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  • 5 Times when Burger King Delivery Would Save the Day

    Burger KingBurger KingWonderful news, fast food lovers: Burger King is almost set to deliver the Whopper to your home. While you've been dragging yourselves all the way to your cars and driving to the nearest BK (ugh, exhausting!), a few of the restaurants in the Washington, D.C., area have been quietly testing out home delivery -- and they're ready to expand their service to more restaurants beyond the beltway.

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    Reportedly, their "proprietary thermal packaging technology" will protect you from the trauma of encountering soggy French fries and stale buns. So if you're trapped under something heavy at your home and can't make it out the door to satisfy your craving for a mushroom Swiss burger, the burger will now come to you! I can think of a few other reasons why you'd want fast food delivered to your home.

    1. PMS strikes. Too bloated and cranky to leave the house? Let the treatment come to you! If
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  • Drop-Crotch Skinny Jeans? OH YES

    OAKOAKWhen I was sent a link to these drop-crotch skinny jeans, I was sure it had to be some kind of joke.

    I was wrong.

    These saggy/skinny blue jeans are the real deal -- and you won't believe how much they cost!

    OAK is selling these "stylish" designer jeans for $158.

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    OAKOAKYes, ladies, you too can look just as "edgy" and "fashionable" as this model, for the low, low price of $158!

    OAKOAKWhat? You're still reading? WHY HAVEN'T YOU PLACED YOUR ORDER YET? I have a feeling these jeans are going to be a sell-out!

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    If you're still on the fence about purchasing a pair, maybe these facts will change your mind.

    • Skinny jeans can be annoying, because they're so tight that you can't fit much more than a driver's license and a folded-up 20 in your back pocket. With drop-crotch skinny jeans, though, you can
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  • 15 Sex Tips for Women (From Men)

    It's hard, especially if you've been a long-term relationship or marriage, to keep the sexy alive. It's easy to fall into a rut when it comes to a romp in the bedroom -- we've all done it -- and harder than ever to come back out of the rut with some new sexy moves.

    There's no one better to discuss how to please a man then, well, another man.

    Here are 15 suggestions from guys about how to bring the heat back into your relationship:

    1. Strap on some sexy stockings and a garter belt.

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    2. Keep your naughty bits well-maintained. A simple trim can suffice if a bikini wax is an undesirable (ouch!) option.

    3. Try a lap-dance or a sexy strip-tease. That doesn't mean you have to spend a fortune on lingerie -- you can easily remove the frumpiest clothes sexily.

    4. Sexy texts can really get him going. Send him something like, "I can't wait for you to get home tonight -- got a surprise for you," and, well, give

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  • Selling Your Skin for Tattoo Advertisements Isn't so Crazy

    nick symmondnick symmondThere's an enterprising young man out there who has decided to sell his body to the highest bidder. Well, kind of. Nick Symmonds is an American runner who's ranked number one in the United States and sixth in the world for the 800-meter dash, and naturally, he's looking for sponsors as he prepares for the Olympics this summer in London. But what's a runner to do? Their outfits are too skimpy to sew on a paid-for logo ... but that didn't stop Nick. He got creative.

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    On eBay, Nick put his left bicep up for auction. He'll make a temporary tattoo of the highest bidder's Twitter handle and will wear the glorified sticker on his arm for each event in 2012. Before you start arguing that selling your skin is a type of prostitution or is somehow sleazy or evil, consider this.

    We're all walking billboards, we're just not getting paid for it. Quite the opposite, actually. We hand over top dollar for those labels -- some of us

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  • 5 Ways to Be a Sexier & More Confident Date

    Confidence is one of the sexiest things about a woman. It shows that she has other character traits that men love -- the ability to stand up for herself, empowerment, good looks, and sassiness. Not only that, but confident women embrace their assertiveness over their own sexuality -- and they know what they want.

    Confidence is knowing that you're worth a lot and that you have value to add. It's a deep feeling of certainty about who you are and what you stand for.

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    But dating, especially after a divorce or break-up, can leave women with their confidence shaken to the core. Sometimes being confident is easier said than done.

    Here are some tips for being confident while dating.

    Remember, comfortable is not the same as confident. To be empowered, you must get in touch with your innermost self and learn to feel certain about who you are and what you stand for. This can pull you

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  • I Wore a Forever Lazy Onesie in Public! (VIDEO)

    Forever LazyForever Lazy

    It wasn't enough to dress like Ke$ha and head downtown on a Friday night to see what people thought about the look.

