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  • 'Green' Up Your Gardening

    By Gardening Guru Jeannie Hanson

    I've been training as a "Green Gardener" and learning a lot that makes sense when it comes to smart and sassy garden methods for the 21 st century. (Recently, I had the opportunity to create a flower show garden using these principles, but more about that later!) Here are 4 principles that will help you earn your green thumb.


    1. Nurture Your Soil

    The natural cycle of organic living things is: start, grow, peak, decay, rot, return to the soil. Like it or not, it's how it goes. In the plant kingdom, this means that leaves and all return to nourish the soil. In our enlightened, modern age, we interrupt this process. We rake the leaves, pick up any rotting stuff, get rid of it in the landfill. THEN, if we're groovy with the soil thing, we bring in bags of organics -- chicken, compost, cow poop -- or we compost our own leaves and then dig them into the soil. No matter which method you choose, the thing I'm trying to emphasize here

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  • We've Got Your BACK! Ways To Stop The Pain If You're At a Desk All Day

    By Fitness Expert Andrea Metcalf

    The average office worker sits for 6 hours a day. That's 65 days of straight sitting a year! It's no wonder back pain is the number one reason for employees to miss work. Sitting shortens the hip flexors, which attach to the front of the lumbar spine. Continuous hours of sitting makes these muscles believe that this shortened state and where they then hold the body is fine. But when you stand up, those muscles are still pulling the pelvis forward and down. This means the back muscles are trying their best to hold the verterbrae in place. Eventually some muscles get a little tired and go into spasm. Hence your back hurts. The best way to prevent or manage back pain is to stretch, strengthen and supplement.

    First stretch out the hip flexors by starting in a staggered stance with back foot turned inward and heel pressed to the ground. By squeezing the backside to press the hips forward, you will release the hip flexors and the

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  • Clean 'Green': It's Easy

    By Contributor Tania Reuben, Pure Natural Diva

    It's been a long, cold winter. Are you getting ready to tackle your winter dust bunnies? In just a few minutes, you can mix up your own cleaning solutions with ingredients you likely have in your pantry already.

    You'll save a lot of money, reduce your toxin exposure and be kinder to the environment.


    This recipe will make 4 - 28 oz bottles.

    13 1/4 cups of Water (1 hot)
    1/4 Cup of Dr. Bronner's Castile Liquid Soap - I like Citrus for the All Purpose Cleaner.
    1/4 Cup of Borax
    1/4 Cup of Vinegar
    Mix the hot water with the borax until it dissolves. Add the remaining water, vinegar & Castile Soap. Use a funnel to pour the solution into the four bottles.

    This recipe will make 2 - 28 oz bottles.

    6 cups of Water
    1/3 cup + 1 tsp of Alcohol denatured or regular
    1 Tbs of Castile Soap - I use almond.
    20 Drops of Essential Oil - Citrus

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  • 5 Money Rules: Can You Follow Them?

    by Financial Reporter Erica Sandberg

    It's time to get your financial house in order. It's not as hard as you think if you follow these Money Rules to Live By. Everybody needs to get their finances in order.


    RULE #1

    Have a Positive Attitude. You will get absolutely nowhere if you're mired in depression or negativity about your finances. Know that you can get out of debt. Know that you can make more money. Be really committed to this idea that you can do it!


    RULE #2

    Make Money. Sound obvious? Well, in a way it is. You've got to have an income. Everybody must. This could mean working now or preparing for it in the future. Getting your degree, getting a certificate. Plan for extra income down the road. It could be supplementary. What's truly important is to be creative.


    RULE #3

    Commit to Independence and Responsibility. These two go hand in hand. Independence means standing on your own two feet. You've got to do that. You

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  • Can Vitamins Reduce Your Risk of Breast Cancer?

    by Staff

    The answer appears to be yes, according to a new study. Vitamins and calcium supplements may reduce your risk of breast cancer.

    "It is not an immediate effect. You don't take a vitamin today and your breast cancer risk is reduced tomorrow," said Jaime Matta, Ph.D., professor in the Ponce School of Medicine in Puerto Rico. "However, we did see a long-term effect in terms of breast cancer reduction."

    The study included 268 women with breast cancer and 457 healthy women. Women were more likely to have breast cancer if they were older, had a family history of the disease, didn't breastfeed and had a lower DNA repair capacity.

    The results: vitamin supplements appeared to reduce breast cancer risk by about 30 percent. Calcium supplements by 40 percent. (Researchers did note note that calcium supplements weren't as protective after applying certain controls, but the link between vitamins and breast cancer reduction remained.)

