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  • Don't throw away the Peeps -- use them for pranks!

    Easter may be over, but Peeps live on throughout the year. Is there any candy treat with a more rabid, creative following than Peeps? From dioramas to science experiments, these chick- and rabbit-shaped marshmallow treats have some seriously devoted fans.

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    With the news that a family in Seattle was pranked by friends with nearly 1,000 Peeps impaled on skewers (festively!) decorating their lawn, we took to the web to find the greatest Peep shows.

    How would you like some Peeps Sushi?

    Can you spot the Peep? He's in disguise!

    Forget the Great Pumpkin! It's the Easter Peep!

    Cupcakes, meet Peeps … a diabolical combination!

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    Hipstamatic-style Peep:

    And of course, it's Easter -- here's a Peep with mass appeal:

    It's enough to make you believe in Easter miracles ... or worry about the effects of

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  • Sex bartering turns wives into hookers

    All the hip wives are doin' it ... that sexy trick they're pulling on their husbands that's supposedly the best way to put some pep in a sex life gone from fizzy to flat. You don't need to spend money (not much at least) or do anything too freaky (well, it depends). All you have to do is make like the first settlers and barter. (Or, in layman's terms, w---- yourself out.) So suggests mom blogger Kelly Oxford in her new essay on

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    Her super-candid piece, which encourages couples to "put sexual favors on the table and start negotiating," shares how she and her hubs fire up things up in bed by trading chores or wish list items for various sex acts. It works like this: Say you want to go get a mani-pedi with your BFF on Saturday, but the kids don't have a playdate scheduled this weekend. You can get DH to skip golf with the boys and watch the kiddos ... to the tune of one mid-night ----- ! Or, say you

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  • How to help your guy through his fear of oral

    I've never met a man who doesn't like a ----- . It's a given that a guy wants his partner to get down there and pleasure him with their mouth. And most women that I know are happy to do so, even get off on it.

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    But what about the other way around? What about the same men orally pleasuring their women? I wasn't sure if most men did cunnilingus, or whatever you want to call it. But my informal poll results revealed that many men do not go down on their women.

    And it seems like the reasons men don't aren't because the women don't want them to. Men who aren't cunnilinguists don't do it for a variety of reasons. And here are a few of them:

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    Selfish: These are the men who think that sex is all about them. And that it's a woman's duty to fellate. And what goes around doesn't come around. Unfortunately, this is the biggest category of those who

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  • 5 romantic secrets about Will & Kate from royal insider

    Westminster AbbeyWestminster Abbey
    It's almost time for the Royal Wedding! Soon we will be able to watch as the guests arrive, swoon over the bride's much-anticipated wedding dress and tiara, and be witnesses as Prince William and Kate Middleton exchange marriage vows in Westminster Abbey. Until then, we're killing time looking for all the top secret scoop we can find.

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    We asked Royal insider Robert Webster, the barrister who has been called "The Crown Jewel of London's legal society," to give us some insight from behind the scenes of the Royal Wedding. What romantic Royal Wedding secrets about Prince William and his fiance Kate Middleton or all things traditionally royal don't we know that we really ought to know?

    Here's what Mr. Webster had to share ...

    The Royal Wedding will, no doubt, be a joyous day of pomp, circumstance, and perfect pageantry, carefully crafted and choreographed over hundreds of years. Of course, it is also a

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  • Watching the Royal Wedding live? Tricks to stay awake

    After all the months of planning and speculation, the most anticipated wedding in decades is finally just days away. In London Friday, at last Prince William and Kate Middleton will walk down the aisle, say their vows, and give the world its fairy tale. Only this half of the world should be asleep during the blessed event as it begins at 5 a.m. on the East Coast. *YAWN*

    In order to ensure that you're fully alert and don't miss a detail of the divine day, you're going to need a plan of attack. One can't just set an alarm and expect one's body to be alert enough for such a big event at that dreadful hour (even worse if you're on west coast time -- 2 a.m.!). One must carefully think through and plot out a plan to ensure optimal wedding viewing. Here are a couple of strategies for you to consider:

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    Strategy #1: The all-nighter

    On Thursday evening, pretend like you're back in college and do

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  • Mom hates boyfriend because he has no college degree

    It's no secret that opposites attract. It can be very hot and sexy and steamy to date someone who is totally different than you in thought and background and attitude. Still, there always has to be a base, right? You don't want to date someone whose background is so different or whose values are so opposite that it causes a problem, right?

