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  • Janet Jackson Sexy Fur Designs Could Even Convert Animal Activists

    janet jacksonjanet jacksonI've gotta hand it to Janet Jackson. The woman has balls. Currently, the pop star is featured in a sexy new campaign -- for fur. And she's not just starring in the ads, she's actually teamed up with the company Blackglama to launch the line. A celebrity promoting -- and designing -- fur coats? Bold.

    Now, as an animal lover -- and a relatively poor person -- I'm against wearing fur. I'm not one of those PETA crazies, but I do find the practice of skinning an innocent animal for the sake of fashion cruel. But I've gotta admit, Janet does make fur look pretty tempting ...

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    First of all, it's Janet. The incredibly beautiful, incredibly cool Miss Jackson if you're nasty. The way she's posing in the mink is a far cry from the old school, stuffy, stodgy, Cruella De Vil-esque association we're used to having with fur. She's actually making it look kind of bad ass. I mean, check her out. She's just like, "Yeah, I'm

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  • There's Nothing Wrong with Ditching a Bad Date

    check pleasecheck pleaseMorning radio, it seems as a rule, is really bad, which is just one reason I'm thrilled I don't have to be subjected to it during an a.m. commute these days. But when I went on a couple of errands today, I tuned in while the DJs were talking about ditching a bad date. As in, actually getting up in the middle of drinks, dinner, movies, or bowling, making some BS excuse (like "I have to take a phone call real quick" or "Just going to the ladies' room!") and then ... booking it. The conversation totally hit a nerve for me, because it's something I really wish I had been ballsy enough to do several years ago.

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    You see, I had made a conscious decision to find Mr. Right, so I pretty much devoted myself to a full-time second job, in which my sole responsibility was to date like crazy. (Which meant I was subject to meeting LOADS of crazies!)

    During the first month of living in NYC, one guy I met online started sending me

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  • The Surprising Thing Your Man REALLY Thinks About Your Body

    Being married can often be difficult. Keeping the flame alive 5, 10, and 15 years into a relationship, especially as we age and children get lumped in the mix, can be incredibly challenging. But it's also so very, very worth it. As Cee-Lo Green promises in his latest song, your husband "still loves you anyway."

    In a good marriage, he loves you despite your "wobbly bits." It's those very parts you find disgusting -- your juicy thighs or droopy breasts -- that he finds most appealing. The Daily Mail did an article on this and the results were surprising and deeply endearing.

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    One man said about his wife:

    I know Karen is not particularly happy with her B-cup breasts, but there's nothing wrong with them. Yes, they've dropped a bit because she's had kids, but so what? I wouldn't want them any bigger or smaller - they're just right.

    We all are, really. We are all "just right." Mostly, though, we

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  • Fix a flatFix a flat
    It must've seemed so logical when the idea first started to, eh-hem, take shape. When your rear tire loses its roundness, you pull out your handy dandy Fix-a-Flat to plump it back up, right? So why wouldn't that same miracle-in-a-can work just as effectively on a flat rear end?

    Throw in a little cement, a little super glue, a little mineral oil, and badabing. Baby got back… and at a discount price.

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    It's a concoction police allege a Florida man - that would be him to your left - has been illegally injecting into clients for the bargain basement fee of $700, a small price to pay these days for bootylicious curves. Because you are your own best advertisement, 30-year-old Oneal Ron Morrie clearly pumped himself up (and up and up) to demonstrate the potential his Home Depot cocktail had to make a woman more womanly. As you can see, his body definitely has a wow factor:

    Fix a flat

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  • 5 Tips for the Most Juicy, Flavorful Turkey You've Ever Had

    My finished turkey, roasted to perfection!My finished turkey, roasted to perfection!Confession: Prior to Saturday, I knew very little about cooking a Thanksgiving turkey, let alone what makes a great turkey recipe. The week of my first annual Friendsgiving (think potluck Thanksgiving with friends, the weekend before the legit family shebang), I was frightened and SO thankful when The Stir readers gave me some great advice about throwing together a grand meal.

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    I had done my research, bought my 19-pounder, and picked out my recipe, care of Tyler Florence. I'm not generally one to toot my own horn, but the end result was tender, juicy, and essentially, nothing short of outstanding. Now I feel like it's only appropriate that I share my newfound tricks with you!

