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  • Wedding Etiquette: The Plus-One Issue

    Source: Wedding Etiquette: The Plus-One Issue

    One of the trickiest elements of wedding etiquette is the plus-one problem: who gets a date, who doesn't, and how do you know one way or the other? Invitation wording should make it crystal clear, but not everyone is familiar with the common wedding protocol. If you're confused about the "and guest" arrangement, we have the answers to the most common plus-one questions:

    Who gets a plus-one?

    A good rule of thumb: For both the rehearsal dinner and the wedding itself, all spouses, fiancés, and live-in partners should be invited. As for long-term boyfriends and girlfriends, it's more or less up to you, but it's smart to go with a hard and fast rule - all or none - to keep things fair across the board.

    How do you clarify plus-ones on the invitation?

    Two magic words: "and guest." The name(s) on the inner envelope are the only people who are invited, so if you'd like to offer your guest the opportunity to bring a date, you must write: "Miss X

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  • 8 Mistakes Every Bridesmaid Should Avoid

    TresSugarTresSugarSource: 8 Mistakes Every Bridesmaid Should Avoid

    It's an honor to stand up in a friend's wedding, and along with that recognition comes a range of responsibilities - but just how far do those responsibilities stretch? Where's the line between helpful and overbearing, between celebrating and insulting? When it comes to wedding dos and don'ts, the boundaries aren't always clear. If you plan to be a bridesmaid any time soon, avoid these common blunders to maintain your integrity and make sure your friend feels supported on her big day.

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  • 8 Ways to Feel More Confident on a Date

    Source: 8 Ways to Feel More Confident on a Date

    Dating jitters are only natural, but with a few simple tricks, you can escape your embarrassing insecurities and feel poised instead. Can't help but feel awkward on a date? Follow these easy tips to boost your confidence from the inside out:

    1. Plan ahead. When it comes to feeling good about yourself, preparation is a major factor. The night before your date, be sure that you sleep well, exercise, or paint your nails - whatever it is that puts a little pep in your step.
    2. Dress comfortably. Feeling like yourself is crucial, so wear clothes that are both cute and comfortable. If you feel strange in your own skin, it shows, and when you're fidgeting with a too-tight blouse, he may misinterpret the signs and assume you're feeling awkward because of him.
    3. Be on time. Running late is sure to make you agitated, which can throw off your attitude and make you feel self-conscious. Avoid any frazzled, frantic energy by sticking
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  • 11 Signs You're Not Over Your Ex

    Source: 11 Signs You're Not Over Your Ex

    An occasional stroll down memory lane is only natural, but if those "Remember when?" moments turn into an everyday, all-consuming affair, it's time to reevaluate your feelings. The difference between wistful and hopelessly devoted can be a confusing gray area, but if you relate to these signs, you're probably not over your ex:

    1. His Twitter page is one of your bookmarks. If you're still following your ex on Twitter, FourSquare, Instagram, Tumblr, etc., moving on is going to prove more than a little difficult. Keeping tabs on him isn't healthy if you're hoping to get over the relationship, so do yourself a favor and defriend or unfollow if his updates bum you out.
    2. You can't watch baseball anymore because it reminds you of him. Looking back every once in a while is fine, but if you have to give up something you love just because it triggers a memory, there's more to the story. Try creating new memories with different pals so that you
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  • 5 Simple Tips to Keep the Spark Alive After Moving in Together

    Source: 5 Simple Tips to Keep the Spark Alive After Moving in Together

    When a relationship shifts into the living-together phase, it can be difficult to maintain the exciting spark that exists in the beginning. There's a tendency to treat each other as roommates instead of romantic partners, but a few simple tweaks to your everyday routine can help to amp up the chemistry and strengthen your bond. Worried that you might get a little too comfortable with each other? Follow these five tips to keep the flirty, sexy vibes alive:

    1. Meet after work. There's something to be said for seeing each other across a crowded restaurant - rather than, say, getting ready together in the bathroom. Maintain a bit of mystery and stir up some excited anticipation by skipping the DVR and making post-work dinner plans instead.
    2. Avoid typical roommate drama. He doesn't close cabinets, you don't make the bed, and when exactly were the dishes going to be done? Nothing screams "unsexy" like nagging
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  • Get Some Advice About Moving in Together

    TresSugarTresSugarSource: Get Some Advice About Moving In Together

    In our recent reader survey, 85 percent of women and 78 percent of men said moving in together before marriage is good for a relationship. Even so, making the move comes with its own set of challenges. Whether it's disapproving parents or a messy mate, our readers have been through many of the common road bumps, and have sought advice from other women in our anonymous Group Therapy forum. So take a look at some reader dilemmas. And you can click through each dilemma to see the advice from other readers.

