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  • Gray Hair Isn't a Sign You've Given Up

    gray hairgray hairIt's all kinds of wrong that when a man has gray hair, he can sometimes be catapulted to sexy and seasoned status. Salt and pepper makes him look distinguished. George Clooney is the perfect example. But if a woman has gray hair, she's labeled as not caring about herself anymore. Dye it! people shout! Pluck them out! others scream! It makes you look old, many think.

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    No wonder women have so many beauty aisles of products dedicated to changing the natural way we look. There is this standard that we perpetuate -- myself included -- on looking just so. High heels so we are taller. Push-up bras so our breasts look bigger. Makeup so our features are more pronounced. Shape-wear so we are skinny. And hair dye so we look younger.

    I've stopped caring what people think about my grays, but I haven't given up on myself at all.

    stacy londonstacy londonMost of my gray hair is at my temples. I have long hair and if I wear

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  • Military Marriages May Get Big 'Boost' from Porn Company

    I love a great idea, and a great idea that does great things for the marriages of men and women serving our country overseas? Yes, please! Scott Rinaldo, the company manager for RealTouch, a place that makes virtual sex even more intimate with "teledildonics" (dildos controlled through the computer), is hoping to send 1,000 units to Afghanistan and to the military wives back home. It's pure genius.

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    Rinaldo believes that these dildos, which live in a plastic tube, connect to a computer, warm up, lube up, pulse, and grip, may help those who are apart by many miles. On the other end, the man controls the movements of the dildo through the computer. The truth is, it just may help keep spouses feeling close to one another and may even help lower the divorce rate among military spouses. He also proposes the same for women serving overseas, just with opposite equipment.

    Whether the company is doing this for

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  • 5 Insanely Delicious Hostess Recipes to Make While You Still Can

    Fried TwinkieFried TwinkieNews that Hostess has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy is enough to make sugar lovers shake with thoughts of these tasty treats being mercilessly withdrawn from shelves. A world without Ho Hos, Twinkies, and Snowballs is heartbreaking to think about, really.

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    Besides the snackers that will be left reeling, however, there are a number of recipes that call for Hostess treats as actual ingredients. Chefs everywhere will be left searching for substitutes, but those dishes will never be the same without the real deal. Here are five of the best recipes that call for them. I suggest you get cooking now and savor them while you can, or start hording Hostess products. In this case, their freakishly non-perishable qualities are a good thing, and you'll probably be able to hand some down to your grandchildren if you get enough.

    1. Paula Deen's Twinkie Pie

    The loss of this dish would be as much of a shame as the

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  • Scotch in a Can is Good for No Man (or Woman)

    Scotch in a canScotch in a canWhen I think of scotch, I think dark wooded libraries, men with cigars, maybe an ascot here or there. I don't think of some dude poppin' a top and slamming it down. Yet that's just what's coming our way soon -- scotch in a can. Classy!

    That's right, Scottish Spirits is bringing this bizarre beverage to U.S. shelves as soon as next month. And besides just taking scotch down a serious notch on the class scale, it sounds dangerous.

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    I know, I know, champagne in a can sounded like a bad idea too, but it actually turned out to be quite delightful. And in that case, it actually helps with moderation because you can have a single glass without wasting an entire bottle of bubbly. In the case of the scotch, it just promotes excess as there's no lid or good way for storing it. So you might as well keep pouring it down, right?

    Each can contains, not just one shot of scotch or two, but rather each one

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  • We Tried Starbucks New Blonde Roast & Couldn’t Believe Our Taste Buds

    Starbucks BlondeStarbucks BlondeThe day is finally here: Starbucks has released their Blonde roast in stores. Available in two blends, Willow and Veranda, I felt light and airy just looking at the golden colored coffee bags in my local store this morning.

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    Generally, I'm a Starbucks Pike Place gal. I usually take my coffee with just a flavor shot (I just can't get enough of their toffee nut, lately!) and a splash of skim milk, that's it. I'm a fan of the bitter kick that Starbucks has to offer, which means I was very skeptical when it comes to the new offering. Could a lighter brew coffee actually satisfy my java craving?

    Here's how 'Bucks describes it:

    "Lighter-bodied and mellow ... Subtle and soft with mellow acidity."

