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  • 5 Ways to Improve Your Sex Life Right Now

    As the author of three bestselling books, including What Your Mother Never Told You About Sex, Dr. Hilda Hutcherson has a lot to teach us. I caught up with the successful gynecologist, known for her message of empowerment, at the Women's Conference last week and asked her what five things every woman should do right now to guarantee a healthier and happier sex life. Here are her tips!

    1. Know your body: "As a gynecologist for over 20 years I've found that most women really don't understand their body parts and how those body parts. Learn your body by exploring it and finding out how it responds."
    2. Realize you deserve sex: "In my practice I've found that there are many women who feel they don't deserve sex. They view sex as something that is for men, and something that they give to their partners. So they want to be good in bed, meaning that they want to wow their sexual partner. They want to blow his mind. You look at most women magazines and they talk about how to drive him
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  • 10 Terrible Gifts From Boyfriends

    A pack of pencils, AAA batteries, a tennis racket; bad presents come in all sorts of unfortunately wrapped packages. Earlier this week I asked what the worst present a boyfriend ever gave you was, and you all chimed in with some pretty sad gifts! Now that the PopSugar Network's annual gift guides are in the holiday spirit, let's take a minute to commiserate over bad presents from holidays past. Maybe we'll clue in a few lost boyfriends in the process!

    • A "vibrating pillow that was supposed to simulate him being in bed breathing beside me since we were in a LDR." - ManiMartinixo
    • "He gave me an apron and some baking utensils. I don't bake." - Yellowshoe
    • "He wouldn't take the day off for my birthday, and fed-exed me ankle weights from his office." - Anonymous
    • "Flares for 'road side emergencies.'" - lickety split
    • "A digital picture frame. He also got one for his mom and sister." - onlysourcherry
    • "A DVD box set of the TV show The OC. I live in Orange County but I
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  • Jessica Simpson Dishes on Fried Steak, Photoshop, and Mom

    It's hard to believe Jessica Simpson's been in the public eye for a decade. Interviewed by California First Lady Maria Shriver at this week's Women's Conference, an annual event held to inspire, educate, and empower women, Jessica talked about how she finds strength to deal with media scrutiny while sharing what inspires her. Having just turned 30, Jessica has a fresh perspective on beauty and self-acceptance. I attended the panel last night; find out what I learned below.

    On the impact of Photoshop:
    It's interesting to see yourself Photoshopped - it's the perfect version of yourself according to each editor. You think, "Oh they don't like that mole, or that bump in my nose." Even I look at an airbrushed photo and think I wish I was as beautiful as that picture of me.

    On how she builds self-esteem:
    I write in a journal, and that helps me get to know myself. It's therapeutic for me.

    On the power of mothers:
    The most inspirational person in my life is my mom. It's important for

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  • What's the Best Indicator of a Good Match?

    When it comes to finding someone you're compatible with, there are many factors, and it's not as simple as one plus one equals two.

    But if you look at online dating sites, you see a list of categories meant to find your "match." Some sites are even built on certain compatibility measures, such as favorite books, your level of attractiveness (or unattractiveness), your political beliefs, or even your salad preferences.

    Besides those, there are religious beliefs, financial situations, personalities, and a slew of likes and dislikes from movies to restaurants to take into account.

    In your opinion, what do you think is the best indicator of a good match? Can it be broken down into a category? Or do these factors get tossed out the window when you meet "the one?"

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  • 3 Things Women Want in an Extramarital Affair

    After nine years of matching couples in adulterous bliss, has accumulated enough info to be crunched into a study about what people look for in affairs. The initial finding is as trite as a midlife crisis: men will take pretty much any sex they can get, while women are choosy. What exactly are women holding out for in a second home of a relationship?

