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  • Is Your Love Life a Little Like Groundhog Day?

    By Love Coach Johanna Lyman for

    Did you ever feel like you're in the movie Groundhog Day when it comes to your romantic relationships? Although the movie is a comedy, it contains a serious message. The Bill Murray character does eventually, after dozens of failed attempts, to do some things right and get his woman. The movie is a parody of what most people go through in their relationships. In his case, it was with the same woman.

    For the rest of us, it's a different person with the same personality traits. Because you're going through the same patterns with different people, it may take awhile to notice that you are in your own private Groundhog Day.

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    How can you identify your patterns and shift them into healthier ones that will help you attract a partner who brings out your best and supports you fully? These steps will help:

    1. Get a piece of paper and make three columns
    2. In the first column, make a list of your
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  • There IS Room In That Closet! How To Organize Like a Pro

    By Organizer Lisa Zaslow,

    Would you like to have more closet space without a costly renovation? Follow these closet organization tips and you'll feel like you've got more room. You'll never again stare at a stuffed closet lamenting that you have nothing to wear.

    As with any organizing project, the first step in organizing a closet is to clear clutter. Your closet should contain only things that fit, that look good on you, that are in good shape, and that you actually wear and use. After clearing clutter from your closet you may find that you have a lot more space than you thought. And you'll probably find that lone shoe you've been looking for.

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    In Manhattan, where I live, space is at a premium! To use your closet space most effectively, think like the Manhattan real estate moguls do -- vertically!

    • Use hooks and shelves to get the most of your wall space.
    • The back
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  • Can a Neat Freak and a Slob Live Happily Ever After?

    By Marianne Beach,
    I admit it, I'm not the greatest of housekeepers. In fact, some might call me a bit of a slob. I do try--in fact, I feel like I'm constantly doing the dishes and picking up stuff around the house. But somehow the mess just keeps piling up behind me. Which is why I'm glad my husband isn't a neat freak. Don't get me wrong--he likes a tidy house--as do I. But a little clutter here and there won't drive us to divorce court.

    But what if you're a true neat freak--unable to settle down until things are in their proper place? Can you marry a known slob and live happily ever after? Or are you just signing yourself up for a lifetime of anxiety and a house that will never be clean? We asked "Dr Romance", otherwise known as Tina Tessina, PhD, psychotherapist and author of the book "Money, Sex and Kids: Stop Fighting about the Three Things That Can Ruin Your Marriage."

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    "Yes, you can marry a slob, but you need to be

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  • Top Destinations for Summer Travel

    By Shira Scott,

    Memorial Day weekend marks the start of the summer travel season. It's time to shift into high gear and search for the perfect weekend escape or family vacation spot. But it's not just the destination that's important this year.... it's getting there that has many of us a little anxious. With gas prices already taking a bite out of our budgets, a lot of people are plugging the words "best auto-alternatives," "Amtrak discounts" (spiking 107%) and "bus tickets" (spiking 271%) into the Yahoo! search box.

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    This summer is definitely about "cheap travel" and "low air fares."

    According to Yahoo! Travel, Top Searched Destinations are:

    1. Mexico
    2. Bahamas
    3. Jamaica
    4. Hawaii
    5. London
    6. Caribbean
    7. France
    8. Las Vegas
    9. North Carolina
    10. New Orleans

    Top Searched Beach Destinations include:

    • Nag's Head (searches are up 585%)
    • Nantucket (searches are up 520%)
    • Florida Keys (searches are up
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  • When it Comes to Dating, How Long Is Too Long?

    By Rabbi Arnie Singer for

    I just heard about a young woman who ended a 10 year relationship with her college sweetheart. She wanted to get married. He just couldn't commit. I was shocked. Ten years. It reminds me of the movie He's Just Not That Into You where Jennifer Aniston finally breaks up with her boyfriend of 7 years (Ben Affleck) after he tells her that he doesn't want to marry. That story has a happy ending, when Ben overcomes his nuptial fears and proposes to Jennifer. Real life stories usually don't end so well.

    I know that what I'm about to tell you is probably going to be really harmful to a lot of women, but I believe in being totally honest with my readers, so here goes. I personally know several couples who dated for five years or more and finally did get married (and are still happily married). Why is this harmful? Because I might have just given women stuck in dead end relationships which will never lead to marriage the false hope that they too will be

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  • What's the Going Rate?