    Oh no. For this week's episode of "I'll Take That Dare," I wore the infamous Forever Lazy onesie. In public.

    Check out the HILARIOUS reactions after the jump!

    Here you go:

    This was one of my favorite dares -- we started out in an upscale shopping district in Nashville, and it was a true challenge strutting around in a Forever Lazy among the fashionably dressed shoppers. When I asked the sales girl at one of the boutiques what she'd do if a box of Forever Lazys turned up in the stockroom, she sniffed and told me, "We'd probably stuff our purses with them." CLASSIC.

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    People were much more "in" to my Forever Lazy in the city park -- there, parkgoers laughed, pointed, and a few even shouted, "FOREVER LAZY!!" when they saw me.

    Now that's what I'm talking

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  • 8 Spiked Hot Coffee Recipes Will Warm You to Your Toes

    irish coffeeirish coffeeIt was a rainy, blustery morning here in New York City and I'm moving slowly. I have one thing on my mind right now: Coffee! But not just a plain cup of coffee. What would really get my engines going is a hot cuppa with a little something special mixed in. But that will have to wait until after work for me.

    We all know about Irish coffee -- coffee spiked with whiskey (preferably Irish) with a glug of half 'n' half. But how about some other fun coffee drink ideas? Here are eight hot, spiky recipes to keep you niiiiiiiice and toasty this weekend.

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    Cafe de Olla -- Coffee Mexican style, brewed with cinnamon. Use brown sugar if you can't find piloncillo, and if you add a dollop of Kahlua, we won't tell.

    Bavarian coffee -- Kahlua and coffee is a classic combo, but a shot of Peppermint Schnapps makes is go down that much easier.

    Cafe Brulot -- People from New Orleans party in style

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  • 'Teen Mom' Leah Messer Denies Twins but Reveals Truth

    Leah MesserLeah MesserTeen Mom 2 star Leah Messer is lashing out on Twitter at a tabloid story that reported she was once again pregnant with twins. It turns out the young mother has no intentions of being the next Kate Gosselin -- there aren't twins in her belly. Which sounds like a hearty helping of good news for fans of the 19-year-old.

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    Maybe she's learned something from getting pregnant just one month into a relationship with Corey Simms, giving birth to twins, finding out her child has serious medical issues, and ending up divorced within six months? Well, maybe. But don't get too comfy there folks. What makes Leah's denial so interesting isn't what she said to In Touch on Twitter but what she didn't say.

    Leah's tweet yesterday only addressed the rumor that she's carrying two kids in her belly:

    Thank you @intouchweekly for telling me I am having twins again, love bad reporting and fake stories, it

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  • 13-Year-Old Talks About Why Teen Sex is Okay (VIDEO)

    AstoriceAstoriceIt's a fact that fills me with nothing but relief: most 13-year-old girls in America have yet to have sex. So I suppose I should be surprised that a spot-on take-down of the practice of slut-shaming females who engage in sex comes from none other than a 13-year-old female vlogger. But I'm not.

    It may sound like an adult topic, but the first time I ever heard the word slut was in high school. The person using it hadn't had sex yet ... nor had the person it was being used against. And now that the video made last August by Sarah McLeod, a YouTube user who goes by the name Astorice, has gone viral, the whole world is getting a look inside a typical high school.

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    Like it or not, our kids talk about sex, and they have already learned to use it as a weapon. They know that it's easy enough to make someone feel bad about their sexuality -- be it actual activity or simple sexual urges.

    If you think a bunch of

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  • Sex Offenders Could Be Anywhere but They Congregate in Trailer Parks

    Aliahna LemmonAliahna LemmonThere are about 24 occupied homes in the ramshackle Indiana trailer park where Tarah Souders relocated with her three little girls. Her father was dying of emphysema and she moved into his home to care for him in his last days. But she was nervous about the new neighborhood.

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    Rightfully so. Inside that small community, 15 registered sex offenders are residents. Fifteen sexual deviants within the space of two dozen houses was a tragedy waiting to happen.

    And it did. Aliahna Lemmon, Souders' 9-year-old daughter, was attacked by a neighbor, Michael Plumadore, who hit the child in the head with a brick three days before Christmas, dismembered her body, and hid her head, hands, and feet in her grandfather's freezer.

    Hindsight is crystal clear, but moving into an area literally brimming with men who have a history of preying on kids is dangerous. Apparently, trailer parks are hideouts and

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