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  • Obama Talks Women in His Life While Fundraising with Jay-Z and Beyoncé

    Source: Obama Talks Women in His Life While Fundraising With Jay-Z and Beyoncé

    Donors dressed in their best headed to New York's 40/40 Club last night to attend a fundraiser for President Obama hosted by Jay-Z and Beyoncé Knowles. Each ticket went for $40,000, and guests enjoyed Champagne and appetizers while Beyoncé introduced the guest of honor. She said, "I can't tell you how proud we are to host tonight's event with President Obama. We believe in his vision." The president then took the stage, and said he's working for a "more fair, more just" world. In between talk of policy, the president had sweet things to say about the women in his life, including First Lady Michelle Obama, his daughters, and even Beyoncé, whom he called a close friend.

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    The first lady missed the fundraiser, which raised a reported $4 million for Obama's reelection bid. But Michelle Obama is playing an active role in the

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  • 5 Ways to Make Your Autumn Nights Sexy

    TresSugarTresSugarSource: 5 Ways to Make Your Autumn Nights Sexy

    Now that Fall is here, we have to work a little harder to make sure cozy doesn't eclipse sexy. Summer's sex appeal is obvious: adventures open the way for vacation flings, and the higher the temperatures go, the fewer clothes we wear. But romance doesn't have to cool as the days get shorter. Here are five ways to spice up your Autumn nights, along with your lattes.

    • Enjoy a Fireside Cuddle: You may miss warm weather, but now that Summer's over you have an excuse to use your fireplace. Put on your most comfy jammies and share a blanket with your man as you watch the flames, read a book or magazine, and cuddle close. Don't have a fireplace? A fire-less cuddle can keep you warm and set the mood, too.
    • Spark Some Candlelight: It feels like the sun goes down before you get out of work, but you can embrace the shorter days by lighting some candles. Candlelight makes everyday evening activities, like dinner, reading, Internet
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  • 22 Fall Date Ideas

    TresSugarTresSugarSource: 22 Fall Date Ideas

    Pack up your swimsuits and break out your scarves. Fall is almost officially here! Enjoying the crisp Autumn air with a loved one is sure to warm your heart, weather he's a Summer fling who turned into the real thing or a longtime love you're planning an annual Halloween couples costume with. And while the days are getting shorter, there's still time to make the most of the great outdoors before Winter comes. With the help of photo-sharing site Instagram, we present inspiration for romantic Autumn outings.

    • Ride in a Hot Air Balloon
    • Have a Pumpkin Latte Date
    • Wander a Corn Maze
    • Explore a Flea Market
    • Ride Bikes at Sunset
    • Enjoy Wine Harvest
    • Bundle Up For a Picnic
    • Tour a Haunted House
    • Make a Bonfire
    • Cheer On Your Local Football Team
    • Take a Hike

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    • Sip Cider
    • Go to a Pumpkin Patch
    • Shop For Fall Veggies at the Farmers Market
    • Cozy Up by a
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  • September Must Reads

    TresSugarTresSugarSource: September Must Reads

    As you wrap up your Summer reading list, it's time to dive into Fall's new releases. Historical fiction, heart-wrenching memoirs, and highly anticipated books by J.K. Rowling and Junot Díaz are about to hit the shelves. We've rounded up September's most promising reads, so take a look now. And don't forget to share what you're reading with us on Instagram!

    • Suri's Burn Book: Allie Hagan's Suri's Burn Book: Well-Dressed Commentary From Hollywood's Little Sweetheart is the book version of her hilarious Tumblr, Suri's Burn Book, which imagines what Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes's daughter, Suri, would say about her fellow celebrity children.
    • The Casual Vacancy: After her successful Harry Potter series, we can't wait to pick up J.K. Rowling's adult novel The Casual Vacancy about an idyllic English town. When a town council member passes away, it triggers chaos among the people - and an election that carries surprising revelations.
    • Kicking & Dreaming
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  • Helen Gurley Brown's Secrets to a Successful Marriage

    Source: Helen Gurley Brown's Secrets to a Successful Marriage

    Iconic author and editor Helen Gurley Brown died today at age 90. Helen is known as the woman who brought sex to the masses, with her best-seller Sex and the Single Girl in 1962, and then by leading Cosmopolitan as editor in chief from 1965 until 1997.

    After 50 years of marriage, Helen Gurley Brown's husband, David Brown, died in 2010. Despite the make-yourself populism Helen promoted to women each month in Cosmo, she credited much to her husband in 2008, saying, "I owe him everything. I wouldn't be who I am or achieved what I did." Of course, what made them each successful was not the other but their partnership. David convinced Helen to write Sex and the Single Girl; he published Cosmo for the first few years while she edited it. It was a marriage of collaboration and mutual respect, so let's look at some of Helen's secrets for making it work.

