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  • Breathing New Life into Old Furniture

    By Veronika's Blushing for

    Giving new life to old furniture.. Giving new life to old furniture.. I'll never forget the day we were visiting my husband's parents' home and my mother in law casually mentioned that she was donating a hutch she had to charity.

    I took a look at the piece--- It was a medium wood color, with very old-fashioned hardware and this weird brass grid that covered the cabinet's glass.

    Despite the fact that the hutch didn't complement our current home décor and that I wasn't particularly drawn to it at first, I saw a glimmer of potential in it and asked if she would consider letting us have it.

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    Maybe it wasn't the perfect piece for our home as-is, but with a fresh coat of black glossy paint and crystal hardware, I thought it may just be the perfect addition to our dining area.

    My in laws were so sweet and had a professional refinish it for us, but it's certainly a project you can do yourseld---there are tons of great DIY blogs and

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  • Unfortunately, I Love You

    By Lindsley Lowell,

    Unfortunately, I Love You Unfortunately, I Love You My husband says getting me to fall in love with him was like taming a wild horse.

    It was love at first sight for me the moment I met him, but that didn't stop me from driving myself insane trying to not love him. I was scared to death of letting my heart go and trusting him with it. I did not want to get hurt. Plus, I'm kind of a control freak.

    I recall one particular argument, about three months into our relationship when I was in tears, trying to convince myself that this would not work. How could it? It was too good. Jonathan told me that I was doing everything to try to sabotage the relationship.

    "I know," I replied. "Unfortunately, I love you."

    He started laughing and that was that. This phrase has become quite a meaningful one in my marriage and it proves to me the point I try to make with all single women looking for love - you MUST love him uncontrollably, immensely and unequivocally or else it just won't work. Why? Because

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  • One Dad Discusses: Cracking the Potty-Training Code

    By Josh Burrell for

    Cracking the Potty-Training Code Cracking the Potty-Training Code As the father of a son and a daughter, I have had the pleasure of experiencing many expected - and unexpected - milestones in my children's lives. One of these milestones has always struck fear in me: potty training.

    As the time neared for us to begin potty training our oldest, I became excited about the prospect of not changing any more diapers (and the financial gains of not having to buy said diapers). I also became incredibly frightened that this process would, at the very least, cause conflict and stress between me and my wife. At the worst, I was convinced it could go on for years as we struggled through the process, failing at every turn.

    Yet that was not what I experienced. Rather, I learned that by keeping a few things in mind, potty training could be a fun and exciting time for parents and kids. Here's what I learned:

    Start when both you and your child are ready.

    Children are ready for potty training at different ages, so

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  • 5 Top Lies We Tell Ourselves

    By Cathy Holloway Hill for

    Top 5 lies we tell ourselves...Top 5 lies we tell ourselves...

    Have you convinced yourself that you will never be successful?

    You probably wonder why I would ask such a ridiculous question. I ask this because you could be unknowingly self-sabotaging your success every day if you tell yourself lies. Self-lies are the catalyst for self-sabotaging, self-defeating behavior and it happens every day to everyone at one point or another in our lives. The problem is that we don't recognize and therefore we can't fix what we won't face, hence the reason for this article.

    Take a moment and think about lies that have affected your life. Whether it is a marriage, friendship, career situation, debt, or health issue, lies seem to touch everyone at some point in life. Statistics reveal that over 85% of individuals are miserable in their jobs, and this is proof that there is a lot of pretense in our lives. People lie for many reasons, but the most damaging lies are the ones we tell ourselves. The most

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  • Do You Embrace Your Child's Weirdness?

    By Sr Editor Jessica Ashley

    photo credit: Jessica Ashleyphoto credit: Jessica Ashley"Why are you so weird?"

    It is said with love, I swear, and it is asked nearly every day in our home. Sometimes we laugh that he got a good dose of strangeness from his dad's side of the family. And then we laugh harder and admit my genes delivered all the quirkiness he'd ever need right to him.

    Lil E started dressing himself when he was in kindergarten, insisting he hated all "crunchy pants" and was disgusted by shirts with buttons. He proudly paired camouflage tees with striped athletic pants and unrolled his socks so that his feet were never matched up.

    One of his friend's moms called his look "urban athletic chic," a kind way to say the kid was swathed daily in pants that swish and t-shirts that touted some vintage Star Wars endeavor or another.