    • A part-time commitment: When creating a profile at AshleyMadison, would-be cheaters choose what type of relationship they're looking for. Options range from anything goes, cyber affair/erotic chat, and whatever excites me, to short term, long term, and undecided. Women chose "long term" two-thirds more often, while men chose "anything goes."
    • Their satisfaction first: While younger, single women (the average female age in this study was 39) may be concerned with being the perfect girlfriend, women looking for affairs are consumed with their own desires. They went into far greater detail when describing the
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  • NFL Wives Try to Decrease the Odds of Infidelity

    While some married women browse adultery dating sites looking for a part-time affair, wives of NFL players are attempting to protect their marriages from infidelity. Three wives have created a business, called Off the Market, which sets up invitation-only events for NFL couples intended to help them socialize together while on the road and reinforce their commitment to a fun, healthy, sexy - and faithful relationship. It will be an uphill battle. Marriages involving a professional athlete have a losing record, and experts blame ego and opportunities. One sports psychologist told ABC News that women know what they're getting into: "The husband isn't going to be home for six months and he's going to be fawned and fussed upon." He continued, "If you drive a car 50,000 miles a year, you are going to have more accidents." Nonetheless, the Off the Market women are still planning couples retreats and offering advice to spouses on their Facebook page. Some of the latest advice: "Cater to your

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  • iPhone Apps to Improve Your Relationship, or Not

    If your relationship has so many problems that downloading an iPhone app sounds helpful, then maybe the problem is bigger than you think. Don't get me wrong. I'm all for using technology to improve relationships, but these apps go beyond facilitating communication. It's like 1970s psychotherapy suspended in time and entered into the app store. One, DTR, asks you to take your relationship's "daily temperature reading" by sending a note of five "feelings, hopes, dreams, and cares" about your relationship every single day. If you're fighting so often that you can't keep track, there's an app for that. FightTracker not only allows you to monitor how frequent your spats are, but you can record a fight in real time. I'm sure that goes over well - I've always wanted to know what I sound like yelling! Fix a Fight allows you to identify the "feeling" words, like "angry," "hurt," or "homicidal," you experience after an argument, but I kind of like the sound of Mind Over Marriage. Type the gist

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  • 6 Things to Know About Afghanistan's First Soap Opera

    Soap operas might be the low of American culture (don't tell James Franco), but in Afghanistan they serve lofty objectives. In a country where the Taliban forbade women to even go to school not too long ago, it's empowering for women to work and gain public recognition. And for viewers at home, the show tells the familiar story of life since the fall of the Taliban. In last weekend's New York Times Magazine, Elizabeth Rubin interviewed actresses on the country's first soap opera: The Secrets of This House. Here are six things I learned. You can check out part of the first episode (subtitled) in the video below.

    1. The actresses risk their lives. One explains: "If the Taliban come back, they'd behead all of us."
    2. "The Murdoch of Kabul" produces the show, and according to Rubin, he "darts around the world tending to kids and business and politics in Australia (where he spent his teenage years) and in Dubai, Kabul, Washington, Los Angeles."
    3. The writers workshopped with the
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  • Do Women Really Care About Bad Sex?

    Sexual dysfunction is far from uncommon in men and women. Despite dissatisfaction among 43 percent of women, only 10 percent report it. What of the rest? They're what researchers have dubbed "happily dysfunctional." I don't buy it, though. First, we should account for women who are just too embarrassed to seek help. I have no idea what percent that is, but I'm confident it's a sizable swath of women not reporting problems. Now we should acknowledge, and to be fair so do researchers, that sexual dysfunction in women is not nearly as clear cut as it is in men. If men have erectile dysfunction then they can't have sex, but a lack of desire (the usual suspect for women) does not necessarily prevent sex. Could these women just not care?

    It's not about caring or not caring, but the quality of the relationship. Women who are less secure about their relationships find intimacy comforting even when sexual dysfunction occurs, whereas women very confident in their relationships find sexual

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  • Are You Going to Dress Sexy, Scary, or Silly for Halloween?

    One year in college, my girlfriends and I decided to dress up as the band KISS. It was a last-minute costume that only required jeans, a black tank top, lots of face paint, and some black hair-color spray (that soon came off everywhere). The best part of the costume was that no one recognized us. The worst part: I think our face paint actually frightened people. As people gave us suspicious looks, I remember seeing other girls at the party dressed as Victoria's Secret Angels, complete with wings and boy shorts. While, I was not about to go around in my underwear, it made me second-guess my costume choice.

    Halloween is a great holiday for people who like to show off some skin, but if you want to go the unsexy route you don't have to be terrifying. You could always go for funny. Like this polygamy group costume sported by a Sugar staffer last year. If you still need ideas, here's a whole list of unsexy costume ideas. What are you planning to do this year? Let us know by taking our poll

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