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  • 50 marriage deal-breakers

    Kelsey Grammer is rumored to have told his new bride, Kayte Walsh, that he wants to move from New York to California to be closer to his children from a prior marriage. And Walsh doesn't want to. Hmm, shouldn't they have discussed that earlier in their relationship? Would she have married him anyway or would that have been a deal-breaker?

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    When my first husband and I were dating, we agreed to raise any offspring in the Catholic faith, even though I'm Jewish. For me to have said otherwise would have been a deal-breaker for him. In turn, if he hadn't agreed to move down to South Florida, where I was born and raised, at some point in our future, I would have said to heck with the relationship.

    Everyone has their relationship non-negotiables, ranging from sexual preferences to geographic desirability. Not all of these are mine but here are 50 potential marital deal-breakers:

    1. Thinks black tie means

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  • More women are becoming unwilling porn stars

    You're all wrapped up in love and smitten with his adorability when you finally cave to his ten thousand and fiftieth request to make a little "home movie." Not the kind that you show when the McLellans come over for dinner and drinks (oh dear God no!). No, no, this one is for his eyes only, he swears. You're hot. The video will be hot. And since you love him, you go on ahead and do your best Jenna Jameson when the camera rolls.

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    Then you break up and become an overnight celebrity because this muthasucka has posted your naked, up-in-the-air bare bottom on every website that would have it - and there sure are plenty. Jeff from accounting at your job, your next door neighbor with the weird eye, even (ack!) your hormonal little brother can stumble across your ride 'em cowgirl handiwork with the click of a mouse.

    Oh, it can happen, video vixen. The trend is called "Ex-Girlfriend Porn."

    And it's just as seedy and

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  • 13 essential phone numbers every parent should know

    I live in NYC. Ever since September 2001, we've had an emergency action plan for our family. Her preschool even has one. As that Boy Scout motto goes: be prepared. There are some areas where I know I should be more prepared, especially when it comes to having phone numbers at the ready.

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    I have my work number, my husband's work info, and the babysitter's cell number in my phone, as well as the digits for Chirpin' Chicken and Patsy's Pizza. But Poison Control? It's on the fridge at home, but not in my cell phone.

    Of course, we all know 911 and have the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission website bookmarked on our computer (, in case you don't), but every once in awhile, it helps to be reminded of what else we may need in an emergency. So, here they are: 13 essential numbers all parents should have programmed into that iPhone/BlackBerry/gadget of choice.

    1. Poison Control -- This is a big

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  • Fresh home decor for spring means florals under $100

    Right after you finish the spring cleaning but before you kick your feet up and relax, why not add a fresh spring touch to your favorite room in the house? Say hello to floral goodness, my friends!

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    I know what you're thinking ... But floral is for old ladies! Oh no, not anymore it's not. There is lots of lovely home decor in modern and sophisticated nature-inspired patterns this season. And just a touch of floral can go a long way to brighten up any room in the house.

    Let's celebrate springtime in style! Keep reading to check out our roundup of floral home decor picks under $100.

    6 Floral Home Decor Picks Under $100

    mitchell armless chair floral

    Green Floral Mitchell Armless Chair (was $139.99; now $99.99) at Target

    fiori chartreuse pillow

    Fiori Chartreuse 20" Pillow ($49.95) at Crate & Barrel

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    tea towel floral

    Twirl and Rope Tea Towel Set - set of 2 ($42) at Studiopatr├│

    perpetual bloom floral bath towels


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  • 3 underrated sex spots in your house

    We at Ask Dad want to spread some of our signature sexylove to everyone here at the The Stir, as this beautiful baby of a site turns a year old this week. Kisses to everyone as we get down to what we do best, turning love problems into love solutions. Bring the heat, we can take it:

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    Dear Ask Dad, I've been married over 8 years now, and sex is getting boring. My hubs and I want to spice things up, nothing too daring, but can you suggest three new things we could try in bed?

    You waited until after the eighth anniversary to ask for help!? Had you come for a check-up before the seven-year itch, you could have gotten by with a mere cleaning. Now you may need a love root canal.

