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  • Empty Calories: Stop the Madness (Video)

    How many 'empty calories' do you take in each and every day, you know those calories that offer little or nothing by way of nutrition? We ALL waste calories by eating foods foods that taste so good but don't fall within any of the daily food guidelines. That's life, right? Well yeah, but control is key. nutritionist Elisa Zied has tips on how to manage those empty calories, so you can look and feel your best, while not giving up all those treats!

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  • Smishing- The Latest Identity Theft Threat

    By Consumer Watchdog Mary Schwager

    The newest threat when it comes to electronic identity theft is no longer your computer! It's your phone and your wireless tablet! The incredible boom of text and high tech apps are posing cyber risks. What are the latest scams? What should you be on the lookout for?

    More than 300 million people in the U.S. have wireless devices and may use mobile app's to bank, trade stock, even track their tax refund. Phones carry so much personal info, John Wells from CTIA the Wireless Association says it's like having a computer in your pocket. "It does make it a somewhat alluring target for scammers."

    How do the scams work? You've heard about bad guys online "phishing" for personal info- but in the wireless world it's called "smishing". Meaning criminals try to swipe personal info via "sms" text messages.

    One popular recent scam involved texts claiming to be from a credit union which asks you to call a number. When you do, Jamie de

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  • Spring & Summer Makeup Trends (Video)


    Want to shed the heavy look of your 'wintry face' and go lighter now that the weather has put a pep in your step? We turned to our friends at Self Magazine for some tips on how to brighten up your face for Spring. Tips on the hottest color combos- plus what to put where for a sheer, put together look...

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  • How Do You Shed Guilt from Your Past?

    By GalTimer and Life Coach Karen Kleinwort
    Ridding Yourself of Shame

    It's only human to make mistakes, and we all have done things of which we're not proud. Although time can blur the memory and alleviate the pain of stressful incidents from our past, often it's not a simple task to overcome the guilt that stems from actions in our past. This could be something as relatively innocuous as telling a small lie or as profound and life-changing as cheating on someone in a romantic relationship.

    It isn't easy to live with this kind of burden, especially since guilt fuels the fire that keeps the conscience alive. Guilt's primary purpose is to make us acknowledge the wrongness of our actions so we don't repeat those same mistakes. But it's important to realize that once guilt brings you to that point, there remains no reason for you to cling to it or be burdened by it. That said, overcoming guilt is often more easily said than done.

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  • 3 Ways to Sparkle on Your Wedding Day

    By Kerri Winick,

    Here comes…wedding season! You have your dream gown ready to go, but what about the finishing touches? Urvi Prunier, Designer of Tejani Bridal Jewelry, introduces GalTime to three trends coming down the aisle, and shows us how to shine without going overboard!

    Add bling with a brooch: Whether you've inherited grandma's brooch and it's become a must-wear, or you choose to wear it simply because it belonged to her, brooches are a great addition to your wedding-day attire. (And don't forget, they can also serve as your "something borrowed" or "something old.") Depending on the size of the piece, you can wear the brooch as an accessory to your gown's sash, and to complement your other jewelry. If your gown doesn't have a sash or belt, my personal favorite is to pin a brooch on as an elegant extra to a satin or silk clutch. Talk about upping the bling factor! Pins can also dress up a plain bridal shoe. If you're rocking a shorter hem, it's the perfect

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  • Why Do So Many Women Want to Skip the "I Do's"?

    By Marcus Osborne For

    I don't know how or why or when it happened, but somewhere along the line I realized that I have an inordinate amount of female friends. It's been a blessing and a curse really. The majority of my closest friends are female. I'm living proof that men and women really can be "just friends."

    One of the stellar benefits of having close platonic relationships with women (I'll save the negatives for another column - because believe me, particularly in the dating game, there are many!) is you get some compelling, honest insight on what makes women tick. After all these years, I think I've got a pretty decent understanding of the ladies. I'll never completely figure you all out - I won't even attempt that Herculean task - but I think I know enough to stay out of the doghouse!

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    Your SMF's receive a fair amount of e-mails. As one of the founders of, I thank you. Lord only knows

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  • How Do You Admit You're Wrong to Your Kids?

    By Tara Weng,

    While I'd like to think I'm right nearly all of the time there are definitely moments (in the heat of battle) when I know I'm the one in the wrong. When it comes to my kids those moments of "Woops, they're actually right" can be embarrassing and confusing to all parties involved. I'd like to understand how to behave gracefully in the face of defeat in front of my 11 and 7-year-old. Once again I handed over my flaws (humbly) to an expert.

    Family and child therapist Shauna Knox reminds me (and others perhaps) that we can't look at our discussions with our kids like a well-versed battle plan. "Although it might feel like it more often than we'd like, parenting isn't a war of THEM against US. We are training, guiding, and directing our kids in the fine art of life, and hopefully equipping them with skills to help them cope and even master certain aspects of this endeavor. That being said, a very important lesson for them to learn is that we are ALL human," she

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  • 5 Ways To Lose Weight (Before Bathing Suit Season)

    By Shira Scott,

    The season I fear most is just weeks away! It's nearly bathing suit season. It's early May and my anxiety level is starting to spike. I need to lose these love handles, the ones I hide so well under my sweaters. Not being one for crash dieting, I know it might take until July 4th to really feel comfortable in my own skin, but I'm ready to put my health (and my beach body) first!

    Here are 5 habits I'm putting to practice stat!

    1. Set small, realistic goals.

    I want to lose 10 pounds, but not in week one! Week one, I'll shoot for 1-2 pounds. Same for weeks 2 and 3. Now, week 4 is going to be Memorial Day Weekend. My goal for that holiday? Maintain, maintain, maintain... by making healthier food choices and eating normal amounts of my barbecue favorites.

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    2. Find a diet buddy (or a support system that works for you).

    Diet buddies keep you motivated. You can always count on your

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  • Got Sprouts? Transplant With Success!

    By Dianne Venetta, GalTime Garden Guru

    Did you ever think this day would come? You've prepared, patiently waited, cared for and nurtured your seeds until finally they've burst through the surface. It's as exciting as giving birth! Only less painful. Less commitment, less money, less grey hair…

    And nearly as joyful! We have sprouts! Did you hear?

    The whole neighborhood can hear your happy dance, but relish the moment and dance away-you've hit your first milestone. A big one, too, because as you may have noticed, not all your seeds germinated. Like babies, they're all different and some fare better than others. It's a fact of life. But rather than simmer in sorrow let's rejoice in the little green pumpkins (term of endearment) we do have and focus on how to best keep them healthy and happy.

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    If you started them indoors, it's your job to see they get to a decent size before transplanting. Depending on how long you must wait until it's warm

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  • 5 Ways to Make Him Feel Wanted

    By GalTime Sexpert Jane Greer, Ph.D.

    When you're in a relationship, it's really typical that people have expectations of one another. When a person is not living up to your expectations, you get annoyed and, more often than not, complain and tell your partner what he/she is doing wrong, what you don't like rather than what you do like.

    On the flip side, when a partner IS doing what he's 'supposed to', a lot of times we don't take the time to say thank you or show appreciation because we 'expect' something done.

    There are 5 easy things you can do to make your partner feel wanted and appreciated--- and keep your relationship out of a rut.

    1. The Simple 'Thank You'
    If your partner does something for you to make your day easier-- even if it was expected-- take the time to say, "Thanks, I really appreciate that" because your little thank you will mean a lot on the receiving end.
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    2. Remember to Do What's Asked of You

    So many times, I hear

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