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  • Beware the Smart Phone Squint!

    By Marianne Beach,

    I don't know about the rest of you, but when I forget to grab my iPhone when heading out the door, I feel almost paralyzed. I can't look up directions. I can't read product reviews. I can't check my email. And, oh, what if someone texted me? The horror of making them wait for a reply until I get back home.

    And that's not even mentioning Angry Birds...

    For many of us, smart phones have become an extension of ourselves and we find ourselves texting, tweeting and checking our email all day long and into the night. But could this overuse of technology actually making us look older?

    Maybe so, say some doctors, who have dubbed the phenomenon the "Smart Phone Squint." Just like the "texting thumb"--which causes frequent texters to suffer finger and wrist injuries from overuse, the smart phone squint can lead to eye strain and dry eyes--as well as fine lines and wrinkles.

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    "Smart phones induce you to squint

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  • Can a Marriage Survive What Maria's Been Through?

    By Elizabeth Paige,

    Arnold Schwarzenegger admitted to fathering a child with a longtime member of his household staff. It happened more than a decade ago but Maria just found out after Schwarzenegger ended his run as Governor of California in January. He told the LA Times, "After leaving the governor's office I told my wife about this event, which occurred over a decade ago." The woman apparently worked for the family for twenty years, retiring (with a severance package) just this past January.
    Now, the housekeeper is identified as Mildred Patricia Baena and the child is said to be 13, the same age as Shriver and Schwarzenegger's youngest son Christopher.

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    How do you even begin to process the situation? Your husband, in the headlines over the years for alleged philandering, comes out and admits that he has a child you didn't know about, that the baby was fathered a decade ago, 15 years into your marriage and

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  • Christina Aguilera Grilled By Matt Lauer (video)

    By Entertainment Diva Andrea Krivelow
    Christina Aguilera appeared on The Today Show Tuesday morning to promote her singing competition, The Voice.

    Matt Lauer decided to throw in some personal questions during the interview, though, asking:

    "There have been some tough times this year: the National Anthem thing, the fall at the Grammys, the divorce, the public intoxication. There was a time where people, your friends, the people who love you the most, tried to intervene in your life. Is that true or is that an exaggeration?"

    Aguilera responded:

    "I think there were some definite ex, disgruntled employees along the way. Whenever things happen like this to you, some people just want to kick you when you're down. For me, I've been in this business a very long time. . .and you're going to have your high moments and your low moments."

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    She continued:

    "Right now I

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  • Stem Cell Beauty

    By Jessica Conway,
    With all the hype surrounding stem cells, it's no wonder beauticians and scientists alike have begun exploring their potential cosmetic benefits. New products on the market claim to either mimic stem cell function, or use plant stem cells to restore and rejuvenate aging skin. We decided to find out if stem cell beauty is fact or fiction - and Dr. Debra Jaliman with the American Academy of Dermatology gave us the real story.

    What are stem cells? Think of stem cells as repair cells. They're responsible for renewing other cells in the body, like those in our skin. This is why they've caught the attention of scientists, doctors and medical researchers.

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    Are stem cell beauty products made from actual human stem cells? No. Stem cell beauty products claim to either stimulate the stem cells within your skin to help reverse signs of aging, or are formulated with plant stem cells as an alternative.


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  • Have You Ever Felt Trapped?

    By Relationship Diva Jane Greer, Ph.D.
    Question: My husband is very controlling and is making my and our child's life unbearable. I don't have a way of supporting us financially or we wouldn't be together. He is always in a bad mood, complains about everything, and recently told me after having sex for an hour that I did not like sex anymore.HELP!I

    Answer: In my book, What About Me? Stop Selfishness From Ruining Your Relationship, I describe different personality types typical in relationships and one of them happens to be the Controller.

    Controllers are completely selfish, the focus is always on them, and if it's not they feel their partner doesn't love them. They're the important ones, their needs always come first, and nothing else matters. Often, they're not even aware that their partner's needs exist. They always think that they're right and they always make you wrong.

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    Sounds to me like my

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  • Messy Room- Worth Fighting Over?