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    For one woman who wrote into the Washington Post, dating a blue collar worker who doesn't have a college level education is too much for her mom. Her mother has been downright mean to her daughter and told her that being around them disgusts her. She even made her poor boyfriend cry. In her letter to the Post, the daughter says:

    I love Tom and could see us getting engaged in a year or two. However, I'm actually thinking about breaking up with him over this, although I know evil shouldn't triumph.

    She's right. And she's wrong.

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  • Gwyneth Paltrow wears yellow well, and you can too!

    Gwyneth PaltrowGwyneth PaltrowGwyneth Paltrow had the fashion world buzzing at a recent signing for her new cookbook, My Father's Daughter.

    Mz. Thang showed up in a bright yellow dress that said, no, screamed, LOOK AT ME.

    And you know what? I'm liking it!

    Bright colors are a huge trend this season if you haven't noticed already, and a bright yellow dress is a great way to give a nod to the look.

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    I'm sure Gwynny's dress cost a bundle, but you can easily find an affordable version of the look.

    Want to see some of my favorite yellow dresses up for sale right now?

    Keep reading!

    Calvin KleinCalvin Klein dresses are so well made, and this tiered shift dress is on sale for $89.99. Take that, Gwyneth!

    The LimitedGet Gwyneth's satin-like finish at a fraction of the cost with this Mia Strapless Dress (The Limited, $89.90).

    Delia'sFor a more casual spring/summer look, this Eyelet Ruffle One-Shoulder Dress (Delia's, $44.50) is

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  • Vibrators in the drugstore? Yes, please!

    Ladies, vibrators have made their way outside the dingy sex stores and sketchy online retailers and will now be sitting on the shelf next to the condoms and the family planning items. I, for one, couldn't be happier about it.

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    Two condom companies -- Durex and Trojan -- have gone outside the realm of latex sheaths and entered the world of pleasure for women. The Trojan line includes the Tri-Phoria ($39.99), which is the newest one. Others on the shelf include the A:Muse Personal Pleasure Massager by LifeStyles and the Durex Allure by Durex, both of which are $19.99.

    Trojan decided to enter the vibrator market after a study the company conducted in 2008 in partnership with the Center for Sexual Health Promotion at Indiana University. It revealed that over half of American women had used vibrators, 80 percent of whom used them together with their partners.

    Vibrators are no longer a dirty little

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  • Why I want my guy to ogle other women

    men looking cheating hootersWhether your guy is on or somehow started an affair the old-fashioned way, there's one good reason why he's cheating on you: You don't let him look at other women ... Or so say researchers who found that men who were interrupted while admiring attractive women were more likely to cheat on their ladies if given the chance. See, if you make something "forbidden" to a human male, he will just want it even more. Their inner monologue must go something like, "Me like naked woman. Wife say NO. Me so Neanderthal me go do other woman right now."

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    Guess it's just like telling a toddler they can't have McDonald's or a PMSing woman she can't have chocolate.

    At first read, this research sounds like a bunch of BS, and makes me want to go off on a tirade about men acting like big babies who sadly haven't evolved in thousands of years on this planet. Then, after letting it sink in, I realized the research does

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  • Want verbal kids? Say 'uh' a lot

    As someone who has speech trained others and been speech trained myself countless times, I cringe when people say "uh" and "um" too much. I do it all the time still, but it bugs me nonetheless. Turns out, when it comes to parenting, those little words can actually do big things for building your child's vocabulary.

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    A recent study of children between 18-30 months old found that when parents stumbled for words, their children paid attention to an unfamiliar image longer. Researchers say children see the "ums" and "uhs" (technically known as disfluencies) as signals that they're going to learn something new, so they pay closer attention.

    They don't recommend that parents do it on purpose, but it won't hurt. The correlation was also only found in children older than 24 months. In a statement researchers said:

    "We're not advocating that parents add disfluencies to their speech, but I think it's

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