    Actually I'm not really sure where this seven-year itch businesses came from. Probably just had a nice ring to it, and then was branded into the national consciousness by the image of Marilyn Monroe and a subway grate. The truth is some of us

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  • Why you can call me Mrs. any time!

    When I got married at 25, I struggled mightily with the question of whether to change my name. At the time, I was just out of grad school, had only written a handful of published articles and was not well-established in my writing career or life, but it still struck me as odd to discount all of that and move forward with a brand new name.

    So, I compromised. I hyphenated (as evidenced from above) and as a result, I use both last names depending on who I am talking to at any given time. But you can also call me Mrs. Worsham and I won't flip my lid. I might feel a little old -- after all, that is my mother-in-law's name - but I won't be angry. I like being a Mrs. Even with my feminist leanings and 1970's era feminist mom who would be annoyed with me saying so, the title Mrs. has never really bothered me.

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    For some, however, it is a real problem.

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  • AAP's new car seat guidelines change rear facing & booster rules

    Everything you thought you knew about car seats is wrong. Okay, not everything, but things have changed and the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) along with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) announced new guidelines today. And it's big news! The recommendation is that children rear face longer and they also changed the details for kids in boosters.

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    It was believed that 1 year and 20 pounds was the benchmark for forward facing babies in car seats, despite evidence elsewhere that that was still dangerously early. Now, hopefully, with new guidelines, parents and doctors can get on board and spread the word about the safest practices for children. Here are the details.

    New Rear-facing Recommendation: Parents are to keep children rear-facing until 2 years old, or until they reach the maximum height and weight for the seat as noted in the manual.

    Safe Kids agrees. Two years is a goal

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  • Hate Pink's new haircut? So does she.

    PinkPinkPink didn't look too happy at last week's premiere of The Lincoln Lawyer in Hollywood, and neither were many of her fans after they saw this photo.

    The pregnant pop star was roundly criticized for her new 'do, which frankly looked one of those bangs accidents that kids have when they're little, where they keep cutting their bangs shorter and shorter because they can't get them straight.

    Well, it turns out that Pink's sour demeanor may have had to do with the fact that she hates her haircut, too!

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    Here's what Pink had to say about her new look on Twitter ...


    Poor Pink!

    This serves as a reminder that EVERYONE gets a bad haircut every now and then.

    I'm thinking Pink really was devastated by this cut, too, because the next time the paparazzi photographed her, she wore a hoodie that she never removed.

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    Let's keep our fingers crossed for

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  • 5 spring trends you already have in your closet

    blazerblazerIt's sunny and warm out today, and yes, that's breaking news for us here in the Northeast. Gosh it feels good. It's so nice to leave the coat and gloves at home and just bounce out the door like an Easter bunny who's been in hibernation for far too long.

    Springtime is like my New Year's. Time for renewal and rejuvenation in my life, and in my closet. I love shopping for new spring and summer clothes (adore new shorts and skirts), but building on what I already have is key. No need to spend money (and the dreaded time in dressing room lines) when you already have five of spring's latest trends in your wardrobe.

    Let's take a look.

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    A classic trench coat is a timeless necessity and one that most everyone should have by now. Great for looking chic on rainy days and keeping you warm on cool nights.

    trenchBallet flats are here to stay, and neutral ones like these will go perfectly with your

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  • 25% of women want marriage proposal do-overs

    It's the big climax -- him on one knee, your heart thumping so loudly you can hear it in your ears, then streaming, happy tears and frantic, gushing phone calls to family and friends. Or so I hear that's how a marriage proposal goes down. I know women who have been asked in front of the Christmas tree at Rockefeller Center, on the beach, in the woods, and even while at Oktoberfest. But a new survey says one in four of those women HATES the way her would-be hubby proposed, according to a poll of 3,000 men and women on The Knot and Men's Health U.K. websites.

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    That's right. Twenty-six percent of brides-to-be said that they wished the moment had "been more romantic, original, or personal." Others confessed that they wished it had been more private or complained it was too "over-the-top," and one-third said the biggest problem was that he proposed without a ring.

    Now, okay, ladies -- if this is as true here, across the pond,

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