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  • 8 Reasons Not to Get Married -- EVER

    Traditionally, marriage is thought of as the end-goal for a relationship, but more and more couples are deciding not to take the plunge. In fact, for the first time in Census Bureau history, singles and unmarried couples living together make up the majority of households, not married couples. The number of couples living together but not married has also steadily increased. One in four children are born to unmarried couples.

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    Of course, we've seen this in the celeb world for a long time. Unmarried power couples like Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell, and Jon Hamm and Jennifer Westfeldt might seem glamorous and daring -- but they're really just doing what a lot of Americans are. Living together or even just long-term dating is par for the course now, despite all the continued brouhaha about engagements and weddings.

    Here are eight reasons couples may not want EVER to get

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  • 10 Horrible Things Moms Say to Their Kids -- when They're Sick

    messy housemessy houseA glimpse into my week.If I had to sum up just how nuts this past week has been for me in one word, I'd probably choose something along the lines of "insane" or "absolute hell." Ok, so that last one is actually two words, but who's counting.

    My son has been sick -- really sick. Like the sickest I've ever seen him in all of his 6 years on this earth. And while being at home with a sick kid is never easy, being at home with a sick kid while still trying to work full-time from home is nothing short of ridiculously HARD.

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    And while I've done my very best to take good care of him and comfort him in any way I can -- I'll be the first to admit that I've had several moments where I've been frustrated and felt like I just couldn't take it anymore.

    Between listening to endless bouts of coughing, running back and forth to the bathroom every ten minutes, and in the interim, cleaning up puke when he hasn't made it

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  • A Good Mom Teaches Her Daughter to Pee Standing Up

    toilettoiletI have a confession to make. I sit on public toilets when I am out. My name is Amy Boshnack and I do not know how to squat and pee. I never learned. It's not my fault. My mother just always had me line the toilet with paper, then sit, then pee. I fared okay -- mostly.

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    The college years were tough. Nasty bars, no toilet paper. I had a few gross moments. And camping, of course, was a challenge. Thankfully, most of the time, there was at least some sort of outhouse with a rim I could sit on (after wiping rim clean and lining it, just as a proper young lady would do.) Oh ... and when I studied abroad and realized that a lot of European spots didn't think toilet seats were a necessity -- yeah, those were hard. But I powered through.

    I did have a friend or two over the years try to teach me. Because that's what girlfriends are for, right? They would stand nearby and try to talk me through it ... but it

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  • 6 Super Cool No-Carve Pumpkin Ideas

    Let's face it, carving pumpkins isn't the most convenient (or clean) of fall activities, so I thought it might be fun to gather together a few fun pumpkin decorating alternatives like those beautifully patterned painted pumpkins from Alisa Burke pictured above.

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    Click through to see 5 more great ideas below!

    White paint and rick rack, I'm so in. Love these pretties from Eddie Ross.

    Break out the ModPodge, it's time to get crazy! This fun idea was spotted over at Make and Takes.

    I love monograms and the idea of putting one on pumpkin is pure inspiration. See the tutorial here from The Butlers.

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    Don't these remind you of Faberge eggs? So delicate and beautiful! See more here from Alisa Burke.

    A swarm of paper bats, ahhhh!! I think it looks so cool, what a great idea from No

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  • Deadly Meningitis Outbreak Spreads: Do You Need to Worry?

    syringesyringeYikes! A deadly meningitis outbreak already sounds like pretty much the worst kind of outbreak that can, um, break out. But the numbers make it sound even worse: So far, the current epidemic has sickened 105 people across 9 states, killing 8. And then there's the scariest number of all: As many as 13,000 people might have been exposed to this "rarely seen" strain of fungal meningitis. Yikes! How did this whole thing start -- and who needs to worry about it?!

    Well, here's the good news: Fungal meningitis is not spread from person to person.

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    Nope, this outbreak has been linked to steroid spinal injections, which were sent to clinics in 23 states. All three contaminated lots of methylprednisolone acetate steroid, which is used to treat back pain, have been recalled, but there's no telling how many of the shots already administered may have contained the

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  • The Heated Eyelash Curler: I Tried It!

    FlickrFlickrI've been hearing a lot lately about heated eyelash curlers. Many beauty product addicts and makeup artists swear by them and they're actually not that expensive, ranging from about $16 to $40.