    Researchers say early

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  • 5 Health Warning Signs NO Woman Should Ignore

    By: Dr. Stephanie Moore, Internal Medicine and Cardiology, Massachusetts General Hospital


    Warning Sign #1

    HEADACHES. Headaches are very important and should never be ignored. If they're irregular headaches, it could be simple like stress or poor posture or more serious like cancer, infection or sometimes just eye or dental related. But they should never be ignored.


    Warning Sign #2

    STOMACH PAINS AND BOWEL CHANGES. Bowels are the cleanser of your body. When they change, something is not right. This could indicate diabetes or cancer, so pay attention to your normal habits


    Warning Sign #3

    ABNORMAL WEIGHT LOSS. This is one you would probably recognize without me telling you. But this is a classic sign that something's not right with your body. This could be physical or it can be emotional. And

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  • 'Real Housewife' Ramona is a Real GEM

    By Style Expert JenéLuciani

    Love her or hate her (I, personally love her), Ramona Singer is definitely one of (if not THE) most talked about Housewives on the popular Bravo show The Real Housewives of New York City. But when she's not hanging with the ladies, she's hard at work on her business endeavors, which include a jewelry line for HSN and a skincare line called Tru Renewal.

    I got the scoop on Ramona's fabulous AND affordable estate-inspired jewelry line, which is available on

    Tell me how you got inspired to start your line… What inspires the designs?

    ramonaWhen setting out to do my first collection for HSN more than a year ago, I really wanted to incorporate my love for estate and art deco. I had some really lovely pieces from [my husband] Mario that I've collected and that was my first inspiration. The designs are all pieces that I would hand down to my daughter, Avery. These pieces are timeless and she isn't going to want a trendy piece of

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  • Are Your Kids Sneaky...And How Can You Tell?

    by Parenting Pro Michele Borba Ed. D.

    Learn the sneaky tactics kids use to get their way-and what to do about them.

    "Dad said I could."

    "I promise I'll do it tomorrow."

    "My stomach hurts; I can't go to school."

    Do these manipulative tactics sound rather familiar? I'll bet. As a mom, educational psychologist and former teacher, I know all too well that kids are masters at this particular art: Making excuses, blaming, and fibbing are just a few of the devices they use to get what they want.

    The thing is, kids aren't born scheming and strategizing; they learn these "useful" skills. For instance, a 3-year-old discovers that meltdowns are amazingly effective in getting Dad to buy her a toy, and an 8-year-old realizes that guilt-inducing comments ("You don't love me!") can make Mom agree to, well, you name it.

    Letting your kid use these moves to get her way is disastrous. For starters, a manipulative attitude hurts a child's ability to manage

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  • Hugs Banned in School. What's All The Hysteria About?

    by Contributor Desiree Miller

    A middle school principal in Connecticut recently outlawed hugs on campus. That's right. Hugs. High-fives, too. And if students violate the ban they may face expulsion. Heavy duty, huh? The principal instituted this hands-off approach after a violent incident in the school left a student hospitalized. The principal told parents that students' safety and learning has been seriously impacted by physical contact, so it's now off limits.

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    This is not the first school in the country to implement such rules, and sociologist Dr. Julie Albright is concerned about the trend. She points out, "Since the 1980's, teachers have been warned not to touch or hug students as a result of fears surrounding accusations of sexual harassment. Now, this ban has broadened to encompass students themselves. Schools across the country - particularly middle schools - have one by one put bans on hugging, and not just

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  • From Runway to Reality: Top Trends for Spring and Summer

    From Style Expert Jene Luciani

    While most of the time, fashion is looking towards the future, this season, it's glancing backwards towards the past. And we're not talking about the '20s, '60s or '80s as inspiration; we're talking about fall, 2009.

    Designers, perhaps realizing that most of us aren't willing to shell out money for entirely new wardrobes every season, showed collections reminiscent of what we've already been wearing for the past year, give or take a few new trends. Sequins, jumpsuits, asymmetrical tops, blazers and leggings are still going strong (although it's safe to say you can crop the length as the temps warm), although this past season's menswear trend has been left for the guys.

    For example, Italian fashion house Gucci, uses "iconic elements of Gucci's storied past as well as the most classic of wardrobe essentials-the Little Black Dress-as a launching point, for a coherent vision of modern femininity," says the brand's Creative Director,

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