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  • Throw the perfect Royal Wedding party

    By Erika Page,

    Nearly thirty years ago, spectators from around the globe watched as Charles, Prince of Wales, wed Lady Diana Frances Spencer. Today, the world eagerly anticipates the wedding of their eldest son, William, and his finance, Kate Middleton, in a truly royal affair to be held at Westminster Abbey on Friday, April 29 th . It is true that the wedding will be broadcast in the United States at some of the most awkward times possible (broadcasts begin from 1 a.m. to 4 a.m. depending on your time zone), yet many of us cannot imagine not watching such an anticipated event live; after all, it only comes about once but thirty years (although we still do have William's younger brother Harry to consider).

    Our husbands and boyfriends have Super Bowl and NCAA Championship viewing parties every year with the guys. Get your girlfriends together and throw your own version of a NCAA Championship party-- a live Royal Wedding Viewing Party to honor Kate and Prince William. Here

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  • The 'one-year itch'? What's really going on?

    By GalTimer Shannon Rogers

    Everyone has heard of the seven year itch, including myself, so why does it seem mine is coming MUCH sooner? I have been with my wonderful man for only eleven and a half months, though.

    He is perfect, everything I could have asked for in a man, and he says I am all he could wish for as well, but lately we are not "meshing" well. We love each other, and we used to have so much fun together. It never mattered what we were doing, as long as we were together.

    Lately, however, nothing we do seems fun enough; we barely have anything to talk about; we argue a lot; and we are having much less intimacy. Don't get me wrong, we still have great sex (when we have it) and we do have fun (when we're with others) but alone we can't seem to get it right anymore. Nothing changed until the bitter winter, when we didn't have anywhere to go or anything to do.

    Also See: Does fighting a lot mean we're sick of each other?

    We began arguing because we were with

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  • Do you try to trick the scale?

    By Shira Scott,

    Like most women, I'll do just about anything to shave even a tenth of a pound off the scale. In fact, I went out and bought a digital version just so I could see those tenths melt away! For some reason, losing a tenth is huge....gaining a tenth not so disappointing.

    I also like to shower before I weigh myself. Not sure how much dirt weighs, but why take a chance.

    In a recent survey by a British-based diet website, about 3,000 women were asked how they try to cheat the scale.

    50% Weigh themselves naked

    40% Go to the bathroom first

    10% Hold their breath (remember to exhale first)

    3% Stand on one leg

    3% Wait for a full moon (thinking that's when they'll be their lightest)

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    In a survey of my friends, I found that most have tried the top three. One believes in the one-legged approach (really?) and no one has ever counted on a full moon. They also had some suggestions of their own.

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  • Do you keep score in your marriage?

    By Marianne Beach,

    You did the dishes, he should bathe the kids. He "worked hard all day", you should have dinner hot when he gets home. Even in the best of marriages, it's sometimes hard to avoid "keeping score" with one another. He gave you a backrub, now it's your turn to reciprocate.

    While a little give and take is never a bad thing, constantly reminding your spouse that he or she "owes you" can lead to everyone feeling bad. If your spouse doesn't respond, you feel underappreciated. After all, you put out all this effort--what has he done for you lately? On the other hand, if your spouse is showering you with gifts and favors, you might start to feel guilty and wonder what he wants from you in exchange. Either way, it's a lose-lose.

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    We asked GALTime marriage and family therapist Jane Greer, Ph.D. how to avoid keeping score in a marriage.

    Whether it's brought up verbally or not, most of us probably could

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  • Dirty Little Hygiene Secrets

    By Raquel English for

    I love the topic of hygiene. My teenagers are mad, crazy for the clean craze, especially my two boys.

    The amount of talk about personal hygiene is constant with most conversations happening in the car driving to and fro. I keep my boys stock loaded with gum, mints, and/or breath spray.
    My boys certainly don't want a girl with bad hygiene.

    OK, dirty girls. I'm going to give you MY guidelines for keeping yourself kempt.
    (You may agree with all of this, or you may be a little more Either way, trust me, you don't want someone to confront you and feel humiliated.)
    This is just how I do business....but my own thoughts and observations caught the attention of GalTime and The Daily Buzz morning program:

    So what do you think? What is your hygiene baseline in terms of what just HAS to get done?