    • Choose wisely: "Marry a decent, good, kind person who will cherish you."
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  • Flicks with High School Romances to Stream on Netflix

    TresSugarTresSugarSource: Flicks With High School Romances to Stream on Netflix

    Ah, back-to-school season. As Fall approaches, we can't help but reminisce about notes passed between friends, the days of lockers and recess, and, of course, our teenage crushes. If you're feeling nostalgic about bleacher makeout sessions and prom-date jitters, then check out these Netflix-streaming movies chock-full of all the clique-y drama, backstabbing friends, and awkward first-date moments that made high school equal parts exhilarating and nightmarish!

    • She's All That: It's the classic tale of boy meets girl, boy bets his friend he can turn girl into prom queen, girl gets a makeover by taking off her glasses in 1999's She's All That.
    • Heathers: In 1989's Heathers, a high school couple plots revenge on the popular clique of girls.
    • Private School: Two students at a stuffy all-girls school fight over a hot student from a nearby boys' academy in Private School.
    • School Ties: A Jewish
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  • Get to Know Paul Ryan's Wife Janna

    TresSugarTresSugarSource: Get to Know Paul Ryan's Wife Janna

    Now that we've gotten to know Mitt Romney's VP pick Paul Ryan a little bit, let's meet his wife, Janna Little Ryan, who's already on track to be a picture-perfect second lady. With a megawatt smile and impressive professional background, the 43-year-old mother of three recently gushed to People magazine about her hubby, Paul, saying he "has one of the sunniest demeanors and most positive outlooks of anyone I've ever met . . . You know, he's pretty low-maintenance. Paul is someone who goes with the flow." Let's learn a little bit more about the wife of the Wisconsin congressman who could be the second-in-command of our country.

    • Professional Prowess: Janna graduated from Wellesley College (like Hillary Clinton) and George Washington University Law School. She went on to become an attorney and lobbyist for PricewaterhouseCoopers.
    • Role Model Mom: Janna's mother, Prudence, was a positive female role model, having graduated from
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  • Motherland Author Amy Sohn Talks Sex, Drugs, and Parenting

    Source: Motherland Author Amy Sohn Talks Sex, Drugs, and Parenting

    Following her 2009 hit, Prospect Park West, author Amy Sohn is back with a new book, Motherland: A Novel. Amy picks up with some of the same characters, but you don't have to be familiar with the first novel to follow along. Motherland chronicles the adventures of five parents living in Park Slope, Brooklyn, who often turn to alcohol and affairs to face their spouses and life goals after emerging from the black hole of raising an infant. "I really wanted to do something that was at the next phase of being a parent," Amy explains. "If a woman hasn't gone back to work, she might be realizing she's a little bit obsolete and a little bit redundant."

    If you're not a mother, you might not expect a novel about motherhood to include passages about smoking pot, underground parties, and Grindr, the gay hookup mobile app. But this book is about parents living in Brooklyn after all. Amy, who raises her family there, still thinks

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  • Julia Child's Food for Thought

    Source: Julia Child's Food For Thought

    Throughout her life, Julia Child elevated America's relationship with food by sharing her love affair for French cooking and culture on television and in her cookbooks. But there's much to learn from the iconic chef, who would have turned 100 today, outside of the kitchen.

    The 6'2" former member of America's OSS (Office of Strategic Services) married her fellow OSS employee, Paul, when she was 34. He previously had lived in Paris as an artist, and eventually they moved there together for Paul's new job as a diplomat. It was there that Julia cultivated her love for her husband and good food. Anyone who saw the movie Julie and Julia will recognize their love story. And while Meryl Streep did a worthy job capturing Julia Child's spirit, it also shines through Julia's own words, which touch on love, pleasure, and, of course, food. Reading through her quotes, you will find inspiration and various life mottos to choose from. If you want to add a dash

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  • 29 Play Dates to Spice Up Your Relationship

    TresSugarTresSugarSource: 29 Play Dates to Spice Up Your Relationship

    A new study on play and relationships has found that playfulness may be key to attracting a significant other. Among the survey participants (ages 18-26), three traits stood out as topping their lists of traits they sought in a mate: "sense of humor," "fun-loving," and "playful." And you don't need a study to tell you that it's good for your relationship when you and your man are laughing while enjoying a game night in or getting physical while playing an outdoor sport together. If you're stuck in a humdrum dating rut, we've got 29 playful date ideas to get those friendly competition juices flowing and bring that spark back into your love life.

    • Go to a Carnival
    • Have a Scrabble Night in
    • Play a Game of Croquet
    • Go Paintball Shooting Together
    • Team Up For Trivia Night
    • Go Bowling
    • Play Shuffleboard
    • Get Twisted Up With Twister
    • Play Minigolf
    • Go to a Bingo Night

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