knew babies needed so much equipment?

    But, how do you decide where to go with a baby in tow? Consider these six things when deciding what trip is right for you and your baby.

    1. Think all-inclusive
    I know--you never would have considered an all-inclusive before the baby. But consider it now. Club Med does a particularly good job. The buffet includes a section with baby foods in jars and the baby corner, open 24 hours a day, contains the necessary facilities for preparing meals: blender, sterilizer (provided on request), microwave and

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  • Bug Free, Pesticide Free

    By Dianne Venetta, GalTime Garden Guru
    Pluckin' and Chuckin'!

    We're talking bugs, as in, "pick em right off that leaf." Pluck 'em and chuck 'em! Granted a nifty catchphrase doesn't address details-though I think we all know what I'm talking about here-but it does address the facts: when growing organically, the job of bug killing now belongs in your capable hands. Gloved hands, if you know what's good for you.

    While others will spritz chemicals from their spray bottle, or a toss some toxic powder along their beds, you refuse such tactics. No way, no how are you going to add potential hazards to your otherwise healthy garden. But organic methods require you to be smarter than the bugs. Quicker than the fiends.

    You must be vigilant, determined, and yes, skilled in the art of dispatch. Take heart sensitive gals, killing isn't a requirement. Simply relocate the pesky invaders out and away from your garden (so they can't devour your leaves and vegetables) and you're good to go.

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  • Are You Paranoid?

    By GalTime Relationship Diva Jennifer Oikle, Ph.D.

    Q: My wife has this obsession with the computer. She does not know sometimes what she is looking at and therefore she jumps to the conclusion that it pertains to me. I have had to take a lie detector test to prove to her that I am telling the truth. But that has not changed anything. What should I do?

    Dear Doubted,

    It's always hard to be doubted by the one you love, especially when the doubt is unfounded. If even an objective lie detector test did not quell your wife's fears, it suggests there is a core issue here that will be best addressed with professional help.

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    If you truly haven't done anything to arouse her suspicion (and please be honest with yourself here!), then chances are, your partner is struggling with fears of trust that have their origin in childhood. By working with a competent couples; therapist, together you can uncover the underlying wounds and do

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