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  • Our favorite food bloggers dish up recipes to honor mom

    Many of us who spend a lot of time in the kitchen owe everything we know to Mom -- either because she taught us essential cooking techniques or shared old family recipes and secrets. Others don't have memories like these; but as moms now themselves,they can pass along their culinary knowledge to their children.

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    In celebration of Mother's Day, we asked our favorite food bloggers to share a recipe that has special meaning to them with respect to motherhood. Some of these recipes may remind you of your own mom. Some may remind you of cooking with your kids. ALL are guaranteed to make you hungry.

    Let's take a look ...

    Gaby Dalkin of What's Gaby Cooking, Strawberry Basil Lemonade

    This is one of my mom's favorite springtime drinks! It's the perfect refreshing beverage to whip up and enjoy on a sunny day.

    Nikki of Pennies on a Platter, Spaghetti Meat Sauce

    Spaghetti usually reminds me of my mom, since

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  • I got married on the Royal Wedding day, too

    I loved watching the Royal Wedding this morning, much more than I thought I would. Beyond all of the wonderful pageantry, Prince William and Princess Kate just seem like two young people completely in love. The little asides to one another during the ceremony, Prince William winking at his bride, and Prince Harry's play by play for his brother as the bride was coming down the aisle. It was all just so heart warming.

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    And I feel a special kinship with the newlyweds. I got married on this day 16 years ago. Though my wedding was not as tremendous as the one today was, it was everything that I had dreamed of. It was in my hometown, in a beautiful old hotel with an ornate high-ceiling ballroom. We were surrounded by 200 of our family members and friends. I helped design my own dress, picked out my wedding ring, and couldn't wait to go on my European honeymoon.

    It didn't last.

    Seven years later, I was

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  • Double strollers are a complete waste

    When people found out we were having our babies 18 months apart, almost everyone and their mother told me what kind of double stroller I needed. It was a given, an instant accessory that I wouldn't be able to live without as a mom with two under the age of 2.

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    So amazing was the Myth of the Double Stroller that I bought into it hook, line, and sinker. I have three double strollers, in fact. I have a double jogger -- the BOB Ironman Duallie -- I have a double just for walking -- The Phil & Ted's E3 -- and one that functions as both a bike trailer and a jogger (and a pulk for cross country skiing) -- the Chariot CX.

    We live a very active lifestyle, but I can honestly say that if we didn't bike and run with such regularity, I didn't need any of these strollers. Unless you have twins, the need for a double stroller is just not as great as you might think. And yes, that includes the $1,500 Bugaboo Donkey.

    When my

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  • Kitchen habits that destroy the earth

    Cooking at home seems like a great, eco-friendly choice for many reasons, and in many respects it is. The kitchen, however, is full of landmines that can be bad for this land that we love if not avoided.

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    Some of them you may know you shouldn't be doing but do anyway because you forget or they're inconvenient, but others will likely shock you. All of them, however, add up and can really take their toll on our environment. Here are five kitchen habits that destroy the environment:

    Cooking Grease

    Unlike my grandmother who used to collect grease in a tin can for reuse, I've always put mine down the sink drain while running the garbage disposal. A plumber once told me it was okay if I ran hot soapy water while I did it, and I've never thought much about it since. Turns out, it could be doing environmental damage by clogging up sewers. Researchers say the excess grease, even just little bits left in pans, adds up and

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  • Get over a bad relationship in 3 quick, easy steps (guaranteed)

    Aside from finding a really good sale on the Nordstrom clearance rack, no other experience compares to the euphoria of falling in love. It's rainbows and pink ponies and sunbeams. It's marathon phone conversations at night and cuddly time with your [insert stupid pet name here].

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    Love is, in one sweeping definition, everything that's good in us put out on display for another person to enjoy.

    But then you find out he ain't nearly as charming or smart as you thought he was. Or that he can't hold down a job and hasn't paid taxes in 12 years. Or that he's an ego-maniacal donkey's behind who masturbates to his own pictures. Or he's a cheating twerp who can't keep his hands - or his tongue - to himself. And that, dear friends, is when the proverbial ish hits the fan.

