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  • Beauty Hurts: What High Heels Can Do To Your Feet

    By Shira Scott,
    We all know beauty often comes at a cost. And when it comes to looking good, those sexy, high heels are making women pay big time. According to a recent study, 39% of us wear high heels every day and regular foot pain is part of the deal. In fact, 75% of regular heel wearers admit to suffering from bunions, hammer toes, calluses and/or plantar warts.
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    No surprise that heel height is the biggest culprit. The higher the heel, the more your toes bend up and the bigger the chance the shoe padding will move forward, exposing more bone to the bottom of the shoes. This can lead to plantar fasciitis, tight calf muscles and Achilles tendonitis, according to Dr. Pedro Cosculluela, an orthopedic surgeon with The Methodist Hospital in Houston.

    The size of the toe box is also a major problem. Yes, squishing your toes into your favorite pointy shoes is not a good health decision. Small toe boxes can lead to toe deformities.

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  • Handstands. And Why It's OK NOT To Do Them

    By GalTimer Imelda Dulcich

    Today my daughter graduates from high school. Her father is here from Georgia for the week. Yesterday he gave her a beautiful ring and an amazingly generous check. He did the same for my son the year before.

    When we got divorced, he told me that I should hold no hope that he would ever love me again. Also, he ended up getting together with our neighbor's daughter - 15 years younger than me.

    I remember one day when my daughter came home from a weekend with the new couple "Mama, Miss Bobbie can do handstands!"
    I couldn't do a handstand.

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    I called a girlfriend and told her and she said "Oh, God. I know you - don't even try to do it."

    She was right. I didn't need to do a headstand to compete. It wouldn't have been "me."

    I started right then and there to hold up the great things about my children's father and his fiance. When they sent home a picture of themselves in formal

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  • When Your Child's Best Friend Is a Bully

    By Barbara Greenberg, Phd and Jennifer Powell-Lunder, PsyD for

    Yes, parents of teens, it is possible for entertainment to lead to lively and important discussions with your kids. In Field of Vision that aired Saturday night on NBC Family Movie night, we have an example of this.

    In this movie, we are presented with the dilemma of a teen (Tyler) who is aware of his friend's bullying behavior toward a new kid in school. The story is further complicated by the fact that Tyler who witnesses the bullying is the captain of the football team and the bully Nick is both his good friend since 4th grade and a star football player. Tyler faces the dilemma-to tattle or not to tattle.

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    He, however, has a unique situation in that he has an open dialogue with his parents who support him in his efforts to choose integrity and to do the right thing rather than being avoidant of both protecting the victim and of getting his own butt

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  • Justin and Selena Are Having a Sleepover, Can I?

    By Barbara Greenberg, Phd and Jennifer Powell-Lunder, PsyD for

    Justin Bieber, the 17-year-old heartthrob of many of our teen daughters, has according to the tabloids gone on a steamy vacation with his 18-year-old girlfriend Selena Gomez.

    And when I say steamy I am not just referring to the tropical climate. I am instead assuming that sleep-overs are heating up the tour package.

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    Since our teens look up to their celebrity role models, it should not come as a surprise if they ask if they can have a sleep-over with a peer of the opposite sex. After all, Justin is doing it. So what's a parent to do?

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    Well, I have some suggestions.

    1. Simply because they look up to a celebrity does not mean that they need to mimic their behavior in all arenas of life.
    2. Remind your teens that what Justin does in his private time is between him and his family and that

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  • Exercise Less, Burn More Calories

    By Dr. Cindy Haines for

    Warmer weather means more of us are headed out to play in the great outdoors. Exercising smarter may help you reach your fitness goals sooner, according to the American College of Sports Medicine.

    A type of exercise called high-intensity interval training (HIIT) can literally intensify and supercharge your fitness. During a series of intervals, you push yourself hard for a brief time - even for only one minute - then rest for a brief time to recover. You then keep switching between exercise and rest until your session is finished.

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    "The real advantage of HIIT versus distance training is that you can get the same benefits - such as fat loss, improved muscle cell function, increased oxygen consumption and improved anaerobic capacity - but you don't have to exercise as long," said Michael Bracko, Ed.D., FACSM.

