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  • Calm down, ladies! It's just a sex toy

    Last week Etsy, the online marketplace for handmade and vintage items, had an embarrassing growing pain. A new People Search feature was enabled to allow buyers and sellers to search for each other by name and make the site feel like more of a social network. But Etsy ran into a little problem when people's entire purchase histories began showing up in the results.

    This might not seem like a big deal to someone who had purchased a handmade journal or vintage jewelry. But what if it were something more compromising, say, a mahogany hardwood dildo or clitorial hood jewelry as was the case with some users. Would you want the whole world to know that such items were in your possession?

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    According to Etsy, the privacy issues have all been addressed, which is great because I don't want people to know where I live or what my credit card number is. But someone knowing what I purchased, even if it is adult-oriented? I

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  • Must read facts about Busy Lifestyle Syndrome (if you have time)

    In recent days I may or may not have done some of the following: Worn two different shoes for the large part of a day (in public); forgotten to pick up my son from school at the right time; missed a good friend's birthday; couldn't recall my daughter's birth year (she's 2); or stared blankly at someone way too long when they asked what my last name was. Okay, I've done all those things and plenty more, but as bad as it sounds, I may not be losing it. Instead it seems I have a case of Busy Lifestyle Syndrome.

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    It's a real deal, or at least a condition affectionately coined by researchers who are attempting to help people like me and probably you. Not so surprisingly, it seems all the Facebook, Twitter, e-mails, and IMs are messing with our minds. So researchers have set out to study the problem and hopefully find help so we don't really lose our minds (or our children) in the process.

    Yes, some Scottish

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  • Understanding the dangers of babies left in hot cars (VIDEO)

    Safe Kids, the leader in research and advocacy of child safety in the US, has posted a very sad journal about the first baby to die in a hot car in 2011. Six-month-old Carlson was left in the car in New Braunfels, Texas, on an 82-degree day on March 8. Sadly, the same exact day last year marked its first reported baby death from hyperthermia on a 73-degree day in Fort Myers, Florida. Last year, there were over 49 deaths of kids who died alone in a vehicle. The "hot season" has started.

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    Seventy-three degrees might not be considered a hot day. But it's hot enough for your baby to be in danger. According to the lovely woman I spoke to at Safe Kids, 18 percent of these deaths were babies who were left there intentionally -- that's 9 deaths last year of kids who were left "just for a minute" who didn't need to die.

    Thirty percent were kids who got into the car without their parent's knowledge, and

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  • The world's most expensive manicure

    Iced ManicureIced ManicureIs your regular manicurist leaving you with the blahs?

    Then honey, you need an Iced Manicure!

    If you opt for one, manicure company Cherish...ME promises to "adorn your hands in 10 carats of Diamonds!"

    The price?

    A cool $51,000.

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    Of course, Cherish...ME won't allow just anyone off the street to get an Iced Manicure ... if you want one for yourself, you must first meet with the company's owner and her "team of diamond manicurists."

    Believe it or not, this isn't the only gem-encrusted manicure available out there. Leighton Denny, head manicurist at Urban Retreat in London, has been offering the Diamond, Sapphire, and Ruby Encapsulation since at least 2005. He'll embed 9 carats of gems in your nails for the comparatively low price of $32,000. Check it ...

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    According to Denny, Arab princesses fly to London

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  • Barefoot Contessa denies dying wish of little boy but you can help

    Usually cooks are only surly in the kitchen, but Ina Garten is showing a mean-streak beyond the pots and pans. Known to most of us as the Barefoot Contessa, she's a Food Network staple and go-to chef for elegant and easy recipes. She seems friendly, warm, and outgoing on her show, which is why we're left scratching our heads over the breaking news that she's turned down a chance to make a terminally ill boy's wish come true.

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    Enzo is a 6-year-old sweetheart suffering with acute lymphoblastic leukemia who happens to love cooking and the Barefoot Contessa. He reached out to the celebrity chef through the Make-A-Wish foundation, requesting an opportunity to cook with her. This is where I get upset: Garten turned him down. And when Make-A-Wish asked again with their "pretty-please" voice, she gave another definitive "no."

    What gives?

    Enzo has moved on and chosen another wish (to swim with dolphins), but we

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  • People are paying $20K for fix-ups? Sign me up!

