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  • Easter recipes you crave all year

    I've carried a soft spot for the Easter holiday and Easter recipes ever since I was a little girl in pastel smocked dresses, lace socks, and bunny ears. It wasn't because he hath risen, exactly ... for me it was more about the food, family, and the happy spring flowers. OK, just the food and flowers. Fine! Twist my arm. Just the food.

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    Growing up in Virginia, Easter was generally full of warm sunshine and fun Easter egg hunts -- not that I would really know anything about those parts. I was in the kitchen, waiting for supper to be ready, sneaking Reese's out of my sisters' baskets and blaming it on my dad. I just had to hover around the stove and the cooks, I was desperate for a piece of whatever was even remotely safe to be eaten. Easter, simply put, is delicious.

    Let's start with breakfast. You've got to have something a little hearty that will stick to your bones for the duration of church, and then possibly a drive

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  • Christian Louboutin thinks female shoppers are stupid

    louboutinslouboutinsMy once-ravenous appetite for overpriced designer shoes and handbags has mostly dissipated in the past couple of years. Unless I can get said designer item at an outlet or Nordstrom Rack, I probably won't be spending my hard-earned dough on it. But one item I've coveted lately is the patent black Christian Louboutin pump. It's classic, versatile, and distinctive.

    Louboutins, like Manolos, were elevated to iconic shoe crush status by Sarah Jessica Parker on Sex & the City and later, loads of celebs. I've always assumed that the reason behind the desirability of the shoes was that they're actually extremely well-made and -- perhaps? -- somewhat comfortable. Silly me! Apparently, women only want them for their "trademarked red sole." Or so the footwear designer seems to be insinuating with a lawsuit filed against rival luxury fashion house Yves Saint Laurent last week.

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    In the complaint, Louboutin's lawyers

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  • 4 ways to go green in the bedroom

    With Friday's celebration of Earth Day rapidly approaching, I've been thinking about whether or not I do enough to help the environment. I recycle on a daily basis, turn the water off while I brush my teeth and, this spring, with the help of my kids, even planted my first backyard garden.

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    But I never considered the eco-friendliness of my sex toys. And boy, do I have a lot of toys. The only qualities that were important to me? Price, effectiveness and being phthalate-free. But it seems like I'm quickly becoming the minority. Recent statistics show that sales of eco-friendly sex toys are, ahem, on the rise.

    What makes a sex toy green?

    Well, being made of a renewable resource like wood, using rechargeable batteries or none at all and being vegan for starters. All of which sounds great but I'm not going to get turned on by the fact that my sex toys aren't harming our planet. If I can help out Mother Earth while I'm

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  • 7 really funny chocolate bunnies

    Trying to build an Easter basket without a chocolate bunny is like the third pig building his house without any bricks. It cannot be done, my friend. Look what you did to the little guy at right just by THINKING about it!

    It's time you learn, oh Easter basket builder, the secret of the season. The chocolate bunny is eminently more fun than anything in that basket. Take a nibble of his hiney or a nibble of his ears, and he starts to become a plaything -- who can make their bunny look the silliest?

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    You can throw him in the microwave and see how he melts down or take a solid chocolate rabbit and see how he breaks. And somehow, like snowflakes, no two bunnies ever come out of a kid's hands (and mouth) looking the same. Don't believe me? Take a gander at just how funny a bunny can look:

    butts and ears bunnies

    First up -- the classic butts and ears bunnies! The one on the left is undoubtedly saying things are a wee bit drafty in the

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  • I can't get a second date -- what am I doing wrong???

    It's spring break for the kids, and while you're too old for party boats and beer bongs and awkward beach sex (trust me, you are), that doesn't mean you're too old for crazy springtime love. So long as you heed the words of Ask Dad. Help me help you:

    Dear Ask Dad, I can't seem to get a second date. Guys like what they see when they open the door, but by the end of the date, they are done. What am I doing wrong?

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    I think it's sweet of you to give men so much credit. You assume you're turning them off by having lipstick on your teeth or saying you voted for Ron Paul or picking your nose a little too obviously, when in fact they probably made up their mind about you the moment you waved from across the bar at the beginning of the night.