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  • 5 ways to save on Easter

    By Galtime's Kristen Hagopian, Author Brilliant Frugal Living

    Time to start planning for Easter. It really is a wonderful holiday, and our desire to make it beautiful is completely understandable, but those gorgeous touches (from clothes to décor to candy) can add up quickly. Thankfully, some easy tips can create a holiday that's not only lovely, but light on your pocketbook as well.


    Easter is one of those holidays where dressing up takes on an art form, the more colorful the better. Come on, it's the only day of the year where pastel suits are not only fashionable, they're a given, and it's time to have some fun here. When it comes to kids' clothing, hit Craigslist and your local meticulously-run consignment and thrift stores. You'll be amazed at the selection of childrens' boutique-quality Easter dresses and suits awaiting you in perfect condition, often for 90% off the original price. As for the adults, if you're looking to freshen up your Easter wardrobe this

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  • "Exploiting My Baby": A chat with Teresa Strasser

    By Malia Karlinsky,

    Teresa Strasser is gal on a mission, giving us a no-holds barred account about her pregnancy-- and making it real and relatable. The funny lady that some have coined "The Jewish Carrie Bradshaw" has experienced something that Sex and the City character never did-first time motherhood.

    Strasser, an Emmy winning writer and media personality gives you a girlfriend grade guide to the humorous highs and lows of first-time motherhood in her new book "Exploiting My Baby: A Memoir of Pregnancy and Childbirth." In it she talks about all the subjects you didn't hear at the baby shower: leaking breasts, uncontrollable gas… and those "helpful" people you want to punch.

    Also See: Top 10 Pediatric Myths

    Strasser started her journey into mommy-hood at age 38, complete with a thriving career and the perfect husband. What she quickly found was a gaping hole in the world of mom-to-be books. Between the cloying, the overly clinical and the "motherhood sucks"

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  • School Bans 'Homemade Lunches'... WHAT??!!

    By Susan Krivelow,

    I just read an article about a public school in Chicago that will not allow students to brown bag it anymore. The kids have to eat the cafeteria lunch or go hungry. Only students with allergies are allowed to bring in a homemade meal.

    The school prinicpal said it's about "the excellent quality of the food" at the school. "It's milk versus a Coke."

    Enough with the food police! If you want to ban sugary drinks in school, go for it... but don't tell me that I can't take part in the time honored parenting tradition of lovingly making my child a peanut butter (natural, of course) and jelly (all fruit, of course) sandwich (on whole grain bread, of course) and packing it, along with a nice little note, for school.

    Whoever instituted this ban needs to be sentenced to some serious detention.
    Do you agree or not? We want to hear from you!!!

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  • Moms and tattoos... trendy or trashy?

    By Tara Weng,

    When it comes to tattoos in general, nearly everyone has an opinion. But when it comes to moms and tattoos the debate seems to take on a whole new meaning.

    "If done discretely and tastefully, they can be quite sexy. The face, neck, breasts and buttocks should never be tattooed," says 38-year-old Adam. New mom Kristina has her son's name tattooed on her wrist. "I love it and so does he. I think tattoos are a great expression of love and creativity when they mean something," she says. Tattoo-less Keri-Lyn notes that it's still considered "trashy" to some. "In certain aspects of the business world, it's still a whispered "Did you see that?" to see a visible tattoo on a woman," she explains.

    I guess I wonder why people get tattoos at all, so for some answers I checked in with clinical and fitness psychologist Dr. Michael Mantell.

    Also See: To Be ...or Not To Be...a Mom

    Dr. Mantell points out that a mother's relationship with her child can

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  • True tips to make your lip color last

    By Makeup Artist Andrea Ducharme,

    My love affair with lipstick began when I was a child and I would watch my grandmother "put on her face." I loved how feminine and glamorous the lipstick looked, and I couldn't wait to wear it myself. Little did I know how frustrating it would be to find a great lip color and keep it on! Some 'all-day' formulas feel like dried paint, glosses last about an hour, and traditional lipsticks can bleed and feather. However, there are some tried and true tips, as well as a few great formulations, to help keep your pucker looking fresh.

    * Preparation is key! Exfoliate with a lip scrub, or use a soft damp washcloth. The smoother the lips, the longer your color will last. (Try: The Lip Scrub by Sara Happ, $24. It comes in yummy flavors like Cinnamon Sugar and Vanilla Bean.)

    * Next, apply a 'anti-feathering' lip conditioner to the entire lip area, as well as outside the lip line. (Try: Paula Dorf Perfect Illusion For Lips, $24)


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