    • "I Feel Like I'm His Mother" : "I feel at 24 he should be able to take care of his own bills. Second, he never helps with anything around the house. Typical male behavior, but sometimes it feels as though I'm asking for help from a child."
    • "How Is Marriage Different than Cohabitation?": "For what I see, if a relationship is doomed to failure, it doesn't matter if you are married or not, it's not going to last."
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  • 5 Ways to Spring Clean Your Online Dating Profile

    Source: 5 Ways to Spring Clean Your Online Dating Profile

    Spring is officially here, and the new season is the perfect time to set out on some new dating endeavors. If you're heading out with friends to enjoy the pleasant weather, complementing your girlfriend adventures with online dates can hopefully add to the springtime fun. If you feel like your profile isn't working, or if you're getting loads of messages you're not into, you're in luck. I've got you covered with five fresh ways to breathe new life into a tired online profile.

    1. Get a new picture. Forget a picture of just your face. I know you think it's your best, but a potential suitor is going to want to see what you're working with. Whether you're a teeny tiny lady or you're rocking some gorgeous curves, a head shot without a body shot is a little bit of a red flag. You've got to flaunt it, especially since one study found women who show off "controversial" traits like tattoos or an imperfect nose, get more attention. To
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  • Print and Play Our Bachelor Bengo Boards for the Finale!

    Source: Print and Play Our Bachelor Bengo Boards For the Finale!

    This season of The Bachelor is about to come to an end today, as Ben Flajnik will be giving his final rose to either horseback-riding Lindzi (winner of the first impression rose) or the villainous model Courtney. If you've been glued to your TV screen like us for the ups and downs of the reality dating show, we've got a treat for you that will make next week's episode truly the "most exciting finale in Bachelor history!"

    Here's how it works: Just click here to download five different "Ben"go boards (including a blank one), print them out, and play a Bachelor version of Bingo at your finale viewing party!

    And here are the links to the different printable Bengo boards:

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  • Dating Bad Habits to Give Up for Lent (or Anytime)

    Source: Bad Dating Habits to Give Up For Lent (or Anytime)

    Yesterday kicked off Lent, and whether you're religious or not, you might be giving up vices like soda or sugar. Why not make your love life a little sweeter while you're at it. Here are some bad dating and relationship habits to swear off. We have ideas for single and taken women.

    • Tipsy texting. Give up those drunk dials that only make a hangover worse.
    • Waiting for guys to make the first move. If you want to meet guys, you have to put yourself out there. Something as simple as a smile or flirty eye contact will do.
    • Living in the past. For Lent, let yourself forget your failed relationships, disappointments, or mistakes. Releasing that baggage will make you more open to new experiences and people.
    • Wasting time on a guy you're not into. He may be good on paper, but if you don't have the spark or see a long-term future, don't date him.
    • Wasting time on a guy who's not into you. For
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  • How to Help a Friend Through Her Breakup

    Source: How to Help a Friend Through Her Breakup

    Have a friend with a broken heart? Help her heal by making a few small tweaks to your friendship. You may be tempted to step in and save the day right away, but it's important to let her move on at her own pace. Put your own stresses aside, amp up your positive attitude, and follow these five tips to help your friend through the aftermath of her breakup:

    • Learn to be a listener. She may just need a sounding board, so be willing to sit back and let her speak if it seems like she needs to vent. Save your advice for later and be careful with your responses - you may agree that he wasn't right for her but avoid saying so for a while because you never know if they'll get back together.
    • Let her wallow for a while. Even if the "Remember when?" stories become repetitive and you'd rather talk about something else, give your pal some time to work through her feelings. Stock up on ice cream, rent some totally unromantic movies -
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