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  • Cyber Bullies: Evidence WOMEN Are "Meaner" Than GIRLS

    By: Kerri Winick Staff

    A blowout over a boy toy. Making fun of someone's wacky outfit. Whispers between friends about the new kid on the block. It sounds like the latest struggles among the "cool" girls at school. But mean words like these are flying between adult women…on the Internet! Experts say anytime you are harassed, humiliated, or threatened online…it's cyberbullying, regardless of how old you are.

    Dr. Cheryl Dellasega, author of Mean Girls Grown Up, says this Internet finger-pointing may be even more common among adult women.

    "It's been shocking to me to hear some of the ways in which women communicate online. Message boards get shut down. Sites get shut down. People drop off of sites. And it really becomes like a war, a cyber war, because they can't resolve it," she said.

    This bullying can take place through e-mail, social networking sites, even instant messages. Gina-Moore Sanders has experienced this war of words firsthand. A

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  • Why Do So Many Women Avoid Sex?

    By Marianne Mancusi Beach

    On TV and in the movies, it seems like everyone's getting it on-- and having a great time doing it. In real life, maybe not so much. In fact, a new study by the British Association of Urological Surgeons found two-thirds of women report having some kind of sexual hang-up that's keeping them from enjoying the act of lovemaking as they should.

    Here's the breakdown of problems:

    1. Lack of desire (47 percent)

    2. Orgasm problems (45 percent)

    3. Arousal issues (40 percent)

    4. Lack of satisfaction (39 percent)

    5. Lack of lubrication (37 percent)

    6. Pain (36 percent)

    Is this just a case of grabbing some 'lube' and adding a little foreplay to your repertoire? Or are these actually symptoms of bigger, underlying psychological issues? Psychotherapist Dr. Tina B. Tessina aka "Dr. Romance" and author of Money, Sex and Kids: Stop Fighting About the Three Things That Can Ruin Your Marriage says one of the biggest problems women face

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  • Back to School Safety Checklist: Important Reminders from the CPSC

    By GALTime Consumer Watchdog Mary Schwager

    Mothers rejoice, back to school time is here...or right around the corner! While you're shopping for clothes, supplies and even sporting goods, the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) wants to remind you to keep safety in mind. It created a 'back to school safety checklist" and urges you to check it out.

    CPSC Chairman Inez Tenenbaum says, "It just takes a moment for a child to be seriously injured or killed. Check what your child is wearing to make sure there are no drawstrings. Make sure they wear a helmet that meets CPSC requirements if they ride their bike to school. Check your school's playground and soccer goals. The moment you take could save a child's life."

    Here's the CPSC's "Back to School Safety Checklist":

    Bicycle Helmets:

    • My child wears a helmet that meets CPSC requirements every time he/she bikes or rides a scooter to and from school.
    • My child's helmet fits snuggly, level on top of
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  • Moody? Why Your Diet May Be to Blame

    By Nutritionist Elisa Zied, MS, RD, CDN

    Let's face it-- we women always burn the candle at both ends. Between work, family and personal obligations, many of us don't take enough to time to plan out a healthy diet (let alone eat one!) Over time, not getting enough key nutrients-including iron- can leave us feeling sluggish, moody, and just plain blah.

    So, why iron? Although we only need it in tiny amounts, this trace mineral is so important for women, especially while we're in our baby-making years and while we're actually pregnant. Iron is part of proteins that carry oxygen from the lungs to other venues in the body. It's also part of many enzymes, proteins that speed up chemical reactions and create energy in the body. Iron is also important for the brain. Although all women naturally lose some iron while menstruating, those with heavy periods and those who are pregnant need to prevent an iron deficiency or anemia.

    Also See: Nearly 50 Ways to

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  • Why Do So Many Couples Break Up...But Stay Together?

    by Marianne Mancusi Beach,
    A few years back, two of my married family members decided to end their relationship. But they chose not to end their marriage. They stayed on the same health insurance plan and, though they lived in two separate houses, they attended family functions together. He mowed her lawn, she visited his elderly mother. They remained, in a sense, best friends and legal spouses, even though they were technically very much apart.

    It seemed strange to me at the time, but now I've learned it's actually becoming quite a common trend. Many people these days see no reason to go through the headache and expense of a traditional divorce. After all, they don't hate their ex-partners. They just want to live separate lives--with no clear cut end to their official marriage in sight.

