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  • Is the Amazon Kindle Fire the EReader for You?

    Kindle FireKindle Fire
    Courtesy of Amazon
    I know this will be an unpopular opinion, but expect to see a time -- in the next five years or so -- that you and your kids will devour books solely on an e-reader and not on paper. Sure, there will still be board books and novels floating around, but let's face facts: It's an e-reader world and you will eventually want to invest in one of the modern models if you haven't already.

    That said, do you need to jump on board now? And which e-reader is best for you? If you do any reading on your iPad or tablet, you're probably safe. Tablets offer an excellent reading experience that will only get better with time.

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    Still not convinced? Consider a cheaper e-ink device. These are small and extremely portable -- they're perfect for reading on the beach, for example -- and are a way to dip your toe into the e-reader market.

    No matter what you think about e-books now, if you're still buying

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  • A Work Wardrobe on a Budget -- See How I Did

    Calvin KleinCalvin KleinSo. As most of you know, I have a new job.

    And this new job calls for a new work wardrobe.

    I quickly realized that my work-at-home-mom wardrobe wasn't going to cut it in the world of TV cameras and politicians.

    I needed to look smart. Savvy. Sophisticated.

    And that takes money.

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    Fortunately, just as the new job thing happened, the people behind T.J.Maxx and Marshalls contacted me and asked if I'd like to work with them on a topic that might be relevant to many of you.


    My challenge -- to see how well I could do coming up with a work wardrobe at TJ Maxx and Marshalls on $300 -- a reasonable budget for any mom going back to full-time work and having nothing to wear, and two places where I know many of you would go in this situation.

    Want to know what I found (in addition to this kicky little $39.99 Calvin Klein sweater dress)?

    Before I went shopping, I

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  • The Best Kind of Foreplay is Not Sexual at All

    If you think you have to be married to someone who shares all your political beliefs, think again. Some of the hottest marriages I know don't agree on anything. And while I probably couldn't do it, I can totally see how it could be hot.

    I grew up in a very political household. My father was a leader in the local Democratic party, so I went to campaign parties, speeches, debates, and rallies from birth. I can remember the red, white, and blue streamers that fell from the sky and the confetti I would try to catch on my tongue. One message was always the clearest: This side is the righteous one.

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    Throughout my childhood, I had more politics than religion and was very much taught that one side was right and one side was wrong. Now, my view is a bit more nuanced and I think I actually could actually have married a Republican depending on why he was one. If he were a fiscal conservative, then maybe, but a social

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  • Unexpected Ways to Jumpstart Your Sex Drive

    feetfeetIs your libido hidden somewhere under the piles of dirty diapers? Has your sex life taken a backseat to life? Are you struggling to bring the sexy back? Don't worry. You're not alone. Been there. More times than I care to count.

    Here are some tips for helping you to bring the sexy back so you, too, can be a raging sex kitten once again!

    Ditch the butts. Sure we all know that smoking is terrible for you. It causes lung cancer, low birth weight, and makes you smell (and taste!) like an ashtray (among other things). Cigarettes also, however, narrow the blood vessels to the genitals and decrease sex drive. And trust me, the more blood flowing, the better.

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    Chill out with the boozing. Sure, throwing back a glass or three of wine can help loosen you up and get you in the mood for some sexy-time. But, because alcohol is classified as a depressant, too much of a good thing is not a good thing.

    Shake your

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  • 15 Biggest Fears of a Thanksgiving Dinner Virgin

    Thanksgiving turkeyThanksgiving turkeyI'm having a hard time coming to terms with the notion that, yes, it's almost Thanksgiving and, yes, I'm going to be hosting the shebang this year. Inspired by the fun-filled Hoochgiving Friendsgiving on the past season of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, I decided to call a similar event at my house this weekend. Who doesn't love an excuse to splurge on a festive cocktail dress and eat their body weight in stuffing? OOOH OOOH, PICK ME!

    For my Friendsgiving, everyone is coming with a contribution, but I'll make the basics. You know -- the stuffing, the green beans, and most importantly, the turkey. Let me tell you a little something, I've never done this myself before, and I'm frightened.