    Before the kooky clothes combos, it was his hair that was wild. Every school photo shows off his bedhead, where the cowlicks push his locks straight up, particularly if a trim is

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  • Do Not Call List Complaints Reach Record High

    By GalTime Consumer Watchdog Mary Schwager

    Do Not Call Do Not Call important news for consumers

    Breaking news, but not shocking news if you've answered your phone lately: A brand new report from the Federal Trade Commission shows complaints about companies violating the Do Not Call List have reached an all time high! In fiscal year 2012 there were more than 3.8 million complaints filed with the FTC. That's a steep jump from the FTC's 2011 tally of 2.2 million complaints!

    The report which is hot off the presses, is pretty neat. It has a breakdown of complaints by state and even by area code. You can check to see if your area is getting hit by illegal telemarketers. The area code with the highest number of Do Not Call List complaints from the past four years? Home sweet home for this author--- it's Chicagoland area code "847" with 127,627 complaints.

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    How do the states compare?

    The states with the highest number of complaints in

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  • Halloween Candy: 8 Little Tips to Avoid Overindulging (Again)

    By Sr Editor Jessica Ashley

    Avoid Overindulging Avoid Overindulging Research assistance provided by Kara Quillard.

    I've decided those all the fun-size bars my son collects at Halloween are going to go bad on Thanksgiving. Of course, the candy is created to survive the Armageddon. But he won't know that, and I am pretty sure I can fool myself into believing it. A month is plenty of time to dole out the loot and anything that remains, even if it is stale-ish licorice or off-brand imitations of the good stuff, will just be a temptation I don't need.

    Setting your own expiration date on Halloween candy is a good strategy, says Mary Hartley, RD, so long as it makes you feel in control.

    "But remember," Hartley warns, "the candy isn't yours. It belongs to the kids."

    All bets may be off when it comes to Halloween candy ownership or "best if eaten by" date. So maybe the cold, hard calorie facts will keep your candy snacking in check.

    Butterfinger bars in the mini-size are 85 calories each,

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  • Is Your Career Killing Your Relationship?

    By Dr. Jane Greer for

    Glenn Harris/PR PhotosGlenn Harris/PR Photosis your career your first love?

    Russell Crowe and his wife of nine years, Danielle Spencer, have separated, according to Australian news sources. The two were on opposite sides of the globe when the news broke, she in Australia shooting Dancing With The Stars, and he in Los Angeles shooting the film Noah.

    Like many other split couples with big careers, extensive travel schedules and calendars packed with commitments, could their whereabouts be an indication of what went wrong with their marriage? Did their careers take priority over their love lives?

    Have you ever asked yourself this question: Which comes first my love life or my career?

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    Most of the time, there's no easy answer. For celebrities, the choice can be particularly hard since their work often takes them far away for long periods of time. But you don't have to be a star to grapple with this

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  • Adele Reportedly Target of Cyberbullies Following Birth of Her Son

    By GalTime Entertainment Diva Andrea Krivelow
    Adele's a mom!Adele's a mom!

    Adele and boyfriend Simon Konecki have welcomed their first child together, a baby boy. The couple announced they were expecting back in June.

    Although her rep has yet to make an official announcement, a family source confirms the British singer is now a mom:

    "We are all over the moon."

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    But, the news is overshadowed by a frightening trend picked by the Daily Mail that Adele is being bullied by Internet Trolls. The Mail reports that a Twitter user named @perffemale (who goes by the name Vanessa Bieber) tweeted:

    Aw Adele gave birth to a baby :,) is it fat and Handicapped lol just murder it already lol

    ....and that another tweeted: 'I'll go see her in the UK and kill her' while others talked about not being able to tell if she was pregnant because she was overweight.

    We looked for @perffemale on Twitter and the account is not there,

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  • How to Rock a Shirtdress with Style

    By Jessica Conway,

    J. Crew Workwear Shirtdress, $118J. Crew Workwear Shirtdress, $118The classic shirtdress. It's simple, yet stylish. Easy to throw on and effortless to dress up. Not to mention it can take you from the office to the afterparty!

    With so many reasons to rock a shirtdress, there's no doubt it's a fall fashion staple.

    Michelle Williamson, Style Editor for New York Girl Style, shows GalTime how to let that shirtdress shine!

    Which styles should we be on the lookout for this season? Right now, shirtdresses can be found in crisp, classic cotton and chambray, but you'll also see these dresses perked up with prints. For example, you can find animal prints, florals with a dark base, geometrics, etc. Contrasting trims and collars are also giving this classic style a new twist.

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    What's the best way to accentuate your curves in a shirtdress? Tie or belt a shirtdress at the natural waist for a more feminine silhouette, but don't tie too tight. You don't want to cinch

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