    Read on for 5 tips to making the most moist, delicious Thanksgiving turkey ever:

    1. Butter is better: Coming to terms with the notion that your turkey isn't going to be the healthiest thing you've ever eaten is step one. Step

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  • Turkey Brine Secrets for Your Juiciest Bird Yet

    Roasted turkeyRoasted turkeyAre you a turkey-brining virgin? Are you ready to take the plunge (or make your turkey take the plunge) and find out what all the fuss is about? Brining a turkey is like a magical spell you cast on your turkey to make it super-moist and flavorful. The salt solution can actually dissolve some of the proteins and ... oh bla bla bla. Who cares about why it works. You want to know HOW TO DO IT!

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    Okay, we're going to tell you about two different brine methods: dry and wet. Are you ready? Grab your giant box of kosher salt. We're gonna salt us some birds. And you brine-masters out there, jump in and give us your advice!

    First, the Wet Brine. This is where you soak your turkey in a bath of salt water. Glancing over at master chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten's recipe in this week's Goop, you'll need 2 gallons of water, 4 cups of kosher salt, and 3/4 cup sugar for a 12-pound turkey. Dissolve the sugar and salt in

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  • Bacon-Flavored Lube Promises to Add 'Sizzle' to Your Sex Life

    bacon-flavored lubebacon-flavored lubeReally ... I'm not sure what's wrong with some people. But there are actually individuals out there who love bacon so much that they petitioned, begged, and pleaded for J & D's, the purveyors of bacon-flavored salt and bacon-flavored lip balm, to come out with bacon-flavored ... lubricant. Eww. Eww. Ewwww. Yeah, the idea originated from an April Fools' blog post that was a tongue-in-cheek, satirical JOKE. But when some pork lovahs out there caught wind of the concept, they actually made a case for J & D's to produce the stuff.

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    So, now, it exists. And for $11.99 you can buy yourself a bottle of baconlube Massage Oil and Personal Lubricant. Wow -- SO UNKOSHER.

    Perhaps I just don't understand, because I have never and really will never care for pork, red meat, and especially what the USDA defines as "cured belly of swine carcass." (Blleechhh.) But come on, even people who DO love it have to admit,

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  • The Secret to Having the Most Magical Kind of Orgasm

    woman holding towelwoman holding towelIt seems like women have a lot going on in their pubic area. While it may sound confusing and seem overwhelming, it's not. In fact, most of it is pretty amazing. Especially if you know the right areas. It's time to tell you all about the blended orgasm.

    Trust me, you should take notes.

    So what's this about a blended orgasm, you ask? It's an orgasm that mixes both of those delicious erotic spots into a single delightful climax.

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    Great, now how do you do that?

    Women generally have two zones that cause orgasm: the c-spot and the g-spot (sounds like too many spots, I know, but pay attention). Most women achieve orgasm through the c -- or clitoral -- spot, which is the most accessible of the two.

    To have a blended orgasm, first you have to find your g-spot. Your c-spot (your clitoris) you should be well and truly familiar with. The g-spot, though, is kinda tricky to find, so bear with me.

    More from The Stir

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  • 5 Inanimate Objects so Sexy I Would Totally Marry Them

    Have you ever looked at a laundry basket and felt a familiar stirring in your groin? Has a coat tree ever caught your eye and stared back coyly, its multiple arms and wooden pegs reaching out like an invitation for love? No? Well, me neither. Seriously. But we may be in the minority.

    The Frisky just had an article on the inanimate objects people love, and the results will scare you. One man got his penis caught in a drain pipe (yes, seriously). Another woman can't get off unless she has her beloved laundry basket. And yet another loves a vacuum cleaner.

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    Look, I am not one to judge (read: yes I am), but this is a touch weird. In the spirit, however, of love and acceptance, I will create a list of 5 potentially hot and sexy inanimate objects. Here they are:

    • Clothes driers: I know one too many women who got to know their family dryer really well in their childhood. I'm just sayin' ... He is pretty sexy
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  • Weight Loss is Easier BEFORE the Holidays, Not After Them

    Someday this will be meSomeday this will be me
    Guess what I'm doing this Thanksgiving weekend? Cooking. And eating. And eating. And EA-TING. But also working out! Don't laugh -- I swear, I am! This year I am stepping up my nearly non-existent workout routine between Thanksgiving and New Year's. This sounds totally counter-intuitive, I know. It's like I'm living in Opposite Land. I'm in a parallel universe where people get skinny eating gingerbread houses, right?

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    But it makes sense to me because I'm totally unrealistic and insane new to strength training and am excited about going to the gym. What's motivating me? The totally bizarre discovery that I can wake up early, work out for an hour or so, and feel totally alert the whole day. WEIRD! For a flabby non-exerciser, that's amazing. I will probably never feel this way about working out again! I must work out NOW before I start hating it! Which will surely happen someday, soon! So

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