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  • March Must Reads

    POPSUGAR Sex & CultureSource: March Must Reads

    Welcome to March madness and the most anticipated new book releases of the month! For those who've waiting impatiently for Hillary Clinton's yet-to-be-written new memoir to hit bookshelves, there's a new page-turner that follows the former secretary of state from Beirut to the "heart of American power." If you have a weakness for baby sloths - à la Kristen Bell - then you'll melt over A Little Book of Sloth. And if you're a fan of Downton Abbey, then there's a novel you may find hauntingly delightful. Check out all these and the rest of our must reads for March!

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  • 5 Ways to Ease the Burn of a Breakup

    Source: 5 Ways to Ease the Burn of a Breakup

    No matter who ended the relationship, a breakup is never easy - and while nothing can erase the pain entirely, these simple steps may lessen the blow. When you're struggling to let go of an ex, it's tempting to turn to ultimatums like "I'll never talk to him again," but those black-and-white plans aren't always realistic. Rather than setting strict rules for yourself and beating yourself up if you break them, try these strategies to move on:

    • Set some goals. If there's a passion that you put on the back burner during your relationship, now's the time to pick it back up again. Been missing book club lately? Wishing you had more time for exercise or a cooking class? Erase "date night" from your calendar and fill that time with your favorite hobbies instead.
    • Do a digital cleanup. Relationships don't just exist in the real world anymore; now they live on the Internet, too. Luckily, the upcoming KillSwitch app ($1) is making it
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  • 5 Ways to Spring Clean Your Dating Style

    Source: 5 Ways to Spring Clean Your Dating Style

    Now's the time to kick start your Spring cleaning, so why not spruce up your dating approach, too? From new hobbies to a fresh, self-loving attitude, a little bit of change can go a long way - both for your confidence and for your dating habits. Love is in the air this season, so boost your odds of meeting someone by following these five simple tips:

    • Sign up for a class. You're not going to meet someone if you're sitting around all day, so take the initiative and join a class of some kind. Whether it's a fitness class or a cooking workshop, you're bound to meet new people - and the more people you know, the more likely it is that you'll find a connection, so boost your odds by getting out there.
    • Stick to smaller groups. A giant crowd of females can be more than a little intimidating, so ease up on the estrogen and go out with just a few close pals instead. Smaller numbers mean less pressure, making it much easier for guys to
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  • 6 Cost-Conscious Ways for Singles to Celebrate Valentine's Day

    Source: 6 Cost-Conscious Ways For Singles to Celebrate Valentine's Day

    Valentine's Day is not just a holiday for couples - it's a holiday of love, which makes it the perfect time to celebrate your love for yourself or for your friends. Read on for some fun and frugal ways to celebrate V-Day!

    • Make a Meal: Who says you need to cook for a guy? Treat yourself or some girlfriends to a nice juicy steak or a recipe you've been dying to try.
    • Wine Tasting: Invite a couple of gal pals over for a wine tasting party at your place. Have each friend bring a bottle of wine so you'll have a variety of wine to test out.
    • Read a Romance Novel: Cozy up with a good romance novel and read it while sipping a mug of hot chocolate. Browse through the romance section on Amazon for options if you're not familiar with the genre.
    • Chocolate Strawberries: Spend some time after work making delectable chocolate strawberries with these tips from YumSugar.
    • Facial Time:
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  • Don't Miss a (Heart)Beat: Valentine's Day Planning Apps

    POPSUGAR TechSource: Don't Miss a (Heart)Beat: Valentine's Day Planning Apps

    Just like any other holiday, Valentine's Day requires some thoughtful planning. From playlists to flowers to reservations to date ideas, the list feels endless. Thankfully, mobile apps are to the rescue (as usual) by covering our bases down to the detail. Whether you'll be dancing the night away or cooking at home, these apps will help make sure the date's a memorable one. Now all you have to do is show up - phew!

