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  • How to Ditch a Date That's a Dud

    Source: How to Ditch a Date That's a Dud

    Whether you're getting set up, trying out online dating, or simply on the first date with a new dude, it's inevitable that you'll come across a few duds. Have no fear! It's important to pick yourself up, get back on the horse, and not be put off by what's out there. Instead of sitting on a bad date all night with someone you're not into, or worse, makes you uncomfortable, take charge of the situation. For some surefire ways to get you out of a bad date and back where you belong, read on.

    • Phone a friend. I always have a friend check in with me after the first twenty or thirty minutes I'm out on a first date. It's great to have that safety net when you don't know someone. It also gives you an easy out if you need one. Tell your date that your friend has an emergency and needs your support. He'll get the picture.
    • Spill. But please, not on the poor guy you barely know. Spill some water on yourself and make the move to head home.
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  • How to Enjoy a Hot Summer Fling

    Source: How to Enjoy a Hot Summer Fling

    Forget romantic couples getaways. With its long days, hot nights, and opportunities to take time off for an adventure, Summer might be the best season to be single. Whether you plan to plop on a beach with your best girlfriends, explore a European city with your sister, or even have a full-on family vacation scheduled with the whole clan, there's always hope for a steamy Summer romance. Relaxed and free from everyday stress, you'll be open to letting fate run its course as you get to know someone you never would have met in your normal life. And without the pressure to determine the relationship, you can keep things light and fun. Below you'll find six tips to help you make the most of a Summer vacation fling.

    • Test out the local delicacies. If you're headed to the south of France or a beach town in Spain, take a Summer fling as a chance to practice your foreign language skills between make-out sessions. Even if you're staying stateside,
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  • 5 Reasons Sporting Events Can Be Romantic

    Source: 5 Reasons Sporting Events Can Be Romantic

    Prince William and Kate Middleton enjoyed Wimbledon from the royal box this afternoon, beaming as they watched Britain's Andy Murray defeat France's Richard Gasquet. The happy couple and avid tennis fans never stopped smiling, and based on their expressions, you could tell they were engrossed in the match. If you're looking for a Summer date idea, here are five reasons you should follow the lead of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and enjoy a romantic day at a sporting event.

    • The exciting atmosphere is contagious. Judging by the sizable smiles on their faces, William and Kate delighted in Wimbledon's competitive atmosphere. Whether you're seeing a home-run slugger hit one out of the park or top tennis players in the midst of a tense rally, it's extremely exhilarating to watch the world's best athletes compete against each other.
    • You can publicly debut your relationship. If you've been dating on the down low for a while,
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  • Your Plus One: 5 Foolish Choices and 5 Foolproof Dates

    Source: Your Plus One: 5 Foolish Choices and 5 Foolproof Dates

    Not in a serious relationship and stressing about the looming RSVP date on that wedding invite? Have no fear. Just follow this guide to find out who you'll be forced to babysit versus who will help you celebrate.

    Five Foolish Choices

    1. Your Hookup Buddy. We can take the tip from Jon Hamm's character in Bridesmaids. Do you really want to explain your "special" relationship to everyone? Or worse, do you want your buddy to explain it for you?
    2. That Guy You Met Last Week. Yes, he was handsome. Yes, you had a connection. But let's take things slow. We don't want to scare off a great guy with wedding talk too soon.
    3. Your Friend Without a Filter. We all know him and love him, but we cringe when he always finds the way to say the wrong thing at the worst time. He's probably not your best bet for a wedding date.
    4. A Blind Date. I think we can agree that a wedding isn't ideal blind or first date
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  • Kelly Cutrone and Her Mom Share Love Advice

    Source: Kelly Cutrone and Her Mom Share Love Advice

    Last month fashion publicist Kelly Cutrone released her latest book, Normal Gets You Nowhere, and she's currently working on an MTV pilot by the same name. The book is all about how embracing what makes you unique will help you succeed in relationships and your career. The "Kella-Sutra" portion of the book details 10 sex-life rules to live by for young women, like share your fantasies or never fake an orgasm. When I asked Kelly about Kella-Sutra during a phone interview, she started thinking about the lessons her own mother taught her. Next thing I knew, she conferenced in her mom, Beverly. Chatting with Kelly's mom, I learned that her love rules include: "Marry someone with a J-O-B." "Sex in cars is a bad idea. If you got a guy who can't afford a room you better ditch him!" And, "Don't have sex the first time. Then the whole relationship is based on lust, and that doesn't last." Decent advice. Once we got off the phone with her

