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  • 5 Reasons Moms Should Play Online Games with Girls

    By Carissa Rogers,

    Playing online games with your girls! Playing online games with your girls! the benefits of mother-daughter gaming

    Mothers start out spending tons of time with their daughters. First, there's a whole lot of diaper changing (OK, so the girlie can't remember those days). But moms spend oodles of time doing what little girls like: reading Junie B. Jones books, playing pretend at tea parties and a whole lot of Barbie dress-up! Then there are birthday parties, play-date wrangling,and all those soccer/dance/piano lessons filling up the pre-teen girl years.

    Too soon, that time with mom dwindles into a few stolen moments between afterschool events, homework and- "bye-mom, going to Jane's house!" (door slams).

    Re-capture a little mother/daughter bonding by noticing things a young girl likes and make it a point to join her. Schedule a Saturday just-us-girls date and incorporate the things she enjoys into games you can both have fun playing.

    Did you know playing online games with your daughter is actually GOOD for her?

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  • Gorgeous Winter Weddings: Simple Tips from a Celebrity Planner

    By Kelly Rouba,

    Winter Wedding Winter Wedding Even though it was over 20 years ago, Rachel Brown Jamison still gets starry-eyed when she recalls the details of her friend's winter wedding.

    "She had her wedding in a chapel at night," says Jamison. "The chapel windows all had small arrangements with taper candles, and they kept the lights lower in the chapel so that it glowed. The bridesmaids wore dark green velvet, and it was very romantic."

    While most brides probably shy away from hosting a winter wedding due to hustle bustle of the holiday season and the potential for winter storms, there is a lot to be said for the special charm a winter wedding can offer.

    Celebrity event designer and television personality Samantha Goldberg likes to think outside the box when it comes to planning winter weddings. She has even created unique themes-from a South Beach Winter Wonderland to a New Year's Eve celebration complete with eco-friendly confetti-to fulfill her client's desires.

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  • 5 Signs of Verbal Abuse

    By Marina Sbrochi for

    5 Signs of Verbal Abuse 5 Signs of Verbal Abuse Verbal abuse sneaks into countless relationships. It is something that millions of women and men endure on a daily basis. One in four teenage girls in a relationship report that they've been repeatedly verbally abused. Another poll reveals that 33 million American adults are victims of domestic violence (repeated focus groups of women show that 3 out of 4 females count regular insults and name-calling as domestic violence). A third of all adults in this country have been called names and 20% have been humiliated in public by their partner.

    Verbal abuse is as damaging as physical abuse. Because verbal abuse sufferers don't carry the outside scars and bruises, it can sometimes be hard to distinguish if your loved is suffering. Or perhaps you are the victim and because the damage isn't physical, you may wonder if what you are experiencing is indeed abuse.

    I was unlucky enough to find myself in a verbally abusive relationship in my

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  • How to Pull Off the Leather Look

    By Melanie Pace, Everything Fashion for

    Blank Denim Leather Legging $88Blank Denim Leather Legging $88Leather in every form is a huge trend for fall!/winter. The great thing about it being so popular is that you can pull of the look no matter what your budget is!

    Go Faux: If you're looking for a faux leather legging (vegan), you can find super cheap options at as low as $36, or invest in a pricier option that's more than $100 (see below). Either way, you'll be able to rock the trend! A tip I give clients who are looking for a lower-end pair is to just make sure that the "leather" material isn't TOO shiny - this can cheapen the look.

    The Real Deal: Leather denim is another popular choice, but this can be a little trickier with pricing because all over leather can be expensive! A great alternative to this is to look for leather "coated" denim. You get the same overall effect at a much cheaper price, like $79 (see below). If you're looking to invest in a piece that will last for multiple seasons, then an all-over

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  • Holidays in a Snap with Apps

    By GalTime Nerd Chick Andrea Eldridge

    These apps will make holiday shopping way easier! These apps will make holiday shopping way easier! Apps to keep you organized this holiday season

    With Thanksgiving this week, it's officially time for the holidays! Who doesn't love this time of year? Trips to see relatives, parties with friends, gingerbread and eggnog…I better stop if I want to ever finish writing this article.

    Unfortunately for many though, the holidays can be an unnecessarily stressful time as we try to manage our busy lives and fit everything important into such a short period of time.

    Perhaps this year I can offer a bit of holiday relief with these apps for your smart phone that can make staying on track this season a little easier!

