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  • Would You Ever Let Your Guy Read Your Diary? a recent interview with British GQ, Nicole Kidman said she burned some of her diaries after she married Keith Urban in 2006. Sounds drastic, but I bet it was cathartic at the same time! She said, "You can't read somebody's diary. You shouldn't read it. I burnt most of my journals after I remarried. You're only going to find out bad things." I can understand where she's coming from, but I don't know if I could ever get rid of my old diaries, could you?

    I have a few diaries from when I was younger, and I have one I kept for a year in college which is the juiciest read. I love looking them when I'm bored-diary entries are sometimes better than photos. I usually wrote in my diary when I needed to vent about something or when I felt bad for myself about guy issues, so it makes me smile now to see how much my life has changed. There are some entries I would let Drew read, but overall, the emotions in my diary are so raw, I wouldn't want anyone reading the entire thing. That's the

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  • Do You Always Wear Your Wedding Band? And Does Your Guy?

    On a recent appearance at The View, Joy Behar called out Ivanka Trump for not wearing her wedding ring. Ivanka responded: "I was engaged for three months and then I've been married around eight days, so it's sitting on my bedside table. I forget about the hardware." Do you always wear your wedding band and engagement rings? And does your guy?

    I don't think it's unusual that Ivanka forgot to wear her wedding ring. Some days, I'll forget to put mine on, too, especially if I'm running late. I do feel a little naked without it, but I don't think it's that uncommon to forget. In the video, Sherri Shepherd asks her if Ivanka sleeps in them, but that seems so uncomfortable. I don't sleep in any of my you?

    Drew on the other hand never takes off his wedding band! He sleeps in it, showers in it and puts gel in his hair while wearing it! I would hate it if soap and hair gel got under my ring, but I haven't say anything to him because I'm scared that I'll mention it and

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  • Weird or Relatable: Sometimes I'm Jealous of My Single Friends feel very fortunate that I met the perfect guy for me, but I have to admit that I do get really jealous of my single girlfriends when I hear about their dating adventures (even the bad ones!). Is that weird?

    When I was dating, I didn't fully appreciate that nervous energy you get before you meet someone new, and I miss it. Sometimes when my friends are giving me a play-by-play of their dating adventures, I wish I could trade places with them for just one night to experience that rush again.

    When I read Joanna's post about Sarah going on a date with her husband of eight years and feeling butterflies, I couldn't help but smile. That's the feeling I miss. Maybe I just need to make Drew institute a monthly date night to let me experience that energy again!

    Do you ever feel jealous of your single girlfriends when they go on dates? Ever wish you could trade places with them, even for one night? Or are you thrilled that you met "the one" so that you never have to go on another

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  • Can You Be In A Serious Relationship If You Still Live With Your Parents? couple of weeks ago, Chrissi over at Storked! asked if you would ever dare to live with your parents. A recent U.S. census report revealed 55 percent of men and 48 percent of women between the ages of 18 and 24 live with their parents-not surprising considering the very sad economy. Are you dating a guy who lives at home, and has it gotten in the way of your relationship?

    I have three friends who are dating men who still live with their parents, and they always complain about the same three things that are keeping their relationships from progressing:

    *Their boyfriends aren't "growing up." Their moms still do their laundry and make their beds, so they expect their girlfriends to do the same for them when they stay over. My one girlfriend told me she sarcastically tells her 28-year-old boyfriend that she's "not his mother" every time he leaves his dirty dishes on the table.

    *There's no change of scenery. They only time they get to be alone is in their own apartments because

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  • Leona Lewis Sticks Up for Her Electrician Boyfriend. Do You Ever Have To Defend Your Guy's Job?

    A reporter at The Observer recently asked Leona Lewis about how the press has a "snide bewilderment" with her boyfriend of seven years who is an electrician. And her response was so incredibly honest and sweet...

    When the reporter asked Leona if she finds the fascination with her relationship to be offensive, she said:

    "I find it very offensive. It's like, seriously? This is real life, it isn't make-believe. For people to think that you should leave someone because, all of a sudden, you're a singer and you have opportunities. I feel very sorry for them. It does make me angry. Because he's a great person. And it doesn't matter what you do in life, what your job is, where you come from. None of that matters to me, what matters is who you are as a person-nothing else."