    How much would you be willing to pay for the right relationship? If you're like most people, that number is pretty high. After all, what is more important than romance and love? Let's face it, without those things, no matter what else you have -- fame, fortune, material items -- it isn't really all that exciting.

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    So, it comes as no surprise that men are paying $20,000 to let personal matchmakers set them up on dates with hand-selected women through Selective Search, a dating service in Chicago.

    Men are asked to fill out 15 pages of information about their ideal mate. They answer questions on everything from her breast size to her skin tone and interests. Then one of the matchmakers takes that criteria and finds him his perfect match. This system has led to 1,221 marriages and 417 babies; 88 percent of the clients meet their eventual spouse in the first nine months.

    It all makes perfect sense, too. After all, the best

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  • Feminist porn puts women on top

    Maybe we have Cameron Diaz to blame. Since mouthing off about her penchant for porn, it seems a stale debate has been resurrected. Several news sites have been reporting on the amazing, mind-boggling phenomenon of "Women vs. Porn!" They ask gripping questions like, "Do women watch porn?! What kind of porn? Is there porn FOR women -- BY women??? OMG, there is!?"

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    There IS. But I really don't get why this is big news all of a sudden. Or why the writers of some of these stories act like this is the first time in the history of the world that women have shown interest in enjoying adult entertainment. According to Nielsen/NetRatings, in 2007, approximately one in three visitors to porn sites was female. In the same period, nearly 13 million American women checked out porn online at least once a month. And I wouldn't be surprised if the actual stat was a lot higher than that ...

    Because if this is self-reported data, it seems

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  • You & the 'other woman': A lesson in etiquette

    It starts with that grating feeling in the pit of your stomach, works its way up to the base of your neck, and shakes your intuition awake. Your man is seeing somebody else - you think. Besides running up on him vigilante-style with Joey Greco and his Cheaters camera crew in tow, your other option is to do your own behind-the-scenes investigative work to confirm your suspicions. You know the drill: check pants pockets, sniff shirts, rifle through car consoles, dig in gym bags, scan store receipts, crack Facebook passwords, read text messages.

    More from The Stir: 5 Ways Porn Makes Men Bad in Bed

    Those who seek shall almost always inevitably find, so when we gals uncover proof of his doggishness, our first step is usually one of two things: a) confront him, or b) confront the other woman.

    Sometimes she's completely unaware that the dude has a girlfriend or, even worse, a wife. In that case, it's kind of hard to hold her responsible when your man has worked just as hard

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  • Want to be skinny like Gwyneth Paltrow? Prepare to torture yourself

    Gwyneth Paltrow makes it all look so easy.

    She cooks, makes guest appearances on hit television shows, raises her two children, flies from New York to LA to London on a regular basis, writes her Internet newsletter, sings at the Grammy Awards, stars in films ...

    ... and manages to stay super-duper skinny the whole time.

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    Lucky for us, Gwyneth has opted to share her diet and workout regime with the masses.

    She's partnered with her personal trainer Tracy Anderson and released a set of workout DVDs and a book detailing Gwynnie's diet and exercise plan.

    Now, one woman has tried it and written about the experience. And you won't BELIEVE what she revealed ...

    Basically, if Gwyneth's diet and exercise regime is what it takes to be rail thin ...


    Rebecca Wilcox tried Tracy Anderson's 30-Day Method and wrote about it for the Daily Mail. While she did lose the weight, she also nearly blacked out in

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  • New 12 minute washing machine had me at hello

    Laundry. For some, it's the bane of their existence. Others love the feeling of completion, upon washing, drying, and folding a load or two of laundry. No matter what team you're on, doing laundry takes a certain amount of time, usually an hour or two, if not more.

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    But hold the bleach, ladies! There is a new washing machine by Russell Hobbs that has a 12-minute cycle. I kid you not. Let me type it again. A 12-minute cycle. One of the 14 cycles on this new machine washes not-too-dirty clothes in less than the amount of time it takes my kid to put on her socks. I guess there are two nozzles that jet-propel water and soap into your clothes, which makes to go uber-fast ... I kinda don't care how it does it because it does it in 12 minutes! Be still my laundry-doing heart!

    As I did the happy dance around my living room, 12 things every mom will love about this 12-minute washing machine popped into the

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