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  • Navigating the Holidays with Kids After (or During) Divorce

    by Author and Relationship Expert Marina Sbrochi for

    Dealing with Divorce Over the Holiday Season Dealing with Divorce Over the Holiday Season making holidays happy when you're a single parent

    Managing the holidays when you are married with children definitely takes some finesse and strategy. Sometimes just the negotiating where to go can even be rough - "Should we alternate years for Thanksgiving and so on? OR Do we visit one house, then the other if we live in the same town?" Forget simplicity if both families live out of town.

    Now, throw a divorce on top of the holiday visiting mix. Not only are you splitting the holidays more than two ways , you are splitting custody of the your children on these holidays.

    Can I get a magic calendar please? Can we clone the children? While cloning the kids or waving a glitter-filled wand would be an easy fix, it's not likely to happen. So what's the divorced parent to do?

    Sometimes when the divorce is plain old nasty - the courts will tell you what to do. Not fun for anyone. Of course, I advocate being

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  • 4 Ways to Avoid Getting Scammed

    By Steven Roseleaf for

    Avoid getting scammed! Avoid getting scammed! Consumer protection and fraud prevention

    With more and more business being conducted online, fraud is on the rise. We're vulnerable to theft in a multitude of ways via the electronic trail we leave behind and the threat of online scams.

    Let's take a look at four ways to avoid getting scammed and how you can make sure you haven't already fallen victim.

    1. Only do business with reputable vendors

    Conducting business with reputable vendors is easier said than done, especially with the number of small businesses and individuals selling products and services online. Check user-generated reviews, consumer ratings, and consumer review sites (for larger businesses) before buying.

    Google the name of the person or business and the item they're selling in order to verify that others haven't been taken advantage of. If the business is unfamiliar to you, ask friends on Facebook, Twitter, or other social networking sites to share any

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  • Do You Shop Online at Work? Why It's Risky Business

    by GalTime's Consumer Watchdog Mary Schwager

    Do you online shop at work? Do you online shop at work?

    Holiday shopping during work hours

    Holiday traveling, holiday cooking, holiday parties - oh my! With a merry calendar like yours, when are you supposed to get your holiday shopping done? A new survey suggests that many of you plan to do your holiday shopping on company time.

    CareerBuilder's "Cyber Monday" internet usage study found 49 percent of workers plan to shop online at work this holiday season, a finding comparable to previous years' survey results. Of survey respondents, 16 percent say they'll be shopping from their desk on Cyber Monday.

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    Not surprisingly, the temptation to shop online during work hours increases in the weeks leading up to December 25, with 30 percent of those surveyed admitting that they're most likely to shop from work after December 7th. The study also revealed that a higher percentage of women (43 percent) have shopped online at work than

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  • How to Develop Your Intuition

    By Sasha Brisk for

    Developing Your Intuition Developing Your Intuition What is intuition?

    Our intuition is a natural gift, one that we are all born with and use on a daily basis to make decisions (without even realizing we are using that skill). It is the ability to get a sense, vision or feeling about someone or something. Intuition communicates with us through symbols, feelings, and emotions.

    It usually does not speak to us in a clear language. When we are young, we have a higher intuitive ability, one that is heightened at its peak, and is sensitive.

    Intuition is simply described by most of us as a 'vibe' or 'gut instinct'.

    It is the initial response our body provides us when we meet someone for the first time. When we are most sensitive to using our intuition we don't even have to speak our answer-we just feel it and the other person just knows our decision based on our body language. If we are uncomfortable about the situation we are in, we tense up, squint a little, and even look to the corner of

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  • Using Insecurity as a Tool for Growth

    By Romance Recovery's Johanna Lyman for

    Using Your Insecurities to Grow Using Your Insecurities to Grow I've noticed that people tend to believe that feeling insecure is a character flaw. While it's true that we don't value insecurity in our society, it may be worthwhile to re-evaluate that position. When we face an insecurity, it allows us to access vulnerability, which can be a very powerful experience.

    Vulnerability is the state of being able to get hurt, while insecurity is a feeling of unease as a result of recognizing that you're vulnerable. The fact is that we're all vulnerable at times, but our perceptions determine how often and how deeply we feel insecure.

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    Insecurity is simply a part of the human condition. Many famous people have both suffered from it and commented on it over the years. One of my favorite quotes came from Georgia O'Keefe. She said, "I've been absolutely terrified every day of my life, but

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  • Are You Committing These 5 Beauty No-No's?