    I've always thought Leona had a beautiful voice (I listened to "Bleeding Love" on repeat for days and days when it first came out), but her answer was so brutally honest and sincere, it makes me love her even

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  • Adorable Marriage Proposal..In a Video Game! love a good proposal story, and this one does not disappoint. This sweet, video-game-loving guy proposed to his girlfriend via Super Mario World. Watch how it all went down...

    The mystery man in the video proposes to his girlfriend of five years when she sees gold coins that spell out "LISA WILL YOU MARRY ME? The Telegraph reported that he used a program called Lunar Magic to pop the question. After she realizes what the screen says, she looks over and sees him on one knee with a ring. It's so romantic, in a super modern and non-traditional way. The Telegraph also reported that he was secretly recording the proposal, saying, "And no it wasn't staged, but I did sit her down told her to play some Super Mario World, but she totally didn't know she was being recorded."

    Too cute! They look so happy-I wonder what unique things they'll do for their wedding? Maybe they'll walk down the aisle to the Super Mario World theme song. Hey, it's just a thought...

    And by the way, how

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  • If You Could Marry Any Celebrity, Who Would You Pick?

    It's Wednesday afternoon, so let's play a little game: If you could get hitched to any celebrity (dead or alive), who would you choose? I'm happily (and very newly) married, but if you'd asked me this question five years ago, I would have definitely said...

    1031-when-harry-met-sally_sm.jpg...a young Billy Crystal! He seems so fun and hilarious, and I once spotted him at a brunch spot in our neighborhood, and he's really cute in person. He also seemed to like eggs and bacon, so that's always a bonus.

    What about you guys? Which celebrity would you (pretend) marry? Who do you think would make a good life partner? Is the person you'd choose to marry different from the famous person you'd kiss or ask for a back rub? I'd love to hear...


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  • Racy Sex Tip To Try Tonight (Shy Readers, Don't Look!) this: You're having sex with your boyfriend. You're kissing. You're closing your eyes. You're feeling great. But...what are you doing with your hands?

    Let's chat...

    Here's a move that guys love: While you're having sex, rub his back. Tickle his shoulders by brushing your fingers lightly over his skin. Squeeze his strong arms. And, most of all, if he's on top of you and the heat is building, press down on his lower back. This incredibly sexy move will show him that you're really turned on and want him even closer. Your man will go crazy.

    (Also, if you're feeling extra racy, another sexy thing you can do with your hands!)

    What about you guys? Where are your hands during sex? Rubbing his back? Caressing his face? Grabbing the sheets? All over the place? Any fun tips to share? xoxo

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  • Five Guys Reveal What They Think About Girls Doing "The Reach"... you're on a first date and the waiter brings the check, a whopping 50% of you (myself included!) do the old "reach" for your wallets but let the guy pay. So, I started wondering, what do men think of the reach? Do they appreciate the polite gesture? Or not so much?

    Here, five guys reveal what they really think of "the reach"...

    Guy #1: "The reach is transparent, yes, but necessary. It seems entitled to not make some gesture to help pay, even if the girl knows the guy won't actually take her up on it. It's just an awkward moment all around, though, and you can't escape it."

    Guy #2: "I want her to do a blatantly ceremonial reach. The guy should always pay on the first date; it's part of the old-fashioned mating dance. I don't care about 'this economy'; the economy of romance hasn't changed."

    See our tips: Places to Have Sex That Sound Sexy but Really Aren't

    Guy #3: "If the 'reach' is obviously insincere, then I consider it to be a bunch of B.S. and a telling sign

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  • Turn-On or Turn-Off: Gambling

    1014-casino_sm.jpgDrew, my dad and I went to the Atlantic City boardwalk this summer, and I had to beg them not to go into the casinos. Instead, we just took a picture in front of one.Ever since I was little, I've spent most of my weekends during the summer down the shore, near Atlantic City where my family has a condo. I love going there because it's quiet and relaxing. When Drew first found out that my family had a place down the shore, he was so excited to go...not for the beach, but for the casinos.

    I immediately told Drew how much I hate gambling. I completely understand that it can be fun to do every now and then, but it makes me nervous to see how people can get addicted to the thrill of the win. Drew isn't a huge gambler, but he really loves playing craps and poker (he watches professional poker on TV whenever it's on). It frustrates me to see him "studying" because it just makes him want to try out whatever tricks he learns from the pros. He and I work so hard, and I don't think it's smart to risk any of our salaries on a game. Luckily, Drew has recently gone into major money lockdown because he wants to see how much we can save over the year, so I'm not

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