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  • Can You 'Create' Chemistry?

    By Kelly Rouba,

    Most of us have probably spent a great deal of time trying to enhance our looks or making sure we say just the right things in an effort to win over that adorable guy who just might be Mr. Right. However, what happens when Mr. Right (you know the type-he's educated, successfully employed, well groomed, thoughtful, and respectful) does come along, but you just don't feel any chemistry?

    Is it worth trying to figure out whether you can make a go of it for the long-run or if you can MAKE chemistry happen?

    Can You Create an Attraction to Someone?

    Renowned psychologist and researcher Dr. Robert Epstein, who has expertise in interpersonal relationships and sexuality, believes it is possible for women to develop an attraction towards a man they admire.

    "Women, in fact, are pretty good at that, maybe because they've had to be throughout history. So, women can do that to some extent. (However), men are very bad (at that), extremely bad; they are

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  • Secretly Educate Your Kids This Summer

    By's Nerd Chick Andrea Eldridge

    Ahhh summer. As the sun rises, you spring from bed to make the kids a healthy breakfast before setting up the day's roster of educational games and activities. Little Sally will be spending the day learning architecture and exploring other cultures while she builds a scale replica of the Louvre. Timmy will be splicing tomato seeds to create a new species more resistant to the summer heat. Suddenly the smell of pop-tarts burning in the toaster wakes you from your reverie to the realization: you have an hour to make it into the office, and the kids will most likely spend the day zoning out in front of the TV. How do busy parents balance the fantasy of keeping kids active and educated over the summer, with the reality of work and life demands? Nerd Chicks have found some great games, techno gadgets and applications that your kids will love, but will also keep their brains working.

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  • The Sun Smart Girl's Guide to Summer Bronzer

    By GalTime Makeup Artist Andrea Ducharme

    Summer is in full swing, and most of us are trying to be sun smart. But let's face it, everyone looks better with a sun kissed glow! Here's how to use your bronzer and get that glow without the guilt!

    1. Before you put anything on, you've got to take it off...the dull skin, that is. Get a gentle exfoliator and gently scrub away any dry flakes. This will prep and brighten your skin, even before you put makeup on! A few to try are L'Oreal Go 360 Clean Deep Exfoliating Scrub, Clinique 7 Day Scrub Cream Rinse-Off Formula, or my favorite, Mario Badescu Almond and Honey Face Scrub.

    2. Next, put an oil-free moisturizer all over your face and let it penetrate for at least one minute. This will allow your makeup to glide on more smoothly.

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    3. When choosing a bronzer you want to consider your skin type and tone. Dry skin will do best with a cream bronzer, like NARS The Multiple. This

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  • Things I Wish I'd Said Instead

    By Barbara Greenberg, PhD and Jennifer Powell-Lunder, PsyD, for

    There are times when we say things that we wish we could take back. Here is a list of things parents have said that they wish they could take back. Our hope is that by reading through this list you will think before saying those irretrievable words!

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    We suggest trying:

    1.) Great game! INSTEAD OF Maybe if you played harder, you would have won!

    2.) A wrap tied over that cami would make a great finishing touch. INSTEAD OF You're wearing that!?

    3.) That's great! I know how hard you studied for that test. INSTEAD OF An A-? Maybe if you studied a little harder you would have gotten an A.

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    4.) I'm really sorry. I'm here if you want to talk about it. INSTEAD OF I'm glad you broke up, I never really liked her anyway.

    5.) I would love to read it. INSTEAD OF Can't you see that I

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  • Learning How to Trust For a Deeper Romance

    By Johanna Lyman for

    I often say that if you don't have trust in your relationship, you don't have a relationship. The ironic thing about that statement is that trust is the biggest lesson we learn in romantic relationships. We learn to trust by experiencing its lack first, navigating our emotions and thoughts through the murky waters of mistrust. A more accurate statement might be that the pinnacle of a romantic relationship happens when we learn to deeply trust our partner and ourselves.

    There are many layers of trust to move through as you forge your way deeper in relationships. Here are the three most common.

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    1. Trusting your partner. This is the most basic layer of trust, and there are lots of couples that never make it past this. You learn to trust your partner when they consistently keep their agreements. The primary reason people don't trust that their partners will keep their agreements is that the Read More »from Learning How to Trust For a Deeper Romance
  • How Your Dating Can Help Your Daughters

    By Date Like a Grownup's Bobbi Palmer for

    If you're a mom with children still at home, I'm sure you have concerns about how your dating might affect your kids' lives. Issues such as jealousy and challenges with time-sharing are real. But I'd like you to consider the positives.