    • Greeting Cards: Customize and send unique (read: silly) cards to those you love through email, Facebook, text, or even snail mail with the help of justWink Greeting Cards (free).
    • Date Ideas: Stuck on where to take your Valentine? Don't worry, Helpful Romantic (free) will save the day. Consider the app a database of more than 100 date ideas for both guys, girls, and different relationship statuses. Just answer a few questions about your honey, and the app generates plenty of options.
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  • 5 Apps for a Long Distance Romance

    Source: 5 Apps For a Long Distance Romance

    When you're a long way from a special someone, how do you keep the romance alive? If cross-country phone calls are racking up bills, turn to these five apps designed for a more intimate network, making it easier to stay in touch with your significant other from hundreds of miles away.

    • Couple (Free) - This app's the quintessential choice for couples since you can only choose one other "pair" with whom you share a time line where you post video messages, photos, chat, share sketches, or voice messages. When you're online at the same time as your pair, you can - brace yourselves - ThumbKiss, a feature that prompts you to touch the screen exactly where your pair is, making both phones vibrate.
    • Path (Free) - If you've ever wanted a personal social network made up of just your friends, look no further than Path. This beautifully designed app was made to be shared among small groups of people, but it works just as well with a network
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  • Lighthearted Valentine's Day Date Ideas

    POPSUGAR Sex & CultureSource: Lighthearted Valentine's Day Date Ideas

    Did you make dinner reservations for Feb. 14, yet? If not, don't worry! Valentine's Day can be a holiday of great expectations and mild disappointment. Instead of buying into the hype with an overpriced date night, opt for a low-key outing that will bring you and your lover closer together. Here are seven lighthearted Valentine's Day ideas.

    • Trade Heels For Bowling Shoes : Let other couples compete for a spot at the trendy restaurants. Instead, head to your local bowling alley for some flirty competition.
    • Have a Fancy Lunch Instead of Dinner : Push your Valentine's date to the weekend and book a reservation for lunch at an upscale restaurant. Tasting menus are often much more affordable and the atmosphere less stuffy during the day. Plus, you won't have to worry about being too full when it comes time to hop in bed together.
    • Re-Create Your First Date : Be romantic and nostalgic at the same time by reliving your
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  • February Must Reads

    TresSugarSource: February Must Reads

    As you continue to hibernate indoors this Winter, cozy up with one of this month's most promising new books. A memoir about friendships with John Lennon and Yoko Ono, a story of murder and red velvet cupcakes, and a tale of vampires in a lemon grove are all among new books out in February. Challenge yourself to see how many titles you can cram into this short month after you take a look at our February must reads.

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  • Books to Give Your Friends or Lovers This Valentine's Day

    TresSugarSource: Books to Give Your Friends or Lovers This Valentine's Day

    When trying to find a Valentine's Day gift for your single partner in crime or current lover, there's a lot to love about books. They are sweetly simple, making them acceptable for a new man in your life. But books also can convey that you put a lot of thought into the present, since you can draw on how well you know your best friend or longtime love to find the perfect title to add to their bookshelves. We've rounded up some books on love, sex, marriage, and the single life that range from humorous to earnest. We hope they help you spread some love come Feb. 14.

    • The Sexy Book of Sexy Sex : Comedian Kristen Schaal and her husband, Richard Blomquist, who used to write for The Daily Show, present a sexy guide appropriately titled The Sexy Book of Sexy Sex. Perfect for anyone who has a sense of humor about the bedroom, it includes sex myths and facts, vintage sex guides, and helpful information like various methods of
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  • How 2013's War on Abortion is Being Waged State by State

    Source: How 2013's War on Abortion Is Being Waged State by State

    Today, Arkansas's legislature advanced a bill banning abortion after 20 weeks of pregnancy with no exceptions for rape or incest. That's after advancing the "heartbeat" bill last week that outlaws abortion after six weeks - before many women even know that they're pregnant.

    Last month may have been the anniversary of Roe v. Wade, but 40 years later, bills that are unconstitutional thanks to that decision are still being proposed (and even passing). Arkansas is one of several Republican-run states making a big push in 2013 to ban abortions with bills targeting women's reproductive rights.

    President of the Center For Reproductive Rights Nancy Northup spoke with Rachel Maddow recently about why these state-run attacks against abortion matter. States like North Dakota and Mississippi are in the process of closing down the last abortion clinics standing - currently there's only one remaining in each - essentially preventing

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