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  • Time to put your feet through sandal season boot camp

    Winter can wreak havoc on your heels (and toes, for that matter), drying and cracking the skin on your feet and making them decidedly unready for their springtime debut. Prepare to put your best feet forward come warmer weather with these pedi-pretty tips. Treat yourself to a four-day foot spa regimen, or do the whole shebang in one spa-perfect day.

    image image
    First, soak your feet in a warm bath with a few drops of tea tree oil ($9) for an antiseptic deep cleaning. Rub a lemon wedge over discolored nails-the natural oxidizing agents in lemon will brighten yellowed nails. Finish up by slathering on a foot cream with alpha hydroxy acid. Eucerin Plus Intensive Foot Repair Cream with AHA ($6) smoothes cracks and polishes rough heels. Let it work its magic overnight and see smoother feet by morning.

    image image
    Next, get down and dirty by sloughing off dead skin with an exfoliating foot scrub. J.R. Watkins Apothecary Exfoliating Peppermint Foot Scrub ($8) has tiny bits of pumice in it, as

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  • The whole geek chic thing is back—glasses are cool


    According to the Wall Street Journal, wearing glasses is cool again. Now, if I were one who had to wear them full-time I would be somewhat offended by this latest fad. Last I checked, wasn't visual impairment a disability? So therefore, isn't wearing glasses when you don't need them a tad bit mocking? And if not mocking, perhaps just plain silly? I can't help but anticipate a conversation between friends:

    Friend: Oh, I didn't know you wore glasses.

    Glasses Wearing Fashion Victim: Oh, I don't. Well, I do. But I don't. It's complicated. I don't want to talk about it.

    Friend: Uh. Okay.

    Hmm. It is confusing. For all of us. But if the style bug has already bitten and you're eager to partake in the latest trend, here are a few fashions you might want to check out. You can order online with either single lenses or as frames only and bring them to your local LensCrafters where they will fit you will clear lenses (and try not to laugh).

    imageimage image
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  • Just how green are you willing to go?

    SheFinds recently presented readers with a bunch of options for going green. But these choices are a little more complicated than just sorting your plastics from your perishables. We've asked if you'd give up the comforts of luxe leather handbags for animal happy alternatives, or if you would risk offending your office mates by switching from your trusty anti-perspirant to a new age crystal deodorant. Below is a recap of the topics.

    Which one would you draw the line at when it comes to saving Mama Earth?


    Natalie Portman won't go near leather. She went so far as to create her own line of vegan footwear. Would you support the cause and only sport vegan bags and shoes?


    You may consider yourself a diva in every other aspect of your life, but would you use a Diva Cup or any other eco-friendly feminine products?


    Would you turn in your designer jeans (you know, the ones that go with everything and magically make your butt look smaller) for a pair of organic

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  • "I have a style and jeweled panties aren't it," said Carrie Bradshaw before stepping onto the Dolce and Gabbana runway in this, tripping on her super-high heels, and then becoming fashion roadkill as Heidi Klum trampled over her.

    carrie bradshaw runwaycarrie bradshaw runway

    The gown Carrie was supposed to wear before they swapped her outfit at the last minute looked a bit more like the florarl-motifed lingerie set seen below. In lieu of the upcoming Sex And The City: The Movie, Cosabella, Hollywood's preferred intimate apparel company, designed four sets of lingerie with the Sex And The City ladies as inspiration. From the lingerie company known for its comfortable, colorful, and diverse collections you can pick up these great pieces from

    carrie cosabella lingeriecarrie cosabella lingerie

    In college, I could remember wanting to be the Carrie of my group due to her fashion sense and to-die-for writing gig. The girl had s-t-y-l-e. Cosabella hit the nail on the head when designing the print for the Carrie Collection. I couldn't imagine

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  • SheFinds Solution: Bend shoes to your will with Stretchers

    If you get your new shoes home and find they're not what you bargained for, it's time to break out the shoe stretchers. Always keep a bottle of shoe stretch spray on hand; it makes your shoes supple and ripe for stretching. The spray works best on materials like suede and leather that have more natural give, so don't expect instant success on vinyl or other synthetic shoes. Once you've primed your shoes with spray, use a shoe stretcher (fair warning: some of these look like scary tools you'd see at the gyno). Women's stretchers ($30, including spray) are sized according to shoe size and heel height. Stretchers can adjust length and width, plus give more room and relief to pressure points on the tops and sides of the feet.


    If it's your stilettos that need breaking in, use a specially arched high heel stretcher ($19) to get the job done.

    Most shoe stretchers work the same way: insert them into your shoes, twist the handle until the stretcher is the same width and length of

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  • Would You Want Your Man Sporting Shapewear?

    Generally, we love shapewear. But every shapewear devotee knows that there's always the risk of that awkward moment when you disrobe to reveal to that special someone that your fantastic cleavage was in fact the work of floppy silicone bra inserts. Still, much as a torso trimmer may make you look like you're stuffed into a tiny tube sans clothing, the other eighty people who saw you that day will be none the wiser - and probably think that shapely silhouette is the result of a strict kale and pilates regimen.

    So, in the name of gender equality, I should not have a problem with this One-Piece Side Trimmer or Padded Butt Boxer Brief.

    But I do.

    The website claims these products will give you a "sleek, lean silhouette under tight-fitting fashions." Personally, I'm not too enthusiastic about the idea of my man slinking around in a silk jersey dress that clings to everything. But maybe I shouldn't be so judgmental. If a guy wants to wear a one-piece tank top and brief combo with a

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