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  • Roasted Acorn and Sweet Potato Squash Soup

    By Joan Salge Blake, MS, RD, LDN for

    Roasted Acorn and Sweet Potato Squash Soup Roasted Acorn and Sweet Potato Squash Soup Ingredients:

    2 large onions, peeled, and quartered
    2 large apples with skin, cored, and quartered
    1 large sweet potato, peeled, and cut into chunks
    1 acorn squash, peeled, halved, seeds removed
    2 tablespoons honey
    2 ten-ounce cans reduced-sodium chicken broth
    2 cups water
    2 tablespoon curry

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    Preheat oven to 400 degrees F. Spray shallow pan with vegetable oil spray. Place vegetables on pan. Drizzle with honey. Roast for 40 to 45 minutes. When vegetables are tender, puree a small amount along with the pan drippings and some of the broth in a blender or food processor. Scoop pureed vegetables into a large pot. Continue in small batches until all of the roasted vegetables are pureed. Add the remaining broth, water, and curry to pot. Blend and simmer for 20 minutes. You may want to add more water if soup is too thick. Serve

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  • 10 Tips to Prevent Teen Drug/Substance Abuse

    By Author and Parent Advocate Sue Scheff for

    Don't let your child become another statistic.. Don't let your child become another statistic..

    Drug use (substance abuse) is a serious cry for help, and making your teen feel ashamed or embarrassed can make the problem worse.

    Some common behavior changes you may notice if your teenager is abusing drugs and alcohol are:

    • Violent outbursts, rage, disrespectful behavior

    • Poor or dropping grades

    • Unexplained weight loss or gain

    • Skin abrasions, track marks

    • Missing curfew, running away, truancy

    • Bloodshot eyes, distinct "skunky" odor on clothing and skin

    • Missing jewelry, money

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    • New friends

    • Depression, apathy, withdrawal, disengaged from the family

    • Reckless behavior

    Tips to help prevent substance abuse:

    1. Communication is the key to prevention. Whenever an opportunity arises about the risks of drinking and driving or the dangers of using drugs, take it to start a

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  • 4 FREE Scam Fighting Apps

    By Consumer Watchdog, Mary Schwager
    Want to fight scams? There's an app for that...Want to fight scams? There's an app for that...
    Have you ever run across something online that seems a little off, and wondered if it's a scam? Or maybe you've found yourself standing in a store, about to make a purchase and pondered that store's reputation. Or perhaps you just had a terrible experience and you need to complain on the spot. There's an app for all of that!

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    Smartphones are now so smart they can help you from getting ripped off. Here are some of the latest apps, that won't cost you a dime, but could save you your shirt:

    1. Scam Detector

    The award-winning Scam Detector app exposes (in detail) more than 550 of the most notorious scams in the world. The creators of the app are experts in scam awareness; they produced The 419: The Nigerian Scam, the first movie ever made on the infamous "Nigerian Scams." You know the modus operandi of that scheme. Just think back to all the emails you've gotten over

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  • Elisha Cuthbert: When is it Worth the Wait?

    By Dr. Jane Greer for

    Elisha Cuthbert Elisha Cuthbert relationships and timing

    Elisha Cuthbert, one of the stars of the ABC series Happy Endings, is proving that sometimes people do live happily ever after. It was recently announced that she and longtime boyfriend Dion Phaneuf, the Toronto Maple Leafs NFL hockey player, are engaged to be married after dating for four years. For some, that could seem like an eternity to wait. It raises the question, how much time do you give a relationship before getting a proposal? And how long is too long?

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    There are many things that can keep one or both members of a couple from taking that big leap toward marriage. Sometimes these issues are never resolved, or worse, they are just excuses. Other times they really are honest concerns that just need time to work themselves out, as was the case with Elisha and Dion. So how can you know the difference?

    The most important thing to keep in mind is

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  • Mother/Daughter Relationships-Bonding Over Beauty

    By The Woodhouse Day Spa's Jeni Garrett for

    Bonding Over Beauty Bonding Over Beauty talking to your daughter about skincare

    The most important lesson that can be taught about beauty is that it comes from within.

    However, it's imperative that mothers also educate their daughters about the importance of proper hygiene and help them establish a daily beauty regimen.

    Teaching your daughter about clear skin will not only build her self-confidence, but the discussion is a great opportunity to bond with her, creating an open relationship.

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    Remember that this is a delicate topic; you want to educate and build trust without spawning an awkward tension or pointing out flaws.

    Here are some tips and product recommendations to ensure a healthy relationship and beauty regimen.

    • Approach the subject in a subtle, but upfront, manner. Recent studies suggest that roughly 80 percent (or higher) of teenagers have acne.

