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  • Super Personal Question: How Do You and Your Guy Divide Bills?

    As I was paying our gas bill the other day, I realized the way Chris and I divide bills is pretty unorganized. And I know it shouldn't be.

    Here's a breakdown of our bills and expenses:

    *We're both listed on the apartment lease and we split the monthly rent down the middle.

    *Chris pays our power bill, which is due every other month.

    *I take care of our monthly gas payment; it's considerably smaller than the power.

    *Chris picks up the tabs for our cable, internet and cell phones.

    *I tend to buy the groceries. I usually pay for goodies from Target or the drugstore.

    *We divide going out costs (restaurants, coffee, etc) pretty evenly.

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    It may seem confusing to an outsider, but to us, it's quite clear. Perhaps that's just denial? I realize that having a joint bank account would make things much easier. And after we tie the knot in May, we'll certainly open at least one account together. The reason we have

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  • Dating FAIL: These Guys Made Us Scream and Shout Friday everyone! Need some twisted comedy to get you through the rest of the work day? Here are two Dating FAIL stories sure to make you giggle.

    Reader Heidi1985 left a hilarious Dating FAIL story in the comments and she was sweet enough email me with the full scoop:

    There was this super hot guy in my college Psych class, and I was really stoked when he asked me out. We went out to dinner and everything was going great. We stopped at a park to walk and when I got out of the car he put his arms around me, with my back nestled into his chest. I thought I had really lucked out until he put his hands on my belly and said, "I can't wait until this is swollen with my seed." I broke the sound barrier getting out of there, and in class he'd glare at me like I was the weirdo!

    Related: This guy shared the details behind his rating system.

    And now for a Dating FAIL that hits close to home. This one happened to me:

    When I was 19, I dated this adorable guy I met through a

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  • Guy Pretty vs. Girl Pretty: Hair Color!

    Actress Emma Roberts recently lightened her locks from rich brown to sun-kissed blonde and says that her luck with boys just might be changing, too!

    "Guys check me out more, which is weird," she said at the premiere of her new flick, Twelve. "When I had brown hair, girls would tell me I was pretty all the time, and then with blonde hair, guys tell me I'm pretty a lot. So I really don't know what that means."

    I asked my friend Jackson for a translation.

    "For me, I'd rather date a blonde…but marry a brunette," he explained. "I'm not really sure why. Maybe it's just because my girlfriend now is a brunette and-don't tell her-but I'd totally settle down with her. Oh, but redheads? Damn. They're just plain SEXY. Don't tell my girlfriend that either!"

    Oops, sorry to blow your cover! It's all in the name of journalism!

    Here's Emma as a brunette:
    Related: 10 Things Your Man Never Needs to Know

    And here's Emma as a blonde:

    Do you think one color is cuter?

    My personal

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  • Oral Sex: Let’s Talk About Gagging, can we talk about something super personal? Yes? Great, it's going down…

    And I mean going down on him. We've talked a lot about oral sex and it seems like we're always looking for tips to really wow him. Let's not dance around the fact that you have a penis in your mouth. Sometimes those suckers are big, other times not so much. But the point is that it's larger than most items that normally go in your mouth so it can be a strange feeling to get used to.

    Related: 4 Things Men Hate About Sex

    A lot of girls I know (myself included) thought things were going just swimmingly during a ----- . The guy was into it, the girl was relaxing and then suddenly BAM! A gag is triggered and the girl awkwardly pulls back and stops and the guy is momentarily confused. Though in all honestly, I think some guys get off knowing they've gagged a girl.

    When I read this article on Tres Sugar about Go Deep Oral Sex Mints, I had to shake my head. Apparently, a mint "numbs your mouth" and

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  • Love in Transit: One Guy Tells Us Why He Went Out of His Way to Find a Girl that story about Sylvia and Patrick…the couple who met on the subway platform, but didn't exchange numbers? For those of you who didn't catch it: The guy (Patrick) kicked himself for not getting any contact info from the girl (Sylvia) who he had a chance encounter with, so he left a note for her on the wall of a New York City subway station, hoping she'd see it and email him. That's right, he left his email out there for the whole city to see. Well, have I got news for you…

    …Patrick saw my original post about the incident (my sister and I just happened to find the note in the subway station!), and he offered to share his side of the story with us. Here's his sweet-and honest-account.

