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  • 8 Rules for the Pool

    By Manners Queen Constance Hoffman for

    Ah, the good ole summer time. Warmer days filled with plenty of sunshine, the smell of coconut tanning lotion, colorful bathing suits and time spent pool side.


    And who doesn't love the water, especially children? Here are a 8 etiquette tips to make sure they and your fellow swimmers have a wonderful time.

    If your children just came in from making mud pies outdoors, please have them shower before getting in the water. Otherwise a black ring of dirt will follow them once they jump into the water.

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    1. If child is wearing a bandage, consider removing it before he or she enters the swimming pool otherwise the bandage becomes a floating Barbie size surfboard. If he has an open sore, it is best to stay out of the pool until the wound is healed.

    2. Diapers must be covered with plastic pants or appropriate swim diapers. This is not a "Let it all Hang Out"

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  • Now, You Can Rent A Lot More Than Handbags

    By Consumer Guru Jennifer Jolly

    Girl, if you don't know about luxury online rental sites by now - please tell me you actually have been hiding under a rock - for the last two years at least. Nowadays, you can rent ANYTHING you can't afford to buy. We'll get to stuff like boats in a bit.

    First, Accessorize it:

    The first Sex In the City movie made a little site called "Bag, Borrow or Steal" (since then, it's been renamed to "Avelle") an instant hit among the budget minded "in-crowd." It's an online service that let's you rent from more than 4,000 styles of luxury handbags, jewelry, sunglasses, watches and luggage. Featured designers include all the big names including Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Prada, Coach, Stephen Dweck and Vera Wang.


    You can go to Bergdorf Goodman and buy a Judith Leiber 'Prince Charming' Evening Handbag for about $4,000, or you can rent it for a week from for $80.


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  • What Do You Do If Your Otherwise Fab Partner Is a Snooze in the Sack?


    What do you do if your otherwise fabulous partner is a snooze in the sack? GALTime love and sex expert Dr. Jane Greer has some tips to help you spice things up.

    A lot of times people get caught up in doing the same 'ol thing night after night, day after day because that is what is comfortable or familiar-- they like it, they know it's going to work, and they want to stick with what they know both partners will enjoy.

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    What you need to do: Be willing to try something NEW! Figure out what you would like different- where you would like to be touched differently, maybe a different speed or a different position. It all comes down to touch and technique.

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    Then, telling..or if you go back to when you were young, SHOW AND TELL. Show your partner what you want so that he can go into it positive and confident that he will do something that will make you

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  • Do Men and Women SIN Differently?

    By Marianne Beach GALTime staff

    It probably doesn't come as a great surprise to learn that men and women, as a rule, sin differently. At least according to anecdotal data gathered in the confession booth by Monseigneur Wojciech Giertych, personal theologian to Pope Benedict XVI. (Who knew priests were keeping track?!?) He found men's biggest shortcomings when it comes to the infamous seven deadly goes a little something like this:


    1. Lust
    2. Gluttony
    3. Sloth
    4. Anger
    5. Pride
    6. Envy
    7. Avarice

    While we women, on the other hand, have pride on the top of our list.


    1. Pride
    2. Envy
    3. Anger
    4. Lust
    5. Gluttony
    6. Slothfulness

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  • Surefire Ways to Turn OFF Your Teen

    By Parenting Pro Michele Borba, Ed.,D.

    Talking with an adolescent can be like walking through a minefield. At any moment you could be asking what you thought was a simple, sincere question only to find it triggering an explosive response. You know that communication keeps you connected to your child, but it often seems to backfire because of the type of questions asked.

    Research proves our instincts: The number one antidote to risky-kid behavior is a strong relationship with a parent. Believe it or not our kids even like us and want us in their lives! (Really!!!!) A recent Girl Scout of America survey found that tween girls want their moms even more involved in their lives.