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  • 10 Frugal Tips for Fall Fitness

    By Money-Saving Expert Andrea Woroch for

    It's possible to exercise on a budget! It's possible to exercise on a budget! exercising on a budget

    Whether you spent the summer scaling mountains or doing laps in your gym's outdoor pool, exercising outside doesn't have to end when the first leaf drops. In fact, fall is a great time to harvest a new routine to re-energize your workout. Consider the following tips and get motivated!

    Enjoy the foliage.
    Exercising outside feels like a lot less work, especially if you're doing something you enjoy. Relish the cooler weather and take advantage of outdoor adventures before the winter rolls in. Research park trails nearby to enjoy a hike or bike ride amid fall's colorful foliage. Even apple picking or pumpkin gathering with your kids is a fun activity that is sure to burn calories.

    Layer up.
    The change in season brings about a change in climate. Depending on where you live, temperatures could gradually decrease or drastically dip over the next month. Keep this in mind as you plan outdoor

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  • Saturday is American Business Women's Day

    By CorpNet's Nellie Akalp for
    National Business Women's DayNational Business Women's Day
    September 22 is American Business Women's Day - a day founded by the American Business Women's Association (ABWA) to celebrate the contributions that women have made to the economy.

    As the (female) CEO of a small company that helps entrepreneurs start a business and get their businesses off the ground, I have the incredible fortune to work with countless budding and talented business owners. Here are my thoughts on this important day…

    In 2010, women became the majority of the U.S. workforce for the first time in U.S. history. 57% of college students are now women. While men continue to dominate the executive ranks and corner offices of Fortune 500 companies, women now hold their own in a number of lucrative careers: they make up 54% of accountants, 45% of law associates, and approximately 50% of all banking and insurance jobs.


    But for me, the most telling statistic rests in the state of entrepreneurship. An

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  • Tight Braids, Hair Extensions, and Hair Loss: What You Need to Know

    By Stylist Anastasia Nam for

    What's really behind the reason for your hair loss?What's really behind the reason for your hair loss?We women do some crazy things to our hair in the name of beauty. We cut it short, then let it grow long...only to complain and chop it off again! We highlight, dip-dye, and chemically straighten our strands. We pull our locks into trendy braids and ponytails, and weave, glue, or clip on extensions for length and volume.

    If we're lucky, the damage isn't long-term: some split ends here, some singed strands there, and maybe even a cringe-worthy haircut. But for a growing number of women, those too-tight braids and heavy extensions are leading to actual hair loss. It's a condition known as Traction Alopecia, and the main culprit is stress, or "pulling", on the hair follicle.

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    Long-term, that stress can cause permanent damage, meaning your hair won't grow back. The good news? If diagnosed early, Traction Alopecia is reversible. Here are some ways to repair your hair and prevent additional shedding:

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  • What Would You Do If You Found Out Your Daughter is on Birth Control?

    By GalTime Teen Parenting Expert, Barbara Greenberg, PhD

    Birth Control Birth Control

    Dear Dr. G.,

    I am a perplexed mother. My daughter came home from college (her sophomore year) for the Jewish holidays on Thursday.

    I was looking through her packed bag to see what needed to go in the laundry when I came across... guess what, a package of birth control pills. My reaction surprised me. I went into my room and cried.

    I guess my baby girl isn't so innocent anymore. Believe me, I was no angel in college. I had more than my share of sexual partners but the thought of my daughter involved in these sorts of entanglements scares and confuses me.

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    I don't know what to do. Should I tell my daughter that I found her birth control pills or should I keep my mouth shut and respect her privacy? Please tell me what to do. I really want to do the right thing and my daughter will only be home for a few days.

    A Confused Mother

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  • 5 Dates You Should Ditch

    By Dating Diva Jennifer Oikle, Ph.D. for

    WARNING: Stay away...WARNING: Stay away...

    Of course you know better, but sometimes the forbidden is just oh… so… seductive. Yah, you know you really shouldn't-- yet sometimes you can't seem to help yourself, right?

    The next time you find yourself being sucked into a romance with any of these five types of men, think again because here's the cold, hard truth. The biggest reason most of you are still single is that you've wasted too much time in dead-end relationships, with guys like these!

    Ditch the Date #1: Your Hot Neighbor

    Sweet! The new guy next door is a total hottie. But if you find yourself baking some cookies as an excuse to meet him, bring them to your co-workers instead. While it's super convenient to date when you can walk over to his house in your slippers, once it's over, your heart will never know a moments peace. "Oh look, his car's in the driveway, wonder what he's doing now?" Sigh. "Oh no, who's car is that in the driveway?"

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