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  • What I was Thinking as My Wife Gave Birth

    By Authors Shannon Duffy and John Zakour for

    Labored ThoughtsLabored ThoughtsWhen the actual birth of your baby comes, you get hit with both a flood of adrenaline and thoughts.

    I thought I'd share mine with readers... thus giving the women out there a look into a guy's psyche and to let the men know it's okay to panic a little; it will all work out.

    He Says:

    Here is some of what I was thinking as my wife went through a C-section to give birth:

    Oh my God! Please let her be healthy…

    Please let the baby be healthy.

    I'll go to church every day, well every week, well…a lot more than I do now…

    Oh man, man. I'm going to be a dad!

    I'll have a baby to take care off!!

    Yikes! I can barely take care of myself. Now a baby!

    I'll never sleep again.

    Oh my God, I'm such a jerk for thinking of sleeping at a time like this.

    What if the doctor's not any good?

    I should have gone to medical school not graduate school.

    What am I thinking? I couldn't do this for a

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  • Why We All Need to Stretch

    By Danielle Miller,

    Stretch for your health!Stretch for your health!Exercise is good for you (great for you, even)! You will be hard pressed to find a doctor that will not recommend daily exercise as part of a balanced lifestyle. But this is old news. You are reading this and thinking: I know, I know! Something you may not know, however, is that stretching is just as important as exercising.

    Physical therapist Jessica Giraldo, DPT, knows all too well the hazards of neglecting to stretch out.

    "Have you ever seen the guy in the gym with big muscles in his neck and shoulders who has absolutely no range of motion in his arms - to the point where he can't turn his head without moving his whole upper body? I guarantee he doesn't stretch!"

    Giraldo goes on to detail what is happening in your body when you are straining to touch your toes.

    "Stretching lengthens muscle tissue making our muscles more flexible and less prone to injury. It also enhances blood flow to muscle which helps to warm it up and

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  • Is Popularity Overrated?

    by: Barbara Greenberg, PhD, Parenting Expert

    popular kidspopular kidsPOPULARITY, the social status that so many of us crave for our kids and yes, let's face it, often for ourselves as well, may actually NOT be a healthy scenario. Yes, you read that correctly.

    The rosiness often associated with this term may need to be re-evaluated. The blush may be off this rose that we refer to as popularity - that term that evokes desire, longing, and fear, in millions of us throughout all stages of life. but particularly during the teen years.

    Related: 7 Ways YOU Can Help Increase Your Child's Success in School

    In a study in the journal Child Development, popularity among young teens was found to be a double-edged sword. The group studied consisted of almost 200 boys and girls of various racial and ethnic backgrounds who were in the 7th and 8th grades. And, yes, these do tend to be the years when teens are most concerned about their social standing among their peers.

    On the bright side, the

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  • Getting in Touch with the Benefits of Massage

    By Patricia Conte for

    The benefits of massages. The benefits of massages.

    Deadlines looming at the office. Prepping the house for last-minute guests. Muscle pain from a weekend hiking excursion. Chances are you've been in one of these situations - probably more than once - and felt the stress and pain that goes with them. Wouldn't a massage be great?

    If you think a massage is just a mere luxury you can do without, you may want to reconsider. Results of a study conducted by researchers at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, Calif., found significant biological changes that occur in a person after a 45-minute massage. The study reviewed two types of massage, both a deep-tissue Swedish massage, and a light massage.

    After studying the people who had the deep-tissue massage, the research showed decreased levels of the stress hormone, cortisol, and decreased levels of a hormone (arginine vasopressin) that can cause an increase in cortisol. Also, there was an increase in the number of the white blood cells --

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  • 8 Tips for Dating After 40

    By GalTime Dating Expert Bobbi Palmer

    Dating Over 40Dating Over 40As a dating and relationship coach for women over 40, and a happily married gal who became a first-time bride at age 47, I know that meeting men in your 40s or 50s is nowhere near as easy as when you were 25.

    I also know that relationships formed in your 40s, 50 and beyond are far more fulfilling that any you had in your earlier years. To find these great relationships you have to be a different dater than you were in your earlier years.

    Here are 8 bits of advice that will set you up for successful "grownup" dating and ultimately lead you to that man who will be your loving partner in the second part of your life.

    8 Tips for Dating After 40

    1. Know and love yourself. When was the last time you looked at yourself without the lens of your wounded 18 year old, your ex's judgments or the nonsense the media feeds you? Take 20 minutes today and allow yourself to think about what makes you fantastic. Give yourself permission to brag. I

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  • Why Do Some Kids Cope Better with Bullying?

    By GalTime Parenting Expert Barbara Greenberg, PhD.