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  • Why We Should Give Everyday Thanks For the Little Things

    Source: Why We Should Give Everyday Thanks For the Little Things

    Author Leah Dieterich is really good about writing thank-you notes. And not just to people who send her birthday presents or host her for a weekend. Since 2009, Leah has written a thank-you note every day to objects, ideas, places, or people. She's given thanks to clean sheets, men who walk Pomeranians, and her own laziness. At first she kept them in a box, but soon she started a blog so she could share her gratitude. Last month, she published a book, ThxThxThx, of these letters, as well as some she saved for her offline readers. I had a chance to speak with Leah, and she shared these reasons why we should all give thanks every day. Read them below and click through to see an exclusive excerpt of 10 letters featured in the book, which would surely make a great thank you gift!

    • It can ground you. "My partner, who's an artist, got an opportunity to go to New York for a year for a prestigious fellowship. We decided

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  • A Guide to Wedding Festivities

    Source: A Guide to Wedding Festivities

    When a couple decides to get married, they aren't just signing up to host a wedding, they are also committing themselves to a lot of parties that happen along the way. An engagement party, shower, and bachelorette are all commonly associated with weddings. But with so many parties, it's hard to keep them all straight! That's why I've created this handy guide that explains everything you need to know - from the proper time to host a shower to the first person to toast at the wedding.
    Engagement Party After he's popped the question, one of the first things you should ask yourself as an engaged couple is do we want to have an engagement party? In the past, engagement parties were thrown to announce the engagement, but now, most people know about the promise to wed.

    Engagement Party
    When to throw it:
    The engagement party should happen soon after the couple is engaged (two to four months after) and before the save the dates for the wedding are sent.

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  • 5 Romantic Dates Beyond Dinner

    Source: 5 Romantic Dates Beyond Dinner

    Your menu of date options should include much more than the expected nice dinner out, whether you're single, in a long-term relationship, or married. When you're just getting to know someone, an active date means less opportunity for awkward silences and more chances to learn something about the other person beyond the predictable life details that always come up as you stare across the table at each other. And once you've been together for a while, going out to a restaurant can become a regular routine, losing its romantic appeal. Find five couples outings that will add some flavor to your dating life below.

    See a Movie in the Park
    Why it's better than dinner: Ditch the confinements of a restaurant, and find a local park where you can kick off your shoes and enjoy the show on its regular movie night. And unlike in a classic theater, you'll be free to talk - or make out!
    When to do it: This is an ideal fourth or fifth date. You should be

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  • The Top 15 Movies With "Cougar" Characters

    Source: The Top 15 Movies With "Cougar" Characters

    I loathe the word cougar - used, for the most part, to try to humiliate women who date younger men (their "prey," known as cubs). But for better or worse, it's in the lexicon, which means that the idea that older women can still be sexy - and sexual - is out there, too. The following group of films shows that the cougar's been around in popular culture for a while, that cougar/cub desire is a two-way street, and that these couplings can be good, bad, or downright scary.

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  • 5 Vegas-Free Bachelorette Party Ideas

    Source: 5 Vegas- Free Bachelorette Party Ideas

    A bride's bachelorette party isn't really just about one last drunken night of debauchery. Let's face it, if she's marrying the right guy, she'll have plenty of those on the horizon! A bachelorette bash is more about spending the kind of intensely girlie quality time with friends that it's hard to find the time or space for once she's happily hitched. So if you're planning a bachelorette party for a friend - or someone is planning one for you! - ditch the clichéd trip to Vegas and plan a truly memorable event that will allow for plenty of QT.

    • Head to the beach: For a party that's all about location, location, location, take things beachside. What better venue for relaxing, working on your prewedding tan, and knocking back a cocktail or two than a warm, sandy beach? If you can round up enough girlfriends, forgo the often-skeevy beach motels and rent a house near the sand instead. Need more inspiration? Take a cue from this community
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