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  • Mother's Day Gifts Kids Can Make

    By Valerie Deneen,

    Here's the first in our fun series of Mother's Day Gifts Kids Can Make - if you haven't already done so, send your husband over here, and maybe he'll take a hint. (wink, wink!) Most of these projects will feature very inexpensive items you can find at any hardware store, so manly men don't need to make another trip to the craft store.

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    My girls made these beautiful hand painted ceramic trivets this afternoon, and I thought they would make wonderful Mother's Day gifts! They were super-inexpensive, easy, and FUN to make!!

    We used imprinted ceramic tiles from the hardware store ($2.64 each), and I let the girls have a go at painting them with acrylic paint. They had so much fun!!

    We had such lovely weather, so I had the girls do the painting outdoors.

    Clara really got into it! I encouraged the girls to cover the entire tile with paint, but they didn't need
    much encouragement from me!

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  • Save $100 a Week

    By Fabulous & Frugal for

    Cut Expenses Without Feeling Deprived

    Think it's impossible to save a penny, let alone $100 bucks a week (that's $5,200 a year)? Think again! The first step in changing your financial situation is to change your attitude. The ACT of saving money really has nothing to do with how much money you make, it has to do with how much you spend. Think of it this way: it doesn't matter what your income is, if you spend everything you make, you simply won't have anything to save…

    So, how are you spending your hard in cash, and how can you start saving? Check out these Fab & Fru saving tips to help you spend and save more wisely, without sacrificing ALL your fun!

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    Get Rid of Your High Interest Debt

    Between you credit debt, mortgage, and student loans, have you ever calculated the amount of money you are paying in interest alone each month?! Seriously - take a look at ALL of the interest rates

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  • She's the World's Princess, Even if She's Not Really a Princess-- Yet

    When Prince William slipped a simple, understated Welsh gold band on Catherine Middleton's finger this morning, there's no doubt that Kate became Princess Catherine to most in Britain-- and the world. Of course, a short time later, the magnificent kiss on the balcony at Buckingham Palace (that will forever be a snapshot in history) further helped cement her princess status in the hearts and minds of billions as well.

    But, according to Palace officials, the Queen gifted her grandson the title Duke of Cambridge. Catherine Middleton became Her Royal Highness the Duchess of Cambridge, and does not yet have the title Princess William of Wales. A palace spokesperson says:

    "She is not a princess in her own right. That title has not been conferred on her. Her title is that of duchess. So she is not Princess Catherine. And to call her Princess William of Wales is misleading."

    William is now also the Earl of Strathearn and Baron Carrickfergus, which means Kate can be

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  • Royal Wedding? Was That TODAY?!

    By Marianne Beach,
    I rolled out of bed around seven this morning, after my husband kissed me goodbye, and headed to the kitchen to make my breakfast bowl of Cheerios. But as I poured my milk, something niggled at the back of my mind--telling me I was missing something. Something that many of my family and friends had set their alarm to an ungodly hour to watch. Some kind

    Oh yeah. Will and Kate. Today's the big day.

    Maybe this makes me less of a girly girl, but while I enjoyed attending my own wedding last year, I can't say I'm a big fan of watching other people's nuptials take place--even those of close family. Sure, I'm always a little curious about the bride's gown and I'm definitely down with the dancing and cake. But other than that? Meh. I go, of course, out of loyalty to friends and family and to show my support for their joining together, but not, let's be honest, because the ceremony itself is so much fun.

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  • Kate Middleton's Birth Certificate

    Yes, Catherine Elizabeth Middleton's name is about to change...but we all know by now that the future queen came from humble beginnings.

    We obtained this shot of Kate's birth certificate courtesy of The New England Center for Geneological Research. It's just an image of a piece of paper but, for some reason, we can't help but think it marked the beginnings of a spectacular life journey. ( In case you're wondering Mr Trump, Kate was NOT born in the US.) Who would've thought when this was issued back in 1982 that Kate would someday walk down the aisle at Westminster Abbey, billions worldwide holding their breath to catch a glimpse of the woman many say will single handedly alter the future of the monarchy.

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    While Prince William's tumultuous and sometimes epically tragic family life played out before the world, Kate has grown up with her parents Michael and Carole who've been married for more than 30 years. A shot of their

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  • Is Your Child a Quitter?

    By GalTime Parenting Pro Michele Borba, Ed.D.