    Everyone deals with bullying differently. Everyone deals with bullying differently. Bullying, the darkest aspect of social interactions, has been around for generations. Why, many would like to know do some of us have the good fortune of getting through these incidents relatively unscathed while others become depressed, sick, attempt suicide, and yes, die of bullying related suicide?

    There is no implication here that being bullied is a cakewalk for anyone but it is clearly a trickier walk for some than others. Some stumble and get badly hurt on this walk. Others fall down, dust themselves off, and continue to move forward.

    We must acknowledge and identify the protective factors that provide a cushion and buffer between bullying and its most negative consequences. For goodness sake-we owe this knowledge to our kids.

    The most important protective factor between bullying and devastating reactions is clearly having social support. This social support includes familial and peer support. Having at least one

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  • 5 Pieces of Jewelry Every Gal Should Own

    By Olivia Ciardi,

    Carmella Stud Earring, $70Carmella Stud Earring, $70Seems like I'm always being told what to stock my closet with (LBD, anyone?), but what classic pieces should I have in my jewelry box? A bauble's color, shine, and texture have the power to transform any outfit!

    Kendra Scott, CEO and Founder of Kendra Scott Jewelry, gives GalTime the scoop on 5 timeless pieces that every woman should have at her fingertips.

    Dangly Earrings: Whether classic black, or bright and shiny, dangly earrings are modern, elegant and guaranteed to get you compliments. They can be paired with everything from an evening dress to a basic t-shirt and jeans.

    Turquoise Earrings Turquoise Earrings

    Danielle Earrings
    , $60.00

    2. Statement Necklace: Not only can this timeless piece easily "make" an outfit, Kendra says it's extremely wearable for women of all ages, making it a smart investment. Statement necklaces are also versatile. They can be worn with everything from a formal, strapless dress to a solid colored shirt in a complimentary, or

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  • Get Your Garden Growing

    By Dianne Venetta for

    Get your garden growing! Get your garden growing! You're ready to get out there and garden, but not sure where to begin?

    Well then, you've come to the right place! Follow along as we work step-by-step to get your garden good, green and growing strong.

    You Are What You Eat

    First on the list is food: choose a list of delectable vegetables you would love to eat. Think positive here and focus on what you like to eat, NOT what you think you can grow. If in doubt, slap that positive attitude cap back on your head and start over-this step is important!

    Veggies Veggies While a variety and color of vegetables may add to your garden's appearance, they'll ruin the affect when left withering on the vine (because no one cared enough to harvest them).

    Related: Rotate those Crops for a Great Garden

    It happens. You're in the garden, short on time, what are you going to harvest? Your favorites, that's what.

    Human nature, 101.

    So choose your seeds wisely.

    Select a Spot


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  • The High-Low Hemline: Take Your Style to New Heights

    By Saba Salehi & Laura Schuffman, GalTime Stylists

    Bob Charlotte / PR PhotosBob Charlotte / PR PhotosWhat happens when a flowy maxi dress meets a leg-baring mini skirt? You get one of this season's trendiest silhouettes…the high-low hemline!

    A "party" in the front and "business" in the back, high-low hemlines are flirtatious, yet sophisticated. They have the power to elongate your frame and highlight your best assets, not to mention they're a fab way to show off your favorite shoes!

    Rihanna, Kourtney Kardashian, Emma Stone and Selena Gomez are just a few celebs who have rocked a high-low frock. Now, it's your turn! Here are some fun ways to take your style to new heights:

    We love a high-low skirt paired with a fitted blouse. Finish off the look with a ¾ sleeve blazer.

    Related: Building a Great Wardrobe: What to Buy NOW

    High-Waisted Skirt High-Waisted Skirt

    Jason Wu

    Mix things up with a high-waisted skirt and throw on a crop top for a look that's casual chic. Don't worry about baring too much skin! The length of this season's crops works
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  • Best Early-Education Apps--That Actually Work!

    By Carissa Rogers,

    Early-Education Gadgets Early-Education Gadgets Often children's applications described as educational simply are not. Talking cats or bubble popping games, aside from hand-eye coordination skills and annoying mom with obnoxious noises are simply NOT educational!

    So? What are the best EDUCATIONAL smart phone or tablet apps?

    I took a big zoom around the best Android and iPad App Reviews from and downloaded an iPad full of highly rated games and apps for educational skills.

    I also located many Android apps for the on-the-go time with younger kids, like when stuck in car pool, or waiting at a restaurant.
    Many of these are free apps (according to Famigo 88% of families download free apps) but several are paid, and prices are listed.

    123s ABCs Handwriting set

    Android, FREE -Easy, educational and includes numbers, letters and shapes to trace and draw.

    • Simple early learning skills for toddlers

    • Pre-School skills,

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