    Add to this the fact that I've sworn off manual eyelash curlers after one too many incidents involving accidentally-ripped-out eyelashes and I was eager to try one out.

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    Luckily, Panasonic came to my aid, offering to send me a sample of its Panasonic Heated Eyelash Curler. Well, I tried it! Click through to see what I thought.

    First off, this is a product that definitely lives up to its hype. I let the eyelash curler heat up for the recommended two minutes, followed the (very simple) instructions to curl my lashes, and in seconds my lashes curled more than they ever have before. Once I'd applied mascara, my husband thought I was wearing false lashes! He sees me in false lashes quite a lot

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  • 10 Utterly Essential Tips for Moms on Dating After Divorce

    It's no secret that I'm slowly making my way through divorce and out to the other side again, which means one thing: everyone expects that I suddenly want to jump back into the dating pool.

    They're wrong.

    But it's gotten me thinking about dating. Specifically, what dating with kids will look like (should I ever decide to navigate those murky waters) and how one goes about it.

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    I've poked around and come up with some tips on dating after a divorce with children (I plan to use these myself when I'm ready!).

    1) Most experts agree that introducing your children to a new partner should only happen once a romantic relationship is becoming serious. You don't want your kids to become attached to your flavor of the week only to have them experience the loss of someone they liked.

    2) Above all else, you should be honest with your partner about your children. If your partner doesn't like or accept

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  • 7 Painfully Awkward & Cringe-Worthy Kisses from Couples in Love (PHOTOS)

    Kiss lipsKiss lipsKissing is one of those things that is so much better left in private. While Bachelor couple Courtney Robertson and Ben Flajnik are engaged in the breakup heard round the world, most fans already saw this coming. After all, how awkward were their kisses??

    The thing about kissing is that it generally tells so much about a relationship. If it's sloppy and awkward, then our best guess is that the relationship is going nowhere fast. If it's hot and heavy and makes everyone jealous? Well then, hot damn! You have yourself a winner, winner chicken dinner. Of course even hot couples have off moments (lord knows I have). Luckily mine haven't been caught on camera!

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    Here are 7 photos we found around the web of some seriously awkward, strange, and bizarre kisses:

    Image via Walt Stoneburner/Flickr

    My Own Camera KissMy Own Camera Kiss

    Image via shannonkringen/Flickr

    My Own Camera Kiss

    I am pretty sure this couple took this

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  • 7 Sneaky Symptoms You Might Mistake for Breast Cancer

    woman worried breast healthwoman worried breast healthWhether it's Breast Cancer Awareness Month or not, there's almost no end in sight to all the info about early detection and prevention of the disease. It's absolutely astounding and so heartening to see that we seem to be getting more and more well-versed about how we can guard ourselves against breast cancer. And yet, at the same time, we can't forget that there are many breast health issues women experience all the time that actually have nothing to do with cancer.

    Board-certified gynecologist and regular women's health expert for The Dr. Oz Show Dr. Jennifer Ashton touched on some of the most common, non-cancerous concerns your breasts might be trying to clue you in on.

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    1. Breast pain, or mastalgia, often seems like cause for concern. In fact, this is "by far" most common complaint Dr. Ashton says she sees. "This typically occurs in the two weeks before a period, and usually involves the outer and/or

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  • Soda Machines' New Calorie Counts Won't Make Anyone Skinny

    soda soda Between NYC Mayor Bloomberg's ban on large cups of soda to the city's calorie counts hanging out next to each menu item at restaurants, it was only a matter of time until the two ideas came together and we got calorie counts on soda in vending machines! Yup, come 2013, Coke, Pepsi, and Dr. Pepper will roll out new vending machines that post the calorie counts for their products on the buttons you use to select your preferred choice of beverage.

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    Well, thank goooodness! Because there's absolutely no other way for consumers to figure out that soda is pretty much the emptiest source of calories ever, right?

    Hey, while they're at it, why don't we have waiters at restaurants read off the specials of the day along with their calorie, fat, fiber, sodium, and protein counts? Maybe we could slap warnings across regular ketchup that read, "This DOES contain high fructose corn syrup!" Bakeries could take a blood

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