    By Tara Weng,

    I will admit freely that I have now resorted to monetary reward(s) for chores. I tried the "This will really help me out" tactic. I have also used the "You're old enough now, don't you want your room to be clean?" line to no avail. The only effective strategy I have found with my 11-year-old is "I will pay you allowance if you do x, y, z every week." Still, it is an ongoing struggle to look through the doorway of my son's room with the bed made the way "he" makes it and the clothes put away in what I can only describe as a tornado of wrinkled fabric and not go on the warpath. Since parenting, like seemingly everything else, is a constant reminder to "pick your battles" wisely, I wonder --is it worth fighting about at all? I mean, is a messy room going to kill me or him? Psychologist and life coach Dr. Michael Mantell says it might be one battle you've got to fight together. "A clean room may be a high priority for parents, but it is typically a low priority

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  • The Lowdown on Location-Tracking Via Your Mobile Device

    By Andrea Eldridge, The Nerd Chick for

    Recent news headlines shouting about iPhones, iPads and Android phones tracking your every move can make you wonder if the information being transmitted from your phone is being used for nefarious means. Like that high school friend that was so fun and helpful, but secretly gossiped behind your back, or dated your ex, smartphones have a stash of secrets that you may not know about. We're here to help you get to know ALL sides of your smartphone, even potentially darker ones.

    It may sound scary that your iPhone, iPad or Android phone is collecting and transmitting detailed location data back to Apple or Google. However, the truth is if you use GPS, or like to get suggestions for local restaurants, cheap gas or movie times, your device needs to pinpoint where you are. Location tracking is a necessary part of thousands of useful applications. The part that can get shady is when the data is sent back to Apple or Google, tagged with an

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  • Best Online TV and Movie Sites

    By Erika Page,
    Want to watch a flick or need to catch up on your favorite show that you missed last night? There are more movies and television shows available to watch right at our fingertips. Gone are the days when you had to trudge to Blockbuster and search through endless rows of shelves, hoping to find your movie of interest and the days when you had to wait until your favorite Sex and the City just happened to be playing on HBO. Nowadays, you can watch almost anything you want-- online-- when it's convenient for you. Yet with a large variety of movie options available to us, many free, some of us may wonder where to begin.

    Who doesn't love a free movie? According to Guillermo Pont, Vice President of Products for, an Internet TV guide service, Sony's Crackle has a great library of movies and is totally free. For additional free steaming options, MUBI offers a mix of free and paid films focusing on indie and foreign films that are more difficult to find.

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  • 10 Free Ways to Speed Up Your PC

    By GalTime Nerd Chick Andrea Eldridge

    Does it feel like you can make a pot of coffee and clean the kitchen all in the time it takes for your computer system to boot up? Do you find yourself daydreaming of dropping it off the top of your office building while you're waiting for web pages to load? If it seems like your computer is running slower every day, here are some things to do to get your "old reliable" running in tip-top shape. Of course, budget-savvy Nerd Chicks are always looking for ways to save some dough, so we've made sure they are all free.

    1. Get Rid of the Nasties

    Viruses and spyware don't always break your computer, but they do always slow it down. They're more common than you may think, and can hang out in your system, gumming up the works, without you even knowing it. Microsoft Security Essentials is a great, easy, all-in-one solution to keep your computer healthy and running in top form. Download it here.

    2. Update Your OS

    Windows issues updates all

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  • Why You Need to Play "The Game" When It Comes to Dating

    By Rabbi Arnie Singer for

    A friend of mind just told me that he had recently set up a mutual friend with a buddy of his from work. She's very attractive, mid 30's, sweet, athletic, and fun to be with. She was crazy about the guy. He broke up with her after a month. He said that she was "too available". There was "no challenge". When he went away for a week, she texted him about ten times every day.

    I know, the ladies out there are saying, "so what?" I fundamentally agree. My first reaction to hearing this story was to say that he obviously isn't really ready to get married because if he was, he would be thrilled to have such a woman so head over heals in love with him. In theory that's true. Unfortunately, the reality is much different.

    Ladies, here's the way most guys operate. It takes most guys longer to become emotionally attached to a woman than vice versa. Most men initially focus primarily on a woman's outer beauty and the sexual attraction he feels for her. It

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