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  • What BOTH Men and Women Really Want

    Gourmet, Romulo YanesBy Gena Kaufman, Glamour magazine

    Sometimes it might seem like men and women want different things, but when you get right down to it, there are quite a few things we all like. Do I spy some perfect first date activities?

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    Netbase analyzed 27 billion conversations (seriously people, we talk a lot) over a year on Twitter and Facebook to figure out what exactly men and women want the most, or at least talk about wanting the most. The three things that drive both ladies and gentlemen crazy with desire: Pizza, cars and ice cream. Sure, the rankings of the three differ (Men are for Cars, Women are for Hot Fudge Sundays), but really, I think this gives you all the material you need to guarantee that you both have an awesome time: Get to know each other over a couple slices, finish with an ice cream cone, and uh....go shopping for a new car together? Or uh...ride in a car together? Yeah OK, I don't know about how to work

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  • DO or DON'T: Holding a Sex Strike

    WWDWWDBy Gena Kaufman, Glamour magazine

    This movement is less "Occupy Wall Street", more "Occupy yourself, because I'm not going to have sex with you."

    In support of health care coverage for contraception, a group called Liberal Ladies Who Lunch is calling for women to strike, by withholding sex from their partners between April 28 and May 5. Leaving aside the particular political issue of this proposed strike, let's focus on the idea of a sex strike: Would you do it to stand up for something?

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    While I like the idea of a big statement like this to get conversations started about important topics, I'm not that into the idea of a sex strike. For starters, it perpetuates the stereotype that men are completely motivated by sex whereas women can go without it easily; thereby setting up an outdated double standard that results in women who like sex being called sluts (oops, I said I wouldn't focus on the birth

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  • 10 Words to Live by when Living with Your Boyfriend

    By Melissa Melms, Glamour magazine

    Last month I attended my very first bridal shower. Before the party ended, every guest filled out a little card for the bride and groom-to-be with "words of wisdom" for their new marriage. Well, my dears, I took note of some of the gems and added some of my own. After six months (and going strong!) of living with my boyfriend I've compiled 10 words of wisdom for happy cohabitation.

    1. Never go to bed angry. Always kiss goodnight.

    2. Plan frequent date nights. Never let things get too comfortable or routine by fitting in time for romance.

    3. Keep the wine rack stocked. Let's be honest, sometimes you both need a nice glass of wine (or bubble bath… together) after a long day of work.

    4. Be generous with your time for each other and for your friends. It's easy to get caught up in your relationship so it's important to schedule couple time and "me" time.

    5. Be your man's biggest cheerleader and he yours. Life is more fulfilling

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  • 6 Signs He Has One Foot Out the Door

    By Ariane Mardner, Glamour magazine

    One minute he's all over you like he can't get enough, telling you you're the best thing that ever happened to him, and then poof, he starts acting all weird-like. What's the deal? Unfortunately, it may be that he's losing interest in the relationship. Here are six signs to help you figure out what's going on inside his head.

    1. He goes M.I.A.
    When once he was checking in with you daily, now he's suddenly "too busy" to call or text back. Of course, we all know it takes less than thirty seconds to send a text and a minute to call and say hi. So, unless, he's really in the doghouse with work or lost his phone, there's no real good excuse for his going ghost on you.

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    2. He stops paying attention.
    This can be emotional or physical, or both (ugh!). If he never was the affectionate type, then maybe it's not a big deal that he doesn't hold your hand, but

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  • It Takes Him HOW Long to Decide If He Wants a Second Date?

    By Anna Breslaw, Glamour magazine

    And guess which first-impression values men hold dear?

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    Wait, before we delve into it, this:

    A new University of Texas study finds the more attractive the woman, the more a man thinks she is interested in him, while women, on the other hand, often underestimate men's desire for them.

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    AHHH! The above is perhaps the most disturbing moment of this, whose main point is that it takes approximately 20 minutes or fewer for singles to decide whether they want to see someone again after the first date. A few factors play into the decision, but many are simply common knowledge (for most of us, anyway):

    • Nice smile.
    • Babbling is a DON'T.
    • Word-vomiting all of your family's dysfunctional closet skeletons is another "don't." (Guilty!)
    • Don't b*tch about your work or be overwhelmingly negative.
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  • What His Cuddling Style Means

    By Anna Breslaw, Glamour magazine

    Had iconic 20th century anthropologist Margaret Meade done fieldwork in cuddling, these are probably the conclusions she would come to also. Just saying.

