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  • From Naughty To Nice: 5 Proven Ways To Stop Bad Behavior

    By Parenting Expert Michele Borba, Ed. D.

    One thing has never changes: kids will be kids and that means they sometimes misbehave. Though there are no quick-fixes or sure-proof ways to raise well-behaved kids, research shows certain strategies do increase our odds. In fact, there are a few basic psychological principles that are proven to change behavior not only quicker, but also for the long-term-that is, of course, assuming you use them correctly and consistently. The best news: they work with grown-ups, as well as kids.

    You must start by identifying the specific behavior that is driving everyone crazy. Granted, your child may be displaying a number of behaviors that need fixing, but it's best to work on only one-and never more than two-behaviors at a time. That way, you can develop a much more specific behavior plan to eliminate the bad behavior, and you'll also be more likely to succeed.

    Five Behavior Turnaround Strategies

    Here are five simple, proven

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  • Miss USA Steamy Photos: Good Publicity or Soft Porn?

    By Staff

    The Miss USA pageant is now peddling soft porn. At least that's our opinion. The organization is promoting its pageant with ultra-sexy photos of the 51 contestants. The women are wearing lingerie, some with knee-high boots, others with garters and smoky makeup. They're posing seductively on a bed, baring plenty of skin. Can you say Fredericks of Hollywood? I know some people have mentioned Victoria's Secret, but VS is much more classy to us.

    The Miss USA website describes the contestants as "savvy, goal-oriented and aware." Looking at these pictures, we're wondering what their goals are!
    We realize this is a ratings ploy for the May 16 event in Sin City, but doesn't it cross the line? Tara Conner, Miss USA, 2006, has been defending the pics, arguing that lingerie is basically the same as a bathing suit, about the same amount of material. But to us, it's not coverage that's at the center of this controversy, it's the sexually charged accessories

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  • Losing Weight FAST: Good For You Afterall?

    By Staff

    feethelpscaleWhen you're on a diet, who doesn't love to step on the scale after that first week and see a big drop? It's quite the high. But, haven't we been told over and over again, that slow and steady is the way to go if you want the pounds to stay off. Well... speedy may not be so evil after all.

    Researchers at the University of Florida say the key to long-term weight loss and maintenance may be dropping pounds quickly, at least at the start. They looked at data from 262 middle-aged obese women who were taking part in a special weight-loss program that encouraged them to cut calories and add physical activity over six months. The goal was to lose about .45 kg per week (1 pound). When the six months were up, they entered an extended care program for a year which included group sessions, phone support and/or

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  • Great Gifts For Your Grad

    By College Coach Suzanne Shaffer,

    As the school year winds down, college-bound teens all across the country will be walking across that stage donning graduation gowns on the outside and dreams of bright futures on the inside. We are all familiar with the typical graduation gifts: books, money, gift cards, luggage, and alarm clocks. But, before sending them off to college to pursue their dreams, here are some unique gift suggestions that might make their college life much easier.



    If you haven't dropped some change on one of these little gadgets you might want to consider it. Apps for these devices abound that can help them with finding textbook bargains, finding local restaurants and entertainment, and helping them keep in touch with their professors and classmates. They can upload their class schedules and set alarm reminders for test dates. They can also use the device to take pictures of all the fun

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  • Should Sweat Pants Be Banned If You Work At Home?

    If you work at home, you know how hard it can be to juggle it all. Anyone who thinks work-at-homers have it easy has no idea how difficult it can be to mix business with, well, just about everything else! elizabeth cassidy and Laurie Lawson of Coaches on the Edge are here with hysterical yet truthful tips to help you stay sane:

    When the time comes to work at home, please follow these fool-proof tips. I can't speak for Laurie, but this fool didn't and now I wish I had a fairy god mama that would have pointed me in the right direction. Coaches on the Edge Fairy Dust is now available for $9.99 plus $0.09 S&H. Just send the checks to my house. Laurie doesn't need to know.

    workathomeincurlers elizabeth: Number One with a bullet: For the love of God and everything we hold dear in this world, do not, I repeat, do not buy sweat pants for comfort while working. You can be just as brilliant in your own damn trousers! I fell under the spell of "well, they are kind of cool black sweats and I did not buy them at

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  • Sex or Money: Which Would You Choose?