    You can continue to burn off extra calories for up to 24 hours

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  • How to Serve Fruit as Dessert

    By Recipe Designers Phoebe Lapine and Cara Eisenpress for

    There are so many reasons not to serve fruit for dessert-the most important being chocolate-but we find it just a little bit harder to name you the reasons why fruit makes a great ending to a meal. Honestly, we're sort of believers in doing things to the max, and a bowl of fruit, even a gorgeous one, can feel a little bit like a half-baked attempt at dessert, especially next to Bread Puddings, Tortes, Tarts, and Cookies.

    But!! Fruit is also light, which means you can stuff your guests silly on appetizers and main courses. Fruit has so much flavor itself, that many desserts featuring it are incredibly low key. Pretty much anyone can eat it-you don't have to deprive the vegans, dairy-free folk, or low-fat dieters at your table. And it gives you a chance to eat seasonally-though of course you can deduce why this is tough during northeastern winters (can you say apples?). Here's how to get started.

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  • Is It Wrong To Feel Catty at a High School Reunion?

    By GalTime's Barbara Greenberg, PhD and Jennifer Powell-Lunder, PsyD, Talking Teenage
    I recently went to a high school reunion and felt guilty about some of my feelings. I was face to face with my high school bully and she didn't look like life had been too good to her. This made me feel good but I like to see myself as a nice person. YIKES! I'm wondering if anyone else has had this experience?

    Here is what else I noticed:

    1. Some of the quiet and withdrawn teens are now outgoing, successful, and engaging adults.

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    2. Some of the mean girls are still mean and seem to be unhappy. Perhaps being mean didn't lead to good luck in their lives.

    3. Many of the "nerdy" teenagers were attractive and successful adults.

    4. Many of the nice teens were even nicer and lovelier as adults. In adulthood, they seemed more comfortable with themselves.

    5. Many of the most popular kids in high school no longer presented as popular but instead as

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  • 8 Inexpensive Ways to Make Dad Feel Like A Million Bucks

    By Money Saving Expert Andrea Woroch for
    Father's Day is a time to honor the man who matters most--a tradition that Americans have been commemorating for over 100 years. Though, with the recent rise of gas and food prices, celebrating dad may be on a more limited budget. In fact, a recent survey by PriceGrabber suggests those who plan to shop for Father's Day gifts this year will be looking for deals on presents under $100. Even that seems like an awful lot of cash to spend. So, whether dad enjoys being outdoors, watching sports or a sophisticated night on the town, creating a memorable holiday need not cost a lot of money.

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    Here are eight thoughtful and thrifty ways to pamper dad on his special day:

    Clean His Car. Men treasure their vehicles and surprising dad with a freshly washed and vacuumed ride will make his day. Put in the extra effort to clean and re-organize the garage--he will be thoroughly impressed!

    Feed Him. Fathers

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  • 12 Great Gifts for Dad

    By Kerri Winick,

    He's the World's Greatest Dad. (It's even plastered on his favorite mug!) So, what do you get the guy who drives the kids to soccer practice, checks under the bed for monsters, and gives the best bear hugs? Hit a Father's Day homerun with fabulous gifts like these. Some are hand-picked by GalTime, others by Celebrity Stylist Sarah Shirley.

    USHER He Eau de Toilette 1.0 fl. oz. ($35)

    "Fragrance is linked to memory and more! Make Father's Day special by introducing Dad to this hip new scent from Usher," says Shirley.

    Lands' End New Short Sleeve Original Banded Mesh Polo Shirt ($19.50)

    "Guys always need sprucing up! Last year's faded and stained polo won't cut it at the club. Surprise Dad with a mini wardrobe makeover. Don't forget to get rid of the old stuff!" says Shirley.

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    Callaway Tour Authentic Gloves ($16.99)

    "Dad will look and feel like a pro when he's out on the green," says

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  • Getting Your Kids to Drink Water

    By Marianne Beach,

    Hydration is critical, especially in the summer when we're all running around in the heat. Kids, in particular, need to be watched.

    Symptoms of dehydration include headaches, lethargy, muscle cramps and irritableness. More severe cases may lead to shock and require medical attention.

    So how do you keep your kids safe when the temps go up? Family Fitness Expert Sarah Clachar of has some great tips!

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    1. We're usually dehydrated before we feel thirsty. So it's important to make hydration a routine with your kids, not only based on how they feel. On really hot days, set a timer and make sure everyone gets an hourly drink. Also, find other ways to incorporate drink breaks into your usual routine and take on the job of reminding your kids to drink. They won't drink enough instinctively.

    One way to keep track if you're drinking enough is to monitor your pee. If your pee is dark

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