    The trick is how to stay involved the right way so we don't turn them off, they do want to come to us and we can be a sounding board to help them wade through tough issues. Watch out! The biggest turn off (according to tweens and teens) is often how we pose our questions.

    questionmark7 Deadly

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  • Why MILK Should be On Your 'Help-Me-Get-In-My-Bikini' Snack List


    Summer comes out of nowhere and, suddenly, it's swimsuit season! It may be too late to lose 20 pounds for the season, but it's simple to battle the bloat and fight fat to get the most bikini-ready belly possible. We asked SELF Magazine feature editor Nicole Cantanese for her tips on smart summer snackin'. Here are her tips:

    To reduce bloating and puffiness: eat calcium-rich foods such as low-fat milk and yogurt.

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    To help fight fat: grab healthy nuts such as almonds, which may contain a lot of calories and be high in fat, but they're good, healthy fats to keep you fuller, longer. That way, you don't hit the 3:00 binge and grab a candy bar.

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    To stay fuller, longer: munch on water-rich foods such as melon. Because they are 90% water, you'll feel fuller longer and you won't munch as much all day long.


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  • Kids & Favoritism: Research Says Damage Can be Longlasting

    by Marianne Beach, staff

    You love Mike more than me!"

    I still remember screaming that at my mom during pretty much every single argument we had back when I was a teen. And, of course, in every argument, she would swear up and down that she loved us both the same. (Even though I'm pretty sure I drove her way more crazy with my escapades!)

    Was my perception of favoritism a simple case of teenage angst? Or was there something else there, just below the surface? And did my belief that Mom liked Mike more than me actually cause long term damage that still affects me today?

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    A new study suggests it could be so. Based on interviews conducted with 275 Boston area mothers in their sixties and seventies and their offspring--whose average age was 43--researchers found perceived favoritism "still matters to a child's psychological well-being, even if they have been living for years outside the parental home--and

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  • Are You Pregnant? IMPORTANT Safety Tips Before You Travel

    By Dr. Laura Riley for

    Lots of pregnant women are asking about summer travel. Here are a few tips.

    • Whether you are on a plane, train or in a car, pregnant women are at a greater risk for blood clots than non-pregnant women. Therefore, on those long trips, make sure to get up and walk around every hour or two, drink lots of water and wear support hose to improve the circulation. If you don't have support hose, don't rush out just before your flight. You can wear spandex running pants or tights.
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    • If you are going someplace sunny and warm, don't forget your sunscreen. Wear it everyday along with a hat.
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    • Beware of ticks! Cover up your lower legs and avoid walking through tall grass. Do a tick check every 24 hours and remove ticks with tweezers.
    • One last thing. Every pregnant woman worries about the safety of bug spray. Remember these two things: DEET containing
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  • Want to Go 5-Star on a 3-Star (or Less) Budget? Here's How...

    by Jennifer Jolly for

    If you were on that Virgin America flight from New York to San Francisco yesterday, you must have nearly tripped right over me. That's right, you HAD to see me, because there I was, literally front and center in my first class seat that I paid a total of… drum roll please… $160. That's right, the gal cutting up her steak with real silverware and sipping a mimosa from a real glass (oh, the good life…) got there on less than most people pay to take a family of four out to dinner. You don't even want to know what I paid for my FABULOUS hotel room. (You do…? Try FREE.) My biggest secret is simple. I sign up for points and know how to use them.

    • Pushing the Points!

    At you can track, redeem, earn and for the first time ever - trade - your points with other people to upgrade your travel, take trips, even shop. So start now, round 'em up, top 'em off, and even get some donated to you! Most people have no idea they can

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  • Are You Raising a Brat?

    by Parenting Pro Michele Borba, Ed.D

    Our most important role is raising our kids to become capable, well-adjusted human beings. And in this consumer-driven, plugged-in, hyper-competitive me first, materialistic-pushing world, it's not always so easy. The fact is we seem to have a lot of "gimme" Me-Me-Me kids these days.

    Bad attitudes are far more deadly than mere behaviors because they are more entrenched and are kids' operating beliefs for life. And there lies the danger: bad attitudes such as disrespect, bullying, arrogance, cheating are becoming "acceptable" to all too many kids.

    Warning Signs: The Kid Big Brat Factor Is Booming

    Here are a few troubling signs-despite a recession- that are our kids are in trouble when it comes to attitude and character:

    Nearly two out of three parents surveyed feel their kids are spoiled and say their kids measure self-worth more by possessions than they did at the same age. Time/CNN

    80% of people think kids today

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