    As a single girl, getting used to dudes' varied cuddle techniques can be a little exhausting, especially if you're the type who reads into everything. But you're in luck, ladies, because I've done it for you.

    Spooning with one arm stretched straight out. Ugh. It really should be under you, right? This guy isn't a real man. Real men are OK with morning arm numbness.

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    Spooning with one arm trapped under you. Hahaha, sucker! Now go make me a quesadilla.

    On your sides, face-to-face. Is what love looks like, right? I feel like it is. I hope you're chewing gum.

    On top of you. This guy means well, but he's sort of crushing your windpipe, but you sort of like it?

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  • This Just In: Women Are Happier when Men Know They Feel Sad

    By Ariane Marder, Glamour magazine

    A new study reveals that women's happiness in relationships depends on whether their partners can figure out when they are sad. On the flip side, men are happy when their women are happy. Is anyone else's head exploding?

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    According to Science Daily, researchers videotaped 156 heterosexual couples and asked each person to describe an incident that was particularly distressing to him or her. Then, participants had to rate their emotional response, as well as fill out a questionnaire and report how they felt about their partner's ability to be empathetic.

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    The takeaway, however ironic as it may seem, is that women tend to be more content in a relationship when they are able to identify their partner's sadness than when they see how happy they are. The results also shows that women are happier when their male

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  • Men and the Post-Breakup Facebook Purge

    By Anna Breslaw, Glamour magazine

    Last summer I went from 1,000 Facebook friends to 500. It was time-consuming, emotionally draining and occasionally a harsh cut or two was made. But I felt cleaner afterward. Lighter! Like I'd just gotten a Facebook colonic! Men don't have that, I guess.

    As it turns out, the "Facebook purge"--often perpetrated by women trying to start over after a bad breakup or the simulacrum of one--is mostly a female and teen phenomenon. A study by the Pew Research Center shows that out of the two-thirds of Internet users who use a social networking site, 67% of women have unfriended people while only 58% of men have.

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    And while 58% of all social network users have some kind of privacy setting on their profile, in an even wider margin than the defriending rates, women favor the highest privacy level, coming in at 67% to 48% of men.

    Really? Guys don't purge their Facebooks? I don't know

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  • Facebook-Messaging Etiquette

    By Anna Breslaw, Glamour magazine

    Look, if you're going to go the Zuckerbergian route rather than just calling someone and asking him out, you need to adhere to just a few simple rules.

    1. If you initiated the contact, be prompt. Nothing's more annoying than someone establishing contact, asking you out, then playing "too cool to respond within the day" with Facebook messaging. You already asked this person out, bro. Cover is blown.

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    2. But if you're gonna drop the ball, don't be conspicuous. If you change your mind or whatever and decide to flake, and our message is sitting unanswered for a day, and then you're writing all these funny status updates about the Oscars, well... uh, we know you're there?

    3. On the other hand, don't get sucked into the messaging void. There's a reason that some seasoned online daters set a message limit (as in, only three messages will be exchanged before a face-to-face

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  • The Weird Thing that Makes Men More Attractive to You

    CN Digital StudioCN Digital StudioBy Gena Kaufman, Glamour magazine

    You have your list of basic requirements in a man: smart, good-looking, kind, funny and with tons of Hep B antibodies. Wait, come again?

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    My, what sexy antibodies you have! Per Live Science, new research shows that when women lust after hunky men, men's good looks may not be the milkshake that brings all the girls to their respective yards. Instead, women may be attracted to men with a macho look because it signifies good health. Researchers recruited 74 Latvian men to give blood samples before and after receiving their first doses of the Hepatitis B vaccine, which triggers the immune system to produce antibodies. Women were then asked to rank photographs of the men and they rated the men with better immune responses, which correlates with high testosterone, as better looking.

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    Does this information affect your love life? I

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