    By Candace Bahr, CEA, CDFA and Ginita Wall, CPA, CFP,

    An excerpt from the seminar "Investing in the Future: What Every Woman Needs to Know" by Gail Buckner, Senior Vice President of Putnam Mutual Funds.

    Men think more about sex than money. Women think more about money than sex.

    Those were the surprising results found in a Money Magazine survey.

    Why do men think more about sex than money? They can afford to. Women can't.

    They worry that they won't be financially independent. Because they worry about risk, women tend to invest too much in highly conservative investments such as certificates of deposit, savings accounts and bonds. They instinctively favor those investments over riskier stock investments because they know how they work, and they are afraid to take risks that may cost them money.

    But risk isn't their biggest problem - inflation is. If it takes $50,000 a year to live today, it will take $70,000 in ten years, and $100,000 in twenty- five

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  • Am I The Only One Who Thinks Mother's Day Is A Lot Of Work?

    By Susan Krivelow, Staff

    Mother's Day is a lot of work! Am I the only mom out there who thinks this? Don't get me wrong, I love how my kids feel on Mother's Day. But for me it's always been hours of stress and a bit of chaos. Why? When my 4 daughters were young, they decided they wanted to take me out to brunch to celebrate. Unfortunately, their father waited until the last minute to make reservations and every place was booked within a 100 mile radius! There were some tears and quite a bit of disappointment, so (silly me) I volunteered to make brunch. I thought, this will be simple, my husband will whip up some omelettes, I'll buy some bagels and a container of fresh fruit. Not exactly what the girls had in mind. They opened a cookbook and oohed and aahed over a fancy egg dish and a French toast casserole that had to be made a day in advance. They wanted a special punch and homemade coffee cake. I admit, I got caught up in the excitement and thought we'll make

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  • Oh, Mama! What Not To EAT When You're Expecting

    By Nutritionist Elisa Zied MS, RD, CDN

    It's Pregnancy Awareness Month. Here's a rundown of things to AVOID at the supermarket if you're expecting.
    If you're pregnant, going to the grocery store is not going to be the way it used to be. There are several things you need to limit or avoid all together to maximize your own health and to protect the health of your unborn fetus.

    For example, if you're shopping for fish, you want to avoid:

    • swordfish
    • shark
    • king mackerel
    • tile fish
    Those are loaded with mercury, which could have negative effects on your baby's developing nervous system.

    And, when you're shopping for luncheon or deli meats beware of things like:
    • salami
    • hot dogs
    • turkey
    Anything that's processed and sold as deli or luncheon meats can be harmful to you because they're prone to bacteria, which can cause things like stillbirth or miscarriages. Some of these foods can be eaten safely if you heat them up to steaming hot, but you might justRead More »from Oh, Mama! What Not To EAT When You're Expecting
  • Manners for Minors. Are We Good At Teaching R-E-S-P-E-C-T?

    By: Dr. Maureen O'Brien, Parenting Coach

    Children aren't born with manners, so it's important for parents to teach them the skills they need to be polite. Saying please and thank you is a start, but there's so much more to learn. A well-mannered child is one who thinks about others' needs, can express herself/himself clearly, and shows respect for other people. Luckily, every day provides lots of opportunities to teach your child good manners.

    You can start by working on these simple behaviors:


    Body Language: A child who looks you in the eye when you are talking to them comes across as more polite. Practice with your child and say, "Doesn't it feel like I'm paying more attention when I look at you instead of looking down at the floor?"


    Tone of Voice: Nothing turns people off more than a whiny child. Ask your child for a favor in a pleasant voice

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  • Are Yard Sales Treasure Or Trash?

    By Contributor Elizabeth McGuirk


    In many parts of the country, spring is prime yard or garage sale season. If you've never gone "yard sale-ing" before, you might want to give it a try. With the economy tight, more people are selling unneeded household items, and more people are turning to yard sales for the great bargains. Learn just a few tips to make it less overwhelming, and soon you'll be wowing your family and friends with your great finds!

    First of all, scout out your area. I usually check CraigsList and local weekly newspapers for yard sale listings each weekend. However, it's hard to know how good the sale will be until you actually see it. In my area, many homeowners' associations host community yard sales, where many homes in the neighborhood host sales on their lawns on the same morning. I love these events, because you can just walk or drive around the neighborhood and hit many sales without going far. I also look for sales in more affluent

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