    By Sasha BeautyBlogger for

    Hands off that zit! Hands off that zit! We tend to focus on the must-dos when it comes to our daily beauty regimen, but what about the no-nos? With our ever-increasing busy schedules, it's no wonder bad habits end up working their way into our beauty routines. (Note to self: stop going to bed with makeup on…oh, and wearing waaaay-expired makeup!)

    So with the New Year (aka New Beauty Resolutions) right around the corner, we decided to proactively embrace the whole out with the bad old, in with the new formula. Here are five bad habits to break, STAT...and some no-nonsense tips to help break 'em:

    Not cleaning your makeup brushes: After cleaning your house from top to bottom, cleaning your makeup brushes probably isn't a top priority. But bacteria (and even mold) can form in a brushes fibers and then transfer to your skin (which means bad news and can lead to skin and eye infections).

    RELATED 6 Beauty Products I Steal From My Husband

    Problem solver: A spray-on sanitizer.

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  • 7 Steps to Get Happy Quick!

    by Dr. Stacia Pierce for

    Get Happy! Get Happy! High-demanding careers and life are often hard to balance, even for the most organized and alert person. To offer advice on how to balance it all is Dr. Stacia Pierce, a successful life coach and also the CEO of Ultimate Lifestyle Enterprises, a multimillion dollar conglomerate.

    As a CEO, Dr. Pierce knows how hard it is to stay calm and happy 24-7, so she devised a get-happy-quick plan to help herself and others stay calm while managing their career and life.

    1. Release and let it go

    Remove the tangible and intangible things from your life that seem to add clutter. Clear your heart, mind and home of everything that is stopping you from feeling good about yourself and your life. This can be simply cleaning out a closet or getting rid of any unused or broken items. A clean mind and space can create a wave of freshness and happiness for you daily.

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    2. Make a happiness wheel

    Story board what

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  • What If You Have Different Parenting Styles?

    By Life Love Shopping's Amy Hoglund for

    Are you parenting with different styles?Are you parenting with different styles?How parents can work together better, even if they disagree

    You both want the best for your child. There's only one problem; actually agreeing on what the "best" is.

    What one parent could think is a great idea; the other may view differently. This is normal -- a lot of parents butt heads on the "right" way to raise their kids. There are all kids of parenting styles; you're not going to agree on everything, but how can you solve this conflict and meet in the middle?

    Frankly, it's rare for a mom and dad to parent similarly says Fran Walfish, PsyD., child and family psychotherapist and author in Beverly Hills.

    "To be a good parent each mom and dad must be comfortable doing two things at the same time - nurture/love and setting/following-through on boundaries and limits. If one parent does one thing and the other parent does another, you are each only doing half of your full job," Dr. Walfish says.

    RELATED What

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  • The Case for Skipping Black Friday

    By Jessica Ashley, Senior Editor

    Why skipping big sales saves my sanity

    Confession: I avoid Black Friday at all costs. Even the final cost at 60%.

    Sure, I love a bargain and will hunt for coupons, deals and hoard friends and family discounts like they are my only child's college savings. But I have no interest in standing in lines in the dead of night just to get a few bucks off the hottest toy my kid will forget about two hours after opening it. I have no desire to bond with my loved ones while shivering in a sleeping bag before the doors open on a store I rarely step foot into the rest of the year. And I have a really, really low tolerance for long lines of pushy, loud-talking, check-writing, energy drink-buzzed people with kids who needed to be in bed six hours ago.

    I would much rather spend the day at the gym (seriously) or dipping into the leftovers (right?) or watching a Hugh Grant marathon on TV. My time to myself or with my son or even catching up

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  • How to Avoid Stuffing Yourself at Thanksgiving

    By Kara Quillard for

    Avoid overstuffing this Thanksgiving. Avoid overstuffing this Thanksgiving. Simple tips for a healthier Thanksgiving

    Cheers to the holiday of gratitude! Let's give thanks to good company, delicious feasts and …stretchy pants? Time to ditch the sweats and the pounds. Stay on track this holiday season. Here are 5 ways to avoid extra gobbled weight.

    The average American "consumes about 3,000 calories at a Thanksgiving meal, but it can go as high as 5,000", Mary Hartley, RD, an online nutritionist, says.

    That's about 1-3 extra pounds, which is more than double the recommended daily consumption! How can we avoid these pesky calories and enjoy our meals?

    "Do not look at Thanksgiving as an excuse to overeat," Hartley added.

    Just "quit the clean the plate club and give up the feast-or-famine mindset." After all, Thanksgiving is a time for enjoyment, not indulging.

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    Throw a Turkey Touchdown

    Know your opponents. Prior to arrival, plan ahead. Find out

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