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  • 5 Reasons You Should Start Using Twitter Today

    By Ashley Baxter,

    Twitter can be useful for any aspect of your life! Twitter can be useful for any aspect of your life!

    As an online marketing consultant, I get the chance to talk with business owners and professionals from a variety of different industries. People often ask me if social media can truly help build their brand. The short answer is yes. The longer answer is yes, if you know the best ways to use it.

    When some professionals start out, they treat Twitter just like a paid advertising channel. They may push out 50 tweets focused on how awesome their business is and declare social media as a failed effort when they get no followers. This is the wrong way to go about it.

    If you want to be successful, you have to know why you should use Twitter in the first place. Here are some of the key uses for Twitter as a tool in your professional life.

    Use Twitter to… Get a New Job or Client

    People post all kinds of things on Twitter. That includes posting when they have an open position at their company or are in need of a new vendor to provide services.

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  • Unplug: Reduce Your Energy Bill Today!

    By Money Crasher's David Bakke for

    Reduce Your Energy Bill Reduce Your Energy Bill If you want to save energy at home, you have to make some form of sacrifice. It takes time to develop habits like adjusting your thermostat during the hot summer and cold winter months.

    Making a concerted effort to become more energy-efficient and taking on home improvement ideas to reduce energy costs over the long-term means investing time, elbow grease, and money. However, not all methods of reducing your energy usage require a great effort. You can easily and noticeably reduce your power bill without too much work by unplugging your appliances.

    Why Unplug?

    Plugged-in appliances contribute to your monthly power bill, even when they're not in use. When a device is plugged in, it still draws a small amount of power - this is called a "phantom load." You may not realize how many of your appliances contribute to the phantom load in your home.

    For example, most microwaves use more energy to power their digital clocks

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  • National Rosacea Awareness Month: Tips to Soothe Your Skin

    By Kerri Winick,

    National Rosacea Awareness MonthNational Rosacea Awareness MonthDid you know that April is National Rosacea Awareness Month?

    Rosacea is a chronic, inflammatory skin condition that causes redness and flushing, typically on the face. It affects an estimated 16 millions Americans, and most people don't even know that they have it.

    While there isn't a cure for rosacea, there are ways to calm and soothe your skin! Dr. Jordana S. Gilman filled us in on ways to tone down redness, reduce flare-ups, and more!

    Know The Symptoms: People with rosacea tend to have sensitive skin that is easily irritated, and they are often more sensitive to the sun. There can be facial redness, often beginning at the cheeks and nose, that worsens over time. Some people have facial flushing, especially after eating certain foods. There may also be red bumps that can look like acne.

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    Rosacea Rosacea Rosacea Rosacea

    Photos Courtesy of National Rosacea Society

    Know The Triggers: According to the National Rosacea Society, there are

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  • Morning Sex: Not Just for Guys

    By Elizabeth Paige,

    Morning SexMorning SexSo your guy is a 'morning guy.' He doesn't just wake up early...he WAKES UP early-- he 'rises' as the sun rises. OK, you get the point.

    We all know what it's like to get that nudge from our man who wants a little 'play time' before work. But, these days, it's not only men initiating sex after slumber.

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    GalTime Love and Sex expert Jane Greer, Ph.D., says, "Morning sex for men is a sure thing-- meaning they all love it. But, the good news is more women are literally 'joining in' that sentiment and finding it's a great way to connect and start the day."

    Now, mind you -- if you want to either get in the game for your guy or you want to kick your day off with a bang (pun sort-of intended), you should go into it knowing there's a difference between a-m intercourse and romantic date-night interludes. "Because of the time constraints everyone deals with in the morning, there's not going to be the slow

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  • Like Mother, like Daughter: Yes, You Sound Just like Her

    By GalTime Teen Expert Jennifer A. Powell-Lunder, Psy.D.

    Like Mother, Like DaughterLike Mother, Like DaughterSometimes it is not what you say, but how you say it. Perhaps it is the tone of your voice, or maybe even the inflection. As you redirect or reprimand your own child, you are suddenly struck by the fact that you sound just like her.

    In a flash you are transported back to your own childhood. Perhaps you remember the annoyance and frustration you felt in those moments. Maybe you even remember vowing that when you grew up you would never talk to your child that way.

    When you offered her protest or dissent, she responded with the ole 'wait until you have kids.' Suddenly you are brought back to the present, and here you are, sounding just like her. In some ways it is unbelievable, but honestly not really.

    After all, you turned out okay. Back then you thought she could never possibly understand how you were thinking or feeling in those moments. It seems clear that your own child is having similar thoughts right now. You

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  • The Dictionary of Men: Guys Defined!