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    Along with the obligatory dramatics that go along with a breakup -

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  • Liposuction news: It's a big fat waste of time

    Full disclosure: After I dropped some weight in my late teens, my mom said that maybe, if my most rigorous workouts didn't do much to combat the "thunder thighs" (a junior high taunt, of course) my DNA "cursed" me with, maybe we could consider liposuction. I know she meant well, and I've actually taken her offer seriously on occasion -- particularly when all those squats have translated to ... well, squat. But today is a new day! I may never consider lipo again. Because apparently, you can't actually fool Mother Nature.

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    According to new research out of the University of Colorado, non-obese liposuction patients who had fat deposits removed from one part of their body (specifically their thighs and lower abdomens) saw the fat reappear in their upper body (specifically the upper abdomen and triceps of the upper arms). Sounds like cosmetic surgery karma to me!

    As cunning as we think we're being by running

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  • Morphine lips: because numb lips are sexy lips

    Morphine LipsMorphine LipsUm, Lindsay, you're probably wondering. What is the significance of this highly provocative photo?

    Well, ladies, apparently this woman just got finished applying Morphine Lips lip balm, smooching her "victim," and leaving him "in a trance and putty in [her] hands." OBVS.

    Yes, that's the promised result of Morphine Lips, a lip balm that makes your lips go numb, as well as the lips of anyone you kiss.

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    Morphine LipsMorphine LipsYou can get yourself a tube of your very own Morphine Lips for just $17.50! That's a small price to pay for lip numbing, don't you think?

    "There is nothing else like this out there," the website promises. Well, YEAH.

    Perhaps I'm missing something here, but um ... why would anyone want their lips to go numb when kissing? Why would that be considered good, beneficial, or SEXAY?

    And does this new form of "aphrodisiac" mean that we can expect Morphine Condoms down the pike?

    Now THAT would be hilarious!

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  • Spring clothing donation made easy

    If you're anything like me, every spring you start to look at all the new outfits in the stores and on the racks and all you want to do is shop. Of course, in order to do that when you have limited space like me, you also have to make room.

    So every spring, there is a massive purge and at least three bags go off to Goodwill. I feel good about myself, help others, and make room in my closet. It's a big win all around!

    But donating clothing isn't about taking all your old rags, stuffing them in a bag, and leaving them outside Goodwill before they open in the morning. There is a process and a way to donate that makes things a bit easier for all involved.

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    Here are some tips:

    Step 1: Gather all the clothing together, wash it, fold it nicely, and organize it to the best of your ability. If you donate just as a new season starts (like now), you will be helping the most. Donating

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  • Doughnuts & wine: The best combo you've never tried

    I had a lightbulb moment reading a story about a new reality TV show in the works that pairs doughnuts with wine. Doughnuts and wine! These are two of my favorite things! Why hadn't I thought of putting those two together before?

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    Probably because I don't usually have wine with breakfast. Bloody Mary with a glazed doughnut? Blech! Although I did once have a bacon donut that went very well with a Bloody Mary. (Oh yes, there is such a thing as a bacon doughnut. Dreams do come true.) The orange juice in a mimosa would probably clash with the sugar in the doughnut. But what if we moved the doughnut to dessert, since, you know, it's not exactly the breakfast of champions?

    Consider the possibilities ...

    How about:

    • Chocolate frosted doughnut with a spicy Zinfandel
    • Glazed doughnut with Riesling
    • Strawberry jelly-filled doughnut with Rosé

    Wine would elevate the doughnut to the level it has deserved all

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  • Spring cleaning should start with a Brazilian wax

    Okay ladies, it's time to complete that annual rite of passage called spring cleaning. But this year, I'm going to clean more than just my house. I'm taking a fresh look at my marriage, getting the cobwebs out, and figuring out what I need to work on.

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    I got started last weekend on both the house and the marriage. Cleaning out the house gave me such physical gratification; having a well-organized, scrubbed down pantry and no clutter in my kitchen clutter drawer. Cleaning the other, my marriage, gave me physical gratification as well. But more importantly, it gave me that warm fuzzy feeling you get when you know you're on the same page as your partner. Even in the same paragraph. But that takes some attention to detail from time to time.

    So put on your non-latex relationship gloves and let's get started:

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    Freshen up your appearance: It's been a

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