    Perseverance is often the difference between whether kids succeed or fail. Will they have the inner strength to keep on or be plagued by self-defeat and be unwilling to give it their best shot? Children who learn to bounce back and not let setbacks get them down have gained a valuable skill for life. If our children are to succeed in this competitive world, they must learn to hang in there and not quit. The good news? Research shows parents can build "stick-to-it-ness" by adopting simple, proven strategies.

    Find the right activity that fascinates your kid

    Tune in to your child and find his natural interests, passions or talents. If he loves drawing, consider art lessons; if he enjoys listening to music, try piano or violin. Ask teachers or other adults for their input. The trick is to gauge your child's interest in the sport, lesson, or activity - before you start. Remember, the sport that fits your oldest kid may not be the right

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  • 5 Tips to Prevent Your In-Laws From Becoming a Royal Pain

    By Marianne Beach,

    Whether you're marrying a crown prince--or the blue collar man of your dreams--merging into a new family can be a royal challenge for most brides. So how should Kate (and the rest of us) best handle the reigning in-law court while managing to stay out of divorce court? We asked Regina Barreca, University of Connecticut Professor and author of "It's Not That I'm Bitter: How I Learned to Stop Worrying About Visible Panty Lines and Conquered the World" for her top five tips.


    Translation: You are not part of the Real Family: accept this. You will never been given the exact recipe for any family favorite: there will always been one key ingredient omitted or several degrees altered in terms of temperature. You are close to, but not part of , the original tribe. They will never say as much, but you should not fool yourself. Do what you do best: be a fabulously desirable and irreplaceable addition to the clan. Do not

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  • Mother's Day Doesn't Need to Cost a Thing

    By GalTime Frugalist Kristen Hagopian

    Erma Bombeck, one of America's favorite Moms, once said "Before you try to keep up with the Joneses, be sure they're not trying to keep up with you.". Talk about fabulous - not to mention frugal - advice to live by! This year, honor the special Moms in your life (including grandmothers, stepmothers, godmothers and mothers-in-law!) with wonderful, personalized gifts that they will adore, yet won't break the bank.

    Mother's Day Cards: Sure, they're everywhere in the stores. They're also pricey, unimaginative and completely forgettable. If you have school age kids, help them create a card out of colored paper and - depending on their writing skill level - a small note in crayon. Trust me gang, the standard Hallmark card will be appreciated, but it's the jaggedy cut-with-the-kindergarten-scissors construction paper special that your child spent 20 minutes carefully writing "Thank you for being my Mommy!" in 5-year-old script that will really get

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  • Loaded (But Healthy) Salad Ideas

    By Jennifer Leal for

    Salads can be a great source of nutrition, especially if you combine food groups and skip the heavy dressings. They can also be a great way to create a meal and incorporate some items that you may not normally eat on their own. Below I present many options, so make your grocery list and eat a nutritionally loaded salad today!

    *Lettuce: There are so many great choices out there so try them all individually or combine. I often mix baby spinach with other lettuces and arugula to add a spicy bite.

    *Proteins: Incorporate a boiled, chopped egg, low-sodium turkey or ham, tofu, tempeh, baked fish or lean meats.

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    *Cheese: Another great source of protein as long as you use reduced fat or apply sparingly. Some of my favorites are reduced fat cheddar and feta. Try goat or gorgonzola cheeses as an exciting way to add more complex flavors.

    *Fruits: A fantastic way to make a salad more

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  • Is It a Good Idea to Plan a 'Play Date' For Your Guy?

    By JL Watkins, The GalTime Guy

    You love the same restaurants and shops. Both of you have the same gym schedule, and agree that the jerk leading your spin class was a tyrant in a past life. You love her bravado, and she likes your style. In short, you've finally met the perfect gal pal.

    Wouldn't it be perfect if you could hang out more often? Totally. There's just a slight problem. Between the daily grind at work and various random commitments, you just don't have the time. Not to mention, neither of you see enough of the men in your lives.

    Wait a minute! You know what would be perfect? How about the ladies go out together, and bring the guys along!


    It might seem like a perfect scenario. Both you and your girlfriend have the same taste and interests, so it might seem likely that your guys should become fast friends. To that I say: Not so fast.

    Speaking as a guy who's been dragged into plenty of these situations, I can attest to you that it rarely

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