    By Malia Karlinsky, GalTime Love/Sex Editor

    The Dictionary of MenThe Dictionary of Men

    Have you ever met a guy and instantly realized you've dated him before... even though you technically haven't? Authors Maria Blanco and Jane Black have taken some of the guesswork out of-- and put some humor into-- the dating process by categorizing some common types of men in their book, "Dictionary of Men." This is NOT a book that bashes men. It's more like a guide that gives descriptions of different types of guys.

    Gathering info from women out there in the dating trenches, "Dictionary of Men" includes over 300, short satirical dictionary-like definitions and tons of illustrations.

    GalTime: How do you classify men?

    Maria Blanco and Jane Black: Based on characteristics that women actually talk about like hometown, alma mater, relationship with their mother, car they drive, shoes, style of underwear, cocktail of choice, etc. You can tell a lot about a man's personality and how your relationship will evolve based on

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  • Three Kid-Inspired Lessons to Live By

    By Signe Whitson, LSW for

    Kids can be our teachers, too! Kids can be our teachers, too! In the run up to Mother's Day, the stores are full of cards that help children express their appreciation for all of the things their moms have taught them over the years.

    I like to read the messages and consider how to be the type of mother that Hallmark greetings are made for.

    Likewise, I enjoy taking my time to select just the right sentiment for my own loving, giving mom. Most of all, though, as I read the cards about gentle hearts and wise souls, I think about all of the life lessons that my children are teaching me.

    This year on Mother's Day, I honor and thank my daughters for showing me so much about how to really live:

    Mind the Journey
    As a student and a professional, I was always a Type-A worker, with my nose to the grindstone and a deadline forever in mind. Then one night, about two years into motherhood, I learned an unforgettable lesson about "minding the journey" as I was putting my daughter to bed. I was

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  • Mixing & Matching: Your Healthy Food Wardrobe

    By Lori Reamer, RD for

    Mixing & Matching Mixing & Matching Do you know anything about the fashion wardrobing concept of mix, match and multiply?

    If you own a handful of key core items you can create numerous outfits!

    You see this principle at work when you page through a fashion magazine or when you work with a personal wardrobe consultant.

    But...did you know you can use this same concept to create food-fits? Nutritional and yummy, at the same time-a win-win.

    Here are my top ten food picks, my food wardrobe, if you will:

    Fruit: apple, berries

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    Vegetables: broccoli, cauliflower

    Starchy carbs: brown rice, sweet potato

    Lean and clean protein: chicken breast, salmon

    Fashionable fats: almonds and olive oil

    Wha-lah, with the wave of my magic nutrition wand I have combined these ten basic foods to form a variety of different meals for which the whole is greater than the sum of their parts!

    • Apple berry salad;

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  • Lace! Floral! This Season's Must-Have Shorts

    By Olivia Ciardi,

    Florals are in bloom! (Paige Denim Lola Short, $148)Florals are in bloom! (Paige Denim Lola Short, $148)Now that it's getting warmer out, it's time to break our shorts out of their dusty winter hiding spot! But what's a new season without a few new pairs for good measure?

    Kibwe Chase-Marshall, Editor of Women's Runway & Trend Stylesight, gives GalTime the scoop on the lengths and styles that are guaranteed to show off your gams!

    The Long And "Shorts" Of It:

    In Your 20s: There's no better way to highlight your legs than with a pair of hot-shorts.

    Aged or high-waisted styles are automatic showstoppers. Looking for that extra oomph? Try high-waisted versions in dressy, tailored fabrics, leather, or suede.

    Suede ShortsSuede Shorts

    Scalloped Suede Shorts, $26.90

    In Your 30s: Mid-thigh to right above the knee is the perfect length to keep this look summer-sexy, while still being age appropriate. Pair your shorts with flats for a daytime, then slip into heels for a night on the town.

    Related: The High-Low Hemline: Take Your Style to New Heights

    Bermuda ShortsBermuda Shorts

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  • Are You Sexually Compatible?

    By GalTime Relationship Expert Jane Greer, Ph.D.

    Are you sexually compatible? Are you sexually compatible? One of the biggest questions I get when people call into my Let's Talk Sex radio show is, "How do I know if I'm sexually compatible with my partner?"

    More importantly, they ask, "If the chemistry is missing or doesn't seem to be there, is that a bad sign?"

    The only place chemistry or sexual synchronicity is that immediate is in the movies! Actors are 'supposed to be' attracted to each other and on the same page in the bedroom from the get-go.

    Everywhere else? Getting in synch and working on the synchronicity takes work, takes time. It's a process.

    First of all, in order to be comfortable with another person, you need to be comfortable in your own skin. A lot of times, that takes time to become comfortable with your body, confident, have that sexual esteem in place and be able to share it with another person.

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    Additionally, people come to the bedroom with all different

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