    Here's my take:

    In order to get the full effect of new Starbucks Blonde, I decided to sip it alongside their Pike Place. Visually, the two coffees looked the same, and there was no difference in

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  • My Mom's Knee Surgery Kicked Me into a Fitness Routine

    KneesKneesNothing inspires me to take care of my health like watching my female relatives age. I have their genes, after all, so they're a pretty good indication of what's ahead for me. It's been a rough few years for my mother. She suffers from arthritis. Her knees ache so badly she's had to cut back on her great passion, gardening. Even standing in her front yard raking up the mimosa blossoms has become too much for her. She finally found a holistic practitioner who helped her cope with the pain, but it was just a band-aid. Just last week my mother finally faced the inevitable: She had the first of two knee replacement surgeries.

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    Those of you who have known knee surgery have seen that it doesn't magically transform your knees. There's months of physical therapy, a recovery that can take forever, and then you still have to do the other knee! My poor mom, I hate that she has to go through this! But -- I'd also hate

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  • Brave Lady Lets Her Husband Do Her Makeup! (VIDEO)

    husband does wife's make-uphusband does wife's make-upI consider myself pretty brave as far as married women go. I'm secure enough in my powerful lady status to let my husband grab things off tall shelves and assist me in shoveling snow off our driveway. And yes, I'll admit it, I've even let the man get his fingers on a particularly painful zit (sorry, I'm a popper). But one woman has gone where womankind has never gone before ... she let her husband do her makeup.

    And I thought I was brave? I have nothing on Rosie and the video that is bound to leave you both in stitches (because this couple is that adorable) and fearing for your skin (and your eyes, and ... well, you get the picture).

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    I don't think I have to really throw in the foul language warning here, do I? Some of these phrases are to be expected in a situation as dire as this (as the couple's description on their YouTube page points out, "There's a reason dudes don't do makeup!"):

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  • Heidi Klum's Flare Jeans Are Hilariously Hideous

    heidi klum pantsheidi klum pantsHeidi Klum dressed like an angst teen from the mid '90s while running errands in Hollywood on Sunday and I don't know whether to laugh, cry, or take a torch to her insured legs and burn those hideous pants right off her. The supermodel usually looks stunning no matter what she wears, but this pair of extremely flared jeans might be her worst look ever. They're so wide in the leg that Heidi probably has yet to realize that there's a homeless person or five living in the folds of her god awful pants, snacking on cupcakes her kids are sneaking them.

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    I think it's time we all agree to agree that flare jeans are done. They had their moment in the '70s and a resurgence in the '90s but please, it's time to let them die. They are a D.N.R. trend that should never see the light of day on anyone's legs, let alone on the stems of one of the most famous women in the world.

    The only reason, the only reason I can think of

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  • The Sex Secret Older Women Keep from Younger Women

    kim cattrallkim cattrallSure, by playing Samantha Jones and being outspoken about sex, Kim Cattrall has made some headway, but these days, middle or senior aged women having sex, enjoying sex is still something of a joke in our culture. In our youth-dominated pop culture, we seem to think that once you hit 45, it's all downhill -- other hot, mature women like Demi Moore, Madonna, and Meryl Streep be damned!

    But that is so not true! And research is finally proving it: A study published in the American Journal of Medicine found, in a group of women between 40 and 100, half were sexually active, and more of those women said they were able to become aroused, maintain lubrication, and achieve orgasm during sex, even after the age of 80! In other words, satisfaction seems to go up with age! Whoa, baby!

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    That's exciting news in itself, but there's more ... These findings actually shed some light on what under 40s can be doing to

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  • Couples Who Fight Have Better Marriages Than Those Who Don't

    Couples who say they never fight with their spouse and think that is a good thing might want to think again. Fighting with a spouse, especially constructive fighting, is actually a very good thing for a marriage.

    Author, counselor and Episcopal Minister David Code says that couples needs to fight in his new book, To Raise Happy Kids, Put Your Marriage First. In his 14-years of his marriage, Code says he has learned a few things about the myth of a conflict-free marriage. Yes, you read that right. It is a myth. And couples who think they are going to have one are in for it.

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    Code says:

    Most couples believe that if they don't fight much, then they don't have relationship problems. But when partners don't address issues directly, they end up avoiding the problems -- and each other. We turn to our electronic screens, work long hours, shuttle our kids, co-sleep with our kids, or we make up

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