    So let's go with it, be charitable, and pretend that what happens during those first few hours you spend together actually matter. It totally does for me. I was once on a date when I was young

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  • 11 Mother's Day gifts that will kill your sex life

    #1 mom keychain#1 mom keychain
    Dear husbands, dads, and significant others,

    This is just a friendly little reminder: Mother's Day is coming up, and a nice, thoughtful gift would be greatly appreciated by the moms in your life. The key words here: Nice. Thoughtful. So unless your overworked, underpaid, sleep-deprived personal chef, cleaning woman, nanny, laundress, travel agent, personal assistant wife specifically requests one of the gifts on the list below, do not give it to her for Mother's Day. Repeat: Do not give it to her for Mother's Day. Unless, of course, you never want to have sex again. Ever.


    Moms everywhere

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    1. Exercise equipment or a gym membership. If you actually think this is a good idea, try this little test first. The next time your wife asks you if a certain article of clothing makes her look fat, say, "Yes."

    2. A puppy. Let's see, she'll have to walk it in the pouring rain at 2 a.m., feed it, potty-train

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  • Breakfast in bed: A Mother's Day memory I'm holding dear

    Growing up, my sister and I -- along with my dad -- used to make breakfast in bed for my mom every Mother's Day. The two of us girls would mix up the pancake batter while my dad manned the griddle; then we'd "sneak" upstairs to "surprise" my mom with a tray of pancakes and the Sunday newspaper and hang out with her in bed all morning.

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    Those Mother's Day mornings are a happy memory for me -- a memory I find myself drawing strength from this year when I find myself and my family in a less-than-happy situation.

    You see, Mother's Day is a joyful day to honor all the moms we love; but for some, it can also be a day of ache as we remember those we may have lost or long for those not yet with us.

    My grandma -- my mom's mom -- passed away this year as all grandmas eventually do. I miss her, definitely, but that's only a fraction of the pain I'm sure my mom's experiencing. I, for my part, wish I could be

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  • 7 handmade gifts I want for Mother's Day

    I adore the handmade Mother's Day cards and school-made gifts my boys will surely give me this coming Mother's Day morning. I want for nothing more.

    Okay, I lie. When it comes to pretty handmade goodies, I want for plenty more!

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    Herriott Grace; $85: I keep missing these (they sell out so fast!), but I'm DYING for one of these gorgeous handcrafted Wooden Cheese Boards from Herriott Grace. I want to put my cheese on it!

    tea towel
    Supermarket; $15:
    Pretty tea towels steal my heart every time, like this Hand-Printed Green Rain Tea Towel from PataPri. More colors available.

    Bliss in a Teacup; $34
    : This Embroidered Black Clock in an embroidery hoop with hand-stitched number markers is adorable! Sweet and statement-making on any wall.

    prehnite necklace
    Abigail Percy Jewellry; $115
    : I've had my eye on this simple but elegant Prehnite Faceted Line Necklace from Abigail Percy for about a year now. You hear that, honey?

    bird nerd mug
    McCheek's Mayhem; $38:

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  • 3 last-minute DIY cards for Mother's Day (that look amazing!)

    For Mother's Day, make Mom or Grandma one of these three gorgeous homemade cards, provided to us from the folks at Fresh Home magazine, and she'll never imagine you waited until the last minute.

    Read on for the materials lists and step-by-step "how-to" instructions.

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    3-D Butterfly Card


    Card stock

    2 contrasting colors of solid scrapbook paper (blue and red shown)

    Craft knife


    Cutting mat


    Craft glue


    1. Cut and fold card stock for card.
    2. Cut a piece of blue and red scrapbook paper to fit front of card.
    3. Draw butterfly design onto back of red scrapbook paper.
    4. Use craft knife to carefully cut along outline of butterfly, leaving some of the design areas uncut and still attached to the paper. Cut some thicker lines inside the design to allow the blue paper underneath to show through.
    5. With edges matching, glue the red scrapbook paper right
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  • Chivalry is dead and you killed it, ladies

    Sitting in traffic sucks, but it's the ultimate observation capsule for people-watching. Might as well scrutinize while you're stuck between a ditzy chick in a monster SUV and a tourist trying to snap pictures of the White House from the driver's seat.

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    It's where I spied a young couple out on a date. He cracked a wry joke, she giggled daintily, and they held hands as they strolled up a block in the heart of downtown D.C. How in-the-honeymoon period adorable are they? I thought. But when Cute Couple paused to enter a restaurant, my foot almost slipped off the brake: he all but broke his neck to get in ahead of her and let the door slam-I mean, physically slonk her-on her shoulder.

    I sent her a telepathic message to turn tail, hail a cab, and end that date immediately. But she didn't. She grimaced and limped in after him. And that's one of the reasons why chivalry is dying a slow, brutal death.

    I'm not shy about telling

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