    Black Friday: The first stop on the holiday express is Black Friday - when we start buying presents for all of our loved ones. To help navigate the craze of specials on sale that cold November morning, has a free Black Friday app that updates major retailers' specials. Notification of Black Friday sales will

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  • Best Credit Cards for Tweens, Teens and Young Adults

    By's Erik Larson for

    Find the best credit card for your kid! Find the best credit card for your kid! Choosing the best credit card for young consumers

    For many parents, choosing the right time to give their child a credit card is a difficult decision. After all, the stakes are high. Getting your child off to a positive start using credit can help them gain financial independence early in their adult lives. On the other hand, if your child establishes a poor credit history early on, it can take years to overcome and increase the likelihood of their need for financial help into adulthood.

    The best time to establish credit for your young consumers varies per family depending on factors such as the child's maturity level, financial knowledge, and the family's finances.

    Let's discuss the positives of children establishing credit. Designating your child as a joint account holder or authorized user on your credit card can help them build a positive credit history (assuming you pay the credit card bills on time - otherwise

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  • Moving Dead Bodies and Other Things We Do for Our Friends

    By Jenny Isenman for

    Will you help your friend move a dead body?Will you help your friend move a dead body?At a conference I attended earlier this year, I heard the amazing Brene Brown give a speech about "Move-a-Body-Friends" (MABF's): People you could call in the middle of the night to come over and dispose of a body, no questions asked.

    At first I thought, Who of my friends has the right girth and strength to take on such a task?

    Next I thought, Who would I have to "off" to see if my supposed MABF will follow through?

    Then, it dawned on me. Brene was simply speaking metaphorically. So I put down the knife. I figured I'd check in with one of my besties, to see if she'd move a body for me. It went something like this.

    Me: Hey.

    Possible MABF: Hi. What's up?

    Me: I just wanted to see if you would move a body for me?

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    MABF: Wait, say that again?

    Me: Would you move a body for me?

    MABF: Move one, like in Desperate Housewives?

    Me: Yep.

    MABF: How did it die?

    Me: Does that

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  • Cranberry Cornmeal Cookies

    By GalTime's Recipe Superstar, Camilla Saulsbury

    Cranberry Cornmeal Cookies Cranberry Cornmeal Cookies If ever there was a Thanksgiving cookie, this is it. Cornmeal adds both crunch and color, a fine counterpoint to tart, red, chewy bits of cranberry. This recipe is from my book, The Ultimate Shortcut Cookie Book: 745 Scrumptious Recipes That Start with Refrigerated Cookie Dough, Cake Mix, Brownie Mix or Ready-to-Eat Cereal.


    1 (18.25-ounce) package yellow cake mix

    2/3 cup plain yellow cornmeal

    1/3 cup vegetable oil

    2 large eggs

    1 tablespoon grated lemon or orange zest

    1 1/4 cups sweetened dried cranberries, chopped

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    Preheat oven to 350°F. Position oven rack in the middle of the oven. Spray cookie sheets with nonstick cooking spray.

    Place half of the cake mix in a large mixing bowl along with the cornmeal, oil, eggs, and zest. Blend with an electric mixer set on medium-high speed for 1-2 minutes, until smooth. Stir in the remaining cake mix

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  • 5 Tips to Be a Better Step-Parent During the Holidays

    By GalTime Teen Parenting Expert, Barbara Greenberg, PhD

    Being a Step-Parent During the Holidays Being a Step-Parent During the Holidays If you think being a parent of a teen is difficult-- try being a stepparent! This is a tricky role all year long, but it is particularly difficult during the holiday season. Not only are the kids leaving and re-entering homes, but the parents and stepparents are trading, missing, and re-uniting with stepchildren. The shape and size of families change during the weekends, sometimes weekdays, and especially during the holidays.

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    So how is a stepparent to deal with the stress of the ever-changing family structure and rules during the holidays? As usual, we have suggestions.

    1. You and your spouse should consider creating a set of expectations for the teens prior to their arrival and departure during the holidays.

    2. Try to communicate calmly. Keep in mind that patience is appreciated.

    3. Remember that you have more power than you know. You are in an excellent position to

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  • Stacking Splendidly—How to Rock Lots of Bracelets

    By Katherine Hahn for

    Rock lots of bracelets!! Rock lots of bracelets!! My romance with stacked bracelets has been a tumultuous one, but it's been well over a year since I first got acquainted with this lively look.

    True love? I like to think so.

    Stacking definitely isn't a fad, because it's been around practically forever. It's more like a personal touch. To me, there's just something so cheerful and feminine about wearing a wrist full of bracelets-- and the brighter, the better.

    Over the months, I've switched bracelets like a crazy woman. Sometimes I get compliments; sometimes I get quizzical brows. My favorites come and go, but the look itself has stayed with me.

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    I'm still not sure what it is about wearing lots of bracelets that stole my heart, because this look definitely isn't for everyone. But for those of you craving a little fun, let's talk about how to stack splendidly.

    1. Get creative. Play around with different arrangements until you find

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