    By Tara Weng,

    Having a family can seem like a financial free-for-all, even the little things like what to pay a babysitter and how much is a tooth really worth can become a challenge. So what is the going rate these days for certain family extras? Stay-at-home dad and blogger Glen Craig says he shoots for the $20 rule for things like birthday party gifts. "I think birthday gifts tend to be around $20 by me. If you want to get technical, you give about what it costs for the child to be at the party (for example, if it costs about $17/kid at a roller skating rink you give a gift for about that amount). That's not always easy to figure out so the $20 rule tends to work well. Of course how you know the child plays into the equation too (I'll give more to my niece than to a friend of my son's from his activity class,") he explains.

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    The infamous Tooth Fairy seems like a competition of sorts for me. If my kids come home

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  • Maria Shriver Takes Dig At Arnold?

    By Celebutante Sisters for

    Maria Shriver is certainly not going into hiding because of her husband's bad behavior (and why should she?!). She attended a star-studded taping of Oprah's goodbye episode last night in Chicago. Oprah is a very good friend and has taken Maria under her wing during all of this turmoil.

    Shriver faced thousands of Oprah fans at the event... less than 24 hours after she split with Arnold Schwarzenegger who admitted he fathered a child with the family's housekeeper more than a decade ago.

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    In a gorgeous blue gown, looking strong, Shriver told Oprah, "For more than 30 years you have bestowed upon me the most amazing friendship... You have shown love, support, wisdom, and most of all (long pause).....the truth."

    Oprah got the crowd going when she repeated the words "The Truth!" while hanging onto her friend.

    Reports are that Shriver was actually at dinner with Oprah this past

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  • Red Hair Rules!

    By Kerri Winick,

    Hollywood is seeing red…red hair, that is! Strawberry tinted locks are taking over Tinseltown, with celebs like Blake Lively, Drew Barrymore, Scarlett Johansson, and Joanna Garcia embracing the trend. Follow these "red hair rules" and stand out in a sea of blondes and brunettes. It's time to take a walk on the wild side!

    Auburn, copper, cherry, and more! How do you know which shade of red is right for you? Senior Colorist Amy Mrkulic at the Oscar Blandi Salon in New York City has had a lot of clients asking her to fire up their locks this season. "After a long winter, women want a lighter, warmer shade and a lot of my clients are choosing red and copper tones over the usual blonde. Pale skin tones look best in Blake Lively's light, copper shade of red, while I suggest a deeper auburn or chestnut shade of red, like Joanna Garcia's, for olive skin tones. I tell my clients that going red is a lot of maintenance, but as long as they can handle the upkeep,

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  • The Banana's Sexy Reputation

    By:'s Master of Gastronomy Amy Reiley

    I recently heard the statistic that bananas are the most popular fruit in America. I'm shocked, not just because I'm not a big banana eater (unless you're talking those luscious, little apple bananas), but because bananas are a fruit that is impossible to grow in nearly every U.S. climate.

    But then I thought about all the things we like to do with a banana. (Get your mind out of the gutter!) I'm talking about banana bread, muffins, splits, foster, cream pie, frozen on-a-stick, banana and peanut butter sandwiches. Not many fruits have that many mainstream applications. From a culinary perspective, bananas love nuts, they love dairy, they work well cooked and even when they're overripe we can still salvage their bruised pulp in a cake. Then, when I started to consider the nutritional benefits, I had to wonder if bananas might be the world's most perfect fruit.

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    Bananas were first

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  • How Does Your Wedding Compare?

    By Analorena Zeledon,

    Planning your wedding and feeling a little unnerved by all the decisions? What kind of flowers are hot? What's IN for themes, color schemes, decorations? Then there's the cost. Are you spending too much? Where does your budget fall in lines with "an average" wedding in the US?

    We turned to the wedding experts at The Knot and for answers. They conducted a survey of brides in the US and reveal what's going on in wedding world these days:


    On average, brides spend $26,984 for the overall wedding.

    • New York City brides have the highest wedding budget: $70,730
    • Utah brides have the lowest wedding budget: $13,214
    • 12% of brides spend more than $40k on their wedding event with 1 in 5 spending more than $30k

    Tip from The Knot and Wedding The number one way to minimize budget costs: Trim your wedding guest list!

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    The average

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