    Why are people breaking up--but staying together? Marriage and Family therapist Jennifer Gauvain, co-author of How Not to Marry the Wrong Guy: Is He the One or Should You Run?

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  • 9 Ways to Get Ready for the Back-to-School Routine

    By Dr. Victoria McEvoy, Harvard Pediatrician, for

    Although we are still sweltering in the summer heat, school days are here--or are fast approaching. What can you do to prepare your children for the return of the routine? Sure it is o.k. that your children have continued to practice skills during the summer, enjoying camp activities, or playing with friends, but it's great that they have had a couple of months of unscheduled down time to learn to entertain themselves and even get a little bored. That way their batteries will be recharged. Now, it's time to start thinking about the rat-a tat craziness of the school year again. Here are some tips for pre-school preparation for the entire family:

    1. Do a mental walk through of the weekly schedule to avoid the crazy school morning chaos.

    2. Arrange carpools and negotiate driving duties with your spouse ahead of time.
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  • Would You Date a Guy Who Is Broke?

    By Marianne Mancusi Beach,

    Admit it, ladies. You'd love to fly off on a private jet for a weekend in Paris with a handsome date who pays for that bottle of Dom with his platinum AMEX. But in this economy, it's much more likely that your new man's as broke as a joke--and maybe even unemployed. Is that a dealbreaker for you? Or can you find a way to successfully date on an empty wallet?

    We asked our Facebook and Twitter friends if they'd hook up with a hottie who was hurting for cash. While several said no-- right off the bat, most had a few caveats they'd consider.

    "Broke as in no job and no prospects?" asks Stacey. "Nope. Broke as in paid all his bills and he's got $20 for the week for gas? Sure!"

    "Depends on why. Bad luck or lazy? Creative genius or no ambition? Makes a difference," says Julie.

    Piper Weiss, Senior Features Editor at Yahoo! Shine agrees. "There's nothing worse than a guy who's stuck in a job he hates and takes it out on you.

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  • Are You Kidding? Apps That Help Guys Track YOUR Period/PMS

    By Kerri Winick of Celebutante Sisters for GALTime

    Does your guy run for cover when "that time of the month" is near? Do you need Midol at the drop of a hat? Four new iPhone applications promise to take the guesswork out of PMS…for your man! There are several to choose from and they are all designed to track a woman's menstrual cycle. One is called Code Red. Its co-creator calls his app "…each guy's personal, color-coded Terror Alert System." Seriously?


    PMS_meter iamaman

    Check out the PMS app options.

    Each app works a bit differently, but the basic idea is the same. Simply enter the start date of a woman's most recent period, and the program will provide special alerts for each phase of their cycle. Think "a female symbol with devil horns," or "hilarious sound effects." (You can't make this stuff up!) Some Read More »from Are You Kidding? Apps That Help Guys Track YOUR Period/PMS
  • The Color That Turns Women On Most

    It's the color of power, status and chemical attraction!

    Men looking to attract the opposite sex better add some red to their wardrobe! According to a new study out of the University of Rochester, women are more attracted to men in red. Researchers found women view guys in that color as "higher in status, more likely to make money, more likely to climb the social ladder"...and more "sexually desirable." Researchers asked 288 women and 25 men to look at pictures of a man in a red shirt or another color. Adjectives women used to describe the man in red were all about power, attraction and sex. Crimson apparently does not lead to thoughts about kindness or other social attributes.

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    "When women see red it triggers something deep and probably biologically ingrained," says lead researcher Andrew Elliot, professor of Psychology. "We say in our culture that men act like animals in

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  • 5 Strategies To Help Kids Express Anger

    By GALTime Parenting Pro Michele Borba, Ed.D.

    Clenched teeth. Rapid breathing. Red face. Teaching kids a new way to cope with their intense feelings is not easy-especially if they have only practiced aggressive ways of dealing with their frustrations. The good news is that although aggression is learned, so too is calmness. Learning any new habit takes time-- especially expressing anger more constructively, so don't give up! If you're consistent, you'll be able to help your kid learn a healthier way to handle his anger. You may also be able to help him discover the source of his anger.


    Anger is normal, but how a child displays anger can be appropriate or inappropriate. And that method can become a habit that is difficult to re-frame. My goal is always to help parents teach children healthier habits. Here are five steps to guide you in squelching inappropriate anger in your child and teach him healthier ways to express it.

    Step 1. Identify Anger Warning Signs


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