    Jessica: So, what happened? How did you and Sylvia strike up a conversation?
    Patrick: It was late one evening as I arrived on the D train platform; I noticed this girl waiting for her train. I actually couldn't really see much of her, as she was all bundled up from the cold weather

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  • Reader's Dilemma: What Comes After Texting? this week, I received a sweet email from Smitten reader Melanie. After giving a guy her number and exchanging a few texts, she's not sure what to do next. The ever clever John is also weighing in on this later today so make sure to check out Single-ish for a guy's take on the situation.

    Here's Melanie's email:

    I am at the precipice of either major flirtation or let down...Last night in my college comp class, I decided to be rather ballsy, and write my phone number on the cutest guy's essay (which I was correcting). I passed it back to him, and booked it out of the class to avoid his reaction. He texted me that evening, with general small talk about the class. We exchanged a few harmless messages, and he stopped responding. I have no idea what to do next, because I am really into him. I don't want to be the one to initiate texting next, and after watching "He's Just Not That Into You" a few too many times, I feel like the ball is in his court. Should I go for it, and just

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  • "My Most Awkward Sexual Experience", a brave reader shares her cringe-worthy sexual experience with a bartender...

    Here's her story:

    One night, I go to an after-work drinks thing. The bartender keeps plying me with free drink after free drink after free drink, while flirting like a fiend. This continues until the bar closes, and we end up stumbling back to his place.

    I wake up in the morning, dying with a hangover. I teeter to the bathroom, turn on the lights and see pantyhose hanging all around the shower. I go out to the rest of the apartment and suddenly notice heels by the front door, dresses in the open closet, etc.

    So, I walk back to the bed. "I'm leaving."

    The guy gets up to kiss me goodbye. He's stark naked. Before he makes it over, I say, "You clearly have a girlfriend."

    He says nothing. Instead, he makes a giant running leap (like a flying squirrel!) back into the bed, gets into the fetal position (no joke) under the comforter and refuses to come out.

    And I'm out of there.

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  • Outdated, Weird and Hilarious! Check out these Laws that Still Exist've all heard of those super obscure and outdated laws that are inexplicably still in effect. But what about the law that focus on the sexier things in life?

    A few weeks back, a friend and I got to talking about wacky sex and relationship laws that are still on the books. After spending quite some time researching-and laughing-I'm excited to share my findings. I've committed a few of these "crimes;" thankfully these laws aren't usually enforced. Enjoy!

    *It is against the law to kiss for more than five minutes in Iowa. You have to come up for air at some point, right?

    *In Tremonton, Utah, a woman cannot have sex while in an ambulance. Punishment can be severe: she can be charged with a misdemeanor and have her name printed in the local paper.

    * In Virginia, it is illegal to have sex with the lights on.

    Related: Same-sex marriage is now legal in Mexico City.

    *Connorsville, Wisconsin prohibits a man from shooting off a gun while his female partner is having an

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  • Racy Sex Tip to Try Tonight (Look Away Shy Readers!) week when dished about our favorite sexual positions, I may or may not have taken a few notes while reading through everyone's answers in the comments. I thought I'd return the favor by sharing something I recently stumbled upon while thumbing through one of my favorite books. This position sounds like quite a heavy hitter. Shy readers, you might want to avert your eyes. And cubicle cuties, be sure to check this out once you're at home!

    In Sex Tips for Straight Women from a Gay Man, authors Dan Anderson and Maggie Berman suggest trying "T for Two:"

    The T position has you on your back with your legs in the air, with the guy lying on his side perpendicular to your booty. He can hold up your legs and enter from below. In this position, Mr. Stiffy will be coming at you on a sideward slant for yet another new sensation. Gay guys love this because the top guy can lean on his forearm and show off his buffed biceps.

    Oh la la. This sounds divine, and there's something so sexy

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  • The Pick-Up Artist: When to Laugh and What to Avoid I read this article on Telegraph, I had to laugh. And take a few notes.

    Mystery from VH1's The Pick Up Artist. Did you watch? I had a love/hate relationship with the show.

    The story examines the rise-and I'd argue fall-of the Pick-Up Artist (PUA) in the last few years. And also warns shares with readers what to be on the lookout when dealing with one of these characters.

    Related: The truth about ALL guys: they're nerds. And we love 'em that way!

    *Does he go by a nickname? Telegraph points to popular PUA monikers like Mystery, Style and Gunwitch.

    *Clothes make the man. Especially when it's some flashy, florescent nonsense with a dragon silk-screened on the front. This is called "peacocking."

    *Weird lingo. To keep his operations on the DL, a PUA will often speak in code. A few fun ones the article lists: "'Closing' means to seal the deal; there are various levels, including NC, or Number Close, where you get her phone number, KC, or Kiss Close, where you kiss

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