    Yes, it's true that "a happy mother is a good mother." But I also believe that moms who date have a great opportunity to teach their kids - especially their daughters - essential lessons about taking care of themselves and interacting with boys.
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    What you knew...

    How did you learn how to "be" with boys when you were young and maturing? Did your Mom sit you down as you were entering puberty and have "one of those talks" with you? Did she maintain an ongoing honest conversation about it advising and supporting you along the way? Or maybe, like me, your mom had very little to do with your development in this area.

    I never got much of an

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  • Preventing Summer UTIs

    By Carissa Wright,
    As summer kicks into gear and the temperature rises, our lifestyles become more and more active. Days on the beach or at a theme park are fun and exciting. The last thing any of us needs is a Urinary Tract Infection to deal with while we're trying to enjoy ourselves with friends and family. But unfortunately, it appears that women are more prone to UTIs, especially in the summer.

    To get some answers, we enlisted the help of two doctors -- Dr. Trevor Holly Cates, a naturopathic physician, and Dr. Ama Brobbey, a Medical Director at Health Care Partners of Nevada -- to help us learn why females typically have more difficulty with UTIs, and what we can do to deal with and prevent discomfort.

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    What is a UTI?

    The actual medical term that encompasses the majority of UTIs is cystitis, or infection of the bladder. These infections are caused by bacteria, such as E. Coli (which Dr. Cates cites as the cause of

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  • Quick Way to Get Rid Of 22 Eggs That Are About to Expire

    By GalTimer Michelle Strickland
    Boy what an Eggshausting day! So, earlier my husband informs me that we have today to get rid of 22 eggs because they expire. Ha! My stomach ached just thinking about downing 22 hard boiled eggs. But why did they have to just be hard boiled?

    There are so many ways to cook an egg, and heck, hundreds of recipes that include eggs! But, me? Create them? Oh boy, I am definitely not known to be creative. But, I had 22 eggs to do something with, quick. So, my objective: Make a variety of things that somehow includes eggs. The challenge: Do it only using products I currently have in the kitchen. OK! Let's get "crackin'"..

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    ♪♫22 extra large eggs on the shelf, 22 extra large eggs.♪♫Take 4 down, pass them around♪♫……and make:

    The traditional "sunny side up": (♪♫18 extra large eggs on the shelf♪♫)

    4 eggs cooked in a medium heated skillet/frying pan
    Directions: Put a little butter or oil in the pan

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  • The Joy of a Family Backyard Camp Out

    By KyAnn Lewis,

    Although my husband is ready to start pitching a tent instead of making hotel reservations, I'm not quite there yet. I thought I'd start out smaller and stay closer to home (and the facilities). If you don't have the time ... or experience ... to take the family on a full-fledged camping trip, how about a backyard camp out?

    To find out how to create a fun and memorable backyard camping experience, I consulted with the experts at who, in addition to selling outdoor gear for kids, have a blog packed with ideas for outdoor fun.

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    GalTime: What are some ways to "camp" in your own backyard?

    Heidi Drake, PlayOutdoors: Ease into it with a little "day camp"-break out the grill and picnic supplies, and if you have a fire pit, practice roasting some hotdogs and marshmallows. Spread a blanket on the ground, and snuggle up in sleeping bags for some stargazing. If everyone seems to be

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  • This Weekend, Try a Fabulous "Fish Grill"

    By Phoebe Lapine and Cara Eisenpress, Big Girls Small Kitchen for

    You can use any sturdy white fish for this recipe that takes well to the grill -- talk to your fishmonger, as many thin, white fish will crumble completely on the grill. If you can't find lemon thyme, you can use regular, but you might want to reduce the amount, as regular thyme tends to be stronger.

    Makes 2 servings

    2 tablespoons olive oil
    1/2 lemon, juiced
    zest of half a lemon
    1 garlic clove, minced or pushed through a press
    2 teaspoons fresh lemon thyme leaves (you can use regular)
    1 pound halibut, cut into two filets
    1/2 cup olive tapenade (recipe follows)

    Combine the olive oil, lemon juice, garlic and thyme in a Ziplock bag. Place the fish filets in the bag and swish around until covered in the marinade. Seal the bag and place in the fridge for 1 hour. (Do not marinate any longer or the fish will begin to cook in the lemon juice and become

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