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    Now that the to-do list is made and the turkey coupons have been located, I'm starting to get a whole lot of anxiety. Thus I present you with the 15 fears I have as a first-time Thanksgiving host:

    1. Buying the

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  • Babies Should Watch TV! It's Good for Them

    baby watching tvbaby watching tvYou probably read somewhere that the American Academy of Pediatrics officially declared television to be non-beneficial to children under age 2. They said that time in front of a video screen provided nothing in the way of education, and took away time from things that do, like interacting with people and playing.

    I disagree.

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    Don't get me wrong, I'm not suggesting that we leave our children (of any age) in front of the babysitter television for hours on end, rather that the imaginative worlds offered in many programs can be stimulating, play-inspiring, and yes, educational. But what do I know, I'm a parent, not a doctor.

    My kids got their fair share of Sesame Street, Little Einsteins, and Backyardigans, and they're just fine. Of course, by the time my oldest was 2, he could also sing the entire theme song to Monk and, thanks to House, diagnose that most things are, in fact, not lupus. The point

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  • How to Sneak Chocolate into Thanksgiving Dinner

    chocolate turkeychocolate turkeyPsst, all you chocolate junkies out there. Come on over and let's huddle a moment. I know Thanksgiving is supposed to be all about turkey and gravy and mashed root vegetables, but there's something missing from this holiday. You know it, and I know it: It's chocolate.

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    Yes, America's favorite smorgasbord is strangely absent of chocolate. Why is that? It actually goes well with autumn flavors. And don't you just need to feel enrobed in that luscious, velvety chocolate-ness as we head into the bitter, cold winter? I think we need to rectify this alarming problem. Let's get chocolate into Thanksgiving, shall we? Here are a few ways to sneak it in.

    Mole Poblano. This is a savory Mexican sauce using chilies, ground nuts, spices, and chocolate -- and it's traditionally served with turkey! I actually made this incredibly labor-intensive sauce from scratch one Thanksgiving for my family. It took me days -- and

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  • The Reasons Your Husband Won't Have Sex with You

    statuestatueWe all know the stereotype -- men want sex and they want it now. And now. And now. Except when they ... well, don't. And when that happens, it's confusing. And frustrating. And even hurtful. We ask ourselves: Why won't my husband have sex with me? What's going on with him?

    Okay, ladies, it's important to remember that just because the stereotype is that all men want to have sex all of the time doesn't mean it's true. Just like all blonde women aren't stupid, not all men are sexually motivated creatures. And for your man, having a low libido may be the cause of shame, confusion, and embarrassment.

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    Here are the top reasons men do not want to have sex:

    Medication. While we've made great advancements in medications, many of the drugs men take to lower their blood pressure or relieve their depression have unexpected side effects. Specifically a lower sex drive. If this may be the culprit,

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  • Pizza Granted Esteemed Vegetable Status in Schools

    frozen pizzafrozen pizzaWe came so close. After parents demanded real changes to make school food healthier, the USDA created new nutritional guidelines. Now kids would be served just one cup of starchy vegetables (like French fries) per week instead of every day. And this notion that the tomato paste in pizza counts as a vegetable? Fuggedaboutit!

    But that's just a little too progressive for House Republicans. They're saying NO to us parents and yes to frozen pizza-making executives who demanded that they reject the USDA's new guidelines for school food. Pizza for everyone -- it is a vegetable after all! And America takes yet another evolutionary step backwards.

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    And now, the spin: Supposedly this isn't about putting the needs of frozen pizza executives above the needs of children. Some conservatives are saying it's about stopping the government from telling children what to eat.

    Can we please get real here? Why is it

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  • Asking a Mom If She's 'Done' Having Kids is Rude

    FamilyFamilyDreena and her husband have five children -- four boys and a little girl -- Nick, 8, Nathan, 6, Nolan, 5, Nevan, 3, and Natalie, 18 months. And she's frustrated. Not because she's a mom of five kids. Because of you. Well, those of you who keep asking if she's done having kids. Here, in Dreena's own words, are her feelings on it all ....

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    I must say being the mother of five children has it's ups and downs, but I wouldn't trade these experiences for anything in the world. One of the worst parts about it though is how RUDE, and yes I mean RUDE, it is to ask someone if they are "done having children" just because they have both genders. As soon as we found out we were having a girl anyone and everyone I run into makes that horrible comment. "You guys are done right?"

    I can't possibly tell you how frustrating it is to hear these words all the time.

    My children are usually well behaved when we go out

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