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  • 'Will I Be a Good Mom?' Adoption Changes You Forever

    By KyAnn Lewis,

    There have been a lot of amazing moments in motherhood. But the moment we met our daughter was by far the most memorable.

    Not having been pregnant, I can't truly compare our experience to that of a couple having a biological child. But I can assure you there are differences that make that first "meeting" unique for adoptive parents.

    In our case, we knew our little girl's face before we actually met her. Eliza was five-months-old when we adopted her. After being matched with Eliza and her birthmother, we received several photos of a precious little girl smiling up at the camera. It was surreal looking at Eliza's photos from afar knowing that this little person would soon be our daughter.

    Due to the paperwork and waiting period involved in the adoption process, we had a few weeks between when we first saw Eliza's photo and the day we held her for the first time. Like any expectant parents would, we spent that time childproofing our house, going

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  • Face Paint Safely This Halloween

    By Kerri Winick,

    Ghouls and goblins and zombies. Lions and tigers and bears. Oh, my! On Halloween, all sorts of devilish creatures come out to play…and trick or treat! Getting into the spirit with face paint is all part of the fun. Unlike a mask, face paint makes it easier to keep your eyes peeled for the best goodies. (Not to mention stay safe on the roads!) But if used incorrectly, you may end up spotting things like rashes and swollen eyelids once the clock hits midnight. Here are some tips from the FDA for drawing and decorating safely.

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    Know the Basics

    • Follow the directions on the package.
    • Don't paint your face with products that aren't intended for your skin.
    • If you open face paint and it smells "off", toss it! It could be contaminated.
    • First time using a product? Test it! Try a bit on your arm a few days before the holiday. Check for an allergic reaction.

    Know The Ingredients

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  • Beer Glasses & Goblets: What's Shape Got to Do With It?

    By The Beer Expert for GalTime

    It's all about the mouth, my friend. Nobody likes a big mouth…except when it's on a Belgian beer glass. Also called a "chalice," those wide open mouths allow for a substantial head to form and your nose to get right in there and partake of all that heavenly, fruity aroma.

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    Keep in mind that when you drink a fine, craft beer, your palate is mostly olfactory (smell-based), so a good sniff is essential for picking up all the subtle, and sometimes not so subtle aromas.

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    And these glasses are always stemmed, so you not only don't heat the beer up while holding it, but have a handle with which to swirl and hold up to the light. It also makes you look über cool. Keep in mind that in Belgium (pretty much all over Europe, and increasingly in the US), every brewery has its own glass…often, even a different glass for each distinct style they serve. And while they're all different sizes and have

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  • 'Sex'tortion: How To Protect Your Kids

    By Marianne Mancusi Beach,

    "Jen's" boyfriend always told her that the naked photos he took of her would be for his enjoyment only. Until the day she decided to break off the relationship, that is.

    "He started threatening me with the nude photos. He threatened to send them to my company as well as post them on Facebook, on the Internet and send them to all of my friends," she says.

    As a senior software engineer vying for a promotion in a large company, Jen knew she'd be ruined if the photos got out. So she decided to go back with her boyfriend, to ensure they stayed private.

    "I was devastated. I was thinking that a million people could see my nude photos," she says. "And I had absolutely no control over it."

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    This kind of photo blackmail is becoming all too common. The Feds even have a name for it -- sextortion -- and say it's a crime that's on the rise, with cases popping up around the

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  • Would You Tell A Friend If....She Wore Too Much Makeup?

    By Marianne Mancusi Beach,

    You love your friends more than anything. But sometimes-let's face it-the choices they make can make you cringe. So should you to speak up? Or just let it go and love them as they are?

    Depends on the situation, says Gina Barreca, Professor of English Literature and Feminist Theory at the University of Connecticut and author of IT'S NOT THAT I'M BITTER: HOW I LEARNED TO STOP WORRYING ABOUT VISIBLE PANTY LINES AND CONQUERED THE WORLD.

    "In the end, you want to do anything but add shame," Barreca says. "You really need to examine why you feel a need right now to say this. What is it in YOU? Is your friend not doing as well as she could or are you jealous because maybe her lousy style is helping her get exactly what she wants?"

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    So we gave Gina three scenarios and asked for her advice on whether a friend should step in or step back:

    Should you tell your friend if... she's

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  • Trick or Treat Safety Tips From the FDA

    By: Michelle Yarn GALTime Staff

    What kid doesn't look forward to collecting bags and bags of candy and other treats on Halloween? For parents, though, the thought of your little ones stuffing their faces with mystery food is enough to haunt you all year! So if you want your little ghouls and goblins to have a happy and healthy Halloween -- keep these tips from the FDA in mind:

    Don't let your kids eat and walk

    Children shouldn't snack while they're out trick-or-treating. Urge your children to wait until they get home and you have had a chance to inspect the contents of their "goody bags."

    Make sure they trick-or-treat on a full belly

    The best way to keep children from tearing open their candy early is to give them a light meal or snack before they head out - don't send them out on an empty stomach

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    Commercial candies are best

    Tell children not to accept - and especially not to eat - anything that isn't commercially

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  • Would You Date Outside Your Race? Difference Between Men & Women

    By Marianne Mancusi Beach,

    We all like to say we're open-minded and colorblind when it comes to race. But is that true in all aspect of our lives--even dating? If you were signing up for an online dating service, would you keep it open? Or click that little box to search for your own race only? decided to put it to the test, analyzing 1.7 million dates through its website over the course of 18 months. What they found was interesting. While many singles are open to dating outside their own ethnicity, key demographic figures definitely play a role.

    "Deep down, while society can be very objective in their dealings on an inter-personal and business level - thus blurring the race-line with respect to their day-to-day lives, individuals also have a deep-rooted bias for specific ethnicities; varying primarily on age and gender," says Dan Abelon, co-founder and president of

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  • Should You Say 'I Love You' First?

    By Marianne Mancusi Beach,

    It's easy to say, 'I love you New York.' It's not so easy to say, 'I love you, Mr. Big."

    Carrie Bradshaw, Sex and the City, Season 2

    It's one of those episodes that makes every woman cringe in sympathy. Carrie tells Mr. Big she loves him for the very first time and he says...well, return. Suddenly their dreamy relationship becomes nothing more than an awkward mess as Carrie practically dissolves into an insecure puddle on the floor.

    I think everyone's had this feeling at one time or another. You've been dating this guy and it's going amazingly well. You think about him a thousand times a day and every time he walks into the room, your heart skips a beat. You have tons in common and he always make you laugh. And you wake up, one day, realizing that you love him.

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    But even though you're spending all your time together and maybe even

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  • Multitasking Tips For New Moms

    By Jodi Lipper, Lifestyle Expert and Author for GalTime

    As all new moms know, it can be next to impossible during those first few crazy weeks, months, or (let's face it) even years to find time to get everything done. Some days find you super productive, and you somehow manage to wash the dishes, balance your checkbook, respond to a thousand emails, and maybe even put on mascara all during one nap. On other days, you look up at 7 p.m. and realize that you haven't even brushed your teeth yet. As a new mom who is trying to juggle a five month old, a freelance writing career, and my sanity, I've been collecting tips from friends on how to get more done during the day while keeping the baby (and myself) happy. Here are my most useful multitasking tips; I hope they buy you a few extra minutes today!

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    1) Wear Your Baby Out

    During the first several weeks when it seems like your baby will sleep nowhere other than nestled against

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  • Gastrosexuals: Oh, How We Love Guys Who Cook!

    By Marianne Mancusi Beach,

    For our one of our first dates together as a couple, my then boyfriend, now husband, chose not to take me out to a romantic restaurant. After all, we both lived in New York City - and going out to eat wasn't exactly a rare event. So, for something different, he suggested we stay in and cook a new recipe together instead. We picked one out from a cookbook, went shopping for ingredients, chopped vegetables, sautéed steaks and yes, did some kissing in the kitchen.

    It was the best date ever and we've kept the tradition going on special occasions to this day.

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    My hubby's not the only one cookin' up a storm. So many men are finding their way to the kitchen, there's even a name for them: the "gastrosexual" -- a man who's wise enough to know that showing off his culinary skills may give him the chance to show off his bedroom ones later that night.

    But it's not all about sex. According to Urban

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