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  • Is Obesity Contagious?

    By Shira Scott,

    Have you ever noticed that overweight people tend to hang out more often with other overweight people? Coincidence or choice?

    Researchers at Arizona State University decided to study the issue. What they found was people do in fact "cluster" according to size.

    The answer to why this happens isn't clear. What is clear....

    "Obese families and friends usually have two things in common: food choices and activity levels or more accurately, lack of activity. Obese parents tend to raise obese children. Obese family and friends hang out and eat the same kinds of detrimental foods and participate in the same kinds of detrimental habits," say co-authors Dian Griesel, Ph.D. and Tom Griesel of the new book, TurboCharged: Accelerate Your Fat Burning Metabolism, Get Lean Fast and Leave Diet and Exercise Rules in the Dust.

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    Most of the study participants said if given a choice, they would

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  • Are You and Your Kids Mismatched?

    By GalTime Teen Parenting Expert, Barbara Greenberg

    There are times when teens are simply mismatched with their mothers. What I'm referring to are temperamental mismatches. Teens sometimes tell us that they feel that they have been born into the wrong family.

    In fact, mothers, too, have shared that they wonder how it is that they have a teen who is so different from them. You have probably seen or experienced exactly what we are referring to.

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    Consider the following scenarios:

    • A very outgoing and socially comfortable mother has a shy and introverted teen who has trouble making conversation with peers.
    • You are a mother who has difficulty expressing your feelings both verbally and physically. You have a teen who is emotionally intense and loves to be hugged.
    • You love to exercise and have always maintained a very healthy and lean body. You love stylish clothing. Your daughter on the other hand
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  • Awesome Oven Fries

    By Award-Winning Recipe Star Camilla Saulsbury for

    I love a good french fry, and I can say the following with a (relatively) pure heart: I think oven fries can be even better than those dropped in oil.

    I say "can be", because I have had some kicking deep-fried french fries (Balthazar in New York! Turns out they are Bobby Flay's favorites, too. Shucks.)

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    But most french fries come no where close to Balthazar, whereas a batch of good oven fries can be near-perfection: crisp outside, fluffy inside, with the added bonuses of being easy-to-make (far lower risk of burning the kitchen to cinders in comparison to deep-frying) and not only lower in fat and calories, but healthy, too (e.g., did you know that potatoes are really high in vitamin C? Munch on that).

    These yummy fries will make you smile.

    Last time I made these oven fries, I cooked up some chicken apple sausages, too. Sometimes the side makes the choice of main

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  • Got Jiggle? Here's How to Hide It!

    By Stylists from Style2020 for
    We all have our problem areas and trouble zones, but regardless of shape or size, you too can feel comfortable and confident! Read on for some expert advice from our stylists on how to create your most flattering silhouette.

    Arms: Got a little extra jiggle you're not too fond of? Not to worry, there is a solution. It is best to choose fabrics that don't amplify the upper arm, but that gently skim the skin; think rayon, crepe, silk or soft matte jersey. In addition, try to divert the attention to the thinner, firmer part of your arm (from your elbow to your wrist) with a three quarter sleeve or bracelet sleeve. Stay away from the unflattering look of a cap or elastic sleeve that cuts your arm at the widest part. Anything that resembles a kimono or bell sleeve is always flattering!

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    Stomach: When it comes to concealing a tummy, there are so many great tricks of the trade. Of course,

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  • Top 7 Reasons You're SO Tired

    By Stephanie Moore, MD for
    Don't be one of those women who accept being overly exhausted. Kids, house, work, life-I get it. It is still very unusual to have sheer exhaustion for an extended period of time. The physical complaint of being "worn out" is one of women's top five health concerns when they visit their doctor. Here is a checklist of seven biggies that cause an overwhelming desire for a spa day (and a well deserved one).

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    Thyroid problems

    That little gland in the middle of your neck is your energy guru. Either overactive or under active, it can create major fatigue. If it's underactive your energy just cannot get that boost. If it is overactive your energy stores burn out quickly. Thyroid problems are common in women, especially post pregnancy.

    Heart Disease

    Women manifest symptoms of heart disease differently than men. Twice as many women die of stroke or heart disease than any other form of cancer. If you have risk

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  • Turns Out THIS Isn't Every Guy's Fantasy After All!

    By Marcus Osborne for
    Girl On Girl Action…Big Deal

    Over the last 20 years or so, a very interesting mythology has crept into the nation's sexual conscious. A widespread belief that men just piddle like puppies whenever they see a couple of women kissing each other. I can't, with absolute certitude, point to a seminal moment that stamped this fable onto our collective belief system . But clearly it exists. And clearly this new millennium urban legend is locked in like freshness in a Glad sandwich bag.

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    But, as we so often do with conventional wisdom here at Straight Male Friend, we take another look. Now obviously, the girl-on-girl action has been around forever. I mean, isn't it basically part of the college curriculum for women? For purely matters of research, I went back through a few friends' (wink, wink) collection of adult videos. And boy was some of this stuff old.

    Scientific fact (allegedly): The

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  • 10 Signs You're Ready for a Relationship

    By Marianne Beach,

    I'm admittedly a recovered relationship addict. I went from relationship to relationship with little or no break in between. Luckily, I was finally able to break that cycle and stay single for two years--before finally meeting my dream guy (and now husband.)

    But staying single for a serial monogamist is often easier said than done. After all, you're used to having a second opinion, someone to take to dinner parties, and curl up with in bed. An empty house can be frightening for someone addicted to love.

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    But Jennifer Oikle, Ph.D., relationship psychologist, dating coach, and founder of, insists that though it's difficult, it's also ultimately rewarding and will prepare you for the relationship of your dreams.

    So how do you start? First, she says, forget being committed to a relationship and start becoming committed to yourself instead. "Become delighted by the idea of discovering

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  • Cool Cocktails to Beat the Heat

    Spicy, sexy and oh so cool... these cocktails are perfect for those sultry summer nights. Mixologist Ryan Maerz of NYC catering company Canard Inc shares four of his favorite and most refreshing recipes.


    In a pitcher combine and stir:

    • 1 bottle of white wine, such as Riesling, Albarino, Chablis, Gewurztraminer, Pinot Gris, Chardonnay, or Sauvignon Blanc
    • 4oz tequila
    • ¼ cup sugar
    • 1-2 sliced jalapeño peppers
    • 2 sliced plums
    • 1 sliced peach
    • 1 lemon (sliced)
    • 1 lime (sliced)
    • 4-5 whole cherries, pitted
    • 3-4 cilantro twigs

    Top with club soda, or for those with a sweeter tooth, try ginger ale or champagne.

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    • Muddled Strawberries
    • Muddled Lemon
    • Muddled Mint
    • Little sugar
    • 1 oz of Maraschino Liqueur
    • 4 ounces of Vodka

    Muddle the fruit/mint and liqueur
    Pour over

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  • Hello, Bright Eyes! (video)

  • What Do You Remember Most About Your Parents When You Were Growing Up?

    By Barbara Greenberg, PhD and Jennifer Powell-Lunder, PsyD, for

    Oh, The Things They Did When We Were Teens!

    We often wonder what we are doing as parents that our teens will remember as being odd or even exciting. We've polled some parents we know and here is a short list of confusing things that their parents did!

    1. They soaked up the sun after applying a mixture of baby oil and mercurochrome. For those who don't remember, it stains the skin. It was applied in an effort to make the tan dazzle!

    2. They read True Story Magazine to learn how to be a good wife. They didn't know that we secretly read them and found them exciting.

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    3. They smoked long and thin cigarettes and thought they looked really cool. They say that they didn't know that cigarettes were unhealthy then.

    4. Some of our fathers celebrated by smoking cigars. No wonder some of us grew to love that smell.

    5. They wore girdles. We